OAAC wins City League baseball pennant.

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OAAC wins City League baseball pennant. - O. A. A. C. Defeated Capitals and Won City...
O. A. A. C. Defeated Capitals and Won City League Pennant COLLEGE VOX FROM COLUMBIA BOTH tiAMKtt WEKK The O A A C. ball (mid jfavtlcally won the CHy Ieague Baseball ( pennant t defeating I ha Capital nine I run to 3 with a epare Innlni In a, faat . Cam at 'Varsity Oval on fceturdey afternoon. The red, white nnd hhu-fc hhu-fc hhu-fc tfam played gilt-edged gilt-edged gilt-edged hell, and war prima fevorltea with the fans. Wiener Jul La flam ma waa In epleiidld form, and showed up all tli way through, tha mora fro becauee ha was eupported aa no oilier pltrher In tha City laaxua has been. For tha prospective champlona proved masters in tli art of llakUnc. niede few errors, and carried out thalr work with a anap and dash. Thalr performance at the bat waa not ao effective, however, and tha preeence of couple of kikhI swatters on tha list would have materially helped them. CAPtf NKW PITCHER. Capitals w-ara w-ara w-ara not beaten on Saturday without tha hardest kind of opposition. They vera handicapped through tha loss of Pitcher Ashtoh and Short stop Thompson, who disqualified themselves by playing In a professional tun reran reran 1 1 y. Young yrL Graham, a Col legtate boy, pitched for them, and made a vary favorable aha win a. He watched h'.a bases well while In tha box. and used difficult drop ball with good affect. Wiley and Turcot ta were the pick of tha field. After letting the O.A.A.C.-plt O.A.A.C.-plt O.A.A.C.-plt up three runa In tha first Innings, tha Caps eet-tjed eet-tjed eet-tjed down, and It waa a ti score, two-two, two-two, two-two, ao far aa tha rest of tha gama was concerned. KlHhT IXMNUH. Capa went to bat Brat. Wiley want to bat, and waa fanned. Turcotte's fly waa easy for Chaput. Urey reached first. but Mason fell down, and tha Innings ended with no runs, pelletler went to bat for O.A.A.C.. etngle, and stole ' second. He rear bed third when Lunt bunted aafe. Johnstone waa hi by tha pitcher, and, with three man on bases. Graham pitched four halls past Chaput and Pelletler came In. Lunt waa put out trying to steal home, and Johnston scored when Christie hit safe. FTeeland'e hit scored Chaput. and he and Christie war caught trying to ateal Three runs. fine exhibition of. dashing- dashing- work la tha field by O A-A A-A A-A C. waa the feature of tha next three Innings. In the second of tha fourth Landers singled, and La-flam La-flam La-flam me advanced him to second. Ha oame m on Pal letter's hit. making tha eoore 4-e. 4-e. 4-e. Tha Innings were going faat, and both sides war showing form. ' TWO BAGGER. . Capa asserted themselves In tha ' first of tha fifth when with one man down Doyle hit a two-bagger, two-bagger, two-bagger, and waa given third by Umpire Payne whan La flam me balked a throw. Doyle aoorad oa a paaaed balL Again In the) first of tha sixth Turcot Turcot te got to first and went to second whan Ray waa bit by tha ball. Ha oame ta on Mason' elngte. Scare, 4 to I for TifootM Waa Btwy la Use Coactoee O.A.A.C W II llama ensured the win In tha aeoond of tha sixth by safe' hit. Thar waa no further acortng. -Chaput -Chaput at short atop for O.A.A.C. distinguished hlmeelf by making seven classy catches. Christie waa also aura at first, and Pel-letter Pel-letter Pel-letter for Capa won applause by faat play, . . TEAMS. Tha- Tha- taaota were: O. A. AC Pelletler, 2nd; Lunt, r.f.: Johnstone, cf.; Chaput, i i.; Christie, 1st: Freetand, c; Williams, Lf.; Landers, trdj Laflamraa, p. Capltale-Wtley, Capltale-Wtley, Capltale-Wtley, tod; Turcotte. trd; Ray, e.f.; Mason, e.: Ogllrla, r.f.; Doyle, let) rawoatt. tt.i Oaviayv aa.; Graham, p. COLLEGE WON CLOSE GAME IN SEVENTH Tha College team took Columbia (nto ramp to the tuna pf f runs to 4 In the Va flkeT vweeot row VewV'l K?j 1 bxa-w bxa-w bxa-w rw; I BV RALLY IV LAST l.XXlNti. CLOSKLV CONTESTED. opening game. College got S runs In the first Innings, and It looked easy, but Col urn bins picked up well aa tha gam pngreeed. and by tha end of the fourth had the game tied, 4 all. ' Kor two Innings there waa no score, butt, pitchers iMtiaaiitl and Kennedy doing maanirhient work, but Nick Haw if came to hi lra s rescue In the seventh. H got to first, stol second and third, and got home on Mac O'Neill's fly missed missed by Tlnimlna la tha field. COLLKGK NCORKD. College went first to bat and Columbia showed eonie weakness In the field right at the atari. pitcher Kennedy's hall waa not bard for tha garnet and grey to find. M. O'Neill. McCarthy, and 1, ant's Hhort Bunt Waa lTrfccC Bewlf circled the diamond, the last man coming In on Dubois earn flee. Columbia's Columbia's went to bat, and Kennedy eror-el eror-el eror-el their first run after a neat hit and careful base running. College gave few chance In tha field. Mae O'Neill scored again for College In the first of the third. COLCMBIA8 RALLY. It waa In thto Innings that Columbia. for looee, Dawson singled, stole eecond, and acorad on Burk holder's hit. Burk-holder Burk-holder Burk-holder reached first and cam In on fielders error. Columbia began to look dangerous, and Pitcher Kennedy settled down to do some claasy twirling. He took three men nicely wHh good support In tha first of th fourth, and then May-hew, May-hew, May-hew, the Columbia catcher, walked, tol second, got third on Kennedy's hit, and scored on tha College centra fielder' mis of Par low' long fly. Score, 4 to 4. There waa no further scoring. Mut ant 1. th student' man In th box, aent In a Una of curve that aeetned diffi cult to connect with, and there war few htt until Bawlf got tha winning run in th evnth. Tha -gam -gam was lata In starting, and waa called to allow tha O. A. A. C and Capital nine an opportunity opportunity to play. , . ; THREE MEN SHORT. : Columbia were handicapped through the ebeeaoe of their battery. Noel and Boucher, and Short Stop Olrouard, who have turned to tha- tha- professional way. Th teams were: Collage Ha wir, znd; M. O'Neill, o f.; McCarthy, Srd; Dubois. C. O'Neill, 1st; Conway. I.I.; Breen, a. a; Deahy, r.f.: Mutant 1, p. Columblaa Kennedy, p.; Partrw, r.f.; Walton, cf.: Dawson, tod: Burk holder. trd; Tlmmlnsa, as.; Hagan, l.f.i Xe- Xe- Maaus, 1st; May hew, ft. JEFFRIES SHOWS OLD TIME FORM Chicago. May C Jame J. Corbett. former heavyweight charoalon, acted aa refer for tha Jeffries-Berger Jeffries-Berger Jeffries-Berger three-round three-round three-round bout at m theatre In which Jef fries la aooearlng. Corbett called tlm at A rat round, and aald; "I'll make them go some." Jeffrlea. apparently spurred on oy Corbett' preeence,- preeence,- rushed at Berger and pommelled him all over tno ring. Ho used every Jab, swing and punch In hi repertoire, and hla defensive tactic hardly could have been Improved. Cor bett waa ao am tea at ,jrrner never- never- i that ho forgot to call time for th round, and Berger oeased hostilities by going to hi oomor. THREE RECORDS WERE BROKEN woa tfc. National Intr-Coni1M Intr-Coni1M Intr-Coni1M ma at th. Stadium h.ra on Batunlay, md Inc Yale by IS J-i J-i J-i pnkrta, Penna waa Uura ana cora.ll rourtn. Th, fitura -war -war a mil,, raa by W, C. rauik PfltwayWarvka, la 4 mini., IT - wennda, and two mB by P. i PlayM. CotwII In .mln CT t-S t-S t-S aora. t 1 fy

Clipped from
  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 31 May 1909, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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  • OAAC wins City League baseball pennant.

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