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NEWPORT HOUSE "ENJOY OUR NEW YEARS HOLIDAY MENU" FOR RESERVATION CALL JX" ADULT ADMISSION NOW 75! CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE! I wsi fiiciin(uit CARTOON TT kmMilLMARNIVALL -i'. -i'. a it Viwkt v- v- rv IIS 0 THE FRANKLIN HOUSE O EDDIE'S CHOP HOUSE TRITON PARTY HOUSE All 3 Reilaurunt doted Am V'eor'f Day! SPECIAL STUDENT TICKETS 51.00 Gar Mistical ord of 27 Montht on Broadway. NEW YEAR'S DAY Jan. 1st Thursday, Dec. 31 Friday, Jan. 1 SATURDAY. JAN. 2 AUDITORIUM THEATER All Performances Nlteiy it 8:30 TICKETS: ORCH. $3.83, $3.30 LOCES $3.83 BAI.C. $3.30, $2.30 Tax Inrluded AUDITORIUM BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN 10 to 6 Phone HAmilton 6-8280 6-8280 6-8280 CHOICE RESERVED SEATS STILL AVAILABLE Gala NEW YEAR'S DAY SHOWS TODAY! 3 PERFORMANCES 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 P.M. Sat. & Sun., 3 Prfi.. 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 2-5-8 P. M. Bex Office Open Daily 10 A. M.- M.- P.M. YUL Brynnm L0LL0BRIGIDA Solomon adSHEBA SUPER 70 MAIL & PHONE ORDERS GL 3-3040 3-3040 3-3040 DOWNTOWN BOX OFFICE MANGER HOTEL EVENINGS Sun. thru Sat,. Incl. MATINEES Wdniday Sat.. Sun. Hoi. I 2 P M. I SI.2S I .75" Sat., Sun., I Hoi. I 5 P.M. I S2.00 $ I 00" Ticket! also on tale at all offices Central Trust Co.. Arbro Store in Lyell Shopping Center, Cigar Counter at Edwards, Schjne Theaters in Geneva. Newark, Canandaigua and Fenn Yan. D Week! entertainment THEY'RE ALL HERE IN THE (blush!) FLESH ... BROADWAY'S MUSICAL SMASK...NOVY THE PERFECT FUN-AND-MUSIC FUN-AND-MUSIC FUN-AND-MUSIC FUN-AND-MUSIC FUN-AND-MUSIC MOVIE! fi d songs i iywkM S!mnf IflpT Trr IfSlf SIWYHWWD M( STRIA in ill ninnifii iiivl.pt in n.m tj.c 1 Pi nrfmii.rwtrMlallirlir;n. dWiirvr MuWhiSM-W.iW MuWhiSM-W.iW MuWhiSM-W.iW IrWM INI L THE WORD IS OUT TO OCT TMI KID WHO KNOWS A DEADLY flBCRITl IRONDEQUOIT BAY larji SS5525J the PRODIGAL - r rot o BEST WISHES! May jour New Year le gay and filled , with fun! TONIGHT AND SATURDAY ONLY ROCHESTER JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE pretenti MUSIC THEATER'S PRODUCTION OF Comedy tcith a Sma$h Rec Gim TECHNICOLOR HI-FIDELITY HI-FIDELITY HI-FIDELITY STEREOPHONIC SOUND i m- m- PERFORMANCES AND PRICES PERFS. ADULTS CHILD "$2.00 I Sl.00 ADULTS CHILD V.2S I .75 Hoi. I r.M PERFS. I 2 P.M. Eitra Hot. Mats. Doily thru Jon. 32 P. M. Gala New Ytar'i Eve. Shews at S and t P. M. A SCHINE THEATER GX5 IIBft UIUm, I vtsTAVsacw 'PC i'Mlwl-wwii i'Mlwl-wwii i'Mlwl-wwii mm ifnN.,trivw r,uc!io rniiiv niiimi nniiiililD mm Fun, Music In 'Bedlam' At Eastman By HARVEY SOUTHGATE PRINCETON Triangle Club last night gave a large audience at the Eastman Theater a two and a half hour course in higher nonsense nonsense that was the merriest sort of preparation for a bright new year. If they give degrees for stage talent at Princeton, there are a lot of cum laude students in line. In a show called "Breakfast in Bedlam," they qualified as actors, actors, dancers, comedians, stage designers, skit writers, musicians musicians and everything needed to put on a hilarious, swift paced concoction brimful of college spirit. Last year this same group gave us a musical revue with a semblance of plot. This year they have thrown all idea of plot out of the window, gone all the way into the old time type of review in which skit follows skit and gag follows gag,, with hardly a chance to draw a breath in between. It was all very much to the liking of last night's audience, which was in holiday mood, laughed and applauded and gave the entire troupe a rousing rousing demonstration at the end. Jfr . WHENEVER college boys dress up like chorus girls and ladies of fashion, laughs are automatic. Of course, this sort of fun can wear thin after a while, but it was pepped up last night by skillful dancing, some of it in Rockette style, and by a number of big scenes, including one on roller skates that had eye filling interest as well as humor. For this spectator, nothing in the show was funnier than the "Mingo Junction Choral Society" skit, in which leader Art Rosenblatt, looking for all the world like a lady choral director, led a "mixed chorus" through a rehearsal, high sopranos sopranos and all. It was all cleverly worked out and timed to perfection. Another mixture of humor with genuine acrobatic skill was the Moisyevsky Folk Ballet Ballet takeoff, with men and "girls" leaping, whirling, turning turning cartwheels in the high spirits of the people's state. Sandy Kennedy as a mandolin player, Heywood Sobel, John Crowther and Vint Lawrence had special bits. THE CAN CAN number, to music and lyrics by Clark Gesner, was another rollicking rollicking scene. The "chorus line" throughout was as nimble and well drilled as a Broadway group. In a show that depends so much on everybody working together, it is a little unfair to pick out individuals. However, However, John Keller as the irrepressible irrepressible "patroness," iVnt Lawrence in a burlesque British hunter skit, Jerry Pearlman, Art Rosenblatt and Dave Chambers as principals in a funny airliner scene, Steve Owen and Vint Lawrence Lawrence as "mermaids," John Mintum in songs and comedy were among those with featured featured roles. Gesner's music for the entire entire show had a catchy jazz style and was well played by an orchestra directed by the composer. Writers of the sketches, lyrics and the various various stage technicians helped in a smooth running and effervescent effervescent show. Sandra Dee Plays Field HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 31 (JP) Young Sandra Dee hesitates hesitates at giving advice to other other teen-agers, teen-agers, teen-agers, she says, because because she has little in common common with most of her age group. Not many made $78,000 a year at the age of 13. Now 17 and sporting an even larger bankroll, Miss Dee is playing grownup parts in movies. Pointing out the difference in her world, Miss Dee observed observed on the teen-agers' teen-agers' teen-agers' trend to steady dating: "If I were seen constantly constantly in the company of just one boy, I'd be subjected to an avalanche of publicity that I was secretly married, or eloping, or something. It's far wiser for me to have lots of dates with different boys." 1 Showtimes Today Auditorium "Bells Are Rlnoino" bv Music Theater, 8:30. Community Playhouse "Who Was Thot Lady I Saw You With," :30. MOVIES Leew's Frank Sinatra and Glna Lollobrlgida In "Never So Few." 11:45, 2:10, a:35, 7, 9:25, Palace Gregory Peck and Deborah Kerr In "Beloved Infidel," 1:50, 6:04, 9:55, 13. Paramount James Mason and Pat Boone in "Journey to the Center of the Earth." 11:30, 2:50, e:20, 9:45. Regent Peter Palmer In "L'll Abner," 12, 3:?0, o 40, 10:05. Cinema Paul '.wii! In "The Lost Anorv Man," 2, 3:55, 5:55, 7:55, 9:55. Fine Arts "The Jolson Story." 7:05 and 9:20. Little Bill Trovers In "The Bridal Path," 1:40, 3:40. 5:35, 7:45, 9:45. Monroe Sidney Poitier and Dorothy "Dandridge in "Porgy and Bess," 2:30 and 8. Rivlero Yul Brvnner and Glno Lollobrlgida Lollobrlgida in "Solomon and Sheba," 2 and 8 Lyell Michael Rennle, James Mac-Arthur Mac-Arthur Mac-Arthur and Janet Munro In "Third Man on the Mountain," 7:30 and 9:50. Rialto, E. Rochester "But Not for Me" and "Javhawkers." Waring "Pillow Talk." 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Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle01 Jan 1960, FriPage 15

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)01 Jan 1960, FriPage 15
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