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Hydro 1 Comm LDC 041112 - of of UTILIZING THE ENERGY OF SPEARFISH It was...
of of UTILIZING THE ENERGY OF SPEARFISH It was exactly 10:15 this morning when Captain Richard lllackstone, chief eiiKinver of the Homestake ronipnny ,saw the realization of his splendid ilrtam, the power of Spear-lish Spear-lish Spear-lish rivT inoviiiJC tlie ma liinf ry of Hie eomt any's plants, for at that hintr. in tlm Amiius mill, he turneil the lever w liiili sent tlie elet tric t ti r- r- rent into tlie motors which will here-aft here-aft here-aft r o;crate tlie plant. This morning the mighty power which for centuries has been running to waste through Spearflsh envon was placed at the disposal of man. and is being now utilized for his benefit. Harnessing tho power that is in the waters of Spearflsh river has been a stupendous undertaking, one that has involved the expenditure of vast sums of money, and the ex ercise of the splendid ability of chief engineer of the Homestake Mining company. Captain Richard Black-stone. Black-stone. Black-stone. Working under bis direction for two years past has been a corps of assistants, every member of It qualified for tlie Importance of the work that bad been undertaken and carried to so successful a consum mation. The work has called for the beet and the brightest men In the country, and they have been employed employed on the enterprise. Tho Impounding of the waters of the river; their diversion through almost almost six miles of tunnels; the In stallation ofthe' Immense power plant along the banks of the stream; the placing" and regulating of the ma chinery' which. In normal conditions, will generate from 6,000 to 10,000 horsepower; the building of the high tension" lines over a country so rug- rug- ted and so difficult of access that the materials for IU construction bad to be hoisted by ropes and pulleys to the position In which they stand In beds of cement? the'tolklilng and equipment, equipment, of the ubtstlc -lit -lit this city; the conaectiag up of tho ' rartoss plants of the company with tho eleo- eleo- (ric fine; 'the change from steam to I he fitbile Huiil; the various delh ate and important, tasks that havo been rt'iiMired trj make this vast power felt in tho industries of Lead all haie lie -n -n ae;ompiisi . d VMthnut nn iicri-'":t iicri-'":t iicri-'":t or a s- s- rin's '. l;y. Ir lias heen a lliar i-i i-i i-i i re-1 re-1 re-1 u'-iihis, u'-iihis, u'-iihis, inventive .:l'ilii'-'. .:l'ilii'-'. .:l'ilii'-'. s:pimive v i.-'d i.-'d i.-'d n. and know!- know!- ed;e oi" tin ..iiani' s, t i;U'iut erin, mill' , i . . . i.rt " ' 'i ' vriuiuini!, iihii ii-n ii-n ii-n men lioscss. .Ml of this was found and has been placed at the disposal oi the company, and the result has been the a lOiuplishmeut of an undertaking undertaking which will ever stand as a monument to Its directing minds. Superintendent Grier and Captain Richard Blackstone. In one of the big mills of the city, (the Amicus, steam has been done away with, or will be by Saturday next, and In its place electricity will perform the tasks which for many years has been performed by engines and boilers. A thin wire, from which 3S0 horsepower is taken will silently do the work which' steam and its attendant attendant machinery was meant to do. At 7 o'clock this morning a force of men under the direction of competent competent supervisors began the task of changing the power from steam to electricity, and it is estimated that three day will be required to make the complete transformation. The fires will be drawn from beneath the big batteries of boilers, the engines will be dismantled and placed away and the new conditions and power will rule. In the mill are twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four units of ten stamps each, and each units will be driven by a 25-horsepower 25-horsepower 25-horsepower motor. These motors' hare all bosa placed In position and tlie equipment for connecting them with the cam shaft, which places In motion tho stampa and causes them to fall unceasing unceasing on ore, requires a great deal of the beet kind of work, and this Is being performed. It Is expected that eight units a day will be- be- equip' ped with the new power, and so abba ,u equipped will be plai'ed in opera-lion opera-lion opera-lion At lu:45 o'clock this morn-iim morn-iim morn-iim the first stamps under the new conditions, two units of ten stamps eai h, begun dropping upon ore, and down; i:iiL'iv vurk as smoothly as ti.ounli it a as not a new tiling, Imtt Uiad lu eu in 0ieration for years. The i.ioturi are of the latest patterns and . . ... . .i ...at inaKe. aim are nxeu 10 meei i j i.ed; I and on the cam floor of the mill, can be adjusted by Bcrews so that the exact tension can be placed on the driving belts, which are endless, without a joint or Beam. So soon as the Amicus has been placed under the control of the new power work will be started upon ii.ging the Star mill to electricity, and when that has been accomplish ed the Homestake mill will receive attention. Then will come the crusher plants, the shops and other buildings In which machinery la us ed. All of the equipment, and it Is a 'vast amount, has been received In Lead and has been distributed to the various plants In which It will bs Installed. Installed. It will probably be a month or so before the entire establishment of the company shall hare been equipped and In the full use of the new power. The start made today Is but the beginning of a change which for many, years the management management of tho company has been contemplating, contemplating, a change which wilt re duce the expense of mining and milling milling the ores and place tho company la t position to make other Import ant Improvements. It Is tho Intention of tho company to soon begin work on the construo-tioh' construo-tioh' construo-tioh' of an auxiliary plant, to be equipped with Che machinery from the mills which will be using electricity. Ths new plant will be operaOed by steam aad will generate electricity. it being so arranged that the change from ths lines ef tho hydro-electric hydro-electric hydro-electric to tho auxiliary may be mado in a few minutes. . - -. -. ! j i I i !

Clipped from Lead Daily Call11 Apr 1912, ThuPage 1

Lead Daily Call (Lead, South Dakota)11 Apr 1912, ThuPage 1
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