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Two decora-tie the the car-rving car-rving and with on by too, regulator, of used and is base is car the and for are Bur-bank hand-Mme the is GARDNER BRANCH ADDED TO GARLAND SERVICE IN BORO Po Important 1 Brooklyn m n automobllA market. In th opinion of Cieorfjo AV. Garland, that th Oar' land Automobile Company of New York has opened a branch at 1472 65th fI.. to handle lis Kings County businens. The Garland Automobile Company Is the metropolitan distributor distributor for the Gardner car. The new branch In this territory 111 handle both wales and service. A complete line of the now Gardner elKht.s will be on display In the showroom. showroom. Service of all kind& can be obtained rl'lit In the same building. GeorKo W. Garland Jr., Is one of V'A Gardner Motor Company. Inc., of St. Louis Is out with an Klght-ln-ltn Klght-ln-ltn Klght-ln-ltn Klght-ln-ltn Klght-ln-ltn which sells for a price no higher than asked for an areras, Blx. This nw Gardner Elfht-ln-llne Elfht-ln-llne Elfht-ln-llne Elfht-ln-llne Elfht-ln-llne Is a beau. tlfuL European-type European-type European-type car embodying many Interesting engineering features features and advancements heretofore found on some high-priced high-priced high-priced American and European cars, but never grouped together In any car selling at Its low price." SPRING ACTIVITY IN AUTO MARKET HAS EARLY START n. a four-ryllnder tho old time automobile merchants f New York, and it Is certain t hut uniler his ni:inuj;.-nient ni:inuj;.-nient ni:inuj;.-nient the (iardner will be nierrhan.lized In llrooklyn In a ery Lwuiessll ke way. "The Kight-ln-llne Kight-ln-llne Kight-ln-llne Kight-ln-llne Kight-ln-llne motorcar an Innovation two years ago has taken sueh a Mrong hold on the fancy of experlenecl car owners that many oi.i heaN In the automobile busmen are preilirtmif that the day Is not far off when hevere price reductions will be necessary by builders of slx-cylln-der slx-cylln-der slx-cylln-der slx-cylln-der slx-cylln-der cars if they expect to maintain or even approximate their rreent annual volume of business." savi country-wlds country-wlds country-wlds reports show the Mr. ilarlnnd In discussing the future i )'""" 'Vttnx activity is opening up of the (iardner. 1 -" -" d '' ahead of schedule. With "That there k:s a sound basis for I'1"' wln'"" fairly mild, marked only such deductions Is evident from a .,y lVr''y In spots, rapid accelera- accelera- oniparl.on of the total sales by the . ." "ul"i'lpal and private con- con- An optimistic note on the spring business outlook in the automobile Industry, discounting the "saturation point bugaboo and pointing out fa vorable conditions throughout the country. Is Bounded In a statement Just Issued by William 8. Knudaen, president and general manager of me 1 nevroiet .Motor Company. in lorecasung a continuance f good business prospects for fb. prlng months. I am nerhsn. in fluenced by the aspect of our own sales which have never been better In the hlStOrV Of tbA enmn.n..i ,i 1 - ...... ,.,jr, BalJ Mr. Knudsen. "As evidencing steady growth In automobile production d.inn. ..... period. statistics issued by the 1 nited Slates Department of Com" merce for the last three years cover-ing cover-ing cover-ing the six months from Jan. 1 to June 30. are Interesting. The figures for these years follow: 1924 2 064 . Ml; 11-25. 11-25. 11-25. 2,17,626; HI-; HI-; HI-; "With these figures showing business business on the upgrade ireneruii,- ireneruii,- ... "7 onl' ,wo reasons which could be ..V. . ' i'ossiDie decrease in sales first, reaching the so-called so-called so-called saturation point,' and second a general decline n buslne .,r...i'. ing a reactive tendency n buying -No -No one has ever been able to advance advance any reasonable formula for tiguring ihe saiurMii..n . !, IWO or nnr.' 1 "e .......... .n, .PIH, ln mQ Drn. nounced that form..- form..- .,.....,- .,.....,- " b'ing constantly upset. If we knew the total aiea which would be o cupled ,f all cars produced were running within that area, making it Inpo,ble for this spare to accoj! modaie any more cars, some basis mould be available for fleurlng saturation.' Hut such . .(toJf,"',t Impossible, and we mav leave th. saturation point' for the future to determine. Inasmm h . ik. v mind will find lt possible to open up I1y, T'k cf ,r'110 congestion which might develop. Ior tne generul trend In busl ailt iiUM'hlli' 1nl:itrv in ltfl'B and 19: putniantlal increase rMiu-imn rMiu-imn rMiu-imn npprattona In Indicated. l itiniinkj unouiti start mp U- U- h. ni.L. . . v r.iKiU'iii-Jiin! r.iKiU'iii-Jiin! r.iKiU'iii-Jiin! nun's uunn tOOHl HO . . ,, ' 1 " yVilrn . n 0ra iona generally are In excel- excel- . . :lnt condition. 000 . ovO, "i w s si n vee t ed by t he A me r i - t - "!.., profit. 000,-J 000,-J 000,-J over , he preceding year' The travel d,e'n?a;ng,h;eeb;,"r,a'm significant fact about this Increase service and the automobile user Is s that practically the enure Increase , demanding better service of his car ?-:1"u.rrK:,","'r,'(1 ?-:1"u.rrK:,","'r,'(1 ?-:1"u.rrK:,","'r,'(1 hy th ,,"''of''s of, and ihe Arm that Is In a position to tight-in-line. tight-in-line. tight-in-line. tight-in-line. tight-in-line. lassure the buyer this better service ..... . ,. - snnwnirsn nsie nothing but bright pros- pros- gf n I .4ft. Ilfla) ST Snilts t1-aea t1-aea t1-aea A . . Clght-ln-llne Clght-ln-llne Clght-ln-llne Clght-ln-llne Clght-ln-llne

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle20 Mar 1927, SunPage 71

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)20 Mar 1927, SunPage 71
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