Judge and Henry Austin War War I heros

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Judge and Henry Austin War War I heros - THK MOSROF JOrnXAL. FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1020. 1...
THK MOSROF JOrnXAL. FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 1020. 1 J 1 and lot and va' touring reason' and of "Ala- "Ala- has all of the CANE for "Grandma has its health' grocer no sub Com distributors Ford once.- S. R, we are and six gentle, buggy, buggy practically bargain. Mon- Mon- miles highway. tenant spring-watered spring-watered Saw six-room six-room about location a good Gibson, TWO VXIOX COUNTY HEROES Lieutenant Judge E. Austin . and Henry L. Austin One De;wl, the Other Wounded The Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Austin. . . Lieutenant Judge E. "Sustin volunteered volunteered at Raleigh, N. C, as a private in the United States army. He was trained at Columbus, Ohio, and was stationed at Seattle Washington, and was promoted to the rank of corporal. He was sent with General Pershing to Mexico and took part in the pursuit pursuit of Villa, the bandit. After that he was assigned to the famous 4th Infantry and was transferred to Gettysburg Gettysburg , where he was promoted to the rauk of first sergeant. He went to France as first sergeant and had that rank until the Americans made their great drive against the Ger mans and in which his company was in the thick of the fighting and it captured seventeen thousand Germans Germans and killed an unknown number of the enemy. It was during this great drive that Lieutenant Austin distinguished himself and showed to his superior officers that he had great military ability. On account of his bravery and his skill displayed, his commanding officer recommended that he be given a ninety day furlough in which he might attend an officers training school. , He was sent to the officers training school and so apt was he that he finished the course in fifty-four fifty-four fifty-four days Instead of ninety days. When he returned to active duties he was commissioned as second second lieutenant In 372 infantry. This promotion waa on September 19th, 1918. i The date of Lieutenant Austin's Store, Ash-craft 53-J 53-J 53-J jf-'; jf-'; jf-'; - ... 11 t ,. i Wirt ; MR. AND MRS. J. A. AUSTIN company No. 327, Q. M..C. He vol unteered at Governor's Island for oversea duty and landed at Brest, France, in December, 1917, and, served served with the Quartermaster corps until the spring of 1918, when the Allied! lines were in retreat from the Germans Germans and then It waa that he answered answered the call of General Pershing for every man who had been trained for infantry service. He was one of eleven eleven picked troops from the quarter master corps to go against the Prus sian Guards, and was in various skirmishes in front- front- of that picked division of the Germany army. While doing sentry duty on No Man's land he was shot twice, flesh wounds being being made on right arm and on right shoulder. He took part in the great Chateau Thierry drive, and was the second American to enter the German cement trenches. During the trench fighting he engaged in hand to hand fights with the Germans and it was his training in that kind of warfare that saved his life. He wa3 in the bloody b:JMo of Belleau Woods o.il saw tho wheat, the trees and shrub bery scorched and killed by gas. He was with his regiment hard on the heels of the Germans, as they ro- ro- treated, until July 7, 1918 when the Germans shelled and gassed his regiment regiment 'heavily and then it was' that a piece of shell struck one of his l"K!i, making a gash four InMies lung uu 1 to the bone, unfitting him for furth er service. The wound and the gas rendered him unconscious for thren weeks. As soon as he gained bi rength enough to be moved Jie was sent to a hospital In Italy for pcoa treatment treatment and remained thre m.til 1h.fi armistice was signed. Foe hii brav- eiy in battle the War Department the United States awarded him a silver silver star to be worn as lung ax he-lives he-lives and also awarded hi in vocational training which he is now rece.viug at the A. and E. College, uaie'.gh. Private Austin was houo.-ably houo.-ably houo.-ably discharged discharged from the army at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., March 3i. 1919, as a first class private. He is still suffering suffering from his wounds and the effects effects of the gas. : Mr. and Mrs. John A. Austin live eight miles east of Monroe and are the parents of Lieutenant J'ldge E. Austin and Private, Henry L. Austin. They are representatives of the very best of our sturdy, thrifty, prospf!- prospf!- ous, citizenship. They suffered moio by the war than did anv other family in the county, for while from other .families a son was wounded but from no other family in me county nas a son lost his life and another son been badly wounded. Mr. and Mrs.'Aus-t Mrs.'Aus-t Mrs.'Aus-t In made other great sacrifices during the war and none worked more faith fully and constantly tflan did they to bring the war to a speedy and victori ous end. . the As to . highest Headquartere, LIEUTENANT JUDGE E. AUSTIN enlistment was March, 1913. V a silver s'tar, which is the It was while serving as second award to any officer. lieutenant and during the battle of Given at General Sechault, just ten days after he was December 21, 1918. commissioned second lieutenant, that 1 The Marshal of France,! Comman-he Comman-he Comman-he won his first great military honor, der of the French Armies of the East, the nature of which the followingHir-( followingHir-( followingHir-( December 21. 1918. . der shows: i , paiujojjad aq luBiiainaii puoaas ey Order No. 12440. With approba-jhis approba-jhis approba-jhis duties so well that lie won the ad-tion ad-tion ad-tion of the Commander in Chief of miration of all and on the 15th of the American Expeditionary Forces: October, 1918, he was commissioned In France, the Marshal of France, first lieutenant of the 372nd Infantry commander in Chief of the French and winning the admiration of his armies in the east, cites in order of ! regiment. He was honored by batta-the batta-the batta-the brigade Lieutenant Judge E. Aits-; Aits-; Aits-; lion adjutant on the morning of Oc-tin, Oc-tin, Oc-tin, 372nd Infantry. itober 16, and it was while taking part "September 29, 1918, at the attack with regiment in the relief of a on Sechault, he distinguished himself j French unit and while advancing that by his great courage and good mill- mill- a shell exploded near him, killing tary qualities and was awarded the j the horse he was riding and fatally famous French Croix de Guerre, with I injuring the brave young officer. ' . r ., ...... .,., " " v ' 'A - .;.:. I ; I I : V f . j" 4 i i i ' . - a Columbia Recofcls rDanse Bacchanale,lhy French Symphony A superb piece of ballet music is this wild, oriental dance from Sairit-Saens' Sairit-Saens' Sairit-Saens' Samson and Delilah rendered by the Paris Conservatory Symphony Orchestra. Rapid and fiery, it foreshadows the destruction of the revelers in the Temple of Dagon. Coupjed with "Capriccio Espagnol. " x A-6122 A-6122 A-6122 $1.50 Other Good Records Comm in and hmetr thtm ni tha Columbia, Grafonola The W. J. IfM mm Rudg'e Co. mmm mini -II i n 'm muk.i,.it" ri HENRY L. AUSTIN Lieutenant Austin livad several hours after he was wounded but never regained regained consciousness. ' He wa buried with military honors in the military cemetery at Fralge, Vosges,' , ' Lieutenant Austin's death was keenly felt by his whole regiment for during the short time he was with I the regiment in which he was serving j at the time of his death' he won the admiration of all and was held In hln-hst hln-hst hln-hst regard for' his steadfast de- de- j vot'on to. duty. ' . ' ... I Captain Preston T. Walsh closes a Hior with the following words:; "PaiTjit tii. In the nauae of the regiment regiment to offer to Lieutenant Austin's family, its deepest sympathy." Henry L. Austin Volunteered at Raleigh, N.C, in March 1917, and received military training at Columbus, Columbus, Ohio, and at Petersburg, Va. He was stationed at various posts from California to North Carolina, h!s last service before 501:13 oversa.ia being at Camp Creene, Char'.otta. . 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Clipped from The Monroe Journal02 Jan 1920, FriPage 6

The Monroe Journal (Monroe, North Carolina)02 Jan 1920, FriPage 6
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  • Judge and Henry Austin War War I heros

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