Kreider Family History: 26 Jun 1919; columes 3 & 4

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Kreider Family History:  26 Jun 1919; columes 3 & 4 - but children - , Ort. 11. he be ; of of was 15,...
but children - , Ort. 11. he be ; of of was 15, of The As of tint it lo*ed Hoffman. Hoffman was not B!O« In saying that the school was from the Devil. A peculiar kind of unity among brethren. Daniel and his wife, however, are buried in the United • Brethren cemetery at Ann- vtlle They had the following children: Mary B., b. Dec. 3. 1831; d. June 6, 1871.* Fanny (Veronica), b. Dec. 1, 1833; d. June 24, 187.1.• Leah, b. Sept. 17, 1836; d. Oct. 2, 1865. * Rev. John, b. Oct. 1, 1838; d. June 26, 1880.* Anna, b. Jan. 17, 1?40; d. June 29, 1840, buried in family cemetery. Daniel, b. in 1841; d. In 1907.* Lydla, b. In 1844; d. • Ezra, b. July 10, 1848; d. Mar. 18, 1813. Bailie, b. in 1851.* Christian, h. in 1856.* MARY n. KRBIDER. the oldest child of Daniel Kreider of Falrland, was married to Ephraitn Borgner, Ft.ore-keeper at the Water Works, later m. Mrs. Leopold, the mother of D. J. Leopold, cashier of the First National Bank; Mary had 2 children, both deceased: X. Lincoln Borgner. b. March 18. 18fiS; d. Dec. 11, 1875; lived with grandfather Krelder. dying from injuries received from falling through a hay hole; hurled In the United Brethren cemetery In Annville. MARTIN MOTBR, dec., ». beth Seltzer, farmer ot the homestead, and later at Enstontown; she, United Brethren; from her and daughter Rosle these record* o Mary Kreider Moyer received; chil dren: Emma Moyer. dec., m. John Kil linger, of Cleona; no chllfdren. Roeie Moyer, m. Joseph Snyder, o Hebron; 1 child: Mabel, tralne nurse. Mary Moyer, m. Daniel Brandt, o the Independent District, whose son Martin gave his life In France Brandt records In The Report. Nora Moyer, single, with her moth er. 613 North Ninth street, Lebanon FRANEY MOYER. dec., m. John Ebersole, dec., farmer in North Ann vllle township, later retired In Ann vllle; united Christian; no children DANIEL MOYER, m. Elizabeth Miller; farmer on the homestead now retired In Annville; 1 child:. Morris Moyer, m. Allre Winters works In shoe factory In Annville. RALLIE MOYER, dec., m. David Smith, dry goods merchant in P6tts ville; 1 child: Mllle Smith, m. Dr. Kramer, o Pottnvllle. nOTTt,KT) SOFT LEAH KREIDER. afore, the third child and daughter of Daniel of Fair land. m. David Kreider. Jr., see The News of Juno 16. It was there stated that Leah had no chlldren'that lived Mary M. Borgnor, d. March 4, but they had everal tiat died: a 1871; aged 5 years, 11 monthn and 15 days; burled In the United Brethren cemetery In Annville. FANNY (VERONICA) KRRIDEH. second daughter of Daniel of Fairland, m. Rev. John K. Moyer, b. Jan. 12, 1827; d. Feb. 16, 1887; farmer on Gravel Hill and Inter retired In Palmyra. It. weems that, he was the grandson of John Kreider, in. Mina Troxel, and this Rev. John K. must have been the grandson, son of the daughter Mary, m. Martin Moyor, to whom John Kreldor conveyed his Troxol farm of 1(57 acres, In Londonderry township, on Nov. 25, 1854. Son Wo shall here Insert the record, just gathered, of this only child of John Kreider, in. Anna Troxel. MAHV KHKIPKK MOYKR Mary Jvroldor, tho only child of John and Anna Troxel Kroider, m. Martin Moyor. Ho WIIH a farmer and likely lived on what, had onre boon a Troxnl farm, the one. bought by her grandfather Michael Kreldor. Tholr farm resldcnec was about ono mile north of Annvlllo. When he retired from fanning, he moved on a. small property near by. where ho ended his days. Thoy worn members of the United Brethren church, but went with Hoffman when ho withdrew because of buying the -ichool at Annville. Thoy had 12 children: ELIZABETH MOYER. m. Abraham Horr, farmer near Jonestown; was blinded by a blast in his quarry, and lived in bllndnos many years; 14 children. R1SV. JOHN K. MOYER, m. Fanny Kreider, daughter of Daniel of Fulr- land; farmer on tho south slopo of Gravel Hill, midway between Ann- vllllo and Palmyra; minister of the United Christians, bolng rated In his day as one of their ablest; 6 children: Adam Moyer, m. Sarah Kreider, daughter of Rev. Jacob. See Tho News of Juno 9. Aaron Moyer, b. Aug. 23, 1R51; d. Doc. 4, 1881; single, never strong after Injury from falling from a building. Mary A. Moyor, b. Aug. 5, 1858; d. Nov. 25, 1878. Elizabeth Moyor, in. Henry I'Hch- man, farmer near Fontuna on the farm now occupied by Rev. Sellers; later retlrod'ln Annvlile; 2 children: Jennie, m. Harry Bowman, farmer near Campbelltown, and Harry, single, was In the U. 8. service. Salllo Moyer, dec., m, Rouhen Baehman, 1 farmer who afterward m. Rlla Kreider, daughter of .To.^ph of Falrland, whore they now live retired. (See The News of June 9.); Moyer had 1 child: Sallie, m. Simon Buchev, son of Rider Allen, farmer •west of Fontana. Daniel Mover, dee., m. Miller, of Palmyra; grocer In Reading; children. LEAH MOYBR. m. Abraham Shenk, farmer nenr the Moyer homestead; Unltoii Brethren; children: Henry Shenk, went to Michigan. Lizzie Shenk, m. Dr. Blouch, ot Kllzabethtown. • Atnry Shenk. m. Samuel Black, of Harrisburg. Adam Shenk. resides in Lebanon. Samuel Shenk. deceased, lived in Annvlllo. Rlla Shenk, deceased, m. Mr. Kinports, of Annvillle. HENRY MOYBR, m. Mary R»hm: farmer, ea*t of the home.iteart; .-iho, I'nlted Brethren: 4 children: Kllu Moyer. m. Addlson Hoffer. deacon of the Brethren in Uarris- burg; 2 children: Cyrus and Anna. Cyrus Moyer, farmer north of Campbelltown, now retired in Palmyra; 4 children, sons. Caroline Moyer, ui. David Hp:»gv. HUP Long records in The Report. Daniel Mnyor. m. — Gnlb; f.irnu'r at diffi>ront places, now retired In C'eona: fi chlldron. MARY MOYB:U,, divoust'd, single, Uvod with sister Frunoy. 1.YD1A MOYKH, m. George Hoffer, farmer east of Fontuna; children: Anna Mary Hoffer. m. Klia h Uom- Aarn Kreider. b. Feb. 10, 1857; d. June 17, 18B7. Sarah Kreider, b. and d. Mar. 18 18fiR. Rohecca Kreider, b. and d. Nov 24. ISfiO. Kdwln Kreider, b. and d. Mar. 4 ( ISfil!. Clara Kva Kreider, d. Sept. 23, 18R3, aged 1 month and 8 days. Thoy are all hurled along with their mother In thf> United Brethren cemotory at Annvlllo. mCV. JOHN F. KRK1DER, afore, in. Nov. 8, 1863, to Maria (Mary) Krelrier, oldoBt daughter and child of Henry tho Aged. (See The News of Juno 12; farmer immediately east of Campbelltown. where his son Eld. Henry now resides. Elder Henry has a chain of titles to this land. The land to tho north, 233 acres, was surveyed by John Purly for Leonard Lelnlnger (Doinlngcr) Nov. 20. 1772, Dorry township, Lancaster county. Doubtle s a warrant of Oct. 7, 1751, hnd boon grunted for It. Our notes would indicate that at this time It was surrounded by lands of Thomas and-Robert McCallon, George Henry (likely the ancestor of the Judge), John Halm and Conrad Rice. The present. Krolder farm was coneyed by one Jacob Swar Marcli 30, Is'lS, to Chrlstinln Shellor, who on March 30, 1830, conveyed It to Michael Baum, who conveyed it. to John Wolfers- who Jan. 23, 1839, to Peter Shutz, who Oct. 215. 1SC.2, to Henry Coble, who April 24, 18G4, to John Uaccastow, who August 15, 1855 to Michael Kreider, from whom Rev. John F. Kreider doubtless bought it. Thl« Kroider form was originally patented to one Jane Sloan, In trust, for herself and children, March 19, 1764. The present barn on the farm was built in 1813, Rev. John Funk Kreider was a minister of the Brethren in Christ. Ho had 8 children: Kreiiler, b. May ,14, 1862; d. March 8, 1903; m. Rev. John Curry, dec.; miller at Swntara Station, minister of the United Christians; 8 children: Re»v. Irvin Curry, m. Mary O'Neil, farmer at Swatara; preacher of United Christians; 6 children: Leah, Samuel, Paul, Animon, Grace and Ruth. Ammon Curry, dec., m. Mary Lan- dls, since m. Edward Stoner; miller; 1 child: Lantlls. Amos Curry, m. Annie Stauffer, merchant in Palmyra; Brethren; 3 children: Stauffer and the names of the other two we have failed to secure. John Curry, m. Edith Shenk: miller; having charge of his father's .vavehouse at Swatara Station; 1 child. Mary Curry, m. George Dubler, farmer near Galnsburg; United Christian; 5 children: Martha, John, Sarah, names of other two not learned. Conrad K. Curry, m. Kdna Hocker was in camp, but returned, store keeper at Swatara Station; 1 child: Conrad Kreider, Jr. Susan Curry, single. Sarah Curry, pingle. Susan Kroider, b. Sept, 6, 1863; m. Joseph Bowman, d. Mar., 13 18SS; farmer south of Campbelltown she. Brethren in records for her liergi>r oC Cloona. Miiiorvu Hotter, m. i Bi-okit-y of Lebanon. shfi now in C.: Christ; supplied father's family; 2 children: Joseph Bowman. Jr., m, Catharine Bowman; works at Hershey, but resides in Cumnbelltown: no children; she Reformed. Jacob Bowman, m. Elizabeth Stevenson; teacher at Avondale; now inspector of vocal schools of Penna.; residence Camp Hill, above Harrisburg; Baptis-.t; 1 child: Joseph Edward. A If rod KrHiloi', b. April 22, 1S65; d. Sept. H. ISfif,. Krolder, h. June 2, 1S67; in. Monno Light, farmer at Synor. but now ,in Palmyra; she, Brethren in Christ; 10 children: Cora Light, m. John Horr, farmer along tho trolley line from Hershey Hotter, m. KlUubeth Kroi- sto Elizabothtowu; Brethren in Christ; Dr. Joseph 3 children: Denver, Sarah, and Anna. Katie Light, in. Penrose Hostetter, farmer at, Bellgrove; she, Breth; tier, daughter of Josenh of Falrland. iron in Christ; he. United Brethren; .See The News ot June 9. i 6 children: Alien, Cora, Lloyd, Luke, LUzlo Hoffer, m. Oeorgo Suavely, i Murk and Ruth . farmer, now in Cleona. Ella Hoffer. single, in Philadelphia ANNA MOVER, dec., m. Henry Uehm, dec., fanner southwest of Annville. later retired It; Annville; United Brethren; 4 children: Cyrus Bchm, dec., resided in Denver, Colo. See The Report of May 6, 1919 on The Long Family. clerk in store In ver, Adam Bohm, Reading. LUzie Behm, p. Elmer Henry, banker In Ann^lls; | children; Martha andl Sallie Light, m. Harry Walborn, farmer at Syner on th« Light homestead; 4 chiUlren: Arthur, other mimes not secured. Mary Light, m. Albert Hostetter, farmer in Hanover; 1 child. Harry Light, m. Rebecca Shenk; farmer but uow in Palmyra; i child: Mildred. Edna Light, single. Carrie i.igh.1, single. Walter Alvia Byron Wgnt, 8,

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  • Kreider Family History: 26 Jun 1919; columes 3 & 4

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