Kreider Family History: 15 Sept 1919; collumes 1 & 2

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Kreider Family History:  15 Sept 1919; collumes 1 & 2 - MY OF THE KREIDER FAMILY tOM PI OF THE REV....
MY OF THE KREIDER FAMILY tOM PI OF THE REV. J.G. FRANCIS Kreider Family CftftV. J- 0. FRANCES, B. D. ."r.1. r • from Monday.) *6tne> 'out at the other. One tells us that her parents to"warn them, that some one Igat Be in hiding in the feeder, tie, farmer hauled his crops over *5f the feeder in taking them Into East of the bridgeway a is made through the hill; 111 going through the hill, tho has 80 submerged itself that the road beyond under "ground, The ground heaped over the Me^dfet Jttet east of the rond is still *&ajt^ noticeable. A little farther on feeder bends round toward the '""taiaal and the Summit is reached. ",' CM Joseph Kreider, b. in 1814, son *0i Jfann, Jr., could remember when "' the canal was built, he being 16 years when the Canal Company paid to his father. Joseph says Was a great scarcity of hay at j'flrte, that he, or rather his father ^Should think, got $20 a ton from canal contractor! This was re- "fearded as an exorbitant price. We accustomed to such prices now, rather look down on them. ANNA KREIDER BICKSLER . , ,Anna Kreider, likely the oldest l*''ehlid that grew up of John, along ^"-- canal, married' Henry Bicksler i, who died in 1871, aged 62 After the death of Anna; Terelus, b. Jan. 6. 1838; d. Jan. 1858. Naasson. b. Apr. 28, 1S6S; d. Jan .6, 1868. From Family Bible In possession of Tobias Kfeider, husband of Celesa above. * There are things of Interest to say ibout Joseph J. Kreidor, which we shall say and then take up his children. Joseph was the only son of John Kreider, Jr., and he received the iomo farm entire. He was a man ntorested in school and church. Krelder's Srliool Near the Tunnel Joseph J. Kreider, yeoman, and his wife Lydia, on Dec. 30, 1848, transferred to Henry Tlce, Henry Shaeffer, Christian Brandt, Michael Hoffman, John Bohr, and Samuel Miller, direc- Lor of the common schools of North Lebanon township, 20 perches of land, which was part of the ,land which Joseph Kreider received from his father John Kreider. It joined land of Abraham Bomberger. We are inclined to think it was on the corner of the road leading from the Kreider home to the road passing through the overhead railroad bridge. It was called Kreider's school. This was likely the first nchool of the neighborhood under the common school system. Those who road our articles on the Schaeffer family, will remember that Henry Schaeffer was the first school director of his local school under the new and Winters, no ford Joel Brethren, and of d. system. The six gentlemen Just bu,t Henry and his second are buried at Cedar Hill ceme- «£tery, Fredericksburg. Henry was a sTV^&nner near Fredericksburg. Anna f+tyaa f a , member of the Brethren ^tehurch. /They had 2 children: '*' ', Joseph Ridner Bicksler, d. aged 4 named likely constituted the, .first v-jwm, haT C marrfed"Mrs. Elizabeth | school board under the new regime gfSSwnger? by whom he had no chil- I in North Lebanon township, We are ^* Anna is buried at tho Union not as clear on this school bui ding house, (Wolf's) north of as we should be, but are of opinion - that we were told that it Is aow used as a residence. Hon. Henry Snavely taught singing school in this house. Kreider's school likely succeeded Kellerls school. We find that Tobias Kreider, doubtless Tobias of Cleona, trustee by Act of Assembly passed in 1850, sold all that messuage or tenement, school property on the road from Lebanon to Harper's tavern, being rendered useless by the new school law, inasmuch as it was close to the line between North Lebanon and North Annville townships. Jacob Keller and wife Mary had conveyed niany years before this, land for school purposes, but the deed had been lost, hence the Act of Assembly. Tobias'Kreider, the appointed '.rus- tee, scld -this property to John Keller, yeoman, of North Lebanon town- Henry Kreider Bicksler, b. Apr. 1836; d. Aug. 1, 1884. t*HBNRY KREIDER BICKSLER .,,, ;KHenry Kreider Bicksler, afore, m. lf'M r{ 1860 to Sarah Reno, b. Apr. 20, t«*1839; d. Jan.jT, 1899; farmer near t^Fredericksburg; Brethren; 9 Elizabeth, b. July 18, 1861; d. In "»*] * _ « „ " ifahcy. f Aaron Reno, b. Aug. 18, 1862.*' Sarah M., b. Feb. 28, 1864.* June 8mp * b. May 2, 1865; d. L6,fl876. , b. F«b. 18, 1867; d. June 2, Ebenczer b. Mar. 8, 1869.* Rev.; John Henry, b. Aug. 16, b. Mar. 29, 1872; d. Sept., ' Catharine, b. Sept. 25, 1S74; d. V 8 years. —Family Bible. jAARON RENO BICKSLER, afore, Shirk; farmer on his grand- I'Jather's farm at Fredorlcksburg;, Brethren; 5 children: Bicksler, m. John Umberger, of-fHarrisburg;, ho children. L* Raymond Bicksler, m. Lizzie Wea- daughter of Daniel; bolq.ia for Weaver Bologna Com- ;|pany; residence, Weave'rtown; 1 i)d;' Anna. 7,Hem-y Bciksler, m. Edna Wolf; r at Myerstown;, 2 children; and a daughter, Bicksler, single. ; 1 Verna Bicksler, single. l'SARAH M. BICKSLER, afore, m. l)atld* Meikey, dec., farmer near BamUn; Brethren; 1 child: Ji!ary Merkey, m.. Isaac Bricker, |aymer on the Morkey homestead; 3 Margaret, Ada and Sfflo. 'and ANNA BICKSLER, %*-'•? fore, d, of diphtheria, which was epi- ^•fdfemic at the time. ' f jMARY BICKSLER, afore, in. Oct. i, 189,0, to Harry S. Gibble, b. Oct. V J863, son of Deacon Samuel of -\ Brethren; farmer on the Gibble aautead now in Palmyra; Breth- ;\r§n; ',4 children: "Agnes Gibble, seamstress, at home. [""' Corporal Irvln Gtbble, killed at JJontfauson, France, Sept. 29, 1818; !%• full account of whose death was Igiyen" In The News somo weeks ago. Gibble clerk In shoe factory Gibble, clerkjn^hoe factory. houao Annville and Palmyra were-greatly developed and built up by the Krei- ders, but Cleona and Fairland are Kreider towns, -and "so we- may in a sense say is Ebenezer. It seems evident that Joseph's first wife, Lydia Long, died before ho retired from farming, that he buried her in the family cemetery and erected a tombstone at her grave. Later when he became interested In the Ebenezer cemetery, he evidently re-' moved her body along with the bodies of his parents, and provided for her a new tombstone in the new resting place. The flrst stone is used, face down, as a step stone in the walk, at the front porch of the Kreider homestead. Soon after 18.72, if not in that yoar, Joseph J. Kreider retired from fanning and built the brick house 'diagonally across from the Uhrich house. The Ullrich house is tho oldest house in Ebenezer, built about 160 yours ago. It is log weather-boarded". It stands on what was a. tract of eight acres, between Yingst land on the north and Light land on the south. How it got in between seems now in- explainable. About a square north of the Uhrich log house, Htoocl another log house on the Yingst estate. By far the highest tree in the neighborhood, —perhaps a poplar—stood in front of tho Yingst .'house, ' It 'finally fell before the blast. 'It was'estimated at 200 feet in height. The United Brethren church was built here in 1371, likely chiefly through the influence of Joseph Kreider who was a trustee. At this time there was only one other house hore beside the Uhrich house—the house of Moses Gingrich. The John Fields 22, 13 6 ' ' Lloyd Gibble, school boy. JOHN HENRY BICKSLER, !'lll|0re-. 'ro. Christie Brandt; farmer 'iar .Fredericksburg; preacher of the llted £lon Children; 2 children: Paul Bicksler, school boy. Bicksler, deceased. , a girl whom they are raising. BICKSER, afore, m. Sam- Lentz, dec,, farmer at Hani'in, IB. Clara Buclior, daughter *CSF 'Elder Christian, and becumo a near Midway, where ru, died had * child: Heriry Lentz, d. in infancy, / JOSEPH OF EBENEZER "f Joseph J. Kreider, afore., was mar-twice. His first wife, whom he Mar. 22. 1838, was Lydia b. July 27, 1821; d. Jan. 6, , by, whom were all his children £r*w to maturity. Aug. S, 1865, Family in The Report of V?. 1919. On August «, 1865, afried Rebecca M. Fernsler, b. |, -1824; d. Sept. 28, 1899, by ?m, he had a son that died in iu- He and both wives are buried WHfJ , n Ebenezer cemetery. children: He had . Aug. 2, 1839; d. Aug. , b. July 2. 1840.* f|Maria, Anna, b. Sept. 9, is.41, d. JKW, J908.* ~ ». Dec., 1842. » a, b. Feb. 5, 1845.» *. Dec. 8, 1847." b. Aug. II, i848; d. H, m^* *sj*jfcll«»M ** «ame time Joseph Kreider built and moved hero. He built here because the church was here, or perhaps he had the church built here because he intended to build here. Everything must have a name, and Joseph suggested that they call a this place "Ebenezer." The Yingst farm was here, originally about 250 acres, now thrae farms —those of Daniel Speichar, Amos Meyer, and Norman C. Albert. The "Light farm was here, now largely in the cemetery. We understand it was the property of Jacob Light, of Mountville, who owned eight farms.- The Snavelys were southeast. But wo are informed that Joseph J, Kreider was the founder of the place. The Family of Joseph J. We have already given the Hst'of Joseph J. Kreider's children as found in the family. Those of his children who made history are the following* ELIZABETH KREIDER, afore, m. Rev. Joel Light, b. Feb. 11, 1840; d. Feb. 24, 1904; United Brethren preacher, son of Rev. Casper, of Front and Mifflin streets, Lebanon; preached 33 years, as follows: 'First about 1870 at Grautville, then at Avon, the Lebanon circuit (Kochenderfer's, Ebenezer and MQuntvillej, the Fredericksburg, then Avon again, Ithen Lykens Valley, then "Ml. Nebo, then Avon again, then Bethany, Mif- fliu street,, Lebanon, where he died, his son-in-law, Rev. Wenger,t, als,o died in charge of Pethany; $}}*abeth. the wjgov now resides whom

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  • Kreider Family History: 15 Sept 1919; collumes 1 & 2

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