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North-Carolina Star (Raleigh, NC) 5 Nov 1835, p1 - HALEXGE, IT. C. THIJI jJTB 'SSii3b "TV Mi...
HALEXGE, IT. C. THIJI jJTB 'SSii3b "TV Mi v"4rikCarotta Gazette f rfTaLMftKB. WEKKLT. at yiioMAs J.,i.i:,iv. LfWirTU! three didlnrj per annum nt b allowed to remain in arrears lonrer fN year.and person i niilrnl w n limit Uii l,(6, h "y ti t become subscribers, Lpflhe year' subscription iu advanse. itw sTV n -tMJ.iut .fifteen liuea, three time for one dollar, and twee- rifee"1- - - . 11 to Id Klilnr mail be pout t'1"- ,r'"i'j"iL i.v , ' ' " "' tj ; From lb. N. Y . Ev. Star. , I'BAN!ACTIOXS !N MISSISSIPPI. V f)t.iR sir irately a sojourner at immediate scene ot the disturb- e io Mississippi, I have, since my rn, witnessed eo strong an interest curiosity, as to the events in ques-."totl" trusts I slial I; be doinga not unacceptable to the public, s. :i l . . -..!. rivinc lue louownrg auiticuiic par. lars ol tlie leatunjr facts, a iinvc rented to do so the more readilyjj ause the circumstances, which lean kesentations ami exaggerations, inai ia(ir.linarjr and agitating facts have penetl. "'' " " - - ;. was at a menu's house, in tne '"hboi hood of Livingston, Madison jiity,-w hen tk f Ut -itself -was dis-Vred, and visited that place every I during the exriteinent, conferring iy, an tne wane, wnn me citi.en members ot tne committee ot Sale- to whom I had been personally in- uced. i nan mereiore, a lair op-unity of becoming fully acquainted i nil the circumstances, which led he- disclosure of .Jhis diabolical jle- l . A.. r. me measure ruuuiuu iu biicbv punish it, and the means oi pre? iUhesj'dLj)cicdlo.jdiaiJLa f r passed u niler in y own observation On 'Smutau evemnsr, 28A June, knars, lite una iatnam (near ncaues uff. Ui2 Ulack) overheard some and energy, were 'selected: Dr. M; I). Mitcliell, James Grafton, Israel Spencer, Wm. Vade,"N claim Taylor, Harden D. Reynolds, John Simons, Jesse Mabrce, Chas. . Smith. Robert UoJge, Thomas lludnal. Lac PrOee and David Hardy. William Boye and Mr, Ott acting as secretaries. This committee immediately organizing itself, appointed Dr. Mr D, Mitchell to preside over them: and the males was intense; for great apprehensions were entertained that an attack would yet be made and a rescue attempted. ' .-C.-V-v. .C;.-. Andrew Boyd who had been charged by Cottoir,"made precipitate -flight; and on the 4th, fliis arrest being ordered by the committee was pursured by Jas. Dickson Hiram Perkins, and Hiram Reynolds,-tdr"ipacl oTj houmis trained lor. the purpose, from retiriirg tcr aroom elertedTri.tliiJdair fcdattf fdo the next morning Until 9 o'clock A. M.j but he miraculously effected I aicij ruiiiiuctii eu '.uctr ihiiiiiui anil kc- "b csmuc uy vivsauijr ui" uiucn riTcr, gciiuig iiiiu me cans ureaa., anu unai-ty.eluding the dogs and the rest of his fursuers, by mounting a horse - that tappened iu his way. . He had not been heard of, ; up.- to 'the 28th July, when I took my departure from Madi son county, rious duty, fully impressed with the imperious (.ecessity which created their power, and the importance, of their trust. ; ; ". ":' - Accordingly, Joshua : Cotton and - Saunders, were arraigned before the coinmitte, and . formality charged with inciting; the negroes in Mississippi to insurrection, and aiding and abetting other white men in the same. This evening they were committed placed under the control fend direction of Dis-Ptt 4uitber witt ihe-ircuhifi -tiofrof the twKl.-Tfie pekfirbTs'were on uty the whole night; vigilantly scour ing the surrounding country, whilst the sa-uc d i scipli ne s was . kept u p in., the town. ' ' .-' " ' Friday" Sd.'-The .committee" con - vened at 9 o'clock, A- M., and continued the whole day in trying the two prisoners, Cotton and feaunUersj who, in the course of the investigation, ln ulnated each other, lne testimony and circumstances becoming stronger, many orders ot arrest were issued, to the different squads of patrols, and the citizens urged to be vigilant. , - Ha! ur daily Ailu Uotton and &aun- dera convicted,- and sentenced-bf the committee to be forthwith hanjied. Ives 4n conversation, reier io a con itinlated Insurrection. . '; Hon J an. 201 h. I heycommunicated mriuent to several oJJh.eit.aeiga r, who thought it advisable to invite attention of the citizens ol the iutity to the subject towns and villages to Tuesiluv. 30. lhe citizens as- rmbled at Livingston, and alter con iTWi canie satisoed that fifrfi. was. great irufu iu Jhe ttoatmg mors, and much ground ot anpre- Inuinz immediate danger. Retiring their habitatiunsv4here&rcreach4tv-vidual occupied himself in deviaing ans of salety for his tanuly and him- lf. -In this view, several families ngregated at one habitation, collect- I and preparing every weapon for fence, and expresses were sent to s neighboring it them on their euanl. Itedneidaif, t juiy.x greater mhei of citizens assembled at JUiv- ;ston, uinler increased"' apprehen ns and excitement. 1 wo negroes, . . v . : i t f i. . . I i) tne property i ivuai uiaKe, auu i', other ol m, jonnsion, Deing eiz onsulifuTCionlratfd blouht therif as isuner?. wre examined and dis liargcd. Thurdatf, 2n.f- A great assem age of citizens at Livingston, ex laniring ren.irts and counciling wit ach other. . The two negroes, who had Seen discharged the da before, were Tatntakenut?lhcyhaving,meanwhile tcunowieiigeu tneir naruci muou in in P i .i r i .i... .i.. misDiracv. allteeOraW? iitttrit fef -whit men. lhe two were seized by the populace M hanged. At this tune a plot of a rmsr""extiabrdinaf vand rniabolica1 haracter was Uevelopiiig itsell. it ras ascertained that a general disaf- Monday, 6i. The committee con vened and reuewed their painful duties.. ' : Gregory, an old man of T2 years of to prison, under charge of CapVJanesge, was sentenced to be tloggedand Study. The same evening, -patrols banished perpetually from the state, to wr . detailed bv-. the committee aiwitiiepautn. 44KoufS.--..---?w-i The--io,wlaeemmediately--aF;fied Iheni to the old jail and, fastening a Ce to the grating of a window, ia tlie . . i . ' UDuer story oi tne jau, . anu leaning a cuupUf.raUaagainslJthe:Jivalls.istJ. ed the culprits upon tneraus; men, au- justing the other end of the rope around tneir n?cns, removeu me raus. - ejr were left hanging until the next morn- m Ferry, 50- years of age, was also found guilty and set. tented Hki Oeeg-l ory, our to receive uu lasnes. Lee smith, next underwent his trial, and was sentenced to perpetual banish- ment trom the state, to tiepari in io hours, and discharged. He was a citizen" of ltindsc6unty; and was'on his departure from Lexington arrested "by a party ot his neighbors and aiicnea, f ' m" I 1 -r . -1 lor tiyncncu, wnicn i nynonjrauus.j Several days after his discharge, the committee became possessed of evi dence which deeply implicated him'as a principal insuigenir auuurucicu uihi arrested wherever found. ; Although h.hadundergonenetriarand been acquitted, nevertKeless, agreeably to the - principle: of. Slicks T)r Lynclifs 1aw, noinair-:should-eiieape puuiahiueat-upoa any condition,-if guifry, at any time, or at any place j lame, laraily and lortune, an quau oe fore its powerful influence, 'tis the voice and will et the people, ti i vox det." applied to the gov- poses a that in Livingston, after maturely , deliberating on lbs circumstance which had produced Miia uufortuniie conflict, thoroughly acquitted Mr. Sbetkie of all dia-honorable motivea or inienliona, as the ful , lowing facta developed. 4U Bawtotw bad J'iKe4. a Jt? pelihor-hood of Shtrlcie, and lie had, fiom afcrig acquaintance, formed a favorable opinion of their honesty and integrity i and when they ere. arreted bj thft 4art3theadedliy Pet kina, a citizen of another county, and for horn be entertained an adverse opinion. and unacquainted with the, peculiar.. cArcuiw litanceinitl.!: 'IrW&fitiytfvrfW arreat, his good teelinjtas a reichbof were elicited in their behalf, and he in(tln,'ye ioNed tbTjjroteetiW p J as. Mitchell, the blacksmith, was eiatnm ed.and was honorably acquitted) his service a a smith were held in requisition, tfluch be promptly and cheerfully rendered. llolden waa awo examined, acqmueu, anu d'racharred.- ' . r Hiram Hall. William llenaon, Mnvioru Barnes, and Nicholas were found guilty in a let degree, and sentenced to baniiih ment-from the state in 48 hours. r WtHntnUii. tth Jul The report of Itual Blake's arrest at Vicksburgh reached living- aton at It A. M. together with the lamentable news of lhe, death of Captain I'erkins, and the fear of Blake:Tescae. Mr-f Albert G. Bennet waa iminediattlv- depachd ttb -jyiirflioTSt Livnipston, whom he met under- escort or a rsMt:lVo'1icksb'u;rBtt:"" mutee, who, after a short examination, sentenced him to be hanged on the- 10th inst. between the hour of 3 and 4 o'clock, P. M. The report of the proceedings at vicka burirh were this dav confirmed, and were related as follows ; by aeveral ; iepectbte neraona. In consideration of the alartmng atate of the neighborhood at and about Vickburgn. ii r'uizena Issued an ordinance that all gain blera and Other sospiciou peraona oflll-fame should forthwith quit the preciact of the town, or fchck'a law would be aamimaicrca to wbomsoever refused. Five gambler. North: Adam. McCalL Dutch Hill.-and another name not recollected, vetoed the ordinance, and betook themselves to a house which'-ther barricaded:--and, armed -wit b pistolsand knives, prepared to defend litem. selves against any force wnicn niigm uo av- tempted - y-the itienr-wuicii- tney ana- ctpated by their preparaviuna Previously t the execution of Joshua Cotton, he acknowledged his guUtand,tlieUrutU-of 4heteaUmony by which he had been convicted : Aver- a i il x" ng, that ne was a member oi tne pirati cal association of tho notorious John A M urrel, -" -That - he had -attended sevcral-of -iheir grand, councils the last having been held near Columbus, Mississippi. --That- the platv had been conceived and plotted by Murrel; and that it' embraced the slave-holding states generally. That a large num ber ot desperate anu. unprincipled white men were engaged in the plan. and that they contemplated, it not the total .destruction ot the white popula tion, at least the possession ot most ot their wealth, lnat he had, been tor two years, industriously occupied in spreading disafiection among the ne groes, on every plantation he was acquainted with; and with few excep- .1 .1 ; a. lions, mere -were souk: u eveij puu- tation, who were attached to the cause. That he, as well as all others of Mur-rel's clan, by particular instructions, were extremely cautions whom they assailed among the negroes, lest, -by confiding in too many, they might betray the trust to iiribecilesr and that, consequently, they only, with great address attempted -the -most ambitious and rel'iL'ious. . That some arms and and coufessed whites" were to be indisenminateiy butchered Twith the exception of a few - - i ; . i a 1. . tL J. 1' cliosetr f eitiatesj; tne otacK to wneau-. ed and led on, at various places; by some white deperadoes already detailed. -That they. calculated, -that their numbers would be increased, from Vaiiuua causes;' by some through fear; by some through hope; anu Dy oincrs, through disaffection; andjbaf, gather ing like ft whirlwind, they would, like whirl W ind. devastate the whole coun try. Imnlicatinr Rual Blake, Dean, j Donovan, Boyd, and many others, he warned the people to .'beware of to-nisht and to-morrow night" the nnrnoscs That the arrest of Murrel had postponed the commencement of hostilities trom the Z5tli oi last uecem- he.r. to the 25th of December next. But that the disclosures 'made by Virgil , A: Stewart, had discomfited t he white flonWtW EJ a band ot desperadoes thai iniesteo 'ot only . tTiat section of the United f-iate.-bttt-thc-whole-coantry-lrom Maryland to Louisiana. V It was soon discovered, in the pro- pss of the examination,' both at Liv- "istonand other town,' that the citi- i-tis had to contend with an organized nd tif ruffian?; and xupicious lit up-n Joshua Cotton and -Saunders, 7oth steam doctors, . These two men htn arrested : from among the crowd, Father with Mitchell, a blacksmith, pud so infuriated were the citizens j1hat tht-y would have massacred them nstantly and , perhaps, in the natural fury excited bv facts so atrocious. ould have plunired into the "wildest 'icesses, but for the wise interference nd prudent suggestions of ft very pirited and enterprising young gentle "an, Dr. Push. who. haranguing the multitude, proposed this resolution, which was unanimously adopted: "That a committee of Salefy be im-"ediately organized, composed of thir- eeu citizens, upon tire resposibility of "- rest, vested Willi ampieautnontyj to devise means . oJ defence, to try, Cfluit, condemn, and punish white or olack, who should be charged before them." " -- Whereupon, the following persons, conp,cuous for wealth and intelli- 5 and-4istingaj,iiea for intergity The committee ernor of the state for arms, and subse quently received a sunjdy of musketSi. Huai liiaue having neu irom tne neighborhood, and the committee hay-inz ordered his arrest, a reward of five hundrud-Jollars-waa- .mada-upoy-the citizens and offered for his apprehen sion. . ."' , Dean- -and Donavan, the first a ftar tive-of-Conneeticut,- the - latter -of Kentucky underwent- their triaL which occupied part of the 6th and the whole of the . 7th. and. were,- after the most deliberate investigation, sen tenced to death, and were according ly esecutetl on Wednesday, 8lh, be tween the hours of 14 and 1 o'clock, M. denying to the last moment their eruilt. I did not then . hear ot Dono van's writing a letter to his 1 wife of Kentucky, and I believe it mistake. A letter from his wife, to Donovan, was handed to the committee which had been addressed to him long before his arrest, which upbraided him for his desperate mode of life, declaring she would - never ' return to live with him until he altogether reformed. The three Rawsons who had been charged by Colton as accomplices to this plot, and who had a roster, oi me names of the whole of the imurg?nts, were thia dayiarrestcjd,by,,Capuin inram "Perkins and Standford Hodge, who commanded a party ordered into Hinds county for .;. that purpose, and were rescued by Mr, Mat. Sherkie. Uay.6iHrJea4lu sons, which excited the greatest indignation against Shclkie, and the suspi cion of many that he ' was an " accom- . . i i i t - n ice. 1 his gentleman nati. nereio- . s.1 - fo an 35 i I The cititens, apprised of their resolution, determined to cntorce the ordinance, and after arresting, to whip them from the town. The gambler refusing to surrender, the citizens commenced to force the house, and iti ilhtf anempf DrTodley tainostvaluaWe ana otgnry respecisoie cntsen, wuu unu the heart of Ih. community was shot dead bv one lit the Eve cambkrs. IhavcUtaena, infuriated by-tbfr-mudeef their revered and enterpnwng comrade. returned the fire, which wounded one ol the oartv, and rushing forward, overpowered and seeurea them, wnen, nurry ing jwrm io a convenient piace ui cHtuuuiu wi.tivu. delay hanged the five. A party immediate lore always borne the most reputable cohnexians noinerOTS-OTd'iwnuential A scrutiny of "the motives which influenced him in the rescue of the Ra'- sonsI..waa.loud!j .demanjJejJntt de-1 tei mined upon. - llut the committee, for the nfescnt. reinforced Perkins' pary, and ordered the recapture of the Rawsons. at all hazards ... , Perkins immediately repaired to the f.i.rhShood of Sherkie and the Rwoni and wi'.h Ie prudence than i valor (not lrict-ly reearding the introction of the com mittee attempted 'o arrest Sherkie, who, .nnP;Ml nf Prrkin' intention, re. sorted to an out hu in the neighborhood ofhia dwelling, taking hi family, and preparing himself jrith fire rm. resolved to jnake a determined defence. At night Ere weie kindled around Ihi lights , (,- L... .... i... .. i... nights if the 4th "JPiSHhVpeoV posed,, if longer time were, allowed, to j .' ind rr.chi..g the bou. deeclone much more important infor mation. But tlie committee, deeming itof infinitely more importance to check the impendiug storm, by immediately destroying two of the ring leauers anu thereby creating , uismaj, im ,a...v mong tlteih, ordered their, execution. The committee adjourned until Monday morning, allowing time for the necessary arrests." - - ,. ' Sunday, July 5, Partic of horsemen were hourly arriving with prisoners, and the guard house by Monday morning was crowded with eighteen whites and several blacks. The alarm among the females mi truly distressing and tlie anxiety and excitemeut of (wore be would arrest s tune, won. pr paring, hot Perkina in pasting a window r.. l.:..l. -,l mnrtal the next d.V.l Tbl hre wa intntly returned, by whicb Sherkie hd hi right hind dreadfully shattered. Kcpeatirig the fire be wounueu wr. uw B in theihigh, and by another shot wounded u. i ..i.t. kAHK. and narrowly missed him. cutting lhe collar of In coats a br.k fire ws kept up for aome mmutet, when ..;. n.n retreated. Sherkie, then. with b next ....i. U..IV.I V. . . . " . , . . . Sherkie'a fortunately- eaca pen injury, bis protected from the ahot which passed Into the houve by bed clothe and P'"ov hich A commute, which had been previously organised in Hind county for the tm. pur. sins' party retreated. Sherkie, men. bit family, evacuated the house, and the ! day surrendered himself to the civil ority of Uind county. An infant of J . J I I...... katnav ly went in purauit of a number of gamblers, who bad-halted at th race -ground, a few milea from, the town. with. tb. -deternunat ion of hanging them likewise i but on arresting a natt of them, the tHhett eflecting their e- cape, their lives were spared on condition of their quitting the country. lor. .ever and, beina Slicked, were discharged. It appears, tnerelore, tnat tnese person were not banted on account of their pro. fession, nor on account. of their disobeying the ordinance of the citizen, cut on account of their killing a worthv and favorite cittaen and bv their own raahnrta involved upon themselves th wrath of an enraged popu Uee. - --W. ' TuroV.y, July 9th. Thitday several men were diacharced. after undergoing an ex amination, before the committee, and others brought into the town, and delivered over to the ruard for examination. . rricJiiv. lu'v 10. At 3 o'clock, r. M. ituai Bluke waa taken Under guard to theJSmhh' hop,-where hi Iron were knocked on. After washing hi face and hands, and dressing himielf neatly In a suit of white, he waa conducted to the gallowa, a rude one, hastily erected, by two fork sunk in the ground and a pole across, in the centre of the town.-He approached It with a ateady and unrauK tering tep. At length, arrivtog at th. foot of tbe rallowa. and looking up, hit toul teemed to tremble within at the awful jour- ney it wat about to undertake, and bit eyet filled with teart. lle ttruggled to recall hit scattered senses, which at length returned ioMJeleftIIJtnoruiredJ!orjBne.nrdwa. neisont. and bavin? requested them to at. tend to tome wwldf; eoneerMy whook hand and bid them adieu., Ueing aaiteu oy one of the committee if hewdeired lo y any thing publicly, h. addressed the multitude in the following words: i Gentlemen-1 hav. but a few abort mo-menu to latrjr among you,, when J '.shall be, fiaiariti ;aitl0!aWfflaitta jiey.lnrothe pfesience of the great and rtngh' iy uoo, stiroiiuea wnu in nu mi reirev tionti and if I wat it Innocent of all other tint, ts 1 sm of the charge- for which 1 am now about to tufier,, I wiU not, as lnow doifeiflhe approach of death. Ana now, before "man, (from horn 1 shall ahortly escape and almighty and eternal God, lm to whose pretence I must aa ahortly appear,) I do most solemnly deny the charge which hat been alledged against me, and at tolemn-ly do I invoke the wrath and imprecationt of icaven if I am not utterly anu aosoiuieiy in. nocetit. I do not blame tne uommiuttt i hliete thev have been influenced by tbe best mo iv t for th. benefit of the eommunw ty . t think the evidence adduced to them wat amply tUtncieni io warrant my tuimciN- nation. But 1 an not lest innocent on that account." '" yv-.; He called opon Mr. Hatcn, a oivtne, wno ofliciated in hie profctsional capacity, then ascending the gallowa with a firm tep, teemed to throw back the folds of terror, and defy the ahaftaof death. The rope being adjutted arwind his neck, he wa again ask ed it ne naa lunuer sayi wnicn h it plied, 'No more, except to proteit my .innocence. I , bear malic, towards noon.. May God have mercy upon my tou . Tbe inOividuat, wno waa appoint w jr loose tbe drop, failing to execute It, ana Blake ( whose face wt uncovered nyre. quest) obterving tbe failure, tprang Trom the acafrold, launching hia oul into that terrible abyaafrotn wnence n racuor return Blake Watt native of Connecticut; had resided in Ml'aon county about 6 yeart, oceopied a a cottor. gin maker, wheelwright and carpenter, waa remarkable for industry and perseverance, by which ho cad accu-

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