Witch Trial

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Witch Trial - his Moft'Chriuiah Majefty, to tffe his good...
his Moft'Chriuiah Majefty, to tffe his good Offices to reftore Peace in Germany. Letters by Yefterday'* Flanders Mail advife, that' the Town of Truxillo i» Peru hath been entirety deftroyed by an Earthquake. The Inhabitants happily efcaped by flying to the Country. The Greyhound, an outward-bound Turkeyman,- is Ifcft between"Cyprus and Scanderoon. Two Hundred Perfons, redeemed from Slavery at Algiers, are arrived at Gibraltar. 'Tis faid, that the feveral ReginaeBts of the Militia, at prefent embodied, will be encamped this Summer-with, the Regular Troops in different Parts of the Kingdom. Yefterday aC Guildhall, Jofeph Vere, Efq; Banker,. Citizen and Goldfmith, and William Hart, Efq; Banker, Citizen and Goldfmirh, were chofen Sheriffs of this City and County of- Middlesex, for- the Year enfuing. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed the Rev. Mr. Hopkins to be Chaplain o£ his'Majefty's Ship the Dublin of 74 Guns, in the roomof the Rev. Mr Munby, promoted to the St. George of 9o<Juns. The Rev. Mr. Broderick is appointed Chaplain of hi: Majefty's Ship Modefte of 64 Gufts. This Morning Henry Hoghton»» Efq;' of Lancashire was married to Mifs Afhhnrft of New Broad-ftreet. On Wedftefday laft was married at Chatham. George Weakley, Efq; of BTumpton, to Mifs SearleoS the fame Place. On Monday died atBrentford Mr. Walters, Carpenter and Builder in Piccadilly. Laft Night the Mafter- of the Coach and Horfes, a Public-houfe in Mount-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare, drop: down dead at his own Door. Yeiverday Notice was given by the Bellman at Billingsgate, and the other Fiftimarkets in Town, that the late Act for the better regulating the Sale of Filh brought into the Port of London, &c. took place that Day. that no Perfon may plead Ignorancei or aft in Difobe- diencs to that Law. Hay fold Yefterday af St. James's Haymarket from 2I. 55. to 3I. 3s. per Load. Straw from ll. 4s. to il. 5 s. 6d. And at Whitechapel Hay fold from 2-1. is. to 31. 4s. Straw from il. 4s. to il. 15s. Yefterday the Coroner's Inqueft fat on the Body of Mr. Weedon, a Watch-chain Cutter, who hanged him- felf laft Sunday in his Bedchamber, near Smithfield- Bars; and it appearing that he had for fome timepaft been under a Diforder of Mind, the Jury brought in their Verdift. Lunacy. Ann Englifli is committed to the Compter in Sooth- wark for robbing her ready-furniflied Lodgings. She will be tried at the Quarter Seffion at St. Margaret's-hill, which begins for the Borough of Southwark on Wednef- day next, before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor. Port/mouth, June 23. Friday Evening arrived at Spithead his Majefty's Ship Biddeford, with the Sarah, Thackfton ; Southampton, Dormer,, and Kent, Wheeler, from Oporro. At the fame Time pafled by the Jama : ca Slcop of War, with fever.il Ships under her Convoy,- from Oporto, for the Downs. Sailed out of the Harbour the Ranger, Capt. Denwith. Sailed alfo his M jeily's Ship Vengeance on a Cruife. Leicejler, June. 14. Tfiey write from Gbn in this County, that on Wedntfday fc'nnight laft, a Difpute arofe between two old Women of that Town, one of: whom calling the other a Witch, and Ihe affirming, that fhe was no more a Witch than herfelf, a Challenge en- fued, and they both agreed to be dipt by Way of Trial; they accordingly ftripr to their Shifts, bad their Thumbsv and great-Toes tied acrofs, and with a Cart Rope about \ h ir Middle, fuffer'd themfelves to be thrown into a Pool of Water; one of 'em is faid to have funk, whilft the other continued ftruggling upon the Surkce, which the Atbb call'd Swimming, and deem-'d an inftlliable Sign of her being a Witch, iriflfting upon her impeaching her Accomplices in the Craft; lhe accordingly told 'em that in the neighbouring Village of Burton, there were feveral other old Women as much Witches as lhe was: Thefe Sufpicions being confirmed by a Student in Aerology or ffhite-iuitcb, who was referred to on account of a young Woman, faid to be afflicted with an uncommon Diforder, and pronounced to be Bewitched; the Mob in confequence of this Intelligence, on Thurf- day lepair'd to Burton, and a£er a little Confutation they proceeded to the old Woman's Houfc on whom they had fixed the ftrongeft Sufpicion; the poor old Creatute on their Approach, locked the Houfe Door and went into a Chamber, and from the Window afked what they wanted? they informed her that flje was. charg'd with being guilty of Witchcrafr, which they were come to try her for, by Ducking; remonftrating ar the fame Time upon the Neceflity there was of her giving this Proof whether fhe was a Witch or no; but upon her petfifting in a. pofitive Refufal to come down, they broke open the Houfe, went into the Chamber, carried her down Stairs, and by force took her to a deep Gravel Pit full of Water, tied her Thumbs and Toes as above, then threw -her in, "where they kept her during Pleafure. The fame Day the Mob tried the Experiment upon another poor old Woman, and on Thurfday a third underwent a like Difciphne. Several of the Ring-leaders in this Riot, we hear have been apprehended and carried before ajuftice; two of which have been bound over to the Seflions, and others ordered to pay fmall Fines. Wefhall juft beg Leave by Way of gentle Admonition, to remind the Peifoos who have been to very active in diffcovermg who are W-itches in Leicefterfhire, [and' which we hope may be a Means of preventing the farther Trial of this dangerous fixperimenr.}- To obferve to 'em,, that no longer ago than the Ytar i7^i T itTring in Heit- fbrdfhire, a Mob of the fame Nature as this, were determined to try by Ducking whether or no one Mrs. Ofborne and her Hufband were Witches, [iwo poczr harmlefs People, aged above 70] who were accordingly, tied as above,, thrown into a muddy tUeam, where af- tet much Ducking and iH Uiage, the old Woman was.- taken out, laid raked on the Bank, and died in a few Minutes; the poor Man was alfo ufed fo cruelly that in-, a few Hours after he alfo died. The Coapnei's Inquefir brought in their Verdift Wilful Murder againft nine: of the Perfons, fpecified; and 20 others whofe Names wete unknown. Thomas Colley one of thefe Rioters? was brought to Trial T eondemn'iJ, executed and afterwards hang'd in Chains. At the Place of Execution he- fign'd a folemn Declaration relating to tin Faith OD» Witchcraft, which was read at his Requeft and was as teliows: The Declaration of Thomas Colley. GOOD PEOPLE! *' 1 befeech you all to take Warning by an unhappy 1 Man's fuffering; that you be nor deluded into fo ahfurd , ' and wicked a Conceit, as to believe that there are any 4 fuch Beings upon Earth as Witches. ' It was that foolifh and vain Imagination, heigh- 4 ten'd and iaftam'd by the Strength of Liquor, which 4 prompted me fo be inllrumental (with others as mad* biain'd as myfelfin the horrid and barbarous Murder of ' Ruth Oihorne, ibefuppofed Witch, for which lam 4 now fo defervedly to fuffer Death. ' 1 am fully convinced of my former Error, and with 4 the finccrity of a dying Man, dtclare, that I do not ' believe there is ftich a Thing in being as a Witch; and* pray God that none of you, thro' a contrary Peifua- * tion, may hereafter be induced to think, that you ' have a right in any fhape to peifccute, much lefeen- 4 danger the Life of a Fellow Creature. 4 I beg of you all, to pray to God to forgive me, and 4 to waft clean my polluted Soul in the Blood of Je/us 4 drift, my Saviour and Redeemer; 4 So exhoneth you all, the dying, * THOMAS COLLET. Jamaica Runv and Coniac Brandy, the beft that caa poflibly be imported by the Piece or Puncheon, at ps. 3d. fmaller Quantities at 9 s. &d. per Gallon. Arrack at 12 s. 6 d. per Gallon. Dired to,Charles Wenman, at the Royal Exchange, and they ftiall be delivered in or near Town, (one Gallon or upwards) Carriage free. Samples if fent for to the Punch-houfe at the North Gate of the Royal Exchange, either Brandy or Rura, very old and ftrong Praof, at 2 s. 6d. Arrack at 3 s. 3 d. per Qttast, for prefent Money only. All Wines as ofuai^ Calks, Bottles, &c. to be paid for, which fhali be allowed when returned. At the Great Room and W rehoufe near the Church ins Ludgate-ftreet, St. Paul's, there is now on Sale great Variety of Houfhold Furniture, Carpeting, Pictures, fine old and new China, ufeful and ornamental, India Dref- fiag Boxes and D re fling Glaftes, about 40 Wstohe* of different Sorts, warranted good, and many Cariofities. Purchafers are defired to inform themfelves with the- Priccs of the Goods they want to buy, before they come here, as moft of thefe Goods are fent in by the Neceffi- tous, and are tnark'd the loweft, and much under the common Prices, for ready Money only. The Rev. Mr. Cfendon, Ludgate-hill, never fails in. the Cure of Wens. His Method is fuch, it is next to impofEble he ever (hou'd. Amongft Numbers he has cured and publilhed in this and other Papers, enquire of Mr. Poynton at Mr. Gardiner's, Hair-merchant, Snowhill, and you may fee the moft extraordinary Cure that ever was done, even though the Breaft-bone was foul in two Places. His Fever Pills, and alfo his Small-Pox Powders, are much to be regarded ; he defies any one to prove they ever yet fail'd, without requiring any other Help whatever. BANKRUPTS. Days for fixing DIVIDENDS of Bankrupts. July 16. Nathaniel Barnardifton, of Budge-row, Merchant, at Guildhall. July 16. William Tichbourne and James Doughty, of the Poultry, Woollen-drapers and Partners, at Guildhall. July 16. Samuel Hall, of Stoke in Coventry, Wool- ftaple, at Coventry. July 22. William Combe, of Cheftowke, in Somerfet- Aire, Grazier, at Briftol. High Water thisDay at LondonBridge 23 Min. after 11 in tfte Morning, and 55 after 11 in the Afternoon. Bank Stock uoaf. India ditto ftmt. South Sea ditto 94 a \ a \. 3 per Cent. Bank Ann. red. Ditto confol. fhut. Ditto 1726 ditto. Ditto 1759 ditto. 3 i ditto 1756 ditto. Ditto 1758 ditto 4 per C. ditto 1760 96-J 3 per Cent. South Sea, Old Ann. 84 a {• Ditto New 85. Ditto 1751 fhut. Ditto India Ann. 82 |. a f. India Bonds 8s. a 7s. Bank Circulation 31.15s. Navy Bills, 9 |. Lot. Tickets 5L 14s. 6d. a 15s. a 14s. Scrip. 96 a £ a 1*1*1-

Clipped from
  1. The Public Advertiser,
  2. 25 Jun 1760, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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