Cincinnati Enquirer, OH, 15, Dec 1917, sociological style article includes Holy Rollers

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Cincinnati Enquirer, OH, 15, Dec 1917, sociological style article includes Holy Rollers - THE ENQUIRER RELIGION At Its Lowest Ebb Found...
THE ENQUIRER RELIGION At Its Lowest Ebb Found in Rural Counties of Oliio.Says Minister. Rev. C. 0. Gill Describes "Failure of Church." "Holy Hollers Offer Only Chance To Children." i Declares Speaker, "la South-i South-i South-i em Part of State, Except i ItiiSrant Evangelists, Scarcely Better." 'ftrlklnic Illustration of the Inefficiency nf the Christian Church may be found In the, Kouthcrn anfi Koutheaatcrn eountlea of Ohio " declared Hev. Charles O. Olll. Columbus, Secretary of the Commission on the Church and Country Life, of which (iltTord Plnchot la Chairman, at yesterday morning's meeting of the Cincinnati Cincinnati . .i'.).!.iJ.rli Congress at Chlrst ! Church. j t'r. Olll has spent three year In 'an Investigation of rural church conditions 1 In Ohio, aid ha mario pulrlle the results of his work yesterday for the first time. "While It has been the boast of the ihurch that Its ministrations are attend. ed by Improvement of moral, social, and economic conditions, there Is In eighteen counties of Southern Ohio ortly deterior- deterior- j atlon," ha said "No Normal Type of Religion." ! "After a hundred years of work no normal type of religion flourishes In any large area, and the only kind which for the past fifteen years has been gaining ground la scarcely better thuiV tho ravings ravings of a Iervlah. The Cliurch has failed to dispel lunoranco and Superstition, Superstition, to prevent the spread of disease, the Increase of vice, and the growth In numbers of degeneracy and delinquency, "The vital statiM.cs of the state show 4.2 per cent of Illiterate males of voting' age In the state as a whole.' In Gallia. Vinton and Hocking Counties thla percentage percentage of Illiteracy Is more than doubled, and In Plko and Iwrenc It la nearly trebled. "The death rate from tuberculosis for the state Is 125 a thousand. In Clermont, Scioto. IwrencB, Itois and Gallia Counties Counties it runs aa high as IM. in pike County It Is 21, and In Hamilton County the rate Is 217 a thousand. "The rate of Illegitimate birth throughout throughout tho state la 44 for every hundred thousand. In Jhcksob It Is 12a a hundred thousand, and some ether counties are almost as bail. The rate of Illegitimacy In cities Is much lower than thla. In Hamilton County the rate la tin a hundred thousand. In Franklin County DO, and In 1 Cuyahoga County only fin. Worst Where Stock la Purest. "The number nf foreia-n-born foreia-n-born foreia-n-born foreia-n-born foreia-n-born Inhab- Inhab- Itanta In these Kaekwnnl counties Is the lowest In the state per unit of population. Moral and social conditions are worst, then, where the old American atoek la purest. These statistical data, however, fall, pro-to glvo an adequate Idea of the urgency ; gram of th need lor remedies which It la by aes-wtthln the power of fhe church to sup- sup- '"n ply. llroi superstition exercises com- com- Church. Plete control over larxe numbers of the Walnut pet ple. Venereal diseases Infect half presided, the population In some counties, and are ftf ths " ' "'": " liuilluri practlmlty every fanillyls infected with Inherited or Infectious diseases. In ,'i.MtimiiN rol.tlnii. ra MniuM mw.A In. i. fi, riA Politics Is corrupt. The sale of votes Is a regular source of Income for ttiHles or voting age. Schools are man- man- nii,l badly and poorly attended. Pet-! Pet-! Pet-! At a com-tv crimes Hhound. and eases of rape, mlttee iiwuault. and robbery are weekly occur- occur- took rmri'i within flv minutes' walk of the corporation limits of one county seat, i bmlgot Adams County was made notorious be- be- ! passed. cause 2.000 pcrnons were disfranchised voted meet-there for selling votes. In adjoining Ing. counties the situation Is worse, because support Com-omYlals refuiK to punish proved 'vote mission, sellers iw As To the Holy Boilers. I P'n ... ... . ... "In this territory there are many,,,,' churches. (,ut they are small and weak, i w While ,,ey light with one another the ' o: al Itair-liratlirn Itair-liratlirn Itair-liratlirn cult nf the Holy Rollers Im r row I ii b by leaps and bound . This ult promotes Immorality. It tends, to break up families and destroy the pi iirc and, harmony of every community community where It Rainsa foothold. Vet hundreds hundreds of children in these regions have no tnntlttitional religious opportunities eoepl such as are offered by the Holy Itoller and an ocraxtonal itinerant evaiiKtliat. who perhaps is' scarcely better. "Many regular churches 'are abandoned abandoned completely. Others have on their books large numbers of members, but only a minute- minute- percentage attends services or takes any interest In church support and work. The preachers are underpaid and overworked. Most of them have to serve three or even four churches on alternate Sundays to keep alive. "An Inescapable obligation to remedy A, these conditions Is thrown upon the church a. a whole. It. neglect ,. clerks ..tie-largely responsible tor them. Power- Power- Voatofnce refill organizations Irf the different do- do- vocated nominations have failed to co-operate, co-operate, co-operate, employee and their- their- divided efforta have been influence near-useless. If they act In harmony, using ,.H.. efficient methods, there la "no doubt that condltiona In thla region can be im- im- proved. From a patriotic standpoint, delay is criminal. 1'iague spots or thla sort are a menace to the life and pros- pros- perlty of the nation." Governor Attacks "Demon Bum." I I"...-1 I"...-1 I"...-1 UOIIb- UOIIb- rinvjirnnr .if M .. n t ,-ernor ,-ernor ,-ernor of Maine.1 not the entitled of Itev. importance nent "Cltv highly Fagley New sub-,-,. sub-,-,. sub-,-,. John Cincinnati 11,, Irion . inn1' the i James ; of the Federal 'n council. in ministers they A of i in I lie as It Church Rev. H-ereisrv-Treajuircr H-ereisrv-Treajuircr Bowlby ,nlplove,s flh, i, (ration t ,

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 15 Dec 1917, Sat,
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  • Cincinnati Enquirer, OH, 15, Dec 1917, sociological style article includes Holy Rollers

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