Robert Coyle Indianapolis 1897

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Robert Coyle Indianapolis 1897 - $134 - 4 - aai - ni - . SO. ao4 a .as or - e.....
$134 - 4 - aai - ni - . SO. ao4 a .as or - e.. " " - . . ti ' are - - lit. to to If - - a - , h - II far (fetal sup in thp. FirpJ.TT 1 44a a 4a . 41 UU iiV BODJERT iCOUE - J BLOW CAISE. DAVID "Wi"RTHS UEATli. - ! Itaeaaea Ak'ee That, Lk - . Tkat tXv BU llatrtl Oae.kait Vatal W'4 at a reta Sa rllwe4 Varta"a raU - Caylw StVo. A atap ia .the jface wltix the back. 0 Robert Coylc'a tsand . reauUed In ' the death of Darid; U'urth yeaterday ' - t what la known, at? the 'kiufce - of Juf las Botier"s taloan C. 'jbuth Deij - aware' street." S - Jvertl men were tr tUjk kitchen, which W a room tack of bar. . The bar closed. Drinks, wi served In the - !iitcen., 1 - " j Those ; wKo - witnss.ed the acctderit were Jceeph L - . a 'Cgarrnaker.. living At tjtincaa ?krect; J. V. Byrne, ta Durcan street; penry Kurt, barkcepe aV the stloon. .and ' Hennr Schmidt, , a? i Ckambus. Ind. Tho' agTe ln their act - coiiiita.of the kailcg. with Xhe accounk' gtven by 4jry If The Affair aeeme4 M trivial to all thati details are - lacklnar. caufse n. - rsc,' notice waa rM to the . L eailng jup - events 1 to the fatal blew. W'urthi - htled ivurx clsan up ltfco ,tfar - room on Sunday. He - worked hard yw.; - terday.rnordingj and drank - conslderAble. Coy! avid - other; witnesaea say he waa drunk. Kurx. "tl.e barkeeper, aays ' he waa not. Wurth passed' before Cpyle several times and finally stepped on', his foot. Cojle tol btmito get off. Wurth staggerexf and stepped Coyle'a fctoll a aecond Uafhv "oyle had worn, allppt'ra from hia home near by. - He partly rose, from the chatr i'n which he was altttr.K. Get off my foot'r" be said and alirppcd - Wurth with the . back of his hand fin the fac. - 1' j - - - 7.. ' - !';. i5. .. Picked a p I'aeonactoaa. j , Wurth .fell backward and lay In the corner. Coyle says :he ( thought Wurih was - so drunk he could mot get tip. .As he did tralilst In a - few minutes Covte and - Lay picked . him np - And put him In a chair. TAVurth waa unconscious. I It wa auggested'that Coyle to for a doctor, doctor, and he went to - his home nd changed his 4jthce ! oh his wny j to hunt a doctor Tie stopped at the saloon and learned that Wurth was vdead. ;He hurried to tbe police station, where 1 he surrendered himself to .Superintendent XJuIgley." lie was locked up on a charge of murder. i " ' Wurth's bofy was removed to Her - - mann's morgue' after the coroner had viewed It, - It was at first believed that Wurth's neck waa broken, Aut an examination, examination, disproved this a lory. Tha coroner coroner believes I the concusalon from the "blow probably caused a rupture or tbe heart, which taused death. Wurth. was fifty - two ytaiM plil and was employed by Juilus Keller durinrthe' week apt a laborer in trultdioK cement - walk", IHe lived with his sioo - ln - la w,. William lie yer. (new) 413, Downey street Geyer said yesti - tday - that Wurthr was not a1 hard drinker. "Wurth had ppren children - three 'sons. He wa divorced from bis wife, who. Is still living' . . Coyle wasln great dlstresa ovrrthe result ofhis blow. At the Jail he waa a willing talker to all who called to see htm. Many of his shermates. called durtns - the afternoon: to Offer him sym pathy and assistance, coyie is a large, poaerfuf man. who Is employed buiUllnJ, ex perimifrital machinery at the Atkln saw - works. He ta popular with his fellow fellow workmen. - , many of therp sa'y. and ta not quarrelsome. He Uvea at Duncan and Alabama, street with his wife ajid children. He 1s thirty - seven years old. This' Is the (urst time he baa .been - ar rested. ' " r - I - . . - .,'.' f Cayle'a Stateaaeal. Coyle'a atateinenC of the killing is as followa: "I left, my home without dressing dressing mora than to slip on ah oil pair of trousers and" my slippers, and atnt to BotIer nalooaT I wa sitting In tha kitchen talking .to Byrne and a elgar - maker, ba nanoa I do not - know, when the old. mart passed by me and stepped on - my foot I. "told" him bo get off. He staggered i and supped on It, again.? Aa my slippers were - light. It palned'me. and. without thinking - of what I was doing - . I told Ihlm again to get off and sltppel him with the .back - of. my hand n the cliia. - The blow was very light The old man fell backward. He wa very drunk, aad. I supposed, when he lay tiletJy, he was too drunk to get up. After a bit we'lu? him In a chair, and It was uggsted that some one go for a doi tor. I went home and changed rlothes. Warn I came bark by the saloon. saloon. J was told ne - wa dead and I hur That Is all t her - ' IS to it., - The old ynan F ried oown ner ana gave roywu vp. and I hal aever nao a.wpra anj 1 . was i not aigrv when I slappedi him." i j 1 ! AVJben Coyle atat Into tho pollne sia - tion tie war p&le and Worn but He sar.k Into A chaif, ?ind 1t was feared be Would 1 L4wVLerHTfd. ;a1wnheVeI4trt j is simple arid where Justice may. be summarily one. f W. iiyrne. .wno was taixinv wiuj t Coyle at tae time ot the kUIirrg My: 5 rr, .'t'' "Ii i - : ' ' ' " - f ' - aVf"t - - 1 ' '" - i t vv.wl i a yijf a v r I I ' - I . mr rr JM tw r i - . v ' A.t!D VURT1 !.' 1 ' - ( i y:mMy' ..iislp'ii ' P.O B fcUtT COT LHy i - Tho blow t was a. pur acciaeoi., 1 uo j not understand bow t - cotild have killed J - him?' He gave the dealls as above. Henry pan appear - d In Polio tUoturt 4 f this ltornlng for Coyle. and asked that 1 tha rtM be - continued until - W'ednesday. 1 . l nntit the coroner - fould hold an an - I Hi autopsy was held This rnorning by the coroner and assistants, and It was found, thatr death was caused j. fey a broken neck.. ' . - . . . I w tf I .O ' ' t t ! - K ' a i . It In - a to he ; i cf mo of It call people .. : . ' o'n The Co.. say The aa ta ''. The ln. byttt : the the and and personal

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 04 Oct 1897, Mon,
  3. Page 8

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