1865 Dublin hearing

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1865 Dublin hearing - priaaner. whom he alao IdenUBe.; In ,n.'wer ,...
priaaner. whom he alao IdenUBe.; In ,n.'wer , Mr. Barry, th. ; Krtnl thousands of maaweript - , THE FEN1A2 U&TE&ESfc (nox ovx owtt coMTcnrraT.) DUB LOT. 'Ocr. 1 Th inrwtigatkni Into th eharg ot treason - ifftinit th Fenian pruoner wa ral J? t tho rjolice - offie in tha Lower Caitle - yard. Tho . prisoner were broojht in a van from tha Richmond bridewell at half - past 12 o'clock. They wm guarded by a troop of mounted police. TMcaKr th Crown wa conduct! by Mr. Barry, Q.O, M.P., Law Advier; Mr. Sidney and Mr. Waters ap - pearod on behalf of tha prisoners. When Mr. Stxonge, tha magistrata, took his seat on the bench i lahortly after 1 o'clock, 3Ir. Water compuineo ox having ben lnsuiiea oy sue picw . Saturday. H tated that ho told tho policeman on duty that Tie wa a barrister concerned for on of tha prisoners whose case were under investigation, sad h offered his card,.reaneting that it might ba taken in to tho magistrate, bat ha was told by tha policeman on duty that be could not let hiniin ; and another policeman came op, put hi hand on his breast, and pushed him from tae gate, saying, - . r, Hawaa bushed in that manner two or three times, and it was with coniderabl difficulty ha retained his place near the gate. Ho stated that ho had made a complaint on tha subject to tha Police Commissioners, and he mW lt m that court, as a member of tho bar, who had a. riiht to outer in tha discharge of hi professional - duty. Mrv - Strongo repUed that he ympathi2ed with Mr. Waters, being himself a barrister, and if he had - len treated in the sanM way hahould havo"rentI it in lists manner. - Ho was extremely onT that any gentleman professionally engaged ahonld hava caiiM of complaint, but ha was sure that, on reflection, reflection, 3Ir. Water wonld so s that there could be no intention in the world to ijive annoyance to s member of tho bar. He w persuled that the ob - truction resulto - l from inadverteiicei and that tha officer would regret it. lie hoped, therefore, .that ho would not press the matter further than ha had done in justice to himself and the profession. 3Ir. YVair thanked hi worship, and tho matter drTlionly excuse that can bo" offered for . tha polico thus obstructing professional gentlemen is that per - m.'imH filaulv atato that they aro member of the bar or tho press in order to gain admission. when there is anytnmg exciting goioir ou. . the rule to exclude all whom the policeman does not happen to know, and b treat them as lithey were liars and impestors: Tha inspectors, who ar? most obliging, set all right when they mate their appearance ; but someiaing snouia ov uo i,"r' vent iwlicemen from insulting gentlemen by nues - tioninz the truth of their statements. . . " Mr. O'Callaghan, solicitor for ono of tha Fenian prisoner, said that on Saturday he was insulted by the policeman at tho gate and refused admittance, though he had come for the purpose of wwm? and consulting with his counsel, Mr. Waters, and oa that morning he wa also treated with rudeness, and but for the timely arrival of Superintendent Ryan at the gabs ho feared ha would not have been able to obtain admission. The investigation then proceeded Mr. Philip DsnieU regi.trarof newspapers In th SUrorw offic. then gav. formal .videne of th. declaration of th partnership (produced) of the Uto IriA Peog ne.sper. Mr. Danielabo produced a file of eopwsof tho new.paprTe. and marked them with tUinitiala. Mr. Thomas Anderson, of Z. Meoklenburg - slreet, reader Id Mr.Mullany's printdng - offioe, w.s then sworn, and hjs informsUfn wa. read, statinr that hr knew. Mr. C JU O'Keeffe. Vwork written by whom had Wn printed in Mr. MuIUny's office : h stated be was acquainted with the snan - ner snd character oi irjveeu - - - - - teveral doeummU (produeed) a. having been written by th horn he alao idenuneu. ... witness suieu n miwtj .K.t. nnpnorlinffCTnav. 1 ' several wowauoaoi muu. . - i r. f . : iA 1 . .. .1. - . - w KlI nuMi tnrouf n nia naaua Dm tomb j w . . . t . . i .kil. ih. ork rararred to was being printed; la that ay v. i H.;Kt.l with hiahandwntins'. Mr. Barry aaid that th. following letter, which wa. t In the office 'of th IritK PtopU, would b. provad to ti n c:. Tf It mmt tour aDorobation. I should i - .1. at aneoanterinz anddiacomS . : - ... . n - ..L . ri rralatioo. It mizbtl "17, aiinor la. smU rampblet. and dreulalej) among th Fsnians for their instraetion. or it michi - fey - printe - Hn paper; but thU at our !'"'? T dJ aeemtoaprjroV. It U sn old proverb that th. bt mean, of mainlining prac U to b oind for war. and I perfectly penuaded that If th GoT.mm.nt saw that th. opl weV. capable of wonting thra they woaU JsbatajB frcra ssssulUnj us, and 'act in "d - " parted b the Ionian Wanda. Yours, truly, C. M. OKlIrX, 3), PalmeratoikpUc." p. S. If, as ono of your eorrespondents says, soro kno 0 .iei41 - I,Btlck; U I hr j, wrjtten fc fof t!l(kt week's Udz of nursing u necessary to th. women, aa.nre.Uy . l - ' r n .htini. la tieceaurv to the men I mean I . . ik;.l utlUra ar. nnaccu.tomed to t aad will find nn.UpIo. and this mod. they hav. not .ven sj I Idea of. as ia .vident from th Uttl of Daagsn. Augu. s lar - . John Crook, a deteetiv oOeer, was th next witnes. pro - duced. Ills informsUo sUted thst oo th night or tho 15th of September h was ordered, in company 'with Dort and a nnmbev of other detectives, to wateh th. doum of tho priaooer Thomaa Clark Lnby. at St. Jamcar terrace. Dolphin's Dolphin's Barn : they remained outside th. houae from H o'clock' until 9 a.ra. the following morning. At about 3 o'clock h. obaerve.1 two men. wbs name. wer. afterwar.U Mccrtained tob. Michael O'NeiU and Jerenei Byrne, approaching approaching th. pUee. and on coming to houaa No. 1. , whic waa the on. in which Luby lived. Byrn. said'This ij th house "and O'Neill knocked at th sloor. Witneas then steppwl np to them (th. other dptectives keeping out of .izht). and demsodI what brought them there at that hour of the night. O - Neill replie.1. " Vhatdo you want toko? for r On which wiUess told tliem that if they did not giv. a sati.faetory account of tbemaelves h. would hav. them arrested. They were then token into custody, and brouga t to tbe sUUOD - nooss. v - . . r - - - z , 7 p!ove - l on foe IriA rtopU. Byrne a - rted thst he ha4 beea in th. miUUa.The detectives remaine - l watching the bouteun. til9 a.m.,when they knocked,ndooth. door bWng op.oe.1 ii..i.T.i..i.i.n.f..li Tha house waa searched aa.l 2 I number of letters and other d.ume nU were foanl. sl X revolver. Labr .toted he had been ma.l prtwnt of Jh. X revolver by th gentleman ,m.w""f ' TJ. 'mrke.I with the nam of Ucutenant ILBJ Scoft. - 4.1 Y. S.V. In Luby s coal mey launu i ioviisn. . article. Mr. JjUbV statel it wa a s - wiin j for the lri Ftofe, but tnt was u ias ' nnmber I a pistol ami a bullet moul.l were alo found In fhahoua. - Vhen th. rdIo were en - , , Mrchlug thehouw Luby nil, lifl nee.ltiol t I! so p,irtieuUr ; you wUI find nothing on me ; yoo won t 81 0 , . w,nt - Amoog the .lamenls foun - 1 was a Utter n 0 r ww, two other detective to th. hojue 19, Lo 0 ..trt, in th. front parlour of whicn they arrr. S ... ,. nr:..& ..kt kim hvl ha anv arms in from F. Bonn tree, addressed toLuBy. (in.wi.n. , identiS i lr? number of letters and other documcnU ! which ha.1 been found in th. houM.) . Joseph CUrke, a detective "cev. WM os - ssnsnw. .ver arrntel t.'i I,nn.towhichheretIUMrindout - WtoetoI.IhiiatJ!ar 'V. .n.1 nnv. for tho numos of aearoliii tnehoaw. The prisoner said Something about ru.lnes in - enn ni nto room anew voram h . 5n the room they t Jund an Enfield rifle, an.1 in po. w th fyjaJ ,,nplicat. pawnticket of a revolver - piste! m thj) nMn cf Mnorei wh:ch was afterward rot in s P - - oScj ia (jreat BriUin - rtreet. They fouu.1 1 i j trun , ; bttUrt eU . m,t!on eontinue.1 to th.' eff. - ct that he sW fowsjl MUfl heIeJ - jha & Parked for iron .sIabo bills for iroo fpnm other ironfounders in thi. city ; t found tea , oriler, th. same initial "J. ?. for rls irjt: in namber from 21) to'lOO. In trunk h found the tetter m Clonbullovne. Saturdsv." an.1 signed " Miehxl n ..... .(.. l'(t. rnuJrJin Morns. Fena. Cwt" Car!owaloal. a4 jfjjuiao Pagan." J itttfr beaJej FriiUy,' tter .igncd " OXsngwie. tlercEUry IteM zan." II. alao found in ibe. same trunk m it. and commencing "Sr iliir f r0.l, I encloae IL : pet M in tart ux r t ."'il? Ulit mtint w pike - hesvU : it wis signe.1 J. r. There wtt , Mter with th. print. - l tea - liog. IIe.oarter F(aUa Brotherlioo.1. 22, DaMe.frrtt, New York, sod 1 John O'Mahooy. 1LR. F.B." ,There was a oarl 2 ,1) wih eroM - bira, which he ibe'ueved - . meant to. 3 tbe namb - r of men prent. and ho tan v armed .h1 ,nJ how many not armed. Fou in th. trunk a receipt (produced), snd signed ' M. My. for 1 k. for Ur. Bropfcr ; there were a! receipts of aeverel rrv.n Uri reeeive.1 mooey rorwors..on.in. - VX - SauiT, ,nd Kirwan. Iformaat ajo found in ith. sot. , clonred drawing of a flag, ahowtug four stnpes aI ff. tUt ,nJ , poeketbook. In wbieb - aa a fl' - n Ait .. sUalev .t reet. Dte - strvet Liverpool. I, th sT . o:?.?. tL. lsu V,1 - J.FamlVaod an envelr fiw1T - t .is Mr. M. Moore. 5. W.rren - nsounf, ilnrt. HP.Uofoat book. atlrf V 1 ft, ftaw . LSI r t l v:.r.I wi aCrar Ilimnnl. Jtfl.lf Ki't I a - y Jrthwi, to Pretext a ,r rrMi frvZitV 4c Also foumls boot of a Fenia meeUag ia A meriea. and a book on EnSeld rfles. Uuneclo Da r von. acting Inarecter of pobes and detee. tire officer. st sworn, Ili. laf rm.tii ws. re! to hiWth. Chief Clerk. H ststcl that on Mm Sth Augurt, 1W4. he received order, to watch th. Wsveaaeaf. of ST partis onnecte.I with tho PfT - Ha fodtob. oo. nected with th. s - w.r - T Tho,.. CUrk , Lnbv, John ODonovan Bojsa. Jans ITConnor. Marn. J. H.aley,J.mea Quigler.ao.1 Mortimer Moveahan. Infor. lint's attentioa Was first attracted by seeing man naml Itowntre. o. th SUt of S.ptembor. Pan'oXc - ry aexSk H. had .atoMn Cfhmrr. who aa rise convicted trader th. mom of John vv sad MBtnoad to prasl serritad. focssRlneinr ZZfJZZh aHegUnc. H tWJUh of October. W64, a swsyssu iZtTSi ri PpUB4 brtwMa and 3 Uek nd wsy,wtsredcidrow,ruh1.

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  2. 04 Oct 1865, Wed,
  3. Page 19

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