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Swanson-13b - July fcv The y o u n s. Marquis was brought,...
July fcv The y o u n s. Marquis was brought, u'p on French history. Who, then, was better qualified to give advice on Madame Sans Gene? "Come and hslp us with our picture," Mr. Halsey suggested. While the Marquis' blood is blue and he is, in truth, a real titled gentleman, he has no scruples scruples about working. On the contrary, contrary, he is ambitious and always has been as eager as any American American to find an occupational niche for himeelf. "Before we make any definite arrangements," Mr. Halsey told him, "I want you to meet Miss Swanson." A meeting was arranged. The woman with more pride in her bearing than any of his aristocratic aristocratic family. Gloria saw a. good- looking young man with charm, with breeding and with an education. education. Henri bent low and kissed her hand hut did not flatter her. He had come on buiinebs anil it nr,ver occurred lo Iilm that the American cinema actress was accustomed accustomed to have every male within looking distance fall at her feet. Genuinely In Love This aloofness fascinated La Belie Swar.tion. That any good- looking youth could remain impervious impervious to her charms was unthinkable. unthinkable. She set out to captivate captivate the Marquis and in so doing {fell in love with him. Whilo back In the mind of Gloria Swanson, former Chicago 1 extra g\r\, may have been the ' po3sibllitv of becoming a Mar- 5 quise, yet she was genuinely in ! love with the good-looking French' French' man. Gloria perhaps visualized returning to America as the Marquise Marquise de la Falaiac de la Coudrayc. . What woman wouldn't have benn ' t h i i l l e d at such a prospect. Gloria jstudied French so that occasionally ;shc could ' · · · - · * - - * | Kenri who, nonchalantly answer although ho speaks I English fluenily. fatill enjoys con- vevsinp in hip native tongue. The Marquis had little idea of simple about the Marquise. She became at once the great lady.- Her arrival in New York with her titled bridegroom was something something no one who was there at time will over forget. The New York dailies sent out the best members of their staffs to greet ihe American cinema star, the first who had married a title. Many society girla had nabbed princes, dukes, earls, etc., but Miss Swanson Swanson was the first motion picture actress to acquire the. right to called Marquise. "Headlines scream' ed the news of their arrival in York. 'Beally Love 1 I went to the Rita to call or. Gloria. I had heard acco;:nts of how she had changed, but I evidence of snobbery. Gloria greeted greeted me with delight over her happiness. She was draped on a chaise lounge in a light blue ges, looking very pale and interesting, interesting, hut more beautiful than I had ever seen her. She had had very dangerous operation just before before she Ifift France and she still convalescing. "This is raatly love," sne told "After all I have been through last few yeara, I can now settle dovrn to real happiness. Henri IK dear. T want- you to meet him.'* Any bride might have said just those" words. The one thing, however, however, that I have always remembered, remembered, was the wistful little air that accompanied each statement Gloria made explaining her great happiness. It was as if sha were afraid of being too happy, as if her life had been drah and niliful until she met her prince charming. charming. Gloria was sincere. She was . . .. t _.,,«_ R t l t j e _ a3 fi ^ c of being, but . in !ov?, not with has been accused with the charming boy who had such delightful manners. Here was what she had been '.vailing for all her man of a fine polished gentle- family, of whom she could be proud. Her two matrimonial ventures were now regarded as bitter mistakes. The world may criticize Miss Swanson for being In and out of love so many tliues. She may br accused of being f i c k l e changeable. Gloria can no more help being r o m a n l . t r Spring flowers can help pushing their heads through the ground the Springtime. She is in love with love, and will bo as long

Clipped from
  1. Modesto News-Herald,
  2. 25 Nov 1931, Wed,
  3. Page 14

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