Bomb Manchuria

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ItJBMBHED AFTERNOON AND SUXDAV MOBNINO THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE w Maood-elM* ButUr te tfa» pott O»ic« at High Point. N. C. umUr the Aot of ftUr 2. 5* ?• JE5?™- "'•"••••- .Pr«*i<fcnt ROBERT L. THOMPSON ..... .Editor D. A. RAWLEY, Secretary A Treasurer- C. W. PATTERSON. JR.. Adv. .- .. CHARLES B. LOFLIN, Circulation Mgr. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS n» AMoeUtM PnM u entitled to tb* u»« for rtpublicatkm of mil tfce local new» printed ia tbte newspaper. M well M «U AP new* SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Mail: 3 Mos. $335. 6 Mos. S6-50 12 Mos. 513.00 — By Carrier: 1 \Vk. 30c. 6 Mos. S7.80. 12 Mos. $15.00 •The High Point (N. C.) Enterprise, Monday, Nov. 6, 1950 Bomb Manchuria! .^Reports unconfirmed at this writing are to'the effect that General MacArthur wants'permission from his U. S. and TX : ft. superiors to bomb Manchurian targets, including Asia's largest hydro-elec- txtc,,plant which is of the greatest importance to the Communist war effort. If the United Nations has a spine in its 1 back, and if the United States government has finally realized the criminal stupidity of its past policies toward Communist China, the permission will be given. •And when MacArthur bombs that hydro-electric plant and other targets of_ sufficient size and importance, we hope that he will use the atom bomb. -As General MacArthur is quoted as tion,of the Chinese Communists is nothing-less than the waging of a lawless and undeclared war on the United Nations. And in this case that means the waging of-^n undeclared war on the United States, which is doing almost all the United Nations' fighting in Korea. Are we to take that? Is-the United Nations as spineless and the actions of the Chinese and Man- churTan Communists—believes it to be? if so, the United £tates had better withdraw from Korea and quit. If so, the United'Nations would do well to disband—to admit to the world that Russia has destroyed from within what- ever hope of United Nations success there ever was. We have fiddled and fooled with this problem long enough. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and half of one eye opened must know that Soviet Russia is leading the Communist war against the United States .and the United Nations; and that Soviet Russia will continue to do everything in'its power to hamstring and emasculate the United Nations' every effort to bring law and order into the world, to ban aggression, and to bring about a real and permanent peace. Peace is the last thing in the world Russia %vants. But Russia is quite satisfied .and happy to have the United States and the United Nations continue a lot of idealistic talk about peace—talking instead of bombing—while Russia continues to direct the Communist war of aggression, and the Communist infiltration into democratic governments. The question now arises as to whether the United States, and the United Nations, will give Communist Russia and Communist China the only answer they understand—its full force and strength —or just quit. We are now in the midst of an undeclared war. If we don't, carry it out to its logical conclusion, the failure to do so will amount to an unannounced surrender.

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  1. The High Point Enterprise,
  2. 06 Nov 1950, Mon,
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  • Bomb Manchuria

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