9 june 1849 the evening post

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9 june 1849 the evening post - properly of one of the at Stan- Stan- Sir John...
properly of one of the at Stan- Stan- Sir John and grace the Cape a free baptising a not cry. time. said, ! men at London, in a thefts, attendance obtain at two lar cooks, two green engineers year. The to be ad to speak of Qaeea annually x the destruc- destruc- Hons the Na gorgeous v Gregory Pin IX. ), was Vatioaa the Cat aver to the image af sick, aad iraaga.cea- iraaga.cea- Major General Edmukd P. Gaines died of cho lera at New Orleans, on the 6th inst. The Tribune this morning, in announcing hi decease, say ' He was born in CulDenerCo.. Vireinia. March 20. 1777, and named after his ere at uncle Edmund Pen dleton, long presiding Judge of the Virginia Court of appeals, inn laiuer svrvea temporarily in ise nevo-lutionary nevo-lutionary nevo-lutionary War. and toward its close removed to the north-west north-west north-west corner of North Carolina, and afterwards to East Tennessee, where the son was early engaged in incuan wariare, being enosen a lieutenant at tne are of eiarhteen. Hi educational advantages were very moderate, and be wa engaged in the study of law, wnen in hm ne obtained aa ensign commission commission in the army. In 1S04 he wa appointed a Military Military Collector for the District of Mobile, then mainly m possession of the Spaniards, and in 1806 he wai actively actively engaged in the Government measures of resistance resistance to Aaron Burr' project, personally commanding commanding at Burr' arrest. About this time he was made a captain, and soon after seeing no remaining prospect prospect of active service obtained a furlough, and oom- oom- mencea tne practice oi law ia micsismppi x armory, now Alabama. " Just as he wa retting into practice th war of 1812 wa declared, and he promptly resumed his position position ia the army. He was ia Wilkinson' blundering blundering expedition of 1813, and commanded the 25th infantry infantry at the battle of Chrysler' Fields, November 11th, won distinction ia th fight, aad covered the retreat of our army with a gallantry aad success which elicited general admiration. He was made a Brigadier-General, Brigadier-General, Brigadier-General, March 9, 1814, and commanded at Saekett's Harbor until August, reaebinr Fort Erie aad taking command there oa the 5th. The gallant aad successful defence of Gen. Gaine of that poet, forms on of th most brilliant chapters in oar millt-tsry millt-tsry millt-tsry annals. At length, having been severely wounded wounded by a shell, he resigned tbe oommand to Gen. Kip- Kip- , raw ovussnu t jxuaio. no aim no reoovwr in time to engage in th farther Drosecutioo of th war. which closed the next spring, bat he received the vongTess, with a medal and the brevet rank of Msjor Uenersi, far his brilliant defence. ate was soon after transferred to the south, and engaged under Jackson in the Creek war of 1812. He afterward commanded in the southern military district until th rednctioa of the army in 1821, when he was retained as a Brigadier, and the western division division assignedhim. He was a candidate for Major General in 12S, but Mr. Adams decided that Gen eral Macomb's claim wa itronger. General Gaines was the senior offieer during what is vulgarly known aa ' th Sank fuss," in 1831-3, 1831-3, 1831-3, and was fur a tim enraged enraged in th Seminole war of lh36- lh36- When the Mexican Mexican war broke out. he called out a liberal allowance of southwestern militia, without awaiting orders front Washington involving a heavy expense with no adequate result. He was eonrt-martialrd eonrt-martialrd eonrt-martialrd for this, but not eonsured. He was soon after transferred to the eastern division, with his headquarters in this city, ! nr.lv ratamed to tbe south duxinf th last winter. Though seventy-two seventy-two seventy-two year old, he seemed in good general health, and we did net think, on bidding him adieu at Washington, that ha was so near to his long home. He wa a man of extreme simplicity of char- char- - 1 . L. , 1 InlMntv CtCT) SUMS WSV SWVee nwiivnw NHvpuv1 About names upon Tho verdict, the oourt, was as " The duties, th verdict. ther as would presented door Tbe read tbe evidence follows, ' H pistol ia his The not made of the doubt f Th reasonable one. The failed to the guilt obligation The beyond their The verdict The menaa, Th United Betts. been Teasel, with the eoart impria-aned for George fl.aod and three Cixcrrr il Court Jones morning, una dis. Th George Talbot democrat. bot is May, hor-ribi having eighteen

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