The day the music died

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The day the music died
 - f-- North Iowa's Daily Newspaper Edit«d for the...
f-- North Iowa's Daily Newspaper Edit«d for the Horn* VOL. 97 Associated 1'rcs* »nct United Press International • Full Lease Wire* ON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE "The Newspaper That Makes All North lowans Neighbors" ' MASON CITY; IOWA TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1959 HOME EDITION < 7o » Copy > - Thin r.ipcr of Two Section*— Section On« Four Killed in Clear Lake Plane Crash Nati&nally-Known Rock 'n' Rollers, Lake Man Victims .Four persons, throe identified as nationally famous rock 'n 1 roll .siiitfors, diqd early Tuesday in a plane crash 1'ive miles north of Clear Lake. Tlie three singers were Buddy Holly, 22, Texas, Ititchie Viili-iis, 21. Los Angeles, and J. P. Kichardson, 24, of Louisiana, known professionally as Die "Big Hopper." Also killed was (hi? pilot of (he plane, linger Peterson, 21, Clear Lake. The cnlcrtainers had appeared al Ihe Surf Ballroom Monday ni^lil and were to appear iti- Fargo, N.I)., Tuesday night. Other members of Ihe troupe [.which appeared al Clear Lake jlcfl lifter (he show by chaffered, jbtis for Fargo. They arc Dion! • and the Bclmonls, Frrukio Sar-' do and flu 1 Crickets, of which! i lolly wns the singing star. , Bodies of two victims (arrows) He near the demolished plane in corn field Russ Hold U.S. Army Convoy BERLIN {ff> — The Russian army Tuesday was holding an American military convoy within within sight of the West German border border after being refused permission permission to examine an open cargo of jeeps. The U.S. Army charged detention detention of the four-truck convoy from Berlin was with the ."obvious ."obvious intention of. creating an .incident." .incident." Two stiff protests and demands for immediate release of the trucks were sent the Red army. The trucks were stopped at thci Marienborn checkpoint at 1:05 p.m. Monday. Twenty - three hours later the Army announced! it was in contact with Soviet officials in Berlin, Frankfurt and East Berlin, trying to g"l the convoy cleared into West Germany. FOUR SOLDIER drivers and] Cpl. .Richard C. Masiero of West Stockbridge, Mass., were with the convoy. The drivers, from. the 28th Transportation Battalion, were Specialist Elwood F. Johnson, Specialist James E. Cook, Pfc. Robert E. Low and Pfc. Benjamin Benjamin C. Peoles. Their hometown addresses were not available. | The U. S. Army unit just acrossj the border at Helmstedt wasj .keeping them fed with hot meals. ALLIED MILITARY trains, and civilian highway and air; traffic were running normally in. and out of West Berlin evenj while the convoy was blocked. Western officials at the frontier frontier said the Soviets were refusing refusing to allow the convoy to pass into West Germany but were not preventing it from returning to Berlin. Iowa House in Fiery Debate Over Right Jo-Work Law DES M01NES Ufi — Fiery debate debate on a measure to repeal or change Iowa's so-called righL to work law shook'the Iowa House Tuesday. A proposal to permit the negotiation negotiation of union shop contracts ay a union whose affairs arc governed by the secret ballot was voted down 50-57. . • The proposal was submitted by Rep. Riley Dietz (R-Walcott) as an amendment to a Demo- cratic proposal to change the Iowa law. The Democratic plan would permit employes and unions to enter into contracts requiring workers to join the union within a specific time after after they are hired. DIETZ DECLARED that he would "not only vote for but even argue for 1 ' the Democratic amendment if the changes he suggested were adopted. He proposed that before a un- ion shop contract could be negotiated, negotiated, workers vote by secret ballot as to whether the union would represent them. Union officers officers also wotdd have had to be elected by secret ballot, and the Diefz amendment also would require require use of the secret ballot in strike votes. Rep. Scott Swisher . (D-Iowa City), Democratic floor- leader, said he would be glad to go along with Diel/'s amendment. Messer Dismissed 1'nn.M ouit WIIIK Light Snow Falls Over Iowa as Mercury Climbs A light snowfall of two inches at Burlington and an inch overilowa: other parts of the slate greeted T.owans Tuesday. Mason City, however, bad only a trace. Temperatures went \ip, instead instead of the -usual downward (But Rep. Clark McNenl (R-Bcl- mond), the House majority leader, leader, declared: "I don't know where in the capital this child was born but t do know this—f don't like the appearance of the little rascal. ,. "If we adopt this amendment we will be going a long way. And when you look at it in the cold iight of human liberty everyone in this room will regret regret the day lie toyed with (his transgression on human liberty. "NEITHER an • mployer'nori lings, Sioux Cily, chairman ofi anyone cjsc should have the! the courl, filed a DICS MOINKS — The election contest filed by attorney Frank Messer, Iowa City Democrat, against two incumbent Iowa Supreme Court justices was dismissed dismissed Tuesday by an election contest 'courl. Two of the three judges on the i APPARENTLY HOLLY, Va-j lens and Kichardsmi decided to fly in order lo arrive ahead of Ihe troupe and make advance preparations. The single-engine, four-place HrechiTiifl Uonan/a left tin- Mason Mason Cily Municipal airport shortly shortly after 1 a.m. It crashed about seven miles norlInvest of the airport. airport. The plane was owned by the Dwyer Flying Service, Mason Mason City. The trip lo Fargo was ex- yicetod to lake- about Jl'/j hours. When no word of the plane's arrival arrival was he-.rd, .lorry Ou-yur, owner of the flying service, sel out lo look for the parly. Me was court. ruled jurisdiction jurisdiction lo hear (ho case because "no valid bond" was filed by M csser. delayed several hours because of early morning fog. [ Uwyer discovered tht! :igc on the Albert .Ju hi Tar in atj about !)::W a.m. I H was 'obvious that the piloli had been flying on a slraighl northwest line and was it I a. very low angle lo the ground when he hit. The field slopes slighlly toward (lie northwest. However. .Judge Maurice Raw-! THE LEFT W(NG O f ,he plane through freezing rain or drizzle, except except occasional light snow extreme extreme northeast Tuesday evening. evening. Mild south, lillle (em- pcraturc change north Tucs- righf lo say lo any man that he must join a union—(hat he musl have a ticket to his economic salvation." Dietz termed his amendment "a house cleaning amendment" which would give protection lo both workers and employers, lie added: "If union leaders want their floor swept clean, this amendment amendment will sweep it clean for them. If they are honest and sincere thev should have no ob- trend, Monday night. And Tues-| day night and Wednesday.) - cljf)n l() thjs amem imcnl." day morning's readings were] Lows Tuesday night feensj norlh, 20s south. Highs Wed- SWISHER said he understood VINCENT ASTOR Heart Attack Takes Life of Astor, 67 NEW YORK I/Pi—Vincent As-. However, the officials said Ihejior, 67-year-old multimillionaire! U.S. corpora! commanding the convoy, had spurned .Ihe Soviet suggestion that he take bis trucks back to Berlin and settled socialite, died Tuesday of a heart attack in his New York apartment. Aslor, .a greai-greal grandson mostly in the lower 20s, although! the lows went down to 9 above| at Dubuque and Burlington.! Mason City had 13. Top readings Monday ranged from 10 degrees above zero at Dubuque to 22 at Burlington and Spencer. The outlook for Tues|day Tues|day was that temperatures! ;would be a lillle higher in Ihej norlh and about the same in lhc : south. Wednesday morning lows arc, Ulucxto be from Ihe lecns in the! ' the 20s in the south-; 'east. 7-Year-Oid lowans Head Heart Fund nesday 20s norlh, 30s south. Outlook- for Thursday—Mostly cloudy, chance of snow ries, colder. Mason flur- opinion which held thai the courl did have jurisdiction. ATTORNEY Don Wilson, West DCS Moinos, counsel for Messer, said he probably will not appeal lo Ihe Iowa Supreme Courf. Dislricl .fudges Eugene ,. Isecmingly struck Hits ground dissenting , mr| pjfjwcd ., furrow for nh{)Ut feet before il crumpled and the body of Ihe piano nil. II dug a shallow depression in the stubble field and the wing fell off as the rest of the p 1 a n c bounced. II struck the ground again about 50 feel farther ! ° ijjsmcl . m gt.-s. rJiiRcnc Kean,I"*""' , 1-11,1 „„ Dubucmc, and Vernon Johnson Inorlliwcsl and hnn sk tide on Sidney, ruled that Mcsscr's un- the ground about tvvo cly blocks i: „.:,,.,! u,,...) _ ..„, ..„ i until if Piled up agnmsl n fence. Sidney, ruled that Mcsscr's un limited bond was nol approved by Secretary of Stale Melvin; The wreckage was a jumbled Synhor-sf. Tlie two judges said! mass which would nol have been! t j ie country. Everybody BUDDY HOLLY 3 Singers Made Top Recordings All three of trie •ntertain- ers killed in Tuesday's plan* crash near Clear Lake w«r« among the nation's top rock 'n' roll arlists. Tliey. h*y« h»d records ranked among th« "lop 10" in recent months. Perhaps the best known of the three was Buddy Holly, who had appeared twice on th« • Ed Sullivan TV show. H« also recorded such hits as "P«B9y Sue," "Early in the Morning" and "Heartbeat." At Hollywood, Calif., Bob Keene, manager of Ritchi* Valcrts, called his 17-year-old star "the hottest singer in Did/ was aiuding to "things! that the fact lhal Synhorst re- in a I without such approval, Ihdrecogni/ed MS a plane, courl had no jurisdiction in lhc| Along the skid path small bits case. Jof the plane and ils conlcnls Rawlings contended, however,! were strewn. There was a man's you read in the newspapers where you have a rigged situation situation in some unions. I agree that the secret ballot would tend City: Cloudy, little to prolccl all concerned." change in temperature Tucs-j day night and Wednesday.) Highs Wednesday 24 (o 28.i Lows Tuesday night 12 lo 18. | jty and a(J ,, cd . ( ] v I "1 was here (in ccivcd the bond was enough lo "presume" that he approved it. MESSER FILED the contest against (he incumbcnl justices Rep. John Duffcv (D-Dubuquc) ^icodorc G. fiarficlrl, Ames, proposed amendment ™< ] R;iI P h A ; Oliver Sioux C ,w unions some secur-i bot)l Republicans, following ' woll | d al!ow unions somc sccur shoe, a traveling bag and small pieces of the plane, including parts of Die instrument pane). The bag was the largest piece except for the wing, Die jumble against the fence and three- bodies. the ONE BODY was broken and. Minnesota: w \\\ 1947 > hN'ov. -1 election. wl l£ n ' An official ^% down to await orders from head-'of the John Jacob Astor whose quarters. He and the four driv-jfur trading launched one of this pr, sn^nt. the nieht in their country's great fortunes, .mher- ers spent the night in their trucks, wrapped in blankets. Car-Train Collide, Redfield Man Killed ADEL MB—Traffic fatalities in Dallas County this year were up to four Tuesday with the death of an elderly Redfield man in a car-train crossing accident. Henry Russell, 82, was killed late Monday when his car collided collided with'the engine of a Milwaukee Milwaukee Railroad freight train at a crossing on a rural road a ited an eslimaled S75 million. He was one of New York City's great real estate holders, and had wide holdings in oil and other industries across tbe country. country. He also was known for many philanthropies. . Aslor's father, John Jacob Astor III, perished in the sinking sinking of the steamship Tilanic'in 1912. The son broke off- his college studies to manage the family's vast properties as "the riches) - Iowa seven- Queen DES MOINES (UPI) Tuesday Tuesday has a pair of year-olds for 'King and of ils 1959 " Heart Fund Cam paign. They arc John Shoup, DCS Moines, and Cynthia Cocb- ranc, Collins. Both have successfully successfully undergone open-heart surgery. Following their coronation coronation Monday, Gov. Herschcl C. Loveless officially signed proclamation designating February February as "Heart Month" in Towa. Cigarette Vending Machine Bill. Offered entangled in the wreckage. Two; He a|so wrotc canvass of Die bodies were lying about VL feetj ant>t j, C r tune, "Big ',.nlHnr"H/Ph"wprinpVil»c present law as passed and!voles showed Garficld gaincdisouth and southwest of UIPJ coioci. j-ugn u canes- Jjjbor ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ cn I tnc | lif , hc .sl number for the lhrec:plane. Another body was lyinK, tilled to any security in the state Supreme Court scats open. TJ.abouf -10 feet northwest of Ihcj Globe-Gazelle weather data up:of Iowa. Olhor highly industrial; Eugene Thornton, Waterloo, wa.sjplane. No bodies were positive-; lo 8 a. m. Tuesday: istates permit the union shop. I second, Oliver third, and Mcsscrjly identified a I the scene. , : riav 25. calling him the next Presley." Valens was best-known for his current record, "Donna," which is ranked sixth in th« Unitod Press International rating rating of popular tunes. The third victim, J. P. Richardson, better known to rock 'n' roll fans as the "Big Bopper," was a singer-song writer whose most famous record record was "ChantiMy Lace," a number he wrote himself, recorded Bopper's Wedding," which is currently popular with the teen-age set. Maximum Minimum At 8 a. m. 21 jlhink it is time we recognize fourth. 13 [that Iowa isn't an agricultural! Mc.sscr finished only 114 votes 25 Jslatc exclusively." ' ibchind Oliver. Newsmen and others were, from the scene until Jl:30j boy in the world. 1 ' He is survived by his DES-MOINES W—Legislation lo legalize cigarette vending ma- third chines went (o the calendar ofi f mile north of Redfield. Russell vvife, the former Brooke Russell was alone in the car. Marshall, to whom he was married in 1953, and no chil- «4MI DATE-19M-U drcn. The present John Jacob Aslor is his half-brother. GETS YEAR'S TERM MARENGO (UPf) — Dennis^ Smith, 19, Marengo, captured Sunday 'after having escaped from jaii here Jan. 15, Monday pleaded guilty to jailbreak and was sentenced to one year af the Men's Reformatory at Anamosa. Anamosa. j the Iowa Senate Tuesday with! the approval of. its Commerccj J?: Committee. It would allow vending vending machines to be placed only in retail outlets where an adult is on duty to see that cigarettes are not bought by minors. MORE CHECKS MAILED -DES MOJNES (UPI) — Two thousand more bonus checks were mailed to Korean War vet erans or their beneficiaries Monday, bringing the total so far to 36,000. a.m. after Dr. Ralph E. Smiley.j acling coroner, arrived. j Authorities do nol yet knowj the cause of the accident. Some; >clicvo, however, Jbat ico may I 'lave formed on the wings orj vindshicld making a forced-; •indin r ' necessary. Dwyer said he didr'l have the. •faintest idea" why the plane' •rashcd. He said the craft was' n good condition. He said Pot : rson was a competent pilot and •c.'MbfT fondifions were favor •.iblc for flying. He cstimalcd thai (he plane cashed only "a counle of min Mes" after taking off. DWYER SAID, that Peterson lid nol file a flight plan. Dwyrr >ccame worried when Peterson ailcfl (o rru>orf back from Far•o Far•o and checked other airports' n Town. Minnesota and the Da ikola area. i. , ,, _^ ! The bodies were taken lo fu-; in « for thc Dw y cr •"ral homes in Clear Lake. RITCHIE VALENS on Norlh Shore Dr. in Clear Lake. Peterson came lo Clear.Lake i from Storm Lake. Ho laught fly- ring Service. Service. PLANE'S WRECKAGE —-This is a Photos by Mnsscr ; Two- investigators from the The troupe, on its fourth na- 'ivil Aeronautics Adminislra jliohal tour, was bodked by Gen- ilion were sent from. DCS Moincsjeral Arlists, Chicago. The book'(o book'(o investigate the cause of lhe:ing firm said when other art| art| •crirlcnl. lists heard of tbe deaths, they Peterson was' married lesslvoluntecrcd. to keep the lour go- lhan a year ago. His wife is cm-ling. These included Bill Haley close-up view of the four-passenger .body of "The Bitf Hopper," thrown be- jpjoycd in the accounting dcpart-.and his Comets, Bill Parsons plane in which four'persons were killed yoml the'wire fence and about 40 feet meni. of KGLO-TV. They wo re: and Frankic Avalon-all rock early Tuesday. The arrow points to the beyond the wreckage. " lj ving in ihc Armsbury CoitagesJ'n' roll favorites. $

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