1875 Nov 19 Daniel Eby member of Grand Jury in Murder Trial

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1875 Nov 19 Daniel Eby member of Grand Jury in Murder Trial - KEEFER MP MflDDEH. The .Only Men Ever Executed...
KEEFER MP MflDDEH. The .Only Men Ever Executed Executed in Allen County. The Crimes for Which They Were Tried and Condemned. Facts Gathered from tie Record of " Their. Trial. Territli Scene. Which Transpired tt Their - Exeettlcn. Madden Hung Three Timet Before Death Occurred. The sentence of death in the Wall mur der trial, brought in by tbe jury on Wed, oeaday, has generally recalled to he ininda of our older citizens the execution of Benjamin Benjamin Reefer and George Madden, which look place n this city twenty years ago, and which was the only case in which capital punishment has been indicted by law in this county sipce it organization. In fact, there has been a general discuss sion of the facta and circumstances connected connected with theKeefer and Madden cases, and io the current conrersation concerning hanging, the names of those worthies hare been almost as frequently mentioned as that of Wall. Aa a' matter of general interest at this particular Lime, a Sentine) reporter hai been to thetrouble of gather ing from the official records some of the more important facts connected with that celebrated case, TBI cam i ; of which Reefer, Madden and Rom line were convicted was perpetrated on tbe night of the 3i of January, 1855, OU the lot on East Berry street, adjoining the rink on the west, A man named John Dunbar was enticed into the lot at night by the defendants for tbe purpose of rob - . bery, and killed with a stick of wood. On tbe person of the deceased (and tbe eri - deuce afterwards prored that it was all tho money be had) were found eight gold coins of1 $5 each, one $20bank bill, and six kreuliers, worth ten cents each. The following are tbe names of, TBI OllKD JOROBS who found the indictmeul : Joseph B. McMaken, foreman, John B. RiheldarTer, Alexander Barthold, Ga'dnor G. Beard, Wilkes Gillett, L. B. Gloyd, Daniel Eby, Wm. Harper, John Kelsey, John Johbson, M, W, Huxford, John P. SboarT. Tbe case was brought up in the circujl court, of which the Hon, Ezra A. McMa Ion was judge, and the Don. E. R. Wil son prosecuting attorney,. Ia the trial L. C, Jacoby, Esq., assisted Mr, Wilson for the elate;, Worden, Case and Withers for tha defendants. The three defendants were all tried to. gether, and the trial commenced February 21, 1865, before the FOLI.OWU'0 jurors: Elijah Amoid, Patrick Horn, William B. Ecklea, JoHeph Singmaster, William Jobs, Henry McEwen, Aaron' J.Tutuam, Thoa, Sehoonorer, William Archer, Frame C. Freeman, Jacob Hollopeter and Silas Tam, The jury were not allowed to. Sep. sjate, and on tbe 1st day of March a ver dict was returned of murder in tbe first degree, Madden on the 6rst count in the indictment and Keefer and Romaine on the second count in the indictment,, and tbe veraict as returned contained the words "hereunto arnx the rtyjXTT or death, by each hanging by the necklill dead." On the 6th day of March following, Judge McMahon pronounced sentence on the defendants. The order of the tourt was.i TBE ORDIB OT EIECOTIOW: "It is therefore considered and made the judgment of the court that Benjamin Madden and George Keeler, two of said defendants, be taken to the jail of the county and there be safely kept that on Friday, the 27th day of April, in the year A. D. 1855. each bo. privately taken to. ibe plaae of execution, in lonie prirate en closure aa near tne jauaa possmie, ana, between the hours of 9 o'clock in tbe mbrning end 4 o'clock in tbe afternoon of that day, each be tnere bung by tne neck till dead." Sentence was pronounced on Romaine at the same time and in the same wordi except that the date of his execution wai fixed for Friday, the 16th day of June, KEiriR AVO HIDDEN were hung oo the 27th day of April, - i will be seen by the following return, which Sheriff McMollen made on the warrant issued to hinf directing him to carry out the order of the courts We the undersigned do hereby certify that in accordance with the invitation of. the sheriff of Allen county, we taia ?7tn dav of April, 1855, attended at tbe jail of Said county, and were preeeni at tne exes cation of Benjamin Madden . and George Keefer. And weTurther certify that said Benj; Madden and Geo. Keefer were duly exei cnted hy hanging by the ueck until they were dead, between the hours of 9 o'clock in tbe forenoon and 4 o'clock In tbe alter noon of eaid day, in accordance with the within warrant. Jb - X CovoxH, Deputy Clerk, fl. P. Atbe, M, D, - B. C RowiV, M. D. Jacob Carer, S. C. BloomhufT, Conrad Jansen, Henry McEwen, Silas Giles, F. D. Laaielle, Lott Logan, Peter Parker, Parker, Jesss Coles, I. Lauferty, E. H, Daniels, F, S. Arellne. "Mesiri. "Worden, Cue and Withers made a motion to hare the case agaioit Romaine set aside and a new trial grant - ad because sore'of the jurors, before the trial, had staled that the defendant ought to be long. In support of this motion tbey filed two affidariu, one of which was made by Henry Baker and the other by Enhraim! Irey, The court refused tbe. motion, end. the cite wm teten td the si - l preme court. This cauiod delay,, which finally resulted in hiring Got. Wright OOHNUTI TBI IIHTENCI to imprisonment for life, Romaine was taken to the state's priioo at JetTersonrille and after serring two years and a half was pardoned out, shortly after which he died. Publio opinion was always rery much divided as to the question of which was the guiltiest of the two, some holding that Madden was tbe chief culprit and others insisting that Romaine was. THE (XECTTIOK, as will, bo seen from, the abore return, took place on tho day designated. Mr,' Mo Mullen, the theriff,1 wu at that time in delicate health,' and tbe preparations for the banging rendered him extremely nervous nervous and anxious. A rough sciffold or platform had been erected, on four posts, fastened on one eide by hinges and on the other side by - rope pausing over the cross beam abore, which, when cut by, the sheriff.wouldletthe platform drop. The two men were brought from tbe jail, and two ropes which were attached to the cross beam above, were placed laocxtjf faiia Mcxi. As the word was giren, the main rope was ut, and the platform dropped, 'leav ing Keefer suspended in mid - air, hie life rapidly ebbing away. Horrible to relate, however, the rope by which Madden was suspended jknapped ialwo and dropped him to the ground with adenp red gskh at nts tnroat. .me miserable wretch walked around among the horror - stricken and'al' most paralyzed witnesses, saying ' - "rOkT MCRDER BE, B0T8." No one moved vntil Joel Forbush, who till lives in Aboite'townehip, took Mad den and led him again to the soafibldf - and lasienea tne rope a second time around bia neclr. Then anew difficulty presented itself., Tbe platform could not be raised to position because EBirXB WJB STILL BAHOIXO and life was not extinct. Tbe rope hav - ing been placed around Madden's neck, he was suspended a second time, but his feet rested upon tbe ground. Forbush then climbed to tbe top of the cross beam, and holding the rope op from the ground with byi strong arras,, - literally hung Madden himself. The acini; was one of the most terrible "that could be imagined, and ia to - day as bright And vivid in the recollections of those who witnessed it, as though it had occurred but yesterday. It is said that the sheriff, Mr. MoMullen, who was a very kind hearted man, never recorered from that fearful experience, and that it undoubtedly hastened hastened his death. TOWlf TOPICS. Shoet that proof - reader. The Staats Zeitungjhaa a handsome new dress. The greatest event of - the season the Arion concert. An important murder trial will shortly begin at Angola. The Grand Rapids and Indiana Rail road will change time next Sundav. Tho city lot at the corner of Court and Berry streets has at last been fenced np. The jury in tha Krout case are allowed to separate during the adjournments of court: .' ..' ' 'The fire department will attend the funeral of the late Henry Starke to morrow morn tog, in a body. Henry A. Zekind, of this'city, has re moved to Terre Haute, where he will en. gage in the clothing buiiness. The ladies' sooial of the First Presbyterian Presbyterian Church was held last evening in the lecture room of the church. Mrs. J. M. O'Connor, of Fort Wayne,' in iw vity, iu eiwuueun a ins peueiue of her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Taylor. South Bend Herald. The social of Trinity Church took place last evening at the. residence of O. L. Bill, Esq. The gathering was an exceedingly pleasant one, , William Finney has been sent to jail by Juatice Ryan in default of $5d0 security, to await trial for (fraud larceny i. e., stealing stealing a pair of boots. Tbe Gazette of this, morning aaya that "Silas" is "young at the business." Tne fact has been patent to Our citizens ever since "Silas" arrired from Warsaw. The Selden Irwin combination hare cancelled their engagement in this city on aecount of poor patronage, and gone to Warsaw, Tbe company is a good one, and worthy of a better support than it "received in this city. Columbia City Post! "A Fort Wayne councilman threatens a brother cbuocil - man tLat Jif he ever lays a hand on him he will be a dead man.' Should this dire calamity befall tbat'eity dad it would fur nish a fine case of emotional insanity." The democratic crest of Indiana are nearly if not quite a unit in the support of uorHenanc.BS as tne democratic canal - date for president. vVith Hendricks as their candidate the democracy will win' in 1878. Tbe democratic press of; Indiana owe it to our governor to fire him a moit enthusiastic support. Columbia City Pott In the mayor's ocurt this morning, Pomeroy Fitch was sent to jail for drunk enness. At Ryan's court John Welch was charged $10.60 '"for "provoking" Hugh Stewart. Tbe same juitice issued a warrant warrant for the arrest of Fred Sommen, charged with beating bit wife. A letter from a correspondent of the Sentinel at New Ccrydon, Jay county, Ind., which arrived too late fofpuMwetion in full in to - day's paper, brings the infor mation that on Wednesday morning about 2 o'clock! the store of W. II. Reed, at thai pliice, was forcibly entered by burglars, who lifted the money diewer epd blew

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  • 1875 Nov 19 Daniel Eby member of Grand Jury in Murder Trial

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