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FORT WAYNE MORNING MURDERER OF MISS SGHAFER (Conllnuel from Page One.) of this city, wu the most atrocious" crimo la this part of the slate. The wholt) community 19 stunned by Itl brutality. , There are live wounds on the girl's beat), fend In three of them the'skull nail been fractured. One ground was. orcr the left, eyq, at cut tj the bon,' Another wu on top of the head, a Cash two Inches Jong, the skull crushed. A third was on the back part "of the head near the ear. The fourth was at the base of the brain, 'The fifth' Was bn the right side of the head, i Notwithstanding! all those; the condition of the. body, was such as to Juatlfy the belief of the physicians who he)d the autopsy that the 'girl lived for several hours after she received the blows. Waving Brick One Weapon. Close t6 the scene of the murder was found part of' a paving brick, on the'Jagged edges of which were blood Stains, but no hair. In the opinion of the police not all the wounds could have been Inflicted with the brick. The murder of this girl bids fair to become a great mystery, because no motive can bo found. She was hot robbed. She was killed, but not otherwise mistreated. She had had a fearful struggle with the assassin. No ono heard an outcry, although there wero houses all around. One theory or the police is that the murderer of the girl slipped Up behind her and caught 'her by the throat to stlflo her cries, but there are no marks on the neck to bear this out. ThS accepted theory of the police Is ths. tho murderer was known to his victim and approached her without creating any suspicion In her mind, and that ho suddenly dealt a blow that rendored lior unconscious before she could call for help. It Is believed from the clews the police now have that the motive was revenge. ' Her Home at Elkhart. Miss Schafer came to this city last September, and was cmplpyed as a teacher of Latin In the public schools. Her home was at Elkhart, this state, but she was a graduate of Dol'auw. Since being here Miss Schafer lodged at the house of Mrs. Addle V. Smith, at Thirteenth and M streets, and took her meals at the hoarding house of Mrs, Martha Johnsaji, In I, street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, a distance of about three blocks. Tho spot wberc the crime Is supposed to have Ifcen committed was on a well - traveled and well lighted part of tho Btrcor, n tho populous district of tho city, threo and a half blocks from tho public square. The young woman was very handsome, of medium slzo, black hair, full, rosy checks, dark eyes, and of vivacious disposition. She was about twenty - two years of ago. Sho uindo many warm friends anions; her pupils, though she did not go into solid a great iloal According to polleo Investigation, the young toacher had an appointment with 8omo of her girl pupils at her room for 7 o'clock. Her roommate, Miss Eva Ixivo, of Seymour, who Is n teacher in the graded schools hero, was taken sick a few days ago and went to her homo. Miss Schafer complained of feeling lonesome and asked them to spend the evening with her She was In her rooms from a little after 4 o'clock Thursday evening until a few minutes after 6 o'click. While she' was In her room she began a letter, but left it unflnishod to go to supper. Tho night was stormy. There lyas considerable wind and a heavy ran was falling. A number of 'other 'boarders were at the supper table, and several remarked that Miss Schafer Boomed In splendid spirits. Last Sight of Her Alive. Alio left the boarding house at 6:S0 o'clock, carrying art umbrella, walking north toward her rooms. Sho overtook S. I), Alexander, who was Also a boarder St MrsJohnson's. Miss Schafer and Mr. Alexander walked together a - sli.rt distance, when he turned Into his lodging house and "she went on. lie was the last of her friends to see her alive. About a to Chicago and employed a detective, who arrlvod here this evening. A large number of .correspondents and detectives, are working to solve this hor - lble mystery. Coroner Hummer held an Inquest and an autopsy waa conducted by .Drs. Freeland. Short and Emery. They found that she had been killed shortly after eating supper, the food In the stomach being undigested. About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon the body was removed to hor rooms, and this' evening if will bo taken to Elkhart for burial. Theory of fUvenga. Tho police are working on the theory that Miss Shafer waa murdered through revenge. They have found that she 'received many leltersall of which the destroyed after reading. A few days ago - she received .a letter containing thirty - five closely 'written pages, and this she road several times before slid destroyed It. So far as can be ascertained she talked to no one concerning - this let, ter, but while reading - It appeared at times considerably exercised. The polloe have boon told that Miss Shafer Jokingly said to a friend that her sweetheart was In town, and that she had "fired him, but that be would not slnnd the fire." It has also been told lo the police that on - Thursday evening a tall man, wearing a long over - cent and a slouch hat, was seen walking pant Miss Shafar's rooms, and this mart had a dark mustacho. In Miss Sharer's hand, when the body was found, were a number of black hairs. square from where she left Mr. Alexander there Is an alley twelve feet wldo, and It Is believed that she was attacked at the mouth of this alley, because thoro wore marks of a struggle the. e. A hatpin with the - Initial "S" on it, a hairpin and bits of rlb - lion wore found, and her umbrella, s!IU ooen, was found where It had boen thrown over a nearby fence, and the Kllce are Inclined to believe that someone other than Mias Schafer was carrying the umbrella before It was thrown over the fence. Body Was Unrecognizable. Down this alley, about fifty feet. Is an old shou In which W. J. Cook, a driver, keeps his cab. The heavy rain washod away all marks In the alley, but the belief of the police Is that Miss Schafer was dragged to this shsd. Her body was found there yesterday morning. Mr, Cook went to the shed about. 1 o'clock,, and there, lying on the 'ground between the cab and the east wall, was the body. The clothes showed' signs of a struggle ami tho skirts were covered with coal dust and mud frtfm tho Btj - cet. Her Iinlr was clotted with - blood and taua and her features were swollen and discolored. Bo disfigured was the face that it waa Impossible to recognize It. Cook Informed the police at once. The Identification. The body was taken to Ferguson's undertaking establishment. The - face was recognised when the dirt was washed away. Members of the school board soon arrived, and the Identification was complete.. As soon ad it became known who the victim was, a - thrill of horror passed over the entire city, The Rchools were dismissed, and Judge Wilson, of the circuit court, authorised the offering of $500 by. the county for the arrest and conviction of tho murderer. J. Illxson Smith, mayor of Bedford, hastily called the city council together, and the body added $300 to the reward on behalf 'of the city, It la lively that the business men will, Increase the; reward to '$1,600. Mayor Smith telegraphed aaaaaaaMsilSMiHK, isssssssBislKslssKsl siHBiiiH SLtBkrJBm Miss Sarah C. Shafer. young girl was struck by a stono as sho stopiied outside of her home In the - early evening. The doctor believes that, the murder was tho. work of a degenerate sort of a Jack - the - Itipper, prowling about tho streets and alleys to assail women. Dr. Freeland also thinks that the case Is one ,o( attempted assault, followed Jy murder, and that. In his opinion, the death blows wefe Indicted by a piece of paving brick found near the, scene of the crime. He also says, however, that tho blows rould have been made with a ''billy" or with a slunKshot, but ho does not bcllevo they were. The detectives have tho hair found clutched In the dead girl's hand, and are trying to find the man having such balrvm bis face. '' .An Intimate girl friend of Miss Schafer told ,the correspondent that before Christmas Miss Schafer In - . formed her that she was engaged to J m.irry a young man, a member or .the Elkhart city council. She went home on a, visit and upon her return she did not talk about her approaching marriage, and she gave her friend to understand ' that the engagement was broken. Miss Schafer also told her that she had received two anonymous letters, which worried her greatly. Sho also said that sone one, whom she called Ilcrt, had come to lledford unexpectedly, and had communicated with hor by telephone from the hotel. Peculiar "Action of a Stranger. August Eller, Jeweler. corner Fifteenth and J streets. Bays that a little arter 7 o'clock, Thursday evening, ft. young man. - tall, slender, smooth rare well dressed, rushed Into his ' sCoro" greatly oxclted, and asked for she nearest., saloon. Ellis hesitstod to answer, and the man said: "I want a drink I want the nearest bar" Ellis directed him td iho weir sijp of.lhe public square, and he ran across th street and entered tlio saloon, lahd soon coming out, started on - a keen run down J street In - the directfon of tho Motion railway station. Mr. Rills says that tho man was "a stranger In town, and was greatly excited. He does not think that he was' wearing an overcoat, but dipt he wore a soft Hat, leaving his overcoat somewhere .pise. He (Mil not pay much attenrton to the Incident until after ho heard of tho murdo Tho report that a mob Is organizing Is not true Tho city aiittiorltlbs aro proceeding with great (iaullon. and will make no arrests uiitlHVrflH Af - ft,.,, . mo niij uiiu ui it - nivii now ,tnrv ing the Intense feeling la sure to 06 lynched. REMAINS ARRIVE AT ELKHART, EI.KHAUT, Ind, JaiK 23 - The. remains of Miss Saijih Schafer havo been brought hurc and to tho home of her parents. They were accompanied by her relatives. Tho luneral will 'bo held Tuesday aftor - noon Tho ICIMiait stliools wttl coso on that day . ATROCIOUS CRIME NEAR PETERSBURG. Mrs. Lafayette Dedman Assaulted by 8evn Men Held Husband by Revolver. I'ETEHSIIUIMJ. Ind, J.;:i. 23 Late gone to pass the night with hor friend Miss Artl Knox, and thought nothing of it, and when In the morning came tho report of the finding pf a dead woman sho did not connect Miss. Srhafer's absence with It until sho head of tho Initial hat pin. Tho body of tjie murdered girl was tajten tq Elkhart this morning, the train leaving at 7 a. in., under escort or 'Edward A Schafer, an uncle, of South Ilcnd, and her ilirotho - , rtf Elkhart. Miss Cad Frletllcy, aavHnnato rrlend, and two members oViuo school Dam"!. aecAmTisTstein.errj: ; I,ast night several thousand peoplo visited the scene of tho crime and th'oiigs or people went to the girl's room, wlio.e the lxidy lay in a handsome white coffin, surrounded by a great profusion or beautirul flowers. Detective Haaner In Charge. Sheriff. Morris, or Floyd county, brought bloodhounds, but tho trail was too cold, and the dogs could not pick up the aconl. Detective Jacob I laager, formerly superintendent of police, of Louisville, Ky.. was put In charge of the case, examining witnesses bofore tho court of Inquiry instituted by Mayor Smith to - day. The police have a slight clew, following up the general belief that the crime was committed by a stranger In the city. As stated, the dead girl roomed at Thirteenth and M streets, and was on her way there after eating slipper. At the corner of Fourteenth and M stroots, about 7 o'clock Thursday evening a tall, man wearing a long overcoat. Identical with the man seen walking past the Johnson house, was noticed to be talking with a woman of medium sle, wearing a Tarn O'Shanter hat. Tho parties were quarreling, anil tho man said: ."By G d. you will." Tho woman said she never would. A business man approaching, tho man and woman" walked north a short distance towa - d the girl's room, but stopie:l when out of the range of light. Tho'bualness man went on and saw the 'couple return to the corperi and then turn and go east up Fourteenth street. Between Thirteenth and Fourteenth street .the M street sewer ,has been put down, making It Impossible to cross. One streets tho couple turned north, which would be In the direction of the girl's home. Credited to a Jack - the - Rlppsr. Dr. Freeland. one of the physicians conducting the post mortem, holds to a different opinion. He bellsves that the murder was committed .by some persons,, as In the - last month - there have been attempts to assault women In different parts of the. tpwrC 'One n if they had been lorn from a man's mustache. Tho pollen aro now trying to flm! a man of this description. About ten days ago a man whoso description the jiolire have, came to Mcdroid and was with Miss Shafer. leturnliiK to the hotel late at night. The notice do not connect this mail with tlio killing or the joung girl, hut ileslre lo ascertain rrom him "If lio knoWs of any person to whom the crime might bo ascribed. . Active in Religious Work, Miss Scharer was active In church and Sunday school work. Sho was a graduate or the Slate Normal at Teirc Haute, as well as of Del'auw. and at one timo taught In tho graded i last evening, threo miles below this schools at Elkhart. Her brother la town, occurred ono or tho most C S. Schafer. a well known traveling atrocious crimes In the county's his - niari. who visited he. - hero about two toiy. Lalayotto Deduian and wlfo wix'ks ago. were on their way to visit relatives M.a A.t.lln Cmltk .1 ...tiAi... I lt W IblWm.n tutwin u..,..n ....... ....I . .. .1 .... nuu.u .,,,,, a, ,nuau nuuav ... - n. ..u.,..,w.,, ,i,, dvl - ii huh ovi'l.u she lodged, said that when Miss , them and carried them to tho Fafr - Schafer did not return home Thurs - view church, where Dedman was day evening he supposed she had I foiced to stand In the corner of the auditorium, at tho point of a revolver, whllo the other Six assaulted his wife. Wllllard Call, It Is alleged, held tho gun. and after the assault by the other six, Catt handed tho revolver lo ono of tho gang nnd also asaultod Mrs. Dedman. The men made tholr escapo, but tho ofllcers"aio on tho trail. A young man - by the name of Thomas has boon, traced to Flora, 111., and his father Is after him. ' Wlllard Catt was charged about a year ago with shooting his wlfo from. amiiusn. ciiynarBnarvilsoTr lifts gone to arrest Catt, together with a man by the name ot Phelps, Catt Is said to bo in hiding in the woods aud Is defying the officers. An eighteen year - old youth namol Thomas anil a fourteen year old boy named Sumner wero apprehended to - jlay by Clinton Thomas, father of the nrst. at Flora, III., and wero returned to Pike county to - night They are heavily guarded at a secret spot near Petersburg. Open threats of lynching hare compelled tho authorities to take every precaution against any outbreak. The leader and four other of tho assailants are fugitives. A warrant was Isstiod to - nlgh for another of the criminals. Dedman and his wire, victims of the outrage, are twenty - eight and twenty - five years old, respectively. Two bollorniakcrs at the Wabash shop. F J, and II. A. Kull. wer. - ralle I to Indianapolis yesterday morning bv a telegram announcing the serious Illness of their mother. GRAVID JURY IS CALLED. No Delay Will Bs Had In the William Stons Cat. KVAN8VlLLE.lnd.Jaii. 2;l. A apodal session of the grand Jury vhi called for this afternoon, io take up the case of William Stone, negro, arrested for assaulting a thirteen - year - old white girl. II he Is Indicted ho will be tried at once, and tho aulhorl ties say he will he sent to prison Ki'h - out delay In case of conviction. Ills colored friends tried to raise a cash bond for the release of Stone, 'information or which coming to the court the bond was Increased from $500 to 12,000. - o - Aak your, grocer for "Perfection Wafers, thft' cracker with "That Sweet Taste, You Know," P. W. on, every ,crckr, o ' Try Journal 0tt Want "Ads.? that me." was county he, but asi senator tlce to candidate. The cheering, thanks. Tyndall ono and Mr. Jefferson resolutions organisation delegate percentage had and bettor to committeemen Mr. Thomas Bhlp. their 'contage innilo .'SOU (tiauKfl committee Mr adoption vital hBive twonty" would they, qvery Innmethlng in system Mr. change, mneii thought majority think vlifiKilo. .Mr Btyoke change. township because for Iho Mm was but not thought democrats constituted Mr said remove convention chairman Investigate the There as many tho Mr. tor spoke system. away, among candidates. had resulted republicans to Mr. plan majorities Professor with a twelve, percentage lo alxty. Mr. ipomber appointed' a ward mooting, know can act committeo to order be primaries, faith Moynlhan: of their desert It Mr. the had not It Is a rigid from Mr. favor and In the a The moot chairman. Cleveland Exchange IOxchange whleb owing a baJik pouted ma do Trust Vaahler Ashland, tereata employes telegram bank diniely. 0t)O hi timtltutlon depositor dins would number heavy assignment insolvency When first urai U llla. a rush. bwvr,

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 24 Jan 1904, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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