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Dens Birth Announce 1974 0814 - ·J DELAWARE COUNTY (PA,) DAILY TIMES '...
·J DELAWARE COUNTY (PA,) DAILY TIMES ' Wednesday, AttstKt 14,1*14 Cooking for two is no em i n r a n individual package in most markets. A heel of veal is small and most stores carry ham steaks for one or two. Those renting a home, often , ByTOMHOGE AP $evrefeata«* Writer There is a saying thaUa bachelor knows where,his next meal, is coming from: the'cor- ner delicatessen. ...But-- things have trouble \vith the sizfe of the have changed. '"*"'?V equipment. But if you are Today's singie^man" often buying your own'Wtchenware, cooks just as tasty a^mea! and most firms sejl pots and pans in does it just as efficiently as his most an V size y° u want female female counterpatt.. With "one Here is a recipe that is .ideal exception that I recall from my for an intimate supper for two: single days. Men.tend to over-. Buy and over-cook when plan-' ning a small meal. They apparently apparently dread the idea of'running short. . With the development o.f frozen frozen foods, cooking for one or two has become a lot simpler. The stuff is usually wrappe^so that you can remoye what you' want and toss the rest back into the freezer without thawing. There are other aides.- Most supermarkets sell chicken par-^ ts for one, or a pair, and small steaks or single chops are no problem. Every meat counter has them, neatly packaged. If you prefer fresh vegetables to frozen, artichokes, potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers are 1 a few of those which 'can be bought on any 'scale, smaller add-hot. sauce, spices and 2 large. !.';·'·'-··''·'·". ' ;. blesp6ons i of the. wine to. the Roasts are the biggest prpb-' skillet, . cover and simmer lem, · and . .those ' little minutes;.,' .\ · ." ': · · ' _ . . mini : i*oasts some stores feature ' When -chicken .is nearly tendto.gettoughand'dry^Buta cooked, melt butter in top of a larger foast is okay if you plan " J ~ " u l ~ U - :1 -- ~---:--_'-.!:-_ ahead what to do "with the leftovers. leftovers. Curries, 'stews" and casseroles are great' for repeats. It's not a bad idea to study the cuts of meat, if you are going going to be'a small-scale chef. A sirloin steak, if you have that CHICKEN AND WHITE WINE SAUCE 2 1 ,£ v lb. fryer, cut into serving portions , 3 tablespoons vegetable oil Dash hot sauce Dash cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon chopped savory V 4 teaspoon tarragoa - l / 2 cup, condensed chicken \ broth ' 1/2 cup.dry white \vine 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour 1 teaspoon Vi teaspoon pepper 2 sprigs parsley Half.dozen white grapes Heat oil in a large skillet Then brown pieces of chicken .over high heat. When bro\yhed on all sides, reduce heat to low, double boiler rover simmering water. Add flour to melted butr, ter and stir with wooden spoon"' till a paste is formed.-Slowly stir and follow with the chicken broth a little at a time to form the sauce. Pour the sauce over the chicken in the skillet and stir it into the chick- kind of money, is too large for :en juices.- Decorate chicken two persons of normal appetite, with parsley and grapes But a slab of top sirloin comes serve hot. Serves 2. Births announced f . · SACRED HEART VALENTINE --ToMr. and Mrs. Valentine, 7104 HarwicK St., Chester, a daughter, July 1. WEtCHERT -- To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weichert, 311 Front St., Chester, a dausmer, Julyl. . · · · · · · ' : ROSSI -- To Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rossi, 11 Glen View Drive/MIddletown. a ' daughter,July2.': ' · · · · ' · CUMMjNGS -- To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cumrhinas, 253 W. 22nd St., Chester, a son, July X. ' ; 8ABICK1--To Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. * Babicki, 1005 Terrill St., Chester, a daughter, July 4. KNAPP -- To Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Knapp, 1152 Meadow Lane, Chester, a daughter, July 6. · · "· : ' OLIVER -- To Mr. and-Mrs. Charles Oliver, 1121 Dorian Drive, Chester, a son, Julv9. ' " · ' DRYE -- To Mr. and-Mrs. James -W. Drye 3rd, 147 S. Alford Road, Sprinofield, a son, July 9. · · · · . . · · BIRTHDAY Flowers from.;. SCALLAN'S 15lh Edgmont Ave, Chester BELL,-- To Mr. and Mrs. Charles S Bell, 396 Werribly Road, Upper Darby, a,-, dauohter, July 28. KUMJEGA - To Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Kumleoa, 7122 StocWev Road, Upper'' Darby, a'son, July 28. .': '} · MANN -- T o Mr. and Mrs. Thomas . Mann, 752 ; Fern St.; Darby, a son, July 16. CICALESE -- T o Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Ctcalese, 1036 Selfield Ave., Upper ^ Darby, a daughter, July TB. . ',} MANSOR--- To Mr. anci Mrs. John Manser, 220 Wiltshire Road, Upper Darby, a son, July 19. · · J. B'ROSS -- To Mr.- and Mrs. Charles B'ross, Jr., 1013 Harvard Ave.. Swarth- ''' more, a son, July W. »' . MARCHALONIS -- To Mr. and Mrs. °/ Dennis J. Marcralonis, 124 Greennill '"* , Road, Springfield, a son, July 19. . · INGRAM -- To Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ingram, 276 Burmont Road, Upper Darby, adauahter, JulyM. WYATT -- To Mr. and Mrs. James T. 1 ·' Wyatt,Jr.', 508 Arbor Road, Yeadoh', a son, JulyM. " : BERGER -- To Mr! arJ Mrs. William Beraer, 715 Ash Ave., ColllngcJate, a dauahter, July 22. · ·MAULE --To Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Maule', 23 Millboume Road, Upper Darby, a son, July 23. WAKELEY -- To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wakeley, 29 Go!f Road, Upper Darby, a daughter, Julv 23. THI-COUNTY HOSPITAL POWERS -- To Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. ' RUPP -- To Mr. and Mrs. Powers, 3360 Chfchester Ave., Upper 106 Dartmouth Drive, Ridley Township, a Qilchester,adau*ter,July9. . daughter, June 1. ( LOGUE -- To Mr. and 'MVs. Harry KNEASS -- To Mr. arid Mrs. James Loaue, Jr., 308-A Morris St., Ridley Town- Kneass, 830 W. Sprinofield Road, shlp, a daughter. July 10. " field, a son/Jure 2. * TRADER -- To Mrl'and Mrs.'Harry SPELLMAN-- To Mr. and Mrs. Francis s? Trader, 3305 Township Line Road, Chester, Spellman, 41 Myrtle Ave., Haverford t- a son, July 10. Township, a daughter, June 5. SCHLATTER --To Mr. and Mrs. Martin LAZZARO -- To Mr. and Mrs. E. Schlatter, 430 Brioton Ter., Ridley Lauaro, 2429 Wvnnfield Drive, Haverford Township, a son, July 11. ' · . Township, a son, June 6. THOMAS -- To Mr. and Mrs. ; James F. Dunne -- To Mr. and Mrs. John Dunne. Thomas, 111, 817 Windsor Circle, Folcroft, 132 Ashby Road, Upper Darby, a son, «daunMer,, July 13: 11. ' FITTING -- To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth BULLOCK -- To Mr. and Mrs. Fittina, 819 Ridley Creek Drive, Mid- Bullock, 3563 Sawmill Road, Newtown, a t dletown, a daughter, Julv 13. son June 15. . SANCKEN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MORRIS -- To Mr. and Mrs. Stephen 5 Sanckeh, 802 E. 18th St., Chester, a son, Morris, 706 7th Ave., Circle, Ridley Town* Julv 14. ship, a son, June 20. " SIMPSON -- To Mr. and Mrs. Francis GROIN --To Mr. and Mrs. Earl Groin. Simpson, 934 Sirrpson Ave., Eddystone, 31 Oxford St., Upper Darby, a daughter. daughter, July 15. ·. J- FITZC3ERALD --To'Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Curtis Fltzoerald, W1 Chester Pike, Prospect Park, a son, July IB. ELLIS -- To Mr, and Mrs. John Lee Ellis, 349 W. 21st St., Chester, a daughter- July II. CANNON -- To Mr. and Mrs.. Auten B. Cannon, 1308 Elson Road, Chester, a son, July 19. CAMPBELL -- To Mr. and Mrs. James S. Campbell, 1218 Enalo St., Chester, a daughter, July 23. ' . SHEEDY --To Mr. and Mrs. Emmett J. Sheedv, 215 Greenwood Ave., Upper Qilchester, a son, July 27. FABUIEN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fabulen, Box 805, Maple Ave., Aston, a son, July 26. CHANDLER -- To Mr. aod Mrs. Gordon J. Chandler, M Chadwick Ave,,' Lower Chi Chester, » son, July 27. · PENNA -- To Mr. and Mrs. Georoe R. Penna, 625 South Ave., Upper Darby, a son, July M. TUCKER -- To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tucker, 3941 James St., Upper Darby, a daughter, July 29. CARROLL CARROLL -- To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Carrol!, tn Sir Calshad Drive, Brookhaven, a son, July 30. · GRASTY -- To Mr. and Mrs, Hart C. Grasty, 735 Ashland Ave., Eddvstone, a son,Julv3l. . June 22. SPRINGFIELD FLORIST Olde Sproul Shopping Village Baltimore Pike ot Sproul Road' Springfield, P.O. Kl 3-0370 STEFANOV -- To Mr. and Mrs. ft Pariaalotls Slefanov, 250 Beverly Blvd. r Upr*r DarSy, a daughter, July 11. MC CULLOUGH -- To Mr. and Robert McCutlooari, 724 Chester Pike,[ Ridley Park, a son, July 16. (· PESCATORE -- To Mr. and Mrs. Pescitore, 2021 LavenvMood Drive,! Fblcroft,ason,July18. | SIMMONS-- ToMr. and Mrs. Williams Sirnmons, 309 Lincoln Ave., Lansdowrve son, July 21. · ^ - TOSCANO -- To Mr. and Mrs. Toscano, 44 N. Carol Blvd., Upper Darby a daughter, July 27. KNAPP -- To Mr. and Mrs. Jacob., Knapp, U E. Madison Ave., Clifton \ HAVWES FLOWER SHOP 'Baltimore PiV« J SemWmg Wa/ . - SprinqiitW P». " K13-Q4Q4 I 0 LA WARE COUNTY HOSPITAL " HAGGERTY -- To Mr. and Mrs. J»mes P. H»80*rlv, 38 Victery Ave., Upper O»r- -j by, · son; July 24. . f SH6AFFER--To Mr. and Mrs. Michael * H. Sc«*ff«r, 130 AlversoH Rt»d, CHfton Height*, tsect, Julv 24. 06 PIETftO--To Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L DePWro, P4 Wndermtre Ro»d, O'NEILL -- To Hr. and Mrs. Johr, e. aNrtll, Jr.. 45 Gr*enhltl.Bo»«i, Spr|no- fleW,«d«igMer,JulyJ5. ... HARNISH -- To Mr. »rel Mrs. M«rk E. H»nlih, Jr., 344 Uktvtew Avt., Upp«f Hel9tits,ason,Julv28. KMETT -- To Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kmett, 15 W. Ridley Ave.,' Ridley ship, a son, July 30. · LANKENAU MOSPITAL O'DONNELL-To Mr. and Mrs., OTJonnell, 41 ThomridtB Road, fltld, a son) July l». f KENISH -- To Mr. and Mrs. Francis! Kenlsh, 119 H»rvln Road, Upper Darby dauohter, July 19. , KONIKOFF -- To Mr. and ttri. Konlkoff, 2M Beverly Blvd., Upper Darby, * ion, July 22. · KAPLAN --' To Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kaplan, 337 GoW Hills Road, Haverford Township, a MO, July 23. . MORAN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moran, 7133 Gullford Road, Upper'Darbv, \ a ton, Julv 26. i SHUBIN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Harold ShgWn, 1» Porter Ave., Hwerford Town- '·· ship, a dauohter, JulyJB. BBOWN -- To Mr. and Mrs. \Mlllam Brown, 1715 Grcm Valtev R»d, H*v*r- ford Township, a son, July X. WEIL - To Mr. and Mrs. William 311 Roberta AM., GXIIngdak, a daucMer, and Mrs Fillpoo O'BRIEN -- To Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dri»,,.K»viHert. OWNm, 15* WornW Drivt, ' -- To Mf. md Mrs. ,3720 daughter, Aug. 1.

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  2. 14 Aug 1974, Wed,
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