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Moratorium, Fayetteville 2 - The First Concern Of This Newspaper THURSDAY,...
The First Concern Of This Newspaper THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1969 PACK-TEN CMS Moratorium Observed Here By 600 Persons ioar in Vietnam but morning and moratorium a t Arkansas TWO) Work Termed Welfare Plan H · - · Foundation WASHINGTON (AP) --Secretary --Secretary of Labor George P. Shultz told Congress today President Nixon's pi.qn lo wean people off welfare rolls and onlo payrolls will strengthen the economy. "This is not a proposal for a guaranteed m i n i m u m income,' Shultz lold lhe House Ways and Means "Work is a major feature of this program." he said of Nixon's Nixon's proposal For a family assistance assistance m i n i m u m of $1.600 a year, with most family heads required t j legister for work or job training. Shultz said a pioneer Labor Department pioject called lhe Work Incentive Program already already has shown the idea will work. The Seciv'ary opposed demands demands of organized labor that the federal government become the "employer of last resort" for those who can't find jobs in the private economy. He said Nixon's family assistance assistance plan orovides incentives both for recipients, who can keep the firsl $60 plus a grad uated percentage of their earnings, earnings, and for the government. which will benefil by reduced welfare Daymenls. SEES INCENTIVES Provision for child care cen- lers also \vill provide an incentive incentive for parents lo go to work. he said. The presenl Work Incentive Incentive Program with 13,000 parents anrolled shows the concept concept is "very promising." Shultz said. "Most encouraging of all is lhe facl that mothers are volunteering." volunteering." he said. Speaking against AFL-CIO proposals to make the government government "employer of last resort,' MORE CHILLY DAYS AHEAD By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS More cold, crisp f a l l weather is forecast for Arkansas Arkansas as additional cool air moved into the slate loday behind a rapidly moving cold front. By sunscl loday. t h i s front L A p L L l L U LO L . X I L I K I i r o i l l lhe Great Lakes region through eastern Tennessee to the Texas Gulf Coast. Arkansas can expect generally generally cool temperatures and f a i r weather Friday. High temperatures W e d - nesday ranged from 64 at Pine Bluff to 73 at Fort Smith. iniiiciiinitiiiiiiNNiiPiiFiiFiiBiHiiiiiiiiQiieii-iiiV'SiniNiiinni'i Springdale Starts Work On Housing SPRINGDALE -- Construction Construction of ibis city's S2 million public bousing project was of- fically begun this afternoon w i t h a groundbreaking ceremony ceremony presided over by Springdale Springdale city officials. The 170 unit complex will be built on the site of the old labor camp at the intersection of Park Slreel and Caudle Avenue. Avenue. Housing Aulhorily direc- lor Art Smith said this morning morning lhat the complex should he ready for occupancy around January 1971. The 20.6 acre tract, which was sold to the authority by the city, will contain 50 unils for senior citizens and 120 units for families .The city financed the Peace March Leaders Happy With Outcome Of Protest "It exceeded all expectations." expectations." V i e t n a m .Moratorium Day leaders proclaimed here Wednesday a f t e r an estimated 600 p e r s o n s demonstrate! against the war in a peaceful Thc veterans, organized by i im .McGhee. a s t u d e n t veteran of the Korean W a carried a banner "Back the U.S., Nol lhe M o r a t o r and were s e p a r a t e d march through d o w n t o w n Fay j peace marchers by etteville. The a n t i - w a r demonstrators were not alone, however. An i curt. SHOW OF S U P P O ' ' I t was a show of sunnort e s t i m a t e d 150 veterans! for the President and marched behind the larger group in a show of support for President Richard Nixon and Lhe war in V i e t n a m . There were only two incidents reported here in connection w i t h the moratorium a c t i v i t i e s and neither involved the inarch from the University of Arkansas Arkansas campus to the Fayetteville square. The march climaxec the day's observance. "1 think we brought the rea - ity of the war to lhe attention of lhe people of Fayetteville." Dr. Otto Zinko. professor of physics and the coordinator ol the activities here, said after the marchers returned lo the c a m pus. pus. "II exceeded all expectations." expectations." A r t h u r Hobson, an associate associate professor of physics a n c one of the m o r a t o r i u m leaders. said. "The whole t h i n g has really turned a r o u n d since two years ago when a small group of us began s t a n d i n g on the corner of .Maple and Slorer (the peace vigil)." The a n t i - w a r marchers con sisted mostly nf U n i v e r s i t y students and f a c u l t y members. but there were a number of men and women in the group who are not connected w i l h the' campus. The a n t i - w a r group left t h e Studenl Union al 4 p.m. iu a march that look il lo lhe Square via Dickson Slreel. College College Avenue and Center Street A short ceremony was conducted conducted in front of t h e Federal Building. in Vietnam." Medico said. "We w a n t a jus! and peace." Jim Sclph. a student and veteran of 1 1 m o n t h s nf Vietnam duty said "We vvmt to who died over there These other people cerlainlv don't re| re| present them. McGhee said his group is opposed to responsible dissent. "That's what we fought for what we believe in. Everybody las their right to t h e i r opinions." However. McGhee and Selphi were of the opinion t h a t Morat o r i u m Day activities verged on irresponsible dissent, and t h a t t h e d e m o n s t only work against the Nixon A d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s the w a r . There were those in t h e veteran's group who carried signs proclaiming "t-iomb Hanoi." "D i s s e n t Destroys Democracy." " A m e r i c a : Leave It." and "Protesl the Protestors." The veterans began c h a n "Stay and w i n " as they approached the Square from the Washington County Courthouse. and all bul made lhe anli - demonstrators' ceremony inaudible. inaudible. However, Iho veterans left shortlv a f t e r their H A R T ATTACKED One of the two incidents involved involved an attack on Dr. David Hart, associate professor of (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO)

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