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19510414 The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland) Saturday, April 14, 1951 p12 CLIP - THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTWN. MARYLAND....
THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTWN. MARYLAND. SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1951 afternoon to know and a municipal Quebec Defeated By Braves In Final Gam0 ^ ' · · ' ' / · . ' . . . ' " . . . Flu Keeps Blue Rocks From Meeting Braves In Contest Locals Rally For Five Runs In Final From* To Taka 11-9 Victory--Billy Smith Features With Timely Hitting Myrtle Beach, S. C. April 13--The Hagerstown Braves wound up their spring training activities at Myrtle Beach by defeating the Quebec club of the Provincial League, 11 to 9, in a free-scoring exhibition game that was called the course and j at the end of the sixth inning because of high winds. It was the eighth victory in 13 Grapefruit League contests contests for the Braves this spring. They were defeated in of will 20th four outings by laire '. aild played Hartford, a tie witt Evansville, Quebec and Eau iniEvansville. to The Rocks Braves Have Flu were originally Win Final -PARSON' IN TRACK GLARE Baseball Officials Of Legion To Heel HAGKRSTOWX scheduled to face the Wilmington §arSuih, ib '.'. Ab. if ! Pizzitola. of weekend, give| R OC ,ks of the Interstate Lea- "mule"** R. H. O. A. | 2 I 4 3! 1 0 2 and the in for Kenny rf gue today, but a mild flu epidemic at the Blue Rocks' training base at Bennettsville, S. C., forced cancellation of the game. Quebec, a 7 to 4 victor over the Braves yesterday, gave Hagerstown Hagerstown quite a tussle today, but Manager Manager Dorman's boys pulled the decision decision out of the Sre in. the final |QVKBEC inning when they tallied five runs, j ^ V1 *- f - b · " " ; ; · ; · ; « Fiery Billy Smith, the colorful |r a r ,' T erna."'ff"..'''"·".'. '2 little 'first baseman from High!Andrews.^ib 4 Point, N. C.. was the most impress-1 ^"rner"' c° L".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. o 0 ' 0 ; 0 ! 1 ; 2 4 · i oi 2 Oi 0 1 ! 0 O i Freund, TOTALS 29 H 13 IS 12 Ab. R. H. O. A. . . " 2 1 1 4 Annual Meeting To Outline Outline Program For Coming Coming Season On Sunday Sunday home of afternoon at Morris Frock the new Post 42, American Legion the annual meet- Ing of area A of the American Legion Junior baseball program committee will be held starting at 2:30 o'clock. Every post iu the Mountain District District as well as the Western Maryland Maryland district has been invited to send a representative to this gathering gathering at which time Bob Koch, department department chairman will explain the program for this year in detail. Last year was one of the best years ever enjoyed in the state with 61 teams being in junior Legion play. represented It is doubt Refused By Army Rookie Baseball Star Fails To Pass Examination After Being Recalled Miami. Okla., April 13 (/P) -Rookie -Rookie baseball star Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees can po back to his promising career. Ha IB physically unqualified for Army service. Mantle's draft board disclosed his much ballyhoed Army physical at Tulsa last Wednesday found him "not. acceptable" for induction. The board said it was forbidden to disclose the defect which disqualified disqualified him, but there is scant doubt it was the left leg bone infection infection which let him retain his original 4-F classification. At his home in nearby Commerce 19-year-old j jive hitter for the Braves, pounding i Teed, o lout three sharp singles in threeiReed, ss trips to the plate ind scoring a n 1 0 0 M 1 run. The smooth-fielding first sack-jxeison. p '.A..' '. o er cinched a berth on the Hagers-ja-Fandozzi POLE VAULTING feats of the Hying Parson, the Rev. Robert Richards, during the indoor season, monopolized the sports spotlight. And now, as the outdoor season is here, another "parson," Dick Jones, University of Oklahoma high jumper, may grab most of the glare as he seeks conference and national titles. Dick, who jumps with one bare foot, cleared 6'7* at the recent Oklahoma Aggie relays. (International} .,, ,_. ..... _ _ ,, . - ,, . . . . . . ______ the 19-year-old batting sensation ful if that many will take part this! expressed relief that his status has season although it is only -a matter j been clarified. of question at the present time.! State Selective Service Director Officials in charge of the program I Col. Clive Murray, badgered by I have high hopes that every post! numerous inquiries about the lad's {will have a representative present! 4-F rating, ordered him to the I whether they plan to field a team! Army examining center. There, ' " | said Murray, was the only place to learn definitely whether Mantle was acceptable to the Army. "I don't know how I feel about ^ t " sa ^ tl)e 8 n y * a(! * tlirn Mickey. i" u ' s kiml of a relief to k n o w one , i n I way or another. Philadelphia. April 13 f/P)-- The! Technically, no selective service Philadelphia Athletics hammered j registrant is permanently rejected, Robin Roberts for four hits, includ- but th e board indicated strongly Or not for town squad with his performance trek | againsi . tne Canadians. i "Hagerstown outhit Quebec. 13 to ; H;;E . TOTALS 22 9 5 IS the remaining at;^ but the provincial League club; Q u e b e o advantage of nine walks and Score by Inninjr* t o w n %ty2 I'M-" I'M-" 224 100-- 11 Babe Zaharias h I Boston Sox Capture Heading Big Field Contest Off Braves ing a home run by Sam Chapman. to score four runs in a big fifth [inning and pave the way for a 7-2 victory over the Philadelphia I Phillies in the opener of the three- jgame city series today. i A crowd of 3.074 saw the board indicated Mantle isn't likely to be called under present regulations. Mickey said he planned to fly tonight tonight from Joplin, Mo., to Kansas City, then take a plane for New I York tomorrow morning. to, E -- R o d d i n 2. Reed. RBI--Xeri, , Linri. (.'anterna ~2. A n d r e w s 2. P e r i n i hander!:\ Pizzirola, Lee. Lewi.?. R o d d i n the first'-- Freund. 28--Lind. Wiedereeht, 'Lewis. Bortz. HR*--Andrews. DP--. R o d d i n to Bortz: R o d d i n to Bortz i m i t h : Lind ~o Bortz. to S m i t h , a hit. Red busy several miscues in the field score its nine runs. Left Don Weiderecht hurled five frames for the Braves and. hindered by the strong wind blow-;to ing over the playing field, had very IL^ poor control and walked eight bat-; P e r i n : i fers. Outfielder Pete Perini. former jisshen. Ohio State University pitcher, toil -!, Nnel r, or | rinir ,,« : . off Da » for the Braves;^ jnninsrs-.'bftf Perini* 0 Bobby i The National Foundation for In-, In-, ~ C* D kl* «.!* 1 ishantz and Hank Wyse hold t h e | f a i l t j l e Paralysis was founded by Champ rOVOr- rive-Kun Ninth inning xational League champions t o j t h e late President Franklin D. ed To Repeat In Cross! Rally Gives Red Hose A;eint hits. The Phils taiiie* TM"«|Rooseveitin ms. _ _; ,-» J. « **. ^on homers by Willie Jones and De!=^-=~- . -Country -Country Tourney i 12 To 8 Victory JEnms. i I Philadelphia ( A ) 010 040 Oil--7 fl 1 Dallas. April 13 /P)--A field o f ; Boston. April 13 f/p)--The Boston Philadelphia iN) Nelson, 3. i Wierierecht. o--by pa 1: Ferini, 000 101 000--2 8 1 34. headed fav Babe Didrickson Red Sox put on a five-run ninth i shantz. wyse 5). and Tipton: Roberts. ·· ,, , , " - · i ' . . ' , , ,, - o r . - iCrlstante i 6 . Konstantv 181 and Scmlnick. ; Zaharias. the tavorue as usual,-mning rally to pull out a 12-S vie-; g rs . Pha .Ai--chapnsan: Pha. iN.»-- in the open-;rorv over the Braves today and!Jones. Ennis. Braves Score In the first inning, tallied three runs when Ray Bortz; led off. with a walk, went to third; on Billy Smith's long single into! center, and scored when Frank j Xeri grounded out. With one out. open-jtory over the Braves today cross--stain a 2-1 lead in their five-game! ourna-iintra-city exhibition series. i H A N D L E Y HEADS i Ted Williams sent the Sockersj Butler. Pa.. April 13 (7 cham-1 off to a flying start by homering ! ma jor league third CLUB i--Former baseman Lee ete p erini dre w a walk, and Smith scored on a wild pitch by Alex Danelishen. the first ot two pitchers pitchers for Quebec. Then Tommy fyind drove a long double to right tield .to score Perini with the third and, g rave tally. Quebec'tallied four runs in the to- 5 ' moves out tomorrow i n ; i n g round of the women's . . , , . . in i T i"" in 5 : ; country Weathervane golf W l t n o u t ' o f f N e l s o n . 4 m l inmnsr. HBP'--bv, i W i e d e r e c h t ( R e e d ) . Wp-- Danelis- \ ment. !!}. en - -' ·wjederecht, Nelson. PB-- \ Mrs Zaharias. defending 'er"TM*!"' LosinS n plfche?~ C Nelson. r~I : pion and the year's leading money-against Vern Bickford in the first |-j eep - Handley today was elected Gautreau and Cooper. Time--1:40. j winner among women linksters with \ session with Billy Goodman aboard, jpresident of the Butler baseball $3.075, tested the Lakewood Coun-'The Tribesmen bounced back im-j c i u b O f t n e class C Middle Atlantic try Club Course today with a one- j mediately by pounding: Lefty Mel|Le a g Ue urider-par 74. iParnell for five runs in the lower | Hand j ev 35t p i a yed for the Pitts- She turned in 37-37 compared to;half of the opener. !burgh Pirates from 1937 to 1942 and par of 38-37--To over the 6.100-yard : The American Leaguers slugged j w o u n d u p with Baltimore of the course. ; Dick Donovan for five tallies in the j lnternat j ona i League before retir- Of the 34 starters. 14 are prof es-., seventh and then powdered George ; i n s - m 19 ^ He is an auto ga i esman sionals eligible for the $3.000 in Estock and J3ob Hall in the finale. Home Run By Reese Wins For Brooklyn Yankees Beaten In Opening Opening Contest Of Game Series By 7 To 6 T h y e e p r i z e mouey of w h i c h $75 ° P ° eS; The last two Braves' runs, which; ·sia**, in Pittsburgh. Veteran minor league player ... , . . T_ v._ ! ' *rnri an u i n n ' i i^t*»,itc ^ J K I J C I to first place. There will he pnze included a ninth mnmg homer_ by | Norman Gerdcman . S4 / of Cumber Sid Gordon, were charged against 1 !nni on Wiederechfs the Braves bounced; i money for 12 places. ;^iu ^TIHUUII, »^ri^ v,nrn,«.,t,v» »r- '""land Patty Berg of Minneapolis, who southpaw Churk Stobbs, who work- ^ ^ New York. April 1" iJP\ -P -P e e ; be?ted Babe at Pinehurst, X. C.. in ed the last four frames. ; ee Reese, captain and shortstop \ , he last women - s tournament by 10,Boston I A 200 ooo 505--12 13 o Md.. w - asi signed a s manager Tigers * ' HOME OF ·" 7" * ««««i«tt »t*nf «* 9 Keepsake E I A M O N D t J Ha in Hagerstown Credit Jewelers 21 Jonathan Street ': ack"7o' score""two" more " i n the i of the Brooklyn Dodgers, belted a ; s t r o k e s a n d Louise Su?tss of ^^ r ( i on singles by Smith, Perini | three-run homer m the fifth inning; r o i l t o n _ G a- v,ere v,ere considered chief Donovan top-notch a n d Vic Pizz itola. , ] ^l^ fll ^'L^^ ^ challengers to Mrs, Zaharias. !»«!.?·, ex-; Two walks, a hit batsman and! the New ^ ork Yankees. day! error by third baseman Joe ! The game, first of a three-game popular! Roddin, coupled with a double by; series, was played ^chilly weather next club j Harold the bottom of , looked like it was all over but; Reese was the offensive star ithe afternoon,, with three hits and 'three runs scored. The veteran in- 1 fielder singled off starter Vic soo on ooi~ s ii i Stobbs i 6 and Rosar: Bickford. Si Estock. 7 i Hall i 9 i and Lewis, gave Quebec four! before a sparse gathering of on!y; M , the third and! S.479 at Yankee Stadium. The Weathervane is four tourna: tourna: don. with the first one here . Thei be at Pebble Beach . Ca i it -..; ;; Bos i--Gor- looked like - -"« *·» «var n,,r «. cesc «« »« u^ c u a i . c o,», of may| the shouting. The U- S. Marine Corps was then at Indianapolis May; f o r m e d ^y t n e Continental Con- 1S-19 and the final at New York i c r e s s j n 1775. May 26-27. Any player taking first all four tournaments will win a Nelson Is Loser But the game was far from over. in 53,000. In addition the overall win-j ner of the entire 144 holes will j Hagerstown picked up another run! to j chi in , h i s * re * ^V^v* I*1 I*1 receive $5.000. Mrs. Zaharias i n f h e fourth'on singles by Wied.i«d cracked TM^^^^r *o* S7AM. last; frame when .^-; ws hit a home run the field erecht and Smith, and Quebec | best left nander for the wmmng scored its ninth and final run i n ; wallop the third time he stepped up Joe a Southpaw h u r i f ° over Bob Nelson came the suclh for the Braves. «,,,,.,.' struck out, Roddii . , i, j i Pizzitola walked An-i t o the P late the! the! Both Raschi and Don N^wcombe.i ' w h o started for the Brooks, were 1 soundly thumped and each quit; after three innings. Xewconibe.' who will open the season on Tues-: day against the Philadelphia Phil-: lies at Ebbets Field, was bashed! 5 min. from H'bg, G'burg Interchange New Bob the bottom York. April 13 (JP) \fter Lind had 1 "^ 0 *" """~^ *«··". ··-- """ J """; Baker, unbeaten Pittsburgh heavy- to right !for seven hits and six mns - Raschif weight hope, all but fattened Elk ins itzgerald !yielded five blows and four markers. Brothers of Xew C astle. Pa, to- dumped a Texas Leaguer into letti*^^ ^ won a unanimous SATURDAY 14 and to load the bases forHagerstown.; Then Lloyd i Wiederecht, batting through for was brilliant in relief of Newcombe. 26-year-old hurler held 10-1 for his 20th straight i Rain Checks Honored victory. ^. hed 215V; " Brothers!The Inaugural BIG CAR AL'TO affair, i infield"To" score°"Roddin" i wild' w o r i d cham P ions to two hlts Over !i9o4 " " JRACE in the East was rained out boom-J by the Quebec " shortgtopt the final six frames. i ' B a k e r towering over his foe by | on the WILLIAMS GROVE SPEED- .- v^_ (BrooKiyn. (M 031 o 30 ooo~-7 9 3 , ^ i c h e s and 2 e pounds had! WAY Sunday, April 1st after 6 campanena : : Brot gg rs ree iing against the ropes j Indianapolis drivers had completed in the final round of their Nicholas Arena scrap. i along with a walk to Neri and Bortz' double, produced four more runs for the Braves. Following the game, Manager Dutch Dorman went into conference conference with Harry Jenkins, farm director director of the Boston Braves, to ,, Raschi, Berra. King Lopat ( 4 i , ;gj \ and Muncnei '.at and decide what players the trip home with would make Hagerstown. The Hagerstown club will break camp Saturday morning, stopping over in Raleigh, N. C-, on Saturday night and Sunday for a pair of exhibition games, before arriving home on Monday. St. i their time trials. ! The Roaring ROADSTERS . . All All three officials found for ; so _ ca ii e( j "Hot Rods" originally BOONSBORO PRACTICE j Baker, a 1 to 4 favorite and lopsid- ;g che( iuled for Sunday, April 15th The Boonsboro Yellowjackets| e d winner. Referee Mark Conn andj^. m be run Saturday night, April ,,,..* this | judge Jack Gordon by 7-3 scores ; 1 4 f n w j t jj a n i ne nation's top- have scheduled a workout afternoon at 1:30, in preparation !an d judge Bill Healy by 8-2. Tne nieht "Hot Rod" drivers . time for their game Sunday with-. Half- | A p card agreed with Healy. j * .,, start prom ptiy at 7:30. way of the Independent League, j A cr0 wd of 2,342 that paid $5,461 j _ ' CARg wm be back Sunday, CStn/lo'ir'ei rro m A Thrill 1 ViQ Tvloxra/^l o t l i . _ A. ^,' i_ A _ i ; _ I ^ A . * ^ ) * x w k n - ^ I AJIVT 'w' April loth . . . time trials will start Sunday's game will be played at an( j a network television audience Boonsboro Park, and will get under way at 2:30. KNICKS WIN GAME saw the hustling Baker fail to drop the swarming Brothers. K I W A N I S TO D R I L L at 12:30 p.m. Rain checks for the April 1st race will be honored for either one of these races-

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