Herron & Taft connection1908

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Herron & Taft connection1908 - when-other- i gentle- Mc--. be- SISTER Of Mrs....
when-other- i gentle- Mc--. be- SISTER Of Mrs. William H. Taft Ores in Pittsburg, So That City Puts in Stroog Claim On the Accomplished Cincinnati Woman High Tribute Paid To Nominee's Consort. SPECIAL DISPATCH TO TBI (XQVIBES. Pittsburg, Penn., June 18. Pittsburg has more than ordinary interest In the results of the national convention in Chicago. Besides Besides providing one candidate for the Presidential Presidential nomination, it Is also intenacjd In the Candida.'' of another, the husband cf a daughter of Western Pennsylvania. .Mrs. William H. Taft's father, John W. Her run, of Cincinnati, is a Washington County man and a nephew of the first pastor pastor of the old First Presoyterian Church In this city. He is also the fatoer of Mrs. Thomas K. Laughlin, of Woodland road. one of the leaders among the young matrons In Pittsburg's best social circles. . Further affiliations of Mrs. Taft with Pittsburg lie In the fact tbat her father, John W. Herron, of Cincinnati, Is a cousin of the late Colonel William A. Herron. one of the best known men In this city during his lifetime, and his son, John W. Herron, was named for the Ohio cousin. John Herron, Herron, a son of Rev. Tr. Herron, of the First Presbyterian Church, after serving with distinction in the Mexican War, was elected Mayor of Pittsburg, an office whicn he tilled with honor. Mrs. Laughlin, who is a younger sister of Mrs. Taft. came to Pittsburg after her marriage marriage .five years ago with Thomas K. Laughlin, a son of Major George M. Laughlin, Laughlin, and Assistant Treasurer of the Jones & Laughlin 8teel Company. They" are Hying with Major Laughlin In the new mansion which was completed scarcely a year (). It stands In Woodland road. Mrs. Taft has visited her sister In Pitts burg and expected to spend a few weeks early this spring at the Laughlin home, stop ping oft on her way from Cincinnati, where both sisters were spending a few days with their father, but Secretary Taft's trip to Cuba made Mrs. Taft's return to Washington Washington Imperative, and the visit was postponed, possibly until fall. There are six daughters and two sons cf John W. Herron and his wife, Mrs. Herron's death having occurred six years ago. AH are married but one of tha. daughters, who makes her home with her father, now 62 years of age. Mrs. Taft Is the third of the daugthers, Mrs. Laughlin being one of the youngest. Unlike her sister, Mrs. Taft, who is mu sical in her tastes, a talented pianist, and made a study of the languages, keeping up her Interest In Spanish. Italian, German and French, especially, Mrs. Laughlin was fond of athletics and became well known in tennis tennis and golf circles, appearing frequently before her marriage in tournaments, and one year being the runner-up runner-up runner-up for the national championship. Like her older sister, she Is domestic In 'her tastes and fond of her chil dren, who at the home in Woodland road enjoy almost all the delights of being In the country. She is Interested in politics to the extent of following her older sister's life while she lived four years In the Philippines when Mr. Taft was Governor of the Islands and later made her home In -Cuba -Cuba during their residence in Havana. ' The Herron home in Cincinnati is located within the city. The Industrial life of the place has crept stealthily up to it, but so attached to his old home Is Mr. Herron that the daughters have hesitated to insist upon moving out into the suburbs. The house, from the days when Mrs. Taft and her two older sisters were girls, has been a center of social life. Twenty-three Twenty-three Twenty-three years ago Mrs. Taft left It tQgo to her own home In the same city and the three younger girls remained remained to reign. All of them have traveled extensively, and though only the younger ones went to boarding school, they were given the benefits of extensive travel abroad, their study of languages was encouraged encouraged and they became fitted In every way to occupy, the high social position which, was theirs In their" home city. The culture and refinement which were her inheritance have fitted Mrs. Taft for the social honors which have come to her. and her tact, graclousness and womanliness have been no small part of the innoeoce in favor of the Secretary of War. The Herron atria in Cincinnati were all social favorites. Two of them as matrons are still living there, another la In Columbus, Ohio. Miss Helen Taft. the only daughter ot Mr. ana Mrs. Taft, graduated this spring from Miss Baldwin's school at Bryn Ofawr College as a freshman. Her brother Robert Is In Tale and Charlie Taft. the youngest of the fam- fam- llv. attends the public schools m wasning- wasning- ton. D. C. While In the Philippines the two older children m-ere m-ere m-ere In the public schools. the only ones In Manila. -Charlie -Charlie was a baby, being only 2 years of age when they ..m out to the Philippines. Four times the have been around the world. Early this evening Mrs. .Laughlin was cnd nn the shone and told tnai ner in- in- roous brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law had been nominated at Chicago. . - That's rood. When did It happen?" re- re- tlt- tlt- Mrs f AlUSrhlln. Told that It had only Just taken place, the sister of perhaps the future chief lady of M t&nd said: I'm sure I don"t know what I should say about it. only that I'm surely very glad and all that and well, he's a good Shan for the Vlace. hMft he? My. yes! the best man to the war id for the place. Of course.' he is! If be waantjhey wouldn't have nominated htm. would theyr - - Falling to secure a suitable answer to thla argument. Mrs. Laughlin hung up the receiver and retired. To-night To-night To-night she received scores of phone call of congratulation m .aaUw VlfTMiH- VlfTMiH- , , Pittsburg ta-nlght ta-nlght ta-nlght is figuring on much m . way in ease Taft la elected in No vember.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 19 Jun 1908, Fri,
  3. Page 9

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