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19490630 The Berkshire County Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Thursday, June 30, 1949 p24 CLIP - 24--The Berkshire Eveninc Eule. Thunday. Jun»...
24--The Berkshire Eveninc Eule. Thunday. Jun» 30. 1949 Huwer Gets Homer With Man on Fourth Successive Victory ° n , ,,. For Manager Hassan's Men Pete S Motors Jim Kelly Goes Route on Mound and Htu Two Hits--Clifton Roy* Good Game---\uhas To Hurl at Rome Tonight ROME, N.Y.--The Pittsfield Indians registered their fourth successive win in the Canadian-American League as they turned back the Colonels 5-3 here last night. A home run by Chuck Huwer with one man on base in the seventh provided the margin of victory. Jim Kelly, right-hander, Wf;nt the route on the peak for Pittsfield and came through T*l* 1111 Blanks Comets With Rally in Ninth For 2-0 Win CITY' BASEBALL LEAGUE S T A N D I N G S Joe DiMaggio C?C» i ~ Second Game in By JACK HAND (Associated Press Sports Writer) The same old Joe DiMaggio! Three home runs in two days, six runs batted in and a .500 batting average. That's the stuff that made with two hits making five hits for him in frames. Yuhnu To Twirl Tonight Bob Yuhas, righl.-h-imk'r, will be Manager Gone Hanson's pitching Mjoclion for the content here tonight. John Musuga, also a right- hander, will hurl against the Colonel* at Pittsfleld tomorrow nlfjht. He will be seeking "his 10th wla against two losses. Rome also will be at Pittsfleld Saturday n i g h t . Sehcnerlady will piny at Wahf-onah Park Sunday a ft "moon and Monday m?:ht. Pittslk-ld will be »t Sch'-nfctady Sunday n i i ' i t ' a n d Monday a f t e r n o o n . Jim F a i r c l o l h , right. - hfind'-r, hurled for Manager Clyd? Smoll's club la.it night. HP allowed 11 hits. prV»s*l two, made ono ha Ik and struck out four. Huwer !"d the Indlftrlx' attack, w i t h a homer and single. Nate Clifton, Bill Moore and Kslly p«ch had a pair of singles. Boh Hunter belted a double and Bob Btaton a triple. Keith Little ··cured four of the nine hits made off Kelly. He had a double and three singles, b a t t i n g in three runs. Aj the loss was the eighth in a row for the Colonels the paid attendance was only 456. The Colonels were first to score, jetting a rim In the opening i n n i n g on three hits. The Indinns pushed over « run in the second knot the count. Bob Slat and scored on Bob his last his 330-foot homer Hold fence in the Huwer clouted ovpr tIIP r i g h t seventh i n n i n g . The Colonels got to Kelly for two runs in the eighth inning but Clifton helped Jim out, of a hole by catching Dave Hoen's liner anci p u l l i n g a double play unassisted. The score: ! ,, , tivn ' Bnrrllt'n Trier Aces L A u | Majestic Restaurant . . . . . . i Crtmet* Jewr!-rs . . _ ; FMTA . . . . . ' j Rra,s* Rail RrstAurant ... D a l l o n C o m m n n i t v Hnuse. Pete's Motors Inc. Castro, rf . Iluwer, rf . llulion. If . Slaton. 3n Hunter, r . C l i f t o n , Ih Smith. M . Marqurttp. Booker. If Little, l b . . Hewn, rf . . Ardunl. 3b Slangy, cf U'nurh. c . . Kalrclolh. o h po LAST NIGHT'S RESCLT Pete's Motors 2. Comets Jewelers 0. Came ToniKht Brass Bait Restaurant vs FMTA. Game Tomorrow Dalton Community Ho\tse Restaurant. a 590,000 salary. The mourners who shed a tear for the poor New York Yankees I os j nc , s and their fat pay cheeks for a crippled star, can toss the crying towel in the wet wash. The Yanks · I 1 1 ' a r e getting their money's worth '..·:' i from Joe D. ."·H DiM^g's ailing heel may slice a 'jjjjJS'few yards off his private ncre in '.283;cente'r field but he's still Mr. Big with the bat. Ten weeks of fretting in street clothes while his mates led the American League didn't dull his batting eye--at least not in Boston. run Bob Big Joe electrified a giant-sized Majwtic Tuesday night crowd with a homer and single in his first league ap- In one of the best played games j pearance since he limped off n i « i n j j i t o date in the City League, the'-.ame Boston field last October. n l Fein's Motors combine d e f e a t e d T h a t was onl y t h e beginning. ; with five S ' t h e Cornel. Jewelers last n i g h t L'-O. i ^ff ^f he h a m m e r e d Uv ° hon ,t; Each tram got. only four h i t s , and ,-j ro 've in defeating (lie pitching was excellent, for both ; accounted fnr the Yanks' 9-7 edge y he hammered two horn- w i t h two men on base, /^^^i^r±^ H BO ME ab , 4 r h pr 1 I 2 o n i n i ! n 3 i o n o i | clubs. ! Iri i will - a v p n p to avenge first | na( i c iimbed to within five games ·j round loss to the Brass Rail. In t h e ! of the Yanks. A series Rolling fast at home t h e n O f l o o ' S f t i o 33 X 9 27 14 1 IHO 100 101 20(1 -- ,1 000 030-- 3 ·Grounded out for Falrcloth in Mb. Runs batted In trr. Uttlit : ·'s double. Pittsflpld lost, nt lea-st one more L i t t l e . Thrfp.-hase h i t . Staton. run. Iliiwer. Saprlflce hits, Staton. i, A r d i i t n l . Double plays. Staton tr Moorp to Clifton: Ardulnt to Marquette to L i t t l e : C l i f t o n , una.niiteil. l*fl on basej, me fl. Bane on balls, off "v I. Strurk otil. by Fair- triplet! PlttiOeld ", Ro nnh'o I P :l l'' r l 0 th -. Kell rlolh Kellv because Bob P) rl '"; run in this i n n i n g Prentioe was called out for not touching first base after a long drive that enabled him to got to third and sent H u n t e r across the pl»te. As it w.i.s the t h i r d ou( Hunter's run did not count. Indian* Go Ahciul In the f o u r t h i n n i n g the Indians ·ddod a run, going ahead to stay, Huwer singled, went to second on an error by right Holder Dave Horn, the only niisrue of the game, and counted on Clifton's single to Jrft. Pittsfteld's t h i r d t a l l y came in the s i x t h f r a m e on n single by Bud Hutson. sacrifice by Slaton, balk by Fnircloth and a single by Clifton, the second t a l l y hatted in by Nate. B i l l Moore was on second when Balk. Fairclolh. Pankr, Ranhin and Karda*. Ih. Mm. Attendance, 455. T l m D n r l l 10-Sii P h i l a d e l p h i a ton 'Havnes l- Onlv earr^s ? oj first game between these two oj clubs, the Railers won 6-2 and J n oj knocked the Tabs from first, place. All of the people who saw the pitching duel on the Common last night whole-heartedly agreed that it was the finest pitching exhibi- T»'o"TM"hl : s C1 Hanler' "la""!''' 0 " '" C ' uite a wn 'l e - Jim Neuman the tall right-hander, who has been pitching for Middlebury College, did a superb job for Pete's. He struck out 15 men while only passing one. On the other hand Mike Wowk w'ho was throwing them down for the Jewelers, struck out eight and didn't give a single pass. The tilt, which was scoreless u n t i l ' t h e eighth i n n i n g , also had some fine defensive work by both clubs. The scoring which came in the eighth went something like this, Herk Jadatz singled to start the inning, t h e n came the most important play in the game. Jim Roughley laid down a bunt as an intended sacrifice, Ed Lavelle in an a t t e m p t , to catch the ball in the air missed it, t h e n kicked the ball towards the plate, Nubbins Manns fielded the ball and threw wild past first allowing Jadatz to go all the way to third, and Roughley to second. Then pitcher Jim Neuman won his own ball game as he flied to deep right, and Jadatz tagged up and scored ahead of the throw. On the fly Roughley went to t h i r d . Then Don Dallmeyer flied to center and Rou"h- ley scored. Outside of this one in Probable Pitchers For Today's Games By United Press (Won and Lost Record* In Parentheses) AMERICAN LCAGUB Detroit (Houtteman 3-Jl at Cleveland fV/vnn 4-0). New York IRfiS'?hl l t - 2 i at Boston (Par- iPowlrr 7-31 3 i , n l c h t . at Washlnz- NATIONAL LEAGUE Bronklvn ' H a l t n n B-3i at Philadelphia ' H c i r u / c l m a n 8-3i. Cincinnati tFox 4-81 at Pittsburgh (Chambers 2-1". Chicago (Rush 5-9) at St. Louis iMuneer 0-2). Boston ( V n i w l l o .1-1 ni,d G. Elliott 0-11 ut New York iBchrman 3-0 and Kennedy THRILLING PARI-MUTUEL H A R N E S S R A C I N G »NCtt/D/NG GRAND CIRCUIT 8 RACES NIGHTLY (except Sun.) ADMISSION $1.23 (incl. Tax) POST TIME 8:15 P.M. DAILY DOUBLE CLOSES 8 P.M. Dinner Served in Club House 6 to 9 "Joy Always" In This Recipe! Bike f'mir individual i-tiurtra!ir» i( biwuit dough. Mnanwhilr mix 1 pint of errant nnrl niHlrtl htjllrr and ·(M to it onr pound of lolutcr rural, on.' nilll can of Imtlon miitjironmx, II »ti(((ed trrrn ulivr.s, -lii'ril: Salt r jilifr In Ivftlr and «!d 2 lt»p. sherry, ilil fthorlrakf-ft. dot wit!) liutter nnd llirn uniolh'T willi hoi lolnlcr meal fad the iiicculcnt sauce. team ever really ning, neither threatened. There wasn't an extra base blow m the ball game, for the first time in the City League this year. The score: Pete's Motors ab h po D'mevcr.rf 4 Dudley, 2 4 N'b'Ker.cf 3 Mendel. 1 3 Robak. 3 3 Owln'cll.s 3 Jaclatz. c 3 R'ehloy. )f 3 Neuman. D 3 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 9 0 1 0 1 1 13 1 o 1 0 al Cornels 29 4 27 1 Kozak. 2 4 IjTotaro. s 3 0!Manns. c 4 O i M c G o ' a n . l f 4 1'M'lldoro.cf 4 2 Haad, 3 3 2: Lavelle. 1 3 O'Duwlcy. rf 3 O'Wowk. D 3 ~7I 31 0 0 3 4 24 5 Pete's Motors noo 000 0 2 -- 2 Runs. J a d a t z . Rouehlev. Runs batted In ma^an.'rS gSBffi ^^ merer to Mendel. Led on bases.' Pete''! Wowk g. wild o r itch. °Neiibe V r( ! e"r Ub Um"res' Median and Harrison. Time. Ih. 57m. BOXING Bv The Associated Press (Jerome Stadium)--Chester WORCESTER-- Al Couture. 153. Lewistos Mavo. E I°re!?n d d T l lmmV HC(ta "' 1M ' C ° unt NEW ORLEANS--Keith New Orleans, outDolnteti Mexico City. 13. Hamilton. 133. Iialo Gailardo. OAKLAND. Cal.--Johnny Gonzalres. 140, Oakland, outnoint^d Joev B u r n u m . Hi! they would have been up there knocking on the door. Instead they trail the Yank* by seven games and are back In the second division. Jce D. is the man responsible. L.lvlag boosted the Yanks back in the game after Boston clubbed wild Tommy Byrne from the hill in the four-run first inning. Joe's homer with two men on off E11U Kinder left the Sox with a 7-4 in the fifth. After Gene Woodling's double with the bases loaded tied the score in the seventh. DiMaggio hit his game-winning blow off loser Earl Johnson with the bases empty in the eighth. Indinns and Tigers Split Cleveland averted disaster with a six-run rally in the last of the n i n t h i n n i n g to down ;n a night game after they were s h u t out. 4-0 by Hal Newhouser the twilight, opener of a doubleheader. Bohby Feller let. down the swel- t e r i n g crowd of 65:243 when i over the Rec Sox. t h J P h i l crmvrl ° C t T.iis was the big senes foi t n R a the and the the Quebec Takes Double B01 From Oneonta By United Press The Quebec Braves stepped up the temto of t h e i r Canadian-American League pennant drive last night by adding two more games to their win column for a comfortable lead. The Braves beat Oneonta 3-2 and 3-1 to drop the Red Sox into third place. Amsterdam, currently holding down second place by a margin of two percentage points, split a pair of games with Three Rivers. The Rugmakers took the opener, 5-1. Three Rivers edged them. In the nightcap, 1-0. The Schenectady Blue Jays ended a four-game losing streak lost night by downing Gloversville, 10-3. Jays' pitcher Earl Thompson, used mostly as a relief during the season, was given the starting assignment and held the Glovers to six hits while his teammates pounded out nine. The Rome Colonels went deeper i.-ito the cellar position after being trimmed 5-3 by the Pittsfleld Indians. Gloversville 000 000 030-- ^'"' B 2 Schenectady 004 004 HO--10 9 2 Kasmiusen ( L l . Fusco ( 6 ) . and Mtynarek: Thomrjjon and Pilszka. First R TT 7 Amsterdam loo 001 S-- 5' 8 3' Three Rivers 010 000 0 -- 1 4 2 Norlon and Kronenbers: McMullen and Parker. A m s t e r d a m . , Three Rivers lie end P t f on to Seconfl R. H. E. 000 000 000 000 0-- 0 3 3 I 000 000 000 000 1-- 1 7 1

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