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 - (Continued from page one) , BENNETT ACCUSED ....
(Continued from page one) , BENNETT ACCUSED . Having ' admitted* om «roa»-eT- An^BJlUon. that he >ad b««n la itsoflfte -a. Dumber " •ofjUmai, Vat ^ stuei nSt Had anything to' do with the Bennett ^hooting. Harru made an affidavit, it was brought oat by Constafcle Thompson, *thatjtwa» Bennett ' who' had " taken Harris* pistol and shot two white people Hariris appeared normal and w*t» a blue shirt and dark gabardine pants. On cross-examination by Solicitor Carter she could not tell whether the panto 'were fcloe.or green or whether the defendant wore a hat.6rlwhat.kind.of shoes he^had on. vinjf j'tim* - on the Aiken ~«onnty chaiacaaff 'or using a car without the owner's consent. He also is facing, at this term. of the court, a ' charge of- armed robbery ^on Dee. 1, 1946, of a Mr. Owens, a' white man. ___ __ __ _ , __ -.Chief Sprawls testified to hav- inu aided in the^ investijfmtion p of the~Bennett-marders. He stated , that he questioned the defendant a number of times in connection with the Bennett case, until the night of July 17 : when Harris is alleged to have signed a confession, however, the defendant de^ nied knowing anything about the ::± nmrderr thTlehief "iest _ Sprawls, who is a graduate of "the federiT"bureau of~investigation's school in Washington,ltold _- of. seeing the -bullets ~ taken - from thT^b^ryjroffrBeiinettPH? stated -that'these bullets-were sent.-along with the pistol to the FBI office in Washington. Prosecution did ^not-introduce- any_report_on^the FBI findings in the matter. Spraw stated on the witness stand, however, that rust in the barrel of a pistol would prevent the proper findings On, a'.bullet being fired . from articular pistol., .He did not qualify as a ballistics expert and the court would not permit his testimony on that point. — CKief~Sprawls -told— of— being called to 'the jail on the night of July 17 around 10:30 o'clock and ~of being informed that Harris had "made" a~confession~to~other-officers ibefore that time. He related how he talked with Harris and .wrote on the typewriter the state' ment which Judge Martin admitted in evidence as the^ confession of Harris to the murder "of the Bennetts. Sprawls identified' this writing, marked "Exhibit One," the statement sijrned by Harris. He stated that Harris signed this voluntarily. Sheriff Fall aw and Chief Constable Richardson wit- yille, testified that s small store and that L. D. Harris -company~witt~ J.~ T. Medloek had' conMTto Ser home, nert door to her store, on Sunday, April M, in, search _of beer. She refused to. sell them any, she stated.^as H was Sunday. She told of Wiley Beat* nett, who Kved with her. tearimg and going with Harris aad Ked- lock after some whiskey. This was in-the aftornoon, the witness 'testified, around ~2 or 2:30 o'clock, and' she was still in bed. When court reconvened Thursday morning several, .witnesses were put on 'the stand by the defense counsel among them being Will BrowhTNegro who said that he went to Nashville,' Tenn. oh Wednesday after the Sunday and took Harris with Both men went 'to Nashville on a constmetionr job ^and tioTrcompany-fumished-thr ets-and-$ 1 4-in-money.— He^ that Harris -roomed- with -hJ!h_ Nashvillejuntil he~wii: taken in ~ custody "on July ISfj"^ ~ = ^ tendent "of" the~«onstruction~eom- pany,_testified-that-Harris-w8a-'on The-payroll -of- the- company, in NasKville~ ^and produced^LIpay vouchers as evidence. The defendant was put on the stand and was questioned by his counsel as to his whereabouts Saturday night before the shooting on Sunday. He_stated that he spent~the~nightr~in~Johnston "if the home of Clara Myers .and then testified that he a colored—restaurant he got on the tons and came to Warrenville. He said that he got off the bus at Kenney's store and went_t5K-his_home near Warren-. ville. He went" to where-he-spen t - several-hour»;-He also mentioned several places in the vicinity where he went in the afternoon. The counsel then questioned him-regarding the-signed confession and asked the method by which the confession was obtained. Harris again said that he was threatened and forced to say that he killed the Bennetts. nessed the signing of the confes- In the » ft «rnoon the state eross- sion by Harris, Chief Sprawls tes- examined the defendant, and this tified. On—cros<>-examination-"by~Dor- cey-Lvbrand, of defense counie], Sprawls stated that he had talked with the small Bennett boyj Danny, on the morning of the shooting of the boy's parents. He stated that he did not recall that the boy told him'that the Negro who shot his father wore a soldier's uniform. The boy was 3 years old, Sheriff Fallaw testified to earlier Jn^jthe afternoon • n djwas_no'wJn Iowa with "relatives. STATE RESTS CASE The first witness for the de- _fense_was put on .the -stand at -5 o'clock, she was Clara Myers. She related that she lived near Johnston, was Harris's aunt and that he had spent the Saturday night preceding the Bennett shooting at her home. She told of Harris'.firing a pistol at her home that njght and of leaving the-next morning around 8:30 for his home in Graniteville. Her borne, she stated was about five miles from Johnston on the highway toward Aik- -enr- "j ~ Virginia Matthews, N'egro of Johnston, testified to beinK in Graniteville\on April 28 and of of the low. O. NT. McABEE Route 2. Salley. S. C. o'clock that day. She stated that Jan. 10, 15, 17, 22, pd. seeing Harris around 12 or 12T15 was being done as the paper went The case is_eipectcd to go to the jury late Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning. ST. THADDEUS EPISCOPAL CHURCH The Rev. Charles M. Seymour, Jr., Rector First Sunday after Epiphany ' 8:00 A. M.—Holy Communion. 10:00 a. m Church School. 11:15 a. m.—Morning Prayer and Sermon. —Tuesday—* :00—p—m.—Wom- an's Auxiliary Meeting, Wednesday—10:30 a. m.—Holy Communion. 8:00 p. m.—Choir Rehearsal. Saturday—-10:30 a. m..—Junior Choir Rehearsal. NO TRESPASSING Trespassing, hunting strictly forbidden. No .livestock allowed on~this-pro'perty.~Violators-will be prosecuted to the fullest extent

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