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Oscar Moen - Lutheran Fund Donators Here - LUTHERAN FUND DONATORS HERE List Is Prepared By...
LUTHERAN FUND DONATORS HERE List Is Prepared By Rev. J. A. Snartemo, Local Chairman National Ijjtheran commission for soldiers and sailors* welfare. j Rev. J. A. Snartemo, campaign manager, thanks all who aided by their contribution lo make this cam pajgn a success. Oneida county has raised more than her apportion-' ment.This campaign has meant hard •work for our Ijitheran people. 'We | therefore feel thankful to the pco-. pie who so liberally and willingly responded to this noble cause. Wish to thank the solicitors, namely: Mrs. S. Swanson, Mrs. A. Busk, Mrs. Chas. Olson, Mrs. J. Swedbcrg, Mrs. Ursin Johnson, Mrs. T. Alme, Mrs. A. Houg, 1 Mrs. F.'ftindall.'and, Mr. A. Hedeen. The following subscribed fiftycents: fiftycents: Mrs. John Farman, Richard Larsen, Peter LaPorte, Mrs. H. Olson, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs, W. Zehrus, Mrs. F. Ev- crs, Mrs. J. Olander. The following subscribed one dollar: dollar: A. Mode, Charley Blomdahl, Gust Anderson, August Gustafson, Swan Anderson, Andrew Carlson, A. G. Hasselquist, Emil Soderman, Oswald Lunde, Mrs. Otto Carlson, Wm. Erick-' son, Adam Johnson, Harold Loka, David Johnson, Mrs. Gust Erickson, John Anderson, Mrs. G. Friday, Mrs. E. \V. Boyce, Erick Lofquist, Mrs. E. Johnson, Andrew Mattson, C. A. Hodgdon, Oscar Fagerlund, Adolph Reno, Marie Johnson, Carl J. Johnson, Johnson, Lee Hendrickson, Ida Mauwicke, Andrew Larson, Frank Martin, Arnold Arnold Backe, Ole Wick, Peter 1-arson, 1-arson, Awid Rindal, A. Martinson, Theodore Theodore Johnson, Mrs. H. Schulke, John Frenstad, Andor I.arsen, Grace Hansen, Bertha Rekolad, Mrs. E. Backe, Andrew Wick, Antone .Hansen, .Hansen, Osborne Anderson, Durand i Brunner, C. F_ Morrill, P. G. Wang, Louis Larson, R. (J. Robertson, Carl Krueger, Tom Kongslien, Ben Tqr- gerson, Mr. Johnson, J. J. Reardon, Otto Anderson, P. Houman, E. T. Lund, Mrs. J. Segerstrom, Andrew Olson, Geo. Rumery, Mrs. John An Special at Some of our have sent us a lot good makes. You out such suits at conditions. Sizes The suits are Our Special Come in and see for yourself Harry Dry Goods, derson, Mrs. Adolph Johnson, Mrs- John Moen, W. E. Ashton, Mrs. 11. The following subscribed 510.00: John Swedbcrg, T. C. Wood, O. A. Kolden, J. O. Moen, John Lee, Ole Rindal- The following subscribed SI-50: Edith Blomdahl, Edwin Nylund, Fred Anderson. R.H.S.TODROP GERMAN STUDY Falling in line wilh many other cities throughout the country Rhine lander has dropped the study oi German from he high school i course. At the March meeting of the _ -, _ . __ ,, ... I V VSUA 3^« i\ 1 Hit, .TA41A VI* AiiVlLllJ*} V>* Hit- Sonslhagen, Miss Lina Berg. Geo D. of education, Fridaj •lt*:i|-_ 1l__ll«. / l<..i*-«tH AfBtr lAnn • J * J Williams, Martin Clausen, Mrs. Dan Noble, Mrs. A. Post, Miss Alma Anderson, Anderson, Hinman Drug Co., Waldemar Waldemar Johnson, J. McRae, Dr. Wcst- gate, Trigie Anderson, S. D. Nelson, Mrs. A. Johnson, Mrs. Oscar Knudson, Knudson, Mrs. Isackson, Mrs. Halfdan Olson, Olson, Mrs. M. J. Olson, Mrs. A. Zehms, Mrs. O'Malley, Jerry Benlley, Rogers Grocery Slore E. B. Anderson, Haldor Haldor Halverson, Peter Hemmingson, Mrs. A. Schloltke, Line Carlson, Mrs. C. P. Crosby, Gust Olson, Olaf Rodin, Rodin, Sam Johnson, Andres Johnson, John Mode, John Sanker, Gust Pet r erson, Mrs. 'W. D. Brown, John A. Dahlsirand. | The following subscribed 81—3 Chas. Erickson. j The following subscribed £2.00: j Axel Hedeen, John W. Anderson, C. J. Anderson, Fred W. Meen, Carl Magnuson, Marie Magnuson, Oscar Larson, Paul Belkey, Andrew Swanson, Swanson, Chas. Backstrom, Agnes I.ar- son, Rose Bertrane, Alvina Emerson, Dennis Hergren, Wm. Olson, Andrew Andrew Shulstrom, Martin Olson, Carl K. Olson, Mrs. Gusl Johnson, Chris. Holler, Peter Olson, Gary &. Daniel- ion, E. H. Markham, Martin Tron. i ilad, A. P. Hansley, C. Hansley, A. Busk, Louis Nilsen, EiL Anderson, Peter I-c-e, Mr. and Mrs. Swanson, Harold Christiansen, A. Gilberlsen, Louis Hansen, Albert Udkler, Christian Christian Christiansen, N. P. Hansen, Martin Erickson, Alb. Haug. The following subscribed 83.00: Chas, Odin, Gust Johnson, P.- W. Peterson, A. C. Wold, Otto Adams, Carle Mangerson, John J. Farmen,' E. Rodd, Mall Holvick, A. R. Mangerson, Mangerson, E. Leiness, H. Samuelson, Mrs. C. Johnson, J. Segcrslrom, Carl Johnson. I hhe following subscribed $1.00: Ole Rodd, Nick Nordbeck. I The following subscribed S3.00: i Emma Jansen, Cbas. Nicholson, 1 John Janson, Gust Gustafson, Frilz Carlson, Aug. Carlson, Pclc Nelson, Alfred Pelerson, Mrs. Chas. Olson, Mrs. Fred Johnson, Chas. Lund, Rev C. J. Silfverslen, J. B. Johnson, Mrs.' M. S. N>berg. Thos. Alme, Hans I*hne, S. A. Johnson, Carl Benson Einer Rjorge, John Sampson, Peler Wolden, II. M. Ue, J. A. Snarterr.o,' John Karlsen, Gust Swedberg, llarl- vig J'nloft, L E. Helgcson, E. II. OdLerg, Edwin Wrolslcd, Hans Rodd, Ursin Johnson, Mrs. Rindal and Mrs. Gillette. Melvin Alme, Oscar Oscar Moen, Julius Follstad, R. II. Lee, F. A. Hildtbrand, M. Evenvold, Jos. rphine B. Crinde, B. Follstarl, John Follstad, Rt-rsch Moksnes, Olaf Goldstrand, 'Anton Follstsd, ' Carl Follslad, Mrs. Wm. Kedgcson, (leo. Hansen, Henry Hcepcke,. The following subscribe August Jolilz: nighl, Ihe board was unanimous in Does your any length have thought disturbances arise from on the thus, your eyestrain. me decide Office in Hallmark

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  1. The New North,
  2. 14 Mar 1918, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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