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COUUT ORDERS SALE iW LI>'KOI'8 HOMKSTEUl) llclrs Win Suit and Proceeds From Property Will he Equally Divided AmOiiK Tliem. The Llnkous hclra won their wilt and the old .1, T. blnkotm homestead in Graham will be sold hy order of the circuit court and the property equally equally divided between the lawful heirs '•t the late J. T. 'Llnkous. Away back iu 1SH4, .soon after the death of .1. T. Linkoua, his widow, It secmis, attempted attempted to will the entire homc- stead to Marvin Tdnkous, her grand- sun, and the son of the late M. B. Unkous. Two of the heirs, Mrs. G. 11. Slovens, of Graham, and Mrs. T. K. Slithers, of Norton, signed an instrument instrument of writing presented to them hy their mother, the widow Linkous, up-; un the assumption, it is claimed, i they were deeding to their mother | during her life time their interest In tine home. Their signatures were secured secured at, the request of their mother. 13. W. Llnkous, a son, refused to attach attach his name to the same paper when requested to do so, but instead discovered discovered that his sisters, instead of deeding their interest In the old home to their mother during her life, had attached their names to an instrument, of writing which ihad for its purpose the intent Ion of deeding for all time the Linkous homestead t.) Marvin Linkous, then a mere baby, and the oldest son of Uronls Llnkous, The matter matter thus stood until a few months URO , when suit was instituted by Mrs. Stevens' Mrs. Slithers and Ben Linkous Linkous to dissolve the alleged will and force a division of the property. The plaintiffs were represented by Attorney Attorney II. M. Handy. \it -Norton, and much to the gratification of the Llnkous heirs the young attorney won a complete complete victory for ihis clients. There were a number of intricate and flue points of law involved in the proceedings, proceedings, but in summing up his decision. Judge Fulton Kegley scored the one time "favorite sun'' custom iu giving everything to one heir and discriminating discriminating against the others and said the attempt iu this case was about the boldest that hud come to his attention. attention. The alleged deeds were proven proven worthless and the attorney attacking attacking the transaction had shot the thing so full of holes that all the court found necessary to du wus simply to ratify the argument of the plaintiffs' lawyer and order a just and equitable division of the estate. Of course, the. young son of the late Bronk Linkous, Linkous, 'Marvin Linkous, is the one most affected by the decision. Intstead of claiming possession of this entire valuable valuable property, the boy will now only hold claim to one eleventh Interest in the estate, Mrs. Yorna Linkous, widow of the late M. B. Llnkous, wit'; the eight children will be entitled t>) her legal interest in the property. Ben Llnkous, Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Slithers Slithers will receive, a fourth Interest each, the other share to 'be equally divided divided between Mrs. Verna Linkous and the eight children. The property is one of the most valuable homes in Graham. It is located on the street ear line. There are eight acres in the tract. The dwelling, which wa; built by the late William Shufflebarger, Shufflebarger, has eight rooms. The structure is modern in every way. The property should bring not less than $10,00(1. The sale -will probably take place the latter part of June or the first of July. The announcement of the result of the litigation will no doubt come as quite a surprise to many, as it has always been generally understood that the estate was owned by the infant heir.

Clipped from
  1. Bluefield Daily Telegraph,
  2. 25 May 1913, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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