Darrell Maluy takes in track meet in Greeley

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Darrell Maluy takes in track meet in Greeley - College, : resh'man Meet Is Won by Cubs How...
College, : resh'man Meet Is Won by Cubs How They Stand A M E R I C A N LEAGUE Team-- W. L. Pet. New York _ 21 6 .80S Boston 10 1 .630 Cleveland -IS 13 .500 .030 .423 .400 .357 .333 W. _l(i _17 15 I (Ai.4UC.atcJ l'r«s) Chicago 15 13 J Springs, May 20.--Mon-(Washington 11 15 Ima Stato college sat on the throne Philadelphia 10 15 If Rocky Mountain conference track st Louis 10 IS Ind field competition Saturday night : Detroit 10 20 tf inline un 48 points with five blue ; Ibbou", t"ve second places and f o u r ] N A T I O N A L L E A G U In this afternoon's conference Team-- lieet on Washburn field. St. Louis I Greeley State Teachers were within C i n c i n n a t i ... lichca of the championship tape with Chicago · poinla. Colorado College ended Boston · meet with 37 counters and Colo- Pittsburgh ..-- JJ ludo Schcol ol Mines with ttA- [ B r o o k l y n 11 I the fast-steppiuK junior college-.New Ycvk .-- l! ·reshman meet which was run. off Philadelphia - 10 llonc with the conference race, G r e e - j . -l^y liear Cubs trumped tip 44 points, | j Jrailed by Colorado College with 33,i, "PaaaKall ^2 l,!e«a junior college with 30 and Trm- . DdbcUd.ll U Idad junior college with 25 and Gol- i -. · T^TT^, en M i n e s freshmen w i t h 9%. | N A T I O N A Eleven new marks were set up by ;_ n. H. E. he yearlings and junior colleen speed p,T.' do]im ,, 2 9 1 healers a n d weight heavers, t w o o f · i 011 i 3 5 9 0 i-hich surpassed previous v a r s i t y . yj; _ '·ip-li marks. Chuck Spoor of C. C. i Liiocked out both of these, s p a n k i n g i',?'" ' ho high hurdles Friday afternoon in . i: _ ""' ho prelims in 15.3 seconds and sal1 -·.,,,.,. Y " . k , n g t h e discus 135 feet 10 inches to i p.., b ",,, lose out Danel Maluy ot Mesa S a '~:y e , m " irday afternoon. Maluy tossed t h e , ,, h , l. late 131 feet 11 inches. The old con- i £;"""'·", ' I'ereucc marks were 15.8 seconds in j nm.'"""" l^^^rtJli^V^'iS.^^! AMERICAN LEAGUE I 31 feet 10 i n c h e s - i n the discus, set , Team-I "iy Hehwoldt of Greeley State in 193S. | St. Louis J Spoor ran the high hurdles in 15.7 Philadelphia I, gainst a tcn-mllo wind Saturday aft- Team- · . ...,_ ji._ ...-,,,,+ Hut IIIK - netroi Bears End a h u season b on , , Detroit .... Boston .(·noon to win the event, but .sic mark of the prelims w i l l stand n fri'shman conference budgets. T e a m ' Steve Carson of Greeley Slate set Cleveland he only new record for the varsity | New \crk Lontend'ei-s by clipping the low I ' l t r - , Team- Hies in 20.3. Rehwoldt had also held | Chicago -.... 1 - · - - ·"·"· Washington · .lies in *-u.». injii.Tu.Mt .-.-~ -I Uiis record, 27.4 seconds, set in 1938. ', H u l l Defends Trade Pacts Washington," May 21. -- Secretary Hull appealed lonight for abandonment of "arbitrary force as the basis Tho youngsters clearly outshone. Iheir elders In most other events, -lines and distances being better In jost cases than most recorded In the irsity division. . ^ meuv ui u i u n m i j ..,,*... -- -- -E r n l o O'Byrne;S Greeley Cub, clip-1 of international conduct" and for oft a 4 minute 45.S second mile ! G toration among nations of the prac o set a new inark. Wayne Cardwell I (ice of g e n u i n e fieindshlp." f Trinidad danced over the 440 in | In opening an observance of forcn:.. 04 and Childears of Mesa whizzed j trade week, the secretary of state Iv.-u the 100-yard dash in 10.2 sec-! E a id in n. radio addrcs.3 (.CHS) that n'ds both for new lows. [the "desperate disquiet" ot a closely Kr'nio Young, C. C. redhead, set a r i n jt world had forced the United ew t i m e in tho half-mile of 2 rain- states' to adopt an active policy in i t continued t me n - tes 5.9 seconds and Cardwell of 'rinldad also broke t h e ' old 220 low mrdles mark with a 25.9 second per- ormanee. The C 0. relay team whirled the jtvton around the track four times or a record 3 minute 36 second mile L the freshman division. Carfer Waugu, Bengal stripelet, jlearcd 21 feeE 9% inches of Gawdurat n the brond j u m p pit for a now lar- ;et for future yearlings; Cr.mley of behalf ot commerce and orderly po lilical principles. He read too, a brief mcaasEo frou President Roosevelt in which I h c chief executive said that "pacific tn tercourae" t h e "dominant pur pose ot tho foreign policy ol th cUiii ted States." ______ Saunders Bests Joe Watson [Associated Tress; Denver, llfiy 21.--Johnny Goodman's evcaddy, Monk Saunders, negotiated 'he Greeley Cubs eclipsec 1 . liie old 1 3 4 ) 10 f 0 g o [ the Lakewood country avelih mark with a heave 01 17S feet } inches and put the shot to a new islance of 4li feet ',i inch. A phalanx of four varsity flyers were inches apart as t h o - t a p s split or Iho lt-0-yard daah. Prank Stromg )f Montana Slale was awarded tirst .lace atu»- considerable discussion 'iniong tho Judges. Lloyd Madden, 'ines was given aecond; Worth Sti- ilts, C. C., third, and Kd Powers, .reeley fourth. Bob Thompson of Montana Stale ucked medals for his chest in both o mile and two-mile runs--a total three hard-fought miles for (ho aft- l r n o o n . R. M. Conference i Mile linn--Won 'by Thompson, Montana Slate; 'McFarland, Crceley. seond; SpeiEcl, Montana State, .mison, Mines, fourth. Time: '. 43.4 oeconds. club couriie In one over par today to defeat a Colorado university t e a m mate and retain his Dig Seven conference golf title. Saunders, who caddied for Gooa- ian w h e n he was winning the national open and amateur, whipped Joo Walsou of Pnoblo, Colo., four and two. Tho winner fired 3S-33--71 In the morning ond was two over par for the 1G holcs_m the afternoon. L a J u n t a Wins Track Meet Ilocky Ford, May 21.--La Junta scored G3 1-6 points S a t u r d a y the district track and field championships here, defeating Hocky Ford the r u n n e r u p . which scored 40 Animas was t h i r d w i t h 29 . J . I Winners in each event q u a l i f ' 1 the state interscholastic tournament, ' which will be held Saturday at Boul- Greeley Hun--Won by Doty, Oree- cy Slale; Slarl:, Montana State, sec- md; Stucky, Montana State, third; Gulbertson, Greeley, fourth. Time: 2.o seconds, 100-Yard Da.ih--Won by Strong, Montana Slale; Madden, Mines, second; Stimlts, C.U., third; Powers, ,,,.. u1 - 1 - areeley, fourth. Time: 10.4 seconds. 120-Ynrcl High Ili/dlcs -Won by o n d ; Powers, Greeley, third; Ilueck- ly, Mines, fourth. Distance, 21 feet lO^i inches. Jr. College--Freshmen Mile linn--Won by O'Dyrne, Greeley State; Moya, TVinldad, second; ,, n i Trinidad, t h i r d ; Higgins, fourth. Time, 4 minutes, 45.8 'ond"-" t Halhn:in, GrecTey, t h i r d ; ' p r a t t . I 440-Ynrd Hun--Won by Cardwell, fourth Time: 16.S seconds. ] Trinidad; ncdabaiiKh, Urccloy, sec' SOO-Yard nun--Won 'by Mcigfl, i m i d ; McEwcn, Greeley, t h i r d ; Trinidad, fourth. Time: seconds (new record.) 100-Yard Dash--Won by Childears Mesa; Scott, Colorado College, SBC ond; Lewta, Mesa, third; Mcdeirou Grceloy, fourth. Time, 10.2 seconds (now record.) · 120-Yard High Hurdles--Won by Spoor, C.C.; Kellchor, Mesa, second lllce, Greeley, t h i r d ; Louden. 'Mill fourth. Time, 15.7 seconds. SSO-Yard Run--Won by Young, C C.; Powers, Trinidad, second; Depolo, Mines, third; McEwcn, Greolcy, fourth. Time 2 minutes 5.9 seconds (new record.) 200-YardHEash--Won by Childears, Mesa; Scott, C.C.. occond; Lewis, Mesa, third; Cardwoll, Trinidad, 'Colorado College; Doty, Qrceley, see- 'bnd; UciislciKli, Montana State, 'th-ls-d; Hutchinson, Mines'."- fourth. ' i m e - : 2 minutes 5.7 seconds. 200-Yard Dash--Won by Madden, Miitca; Strong, Montana State, second; Slimils, C.C., I h i r d ; Worl, C.G., [oifrth. Time: 2S.4 seconds. Two-Mile Run--Won by Thompson, Montana State; Shaw, C.C:, second; Moqre, Greeley, t h i r d ; Heach, C.C., I'nrlh. Time: 10 minutes, 59 sec- 'OO-Yard Low Hurdles -- Won by rSftn, Greeley; Billings, C.C., ace,1 Pratt, Minra, third; Taehiro, lea, toiirth. Time: 2G.3 seconds. L H l l e Relay--Won by Mlnco ( M a n . ..g, Huecklc, .\Mcbola, Todd); Grce- H fourth. Time, 22.8 seconds. 220-Yard Low Hurdles -- Won ley,"'second; 'Montana State, third; 'Colorado College, fourth. Time 3 min tes SO 1 /, seconds. · JiYelin--\Von by ijiuien, .nuiiiiim*|o^^v,i«, .Jin*., ^.v^., »....--, .. --. 'stale; Green, Greeley, second; Buck-, Trinidad, fonrlh. Time, 25.D seconds lin C C t h i r d ; ICeliinoff, Greeley, 1 (now record). . . . i , ^ . ^ , A r i l . . O n l n . . _ irth Time 3 min- 220-Yard Low Hurdles -- W o n Trinidad; Childears, Maia, Cluzcil, Montana|second; Spoor, C.C., third; WilHan:,3, fourth. Disttince, 1C1 feet, S inch. Shotput--Won hj- Hector, C.C.; Stone M o n t a n a State, second; A r m strong, C. C., third; Greeley, fourth. · Milo Relay-- Won by Colorado Collego (Lewis Young, McWllliama, Scott); Trinidad, second; Mesa, third; Greeley, fourth. Time, 3 min- strong C C., third; ureeiey, lourin.. iiuru; uje^it;)', IUUHIL. *i,,.^, iiatan'ce, 40 feet 6% inches. · 'utoa 35 aeconds (new record.) High jump--Won by Carson, Grce cy; Hamlin, Greeloy, second; Welch, Greeley, '.bird; Tinncy, C. C. fourth. Height, C feet ?4 inch. Discus--Won by Cluzen, Mon.nna Slate-; Kclsking, Mines, second; Laspe, Mines, third; Armstrong, C.C., 'ourth Distance, 128 teet 0.4 Inches. Polo Vault--Won by Berla, Jllnea; Friobec, Montana Slate, second; millngs, C.C., Ihird; lied for fourth, Roberta ot Minca and Funk of Grce- ey. Height 12 feet 3 Inches. ])road Jump -- Won by Tanaa, rfluea; Frlsboe, Montana State, aeo- scason Broad J u m p -- Won by Waugh, Greeley, second; Addy, C.C. t h i r d ; RedabaiiBh, Greeley, fourth. Distance, 21 feet 9-i Inches (new record). Dbcus-rWon hy Spoor. C.O.; Maluy, Meaa, second;' Seara, Greeley, third; Cuniley, Grcolcy, fourth. Distance, 136 feet 10 Inches (new record.) Javelin-- Won by Cuniley, Qrceloy; Baca, Meaa, second; Walker, Mesa, third; HoberUi, Minca,- f o u r t h . 178 feet 6T4 Inches (now record.) Athletics

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  1. Greeley Daily Tribune,
  2. 22 May 1939, Mon,
  3. Page 7

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  • Darrell Maluy takes in track meet in Greeley

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