Article on appropriate styles and behavior for college "girls" in 1925

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Article on appropriate styles and behavior for college "girls" in 1925 - as an absolute monarch."--Herbert A. Miller....
as an absolute monarch."--Herbert A. Miller. THERE ARE SOME MORE GAMES LEFT Somebody bungled [tuners when they scheduled the- Kohawk i-agers for six games away from home within a ten day stretch. No team, however good, can hold up under such 11 strain. Coe cracked under the strain at Lawrence. It was beaten by a noint last night a t Mt. Vernon. It's 100 late now 10 cry over spilt milk. An impossible schedule will have to be played. Two hard games away from home are carded for this week-end. Carletou and Cornell will iinish the season here the first week uf llnrch. By that time the effects i«t" the present road trips should h a v e disappeared. Last night's defeat was hard to take but it didn't end the world. March li is not a long ways off and (V,rnr.11 T v J l l ]...,-,, r , . ,.],,_ .... lloor then. JFer lievi- academic may least Civ should. turn -ies members i l i Two nutting tnriii-d Tin; (.'pen catious against our will the MAYBE MIS* FLAPPER ISN'T SO;:!:^ BAD AFTER ALL | replied ihe i a The flapper is in for it again. ·jut in Lincoln, Nebraska, homo of a great state university, ir seems there also is another institution of higher learning. It goes by the name oi Union cullege. Tho. president of Union college has some peculiar ideas on modern problems, problems, go last tveek he issued a would ami wished their ulti- '^_ m j matum giving the d a i n t y coed? oi t ! ' ! "!' : ~ caminis just four days in which to any io ."'this abandon short skins, low necked : stopped dresses, rouge and lipstick. President 1'rescott might have- been a dressmaker in his earlier years. j We '. a d of For he .=iK'i-ifies just w h a t his girl ' jiiipils may wear. Here is his recipe:! Skirts not more t h a n nine inches! from the ground; ell«jw length sk-evt-s: closely f i l l i n g collars and rougeless faces. We t a k e it that Dr. Present i believes the V i e t o r i a n age is still its supreme gl-;-y. Incidentally it might f-c- ivhisin-red t h a i i h e a l x i rule w i l l be s t r i c t l y enforcr-.l I lieu w i l self m i r good ome doxy rt-hels ii'=t eonc.-ii"ri!:g v.'ill In from iLt- classroom ' But ihe I n i j u i s i i i o n is imt i-on|o»--d lo t h e Nebraska jd-airii-s. There a n - ! v jsts infidels find heretics closer home. Down ui Mi. Vernon a Cornell j i r o - f-^or ii- ·:\M,'.c'\ :·· Io-.v::'s lar-c daily, 1 ,\i!(l all pai*r as h a v i n g d e t e r m i n e d '-''"'"'' "·- ' . ' - ' · · · ' · - , , i. i... ply have- not U-i-n behavin- as t h e y ; j i; ,j,,i st should." he v.-niN-. "t\-\v girls." h c j j,,,],,;,; u - i-ie.. paner. concludes, "if they reali/ed t h a i indulging in wild panj,-s t h e y werel iiijuriug t h t - i r capaL-iliiies of b,-ins| l ; i r churchm-,,. suctessfcl wives and mothers, w o u l d : u - j i h a continue to j j a v w i i h lire no m a l . . how enticing it looks." | ~ T n l l , i l l i s ^ , M! A pe^iinistie I I K I U I I - is it not: Comes Miss Maria L n m a r d and T .,,ekily t nics it all. Miss J.,,,nanl was ,l,.,n| of women m 0,,. r,,r ,en years and i ^ | | a t jirc-sen; hr.!d;ng a s i m i l a r 1'osilioii. w i i h Jjr. Pr-s.-.'-tt ·!! professor. at ih'.- 1,'niversiiy of I l l i n o i s . Her -\- '· : : ! . , ] ],;.. j..-riL-n(-c- should (-nliile her to n word ] : i ; ) : c i m l l u - «.'or- Says Miss Leonard as ciiioted in !a.~t j as morally go^d as Ihe girl of t w e n t years ago--and tuu.-h more wnsihlc.! Boblx'd hair is far preferable in and wire, and short s k i r l s are i In-lipr than the- trailing v.lridy." rats C.qji it hareiy IK- possihli- l h a l t h e ! laodt-rn coed is not quiie as had a s j I,'. 1 ,""" 1 ';-"-' 1 '" ; lirst tier prudish ciders h a v e painted her? Miss Ix-onard h i n l s t h a t sucli is This And somehow--I hough we don't · d know much about those matters-wc, : f ' ; i t l l r ' WJ " ., ,. . . ,, ,, i i t u a l sojigs an idea t h a t t h e former Coe J ( 1 , i n r l . t

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  1. The Coe College Cosmos,
  2. 19 Feb 1925, Thu,
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  • Article on appropriate styles and behavior for college "girls" in 1925

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