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ROLPH HOLDS MOB SHOULD ESCAPE LAW Governor Promises Pardon Pardon to Any Held in Lynching (Continued from Pane One) pose of extracting money from distracted distracted relatives. The governor had intended to leave Sacramento Sunday night for a conference conference of western governors at Boise, Idaho, but remained because trouble was brewing in San Jose. "If I had gone away," he explained, explained, "someone might have called out the troops on me and I promised I would not do that," From Colorado, New York, Penn- aylvania and California cities came messages commenting on the governor's governor's lynching stand. Most of them praised him. One, from the International International Labor Defense league, condemned condemned him. Lauded by Minister "Congratulations on your altitude toward the Hart case," wired a Redlands, Redlands, Cal., minister. "Lynching is a sincere demand for law enforcement. I congratulate you on the attitude toward lynching and the people of California for their noble example in rleaiing with criminals," criminals," messaged Harry G. Kyle, Kansas Kansas City attorney. "We protest your failure to provide adequate protection," wired the Labor Defense league. Clarence Morrill, chief of the state bureau of criminal indentification, added his approval to the governor's remarks, saying: "It is to be regretted, but necessary, necessary, that the peopls took the law into their own hands, but In so doing they served notice on racketeers and gangsters that there Is no place for them In California. "The people have shown they are iveary of the technicalities of ]aw and ... in favor of speedy action rather than the slow procedure of courts." Sheriff's Condition Grave Sheriff William J. Emig, knocked unconscious while vainly trying to fulfil his oath of office and protect his prisoners, was in a serious condi tion at San Jose hospital. Chief Jailor Howard Buffington was suffering from shock and from a severe haltering which included a painful kick In the stomach. Newspaper men led In numbers among those Injured in the rioting, but none of their injuries were serious. serious. Finding about noon Sunday of the body of Hart In the mud flats of San Francisco bay by Leonard L. Dalve and Harold E. Stevens of Redwood City while duck hunting, was the spark that touched off indignation that had been smoldering since Holmes and Thurmond were captured November 16. Word spread through the county lilie a western brush /ire and a crowd soon gathered at the courthouse and jail. Orderly and quiet through Sunday afternoon, the crowd became impatient impatient as dusk fell and soon had pressed beyond the barriers erected between, them and the jail. Reinforced Reinforced by city police, Sheriff Emlg and his forces drove the mob back from the jail and across the street Into the park, using tear gas bombs. Not a shot was fired. Barrage of Bricks Surging back with renewed fury, the mob loosed a barrage of bricks, stones and pipe fittings gathered from the postoffice, under construction nearoy, and demanded the prisoners. Twice they were repulsed by the tear gas. Two sections of six-inch steel pipe then were used as battering rams to force the steel jail door. With streams of water playing on them to dissipate the effects of the gas, the men handling handling the pipes battered down the jail doors, took the cell keys from a dep- Flush Poisons and Acid From Kidneys Stop Getting Up Nights When kidneys are clogged they become become weak—the bladder is irritated —often passage is scanty and smarts and burns—sleep is restless and nightly vlalts to the bathroom are frequent. 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"Nobody is secure, even in his own dwelling," he wrote, "and the; ruffians, ruffians, If arrested at all, arc not pun is'ned." The vigilante committee of 1851 operated operated for months after it was formed to revenge the nssaull nnd robbery of a respected merchant named Jensen. Jensen. uty and seized the prisoners, located on upper floors. A howling mob heat the prisoners as they were dragged to the park. Every inch of space in the .square, within a block of the principal business business corner of San Jose, was filled with pushing humanity. Two trees were selected and the hiinging followed. followed. Thurmond was unconscious when pulled aloft, font Holmes fought his captors lilce o wild innn. The third time the rope wn.s pulled, his powerful frame shot upward :md his struggles were over. Koar of Cheers A racking roar of cheers ripped the night wide open as the bodies of the victims were hoisted aloft. Girls in their 'teens and old women, college youths and wiser heads joined in the deafening bursts of applause. Thousands Thousands milled about in the uncertain light viewing the swinging bodies, that of Holmes stripped of all clothing, clothing, while traffic officers not a hundred hundred yards away calmly directed a steady strenm of automobiles past the lynching scene. Police took down Ihe bodies an hour later, but the crowd stayed on through the night, with little groups still gathered at dawn beneath the hanging trees that had been divested of many branches by souvenir hunters. hunters. District Attorney Fred Thomas branded as "preposterous" any suggestion suggestion thai the county may be held responsible for the lynchings. He 'said his duty was to prosecute any person against whom charges were tiled, but added he did not anticipate anticipate any charges due to the diffi culty of identifying the members of the mob. Ralph B. Jordan, press correspondent, correspondent, who was injured when struck by a brick hurled in the San Jose lynching Sunday night, was a mem bcr of The Salt Lake Tribune and the Los Angeles Examiner staffs before before joining the International News Service staff in Son Francisco. SAN JOSE, Cal,. Nov. 27 (/P)—In a surprise move, authorities today rushed Anthony Serpa, convicted of manslaughter niid for a time last night In danger of being lynched, here from San Francisco, took him before Judge R. R. Sycr, who sentenced him to ane to ten years in San Quentin, and hurried him oft to the penitentiary. Serpa, who was convicted of manslaughter manslaughter tor the slaying of Leonard Ramonda, ranch foreman, during an alleged poaching expedition, was taken taken to San Francisco last night for safekeeping after some members of the mob which lynched Thomas H. Thurmond and John M. Holmes also demanded Serpa. "Let's make a clean sweep ot this!" one member ot the mob cried. Officials managed to get Serpa out of his cell and a few minutes later he was with a deputy, mixing with the crowd. He was not recognized, and the deputy took him to San Francisco. Francisco. He had been ordered to appear for sentencing tomorrow morning, but authorities moved the uction up to today, today, fearing some further outbreak of violence. Mother Declares Thurmond Insane SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 27 (IP)— Thomas Harold Thurmond, lynched last night In San Jose for the kidnap- ing of Brooke L. Hart, was insane, his attorney and his mother declared today In formal statements here, say- Ing the lynching of Thurmond and John M. Holmes was "a blot on the fair name of Santa Clara which can never be wiped out." The mother, Mrs. Llllie Thurmond of San Jose, declared her son had been an. exemplary young man, always always kind, devoted, and loving, but thnt within the last four years a noticeable noticeable change had come over him. "Just about a year ago we discussed among ourselves the advisability of placing him in an institution for treatment, and had him examined for that purpose by medical men," the statement of the mother said. "We felt, however, that he would overcome that condition, and therefore therefore withheld any action to declare him mentally incompetent. . . .We are now convinced that he gradually became worse, end that recently his mind had entirely become deranged and reason had completely left him. Our grief IE unbearable, nnd we are all heartbroken beyond expression." Speaking in behalf of the family. Including the Rev. Roy J. Thurmond of Chico, Cal., and Mrs. Gail Knr- nagel, brother nnd sister of Thurmond, Thurmond, Attorney J. O. Goldstein denounced denounced statements made by Governor Governor Rolph "as reprehensible and unpardonable." unpardonable." "By his very statements he hns clearly demonstrated his total unfitness unfitness nnd lack of intelligence to occupy occupy that high, exalted office," Goldstein Goldstein declared. "As an officer of the courts of the state, I greatly deplore the travesty of justice and fair play which has just taken place in Santa Clara county. The blot upon the fair name ot that county will never be wiped out. There can never be any set of circumstances or conditions which justify such action. "I say unhesitatingly that our courts 11-21 TON REO SPEEDWAGON FAMOUS S CYL. GOLD CROW* ENGINE • FULL-FLOATING AXLE • BUG FRAME • HYDRAULIC BRAKES • HEAVY DUTY TIRES GREATEST TRUCK VALUES ON THE MARKET Brower-Towl Motor Co. er 120 East 5th South Wasatch 2702 In 1856 the committee was'reor- ganized when James King ot William, editor of the San Francisco Bulletin, was shot and killed by a notorious politician, James F. Casey. The vigilantes hanged Casey at Fort Gunnybags, nnd decided, at the last minute, also to execute Charles Cora. Pie had shot General Richardson, Richardson, United States marshal lor California, California, on a San Francisco street after a quarrel. In December, 1920, three members of the San Francisco Howard street gang were lynchod at Santa Rosa after having been forcibly removed from jail by a band of men organized !n San Francisco. An earlier manifestation of vigilante vigilante spirit was recorded in May, 1901, vylien Calvin Hall, his three sons and his aon-in-law, were lynched in Modoc county for cattle stealing. MOB ESCAPER GOES TOPRISON Sentence Rushed for Slayer, Slayer, After Threat, to Avoid Danger of justice are by no means Impotent. But from the attitude and statements of the governor, this seems to be his belief and conviction. As an attorney, attorney, I visited and conferred with Thurmond for several hours, and state without question that he was absolutely menially unbalanced and in every sense of the word, insane. "H is my belief that he never had any understandable conception of the part he played In the tragic crime. C know nothing could have been done for him, and so advised his family. Nevertheless, he should have been afforded afforded his legal rights and then it was up to the law to take its course." Mischievous Children Blamed for Threat Note LOS ANGELES, Nov. 27 (/P)—Mischievous (/P)—Mischievous school children were suspected suspected by police today as the writers of a note which was left at the home of Rulon C. McMurrin, vice president of a rock and gravel company, demanding demanding $25,000 to prevent a "disaster" "disaster" to his family. Detectives said the note was printed printed on a sheet of paper, apparently form from n school notebook. It directed directed McMurrin to watch "the papers" papers" and find out where the money was to be placed. Police Storm Dormitory Of Anti-Semitic Guard IASI, Rumania, Nov. 27 (fP) —One student was killed and several were critically injured tonight when police and troops stormed a dormitory where members of the anti-Semitic iron guard were barricaded. Police planned to smoke out the students with tear gas, but were suddenly suddenly fallen upon from behind by adherents adherents of Professor Cusa's party, members of which are rivals of the fascist iron guard, but nevertheless rallied on this occasion to the rescue. Postponement Granted In Hatchet Case Hearing Rulon Stevenson, 27, of 1063 Ninth Enst street, was granted a postpone ment of his preliminary hearing Monday Monday until December 5 on charges of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. Stevenson is alleged to have broken into n house at 863 East Sixth South street November 13, and to have terrorized terrorized the family ot Anton Schetse lanr'iby wielding a hatchet. Kansas State Auditor Impeached hy House TOPEKA, Nov. 27 (.'P)—Impeachment (.'P)—Impeachment of Will J. French, state auditor, on charges of misdemeanor in office was voted by the Kansas house of representatives late today through adoption of a Resolution calling for such action. On a voice vote, only a few votes were cast against the motion to adopt the resolution. MRS. COOLIDGE OPENS SALE NORTHAMPTON, Mass., Nov. 27 (/f) —Mrs. Grace Goodhue Coolidge, widow of former President Coolldgc, today opened the public sale of Christmas seals for the National Tuberculosis Tuberculosis association. Stomach Ulcers 3-Day Relief— No Operation No need to juHer with ulcer* due to tijperacidl;y, distress utter eating, stomach pains. ?»t. sour stonmoh, Indigestion or constlDBtlon. Von's Tablets »ld N»ture*« heallnt Bower. Not en tale in Drur Storei. a*t them from the Q«n Franelico Yen Co., - . OBCEM O. BLOOD SCORES LYNCHING, BUT HITS KIDNAPER Governor Urges Capital Punishment for Crime of Abduction (Continued from Page One) "did a good job," resulted in n flood of criticism yesterday. National organizations as well as prominent individuals voiced protests against the governor's attitude. Some of the comment follows: San Francis-.'o—J. Oscar Goldstein, attorney for the Thurmond family, said the governor's attitude was "reprehensible "reprehensible and a blot against the state," declaring that the lynched man's mother is dying as a result of the mob action. Now York—The national committee for the defense of political prisoners addressed a letter to Governor Rolph declaring: "You are unfitted for the responsibilities placed upon you. We ire as lar from advocating kidnap- iif? ns you ara. We believe that lor their crime, Thurmond and Holmes should havf been tried and sentenced. We bcliovo that they deserved the maximum penalty. We begin to understand understand clearly why you turn a deaf ;ar to the evidence in the Mooney- Billings case. Once more you have permitted your personal convictions ;o interfere with impersonal and vigorous vigorous administration of your sworn duties." Oklahoma City—Governor W. H. Murray said that the lynching of Thurmond and Holmes could have aeen averted if the public had been convinced that the kidnapers would have received the death penalty. Lincoln, Neb.—Uniform state laws, making death the penalty for kidnap- ing, "is the most satisfactory way to deal with the kidnaping racket," Governor Governor Charles W. Bryan said. "Kid- naping," he said, "is the most dastardly dastardly of all crimes." New York—Governor Rolph's attitude attitude was attacked as a "shameful official official encouragement to mobs to defy authorities," by the National Association Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "No citizen," the nssocia- tion's statement said, "and no government government is safe with anarchy sanctioned from the governor's chair." Decatur, Ala.—Thomas E. Knight Jr., Alabama attorney general, who is directing prosecution of the Scotte- boro case, expressed opposition to mob violence "in any form." Chicago — Clarence Darrow expressed expressed bewilderment over the reported reported remarks of Governor James flolph ot California condoning the lynching of two kidnapers. "I do not approve of capital punishment, which is merely legal lynching, so I can anly condemn illegal lynching," said Darrow. "That is a strange statement statement to come from the governor oi any state," Darrow added. "I can't understand how any man in his position position could do such a thing. It is thoroughly inconsistent with his duty and authority." • St. Paul—Assistant Attorney General General Joseph B. Keenan, who prosecuted prosecuted the Kelly-Bailey gong of kidnapers in Oklahoma and the Touhy gangsters in St. Paul, said today that he did not approve of the lynching of two kidnapers in San Jose, Cal. "The spirit of mob violence breeds contempt contempt of law," said Keenan. Springfield, 111.—Governor Henry Homer said today in commenting on the San Jose lynching that "every lynching is a defiance of law and order order and an admission of the inadequacy inadequacy of local authorities to prosecute prosecute crime." Westfleld, Mass.—Governor Joseph B. Ely said laconically, "I disapprove of lynching." Boston—Dr. WiUiam I. Stidger, pas- ior oi the Copley Methodist Episcopal church, said he thought it a "terrible thing for Governor Rolph to say." "The crime, ot course, was a dastardly dastardly one," he said, "but we condemn mob violence in Russia, in China and everywhere else, and we can't take the law into our own hands. We are an intelligent people and we must have law and order." New York—The American Civil Liberties union sent the following telegram to Governor Rolph: "You are quoted as justifying San Jose lynching of kidnapers by saying 'It is the best lesion California has ever given the country.' Our board of directors denounces such an unprecedented unprecedented official endorsement of lynching. It i.s an incitement to mob violence elsewhere with lynching on the increase. Statements credited to you make you directly a party to the lynching. We express the indignation of thousands who deplore and condemn condemn kidnaping, but who abhor lynching and mob violence more." Atlanta—The southern commission on interracial relations, through its president, Dr. Will W. Alexander, charged Governor Rolph with being "in effect an accessory before the fact" in the lynching. The commission commission stated that the governor, "in expressing approval of the lynching, lent his support to the most ruthless ruthless form of lawlessness in America." Detroit — Prosecutor Harry S. Toy of Wayne county said: "While I am in favor o£ the death penalty for kidnapers, I do not agree with Governor Rolph's condonement of the lynchings. Lynching is strictly un- American. If we let down the bars for mob administration of justice, we will have all laws being enforced by mobs. I believe Governor Rolph should have seen to the passage of laws which would hove eliminated legal technicalities in kidnaping cases and sent the confessed kidnapers of Brooke Hart to their legal death before before mobs could have taken vengeance. vengeance. Albany — John J. Bennett Jr., attorney attorney general of New York state, commenting upon Governor Rolph's statement, said: "I am a strong believer believer in law enforcement. We have provided an orderly system for the apprehension, trial and sentence of criminals. It should be carried out." Prosecutor Asks Jury To Convict Mrs. Games SPOKANE, Wash., Nov. 27 (IP)—In ;i cold, reasoning appeal, devoid of dramatic eloquence. Prosecutor Louis A. Bungc asked the superior court jury today to convict Lily Banka alncs of first degree murder for the shooting of her husband, Dr. James I. aines. He did not demand the death pen- ally, leaving the sentence to the discretion discretion f>f the jury, If it convicts the attractive young widow. It can be either death on the gallows or life imprisonment. Describing Mrs. Gaines as a calm, cold, sphinx-like woman, who planned a murder for money, Bunge pent two hours and 45 minutes telling telling the state's story of the crime, as wrought out by more than 40 witnesses. witnesses. Vanguard Arrives At Uruguay Meet MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Nov. 27 (IP)— The presence of five delegations to the Pan-American conference anc the prospect thut American and Bra zilian representatives would arrive Tuesday accelerated preparations to day for the gathering. Dr. Jose Manuel Puig-Casauranc the Mexican foreign minister anc leader of the Mexican group here, ex pressed himself as hopeful that debts and a Pan-American, bimetal mone tary system would appeal to the majority majority at delegates as a matter for discussion. He added, however, Mexico would not press the point if the atmosphere were not favorable. Delegations which have already arrived arrived for the conference, due to open December 3, were the Mexican, Cuban, Cuban, Ecuadorean, Venezuelan and Salvadorean. Alberto Giraudy, chairman of the Cuban group, and Hector D. Castro of Ecuador said their delegations planned to offer nothing not included in the agenda, which covers such matters matters as economic problems, peace and Pan-Americanism. the of the the the holding former of Albert Mrs. and one, or on Lawyer Sent to Prison On Bank Fraud Charge NEW YORK, Nov. 27 W)—Isidor Kresel, Austrian immigrant boy who rose high among New York lawyers, was sentenced to Sing Sing prison today on a charge of aiding in the misapplication of funds belonging to an affiliate of the closed bank of Uniied States. "I am innocent," said the diminutive diminutive Kresel, former counsel to the bank, when Supreme Justive George H. Taylor Jr. ordered him to prison for a term of 18 to 30 months. Weak from a recent illness and with tears in his eyes, Kresel was sent immediately immediately to the Tombs when his lawyer failed to obtain bail pending an appeal. Barbarism. I deeply regret the governor's governor's attitude. It is an invitation to further lawlessness." Ardmore, Pa.—Mrs. Atwater Kent, n a telegram to Governor Rolph, declared: declared: "Congratulations on your atti- ude toward red-blooded Californiana vho did the finest thing that has been leard of in years." Indianapolis—Leo Carillo, actor, In a telegram to Governor Rolph, said: 'Dear Uncle Jim: The entire country commends you for your courageous attitude in the Thurmond-Holmes matter. California has shown the world the cure. Congratulations." Sacramento—C 1 a r e n c e Merrill, chief of the California bureau of criminal criminal identification, averred it was "to be regretted such action was necessary," necessary," but added: "The people are tired of technicalities technicalities of the law which favor criminals and the slow action of court procedure." procedure." Kansas City, Mo.—Harry G. Kyle, attorney and former judge, wired congratulations congratulations to Governor Rolph: "The time has come when states should do away with parole boards and tolerate lynching, which is a sincere demand for law enforcement." UNITED AIR LINES WORLD'S FASTEST MULTI-MOTOR SERVICE New Boeing Planes - - - 2 pilot: Stewardess service - - Radio - Heated, Heated, quiet cabins . . Lavatory 5V< Hrs. San Francisco $41.52 Boise 18.24 n man. It ry :hat )eet he s .he )f icss A $200,000 2 Hrs. 5% Mrs. BVzHrs. S'/sHrs. 44.04 52.86 41.70 6 Hrs. S'/aHrs. 12,Hrs. Portland Seattle. 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