19480403 The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland) Saturday, April 3, 1948 p6 CLIP

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19480403 The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland) Saturday, April 3, 1948 p6 CLIP - SATURDAY, APRIL 3, THE MORNING HERALD....
SATURDAY, APRIL 3, THE MORNING HERALD. HAGERSTOWN; MARYLAND Cabineers Rout Transports Lose Art Deems On Fouls In Third Quarter Four Cabineers Hit Double Figures In Scoring Column, Column, Dorsey Leading With 24 Points—Flyers Trail All the Way By JOE SNYDER The Fairchild Transports lost center Art Deems on fouls midway in the third period and then proceeded to lose the first of a five-game playoff series for the Community Basket- hall League title to Uncle John's red-hot Cabineers 85-41, in a one-sided but furious basketball game at the Y. M. C. A last night. The contest had a vastly-different air than Wednesday Wednesday night's second-half playoff, when the scrappy Transports Transports fought back in the second half to nab a 56-53 decision decision and necessitated the five-tilt set for the championship. championship. The loss of Deems, their Lop offensive offensive threat, obviously hii the Flyers hard, hut even with the limber limber pivot-man in tlie line-up they were unimpressive. VV h o r e a s Deems connected for so points in Wednesday's upset, all he could gather last nitdu during his two- and-a-half period sojourn was a comparatively-meager eight— and two ot those from the foul line. Dorsey, Howard Star Taking the spotlight last ni^ht were lanky Jack Dorsey, who ihe half, mainly on the work of Kuarci ".lei-p" Marlowe, who polled three twin-pointers and two free throws to lead the barrage. With the adsenf of the third stanza, the Cabins .cut loose with an attack on the cords that netted them 13 points inside of four short minutes, and after that it was simple—that's, where Deems left the premises after committing his fifth personal foul. The Transports Id,'8541, In First Of Community • - u ENTRIES RESULTS FIRST— ?2.r,00; incl up; Coiiiury 1 l/iu mile*. •1 years i FIKST— $2,500; claiming; \ years iljlllt Prim-ess H.SC Lil.ro Bii th- ini Our Quest r>(i ion 104 J01 106 Smart xUo u»wn A-J'ino Tree xl'riiicoss V I,. xSaiinarf 10? HO IOC, I'M 117 10G day KKCOXD—$2,500; c up; ] ]/ni inile, I a im ins; 4 yr. Ilasle Inn Target Aircraft Twirik Shot F Mar :U. Ale z Bud Dor 11 120 114 111 lOtj J13 117 Johnnie Too Alitl xx/itf Ktitin p \Vintimp Sparrows Point xVery Brave 10!) 111 nu i <}<; IQli 120 104 THIttn—$3,000; 'Samba .Step years; Atrobla •.Moniforth iTrt-s Chit- \Viseirraekor a Royal Scot 113 103 JH 108 nu 113 and Mary Ann If You Baby Pauly 1'iitiKKJ'le Table Ill IDS 113 10S> Rogers entry. <-l-!oi>;uiet Stable entry. FOl'RTH —$3,000; 4 years FOCRTd — $:{.000; claiming- ears and up; 6 furlongs. Box andy Pan xStar Call ood Bunyztle.se 11!" 10S 107 122 10S x Wise Brunei to xLiidy Hair- 101 Well fret I IS 111 FIFTH—$3,000; claiming; 4 years and up; G furlongs. Joshua 113 xDear Mom 10) Tumble Boy li:{ " Land Cruiser M. 11?, 10 S nd up; (J furlong*. 'iniiilrv I) ml (•, . J,rul, <1.SO U.-IO JO.'J (Hriiry) , H.«0 •J nne—1:1 ti 1-5. Charles City. 'Air lamer, I-',:rnlet. Dou-noy B, Timoii, ad Cold. Gay Rover, Town di :anio',s Choice also ran. S K C 0 N D -ears -ears and up; 'NX-It/.- lUir, (Harris) ... 'r«-n i'li Mm- §2,f)00; C claiming-; 4 »n-k.v Hirllxhiy, 10« (Slu-ridJiu) ,1^10 -1-5. .My Uai. lostes.s. War ScainJaJ. U'ay Hurry. Alcnc-h IK'T. Hrnmle .\fate also ran. ml ILT IJOl HM^—CoiiHtr, JNyt'ljIir H;ite paid fl'ff. lor TJI{ltD--$2 ( r)00; claiming; 4 years n.J up; Km l, I*:ulKdi) -k Tonl, furlongs. (i.SO 4.SO (Mi<>ri<l;i<i) JO.fiO f[.SO aMiirK .HotvK'i-. JK{ ('!';«inituiro) 5.80 lime — l:lii a-a. First Party weet Hash. Kwingalong, Salute, a kern U)), Kensington Bid. GiCled Iso Fiddler's ran. Three, Keopawuy FOURTH — § ears and up; 1 niiltrroni, 10!) (I .:«•»•» i/i« . SH.liO ^ claiming; miles. ilin'. J'iu<; 1'at.sy YisioiK .. ••iss-Dun. Count. Chant. Red xlso ran. 'H» t.-IO f ..JO iid. ,n'p, .A iv;iy; Torch FIFTH—$3,500: claiming; 4 years lonest Knave, 10H ini- for the decided , and has Field of Nine Entered In the Experimental Handicap Handicap At Jamaica New York, Ajn-il 2 (^—Kentucky Derby hopes of .seven powerful racing stables will be tested tomorrow tomorrow in the $20,000 Experimental-Free Experimental-Free Handicap at Jamaica race course. This six furlong dash is ihe Ual major Eastern test Louisville classic, to be four weeks from tomorrow drawn a field of nine headed by Bea P. Whita ker's My Request, W. L. Bra mi's Escadru, King ranch's Task, and the Maine Cha nee far m entry of Ace Admiral and Royal Blood. Others entered are Joe W. Brown's Riverlane, Lester Major farm's Fugit, Hal Price Headiey's Pinebloom, and A. C. Ernst's Ala- blue. Last name is the only non- Derby eligible. While there was some disappointment disappointment that trainer Sunny Jim" Fitzsimmons made a last minute decision to withhold Belaiv Stud's Whirling Fox and Gangway, plenty of class still may be found. The combination of My Request, with Eddie Arcaro up, probably will STRIKES ..BOWLING ... SPARES KA<iLKS HOWLIXCi L«OV«l ; E JJigli single ganse, Ed Burger. i>£; high three game total, Kliek J>7; high team .single game. Crows' .'-; high team three game total, 'rows, lb 07. Ed Burger, 15«-3?y; Wagner. 320; Ajckron. 13C-:j:it); Mumina, 124; \icodemus. 129-330; Klick i;j'j ir>l- '; Lapole, 140-340; G. Sho\ve 1'M- 141; Brinton. 12!:}-325; .Schlotterbock. 21: I). Tracy. 333; Cottril, 12U-324; Miller, 121; Lushbaugh. 12.S-33T,- lildelirand, 123-320; . Sonders r'7- 20; Weizel, 120; Wagner l-l'l-:$r,;j- Drenner, 125-350; Alien, 327; Beckey. Beckey. 331; Keedy. I2S; Spangler 1'H- M;i; Bi.ser. 121; Rom i no. 124; Rocco 122-343; LeFevre. 127. Crows . .. Robins . .. Larks ... Wrens ... Owls Quails . . , SparroVs Flickers .. Canaries , Cardinals TJiriishes . Starlings •. Falcons .. Pheasants Doves Cranes .. Won . 31 31 ! 28 . 27 23 ! 21 . 20 . 20 . 1'.) . 17 . 17 '. 13 . 11. . 10 . . S Loxl 8 8 11 12 l(i IS LADY KI,KS IMHVUVC: I.KAOIF, High individual singly game, M. Gallagher izit; high individual three games, M. Kealey 3ili and V. Warner !01 (tie); high team single game November 514; high team three gamt-s, September 1442. Jndividiial scores: V. Warner 10S- 01; il. Jlr-aley 103-301; M. Gallagher 20; T. Giller.-e 114; M. Hohrer 112; . Prior 112; R. L'nger 111; E. Morganthal Morganthal 110; J. Zimmerman 110; M .."rouse 10S; C. Foltz 10S; B. Eckstine Eckstine 106; I'. FJook 10G: E. Crowther 105; P. Yeakle 102; M. liaruaugh 101; J. Harbaugh 103: B. Ray 100. Palace eiwut-h >»„,„., to ' i a , , e,\! 1 epple.s Cleaners at Bowling Ctr Spillway at Sherwood Broi ok ha tan Brass at Am. Legion JlecreatJon at Coliseum. RI.KS Shoulder^ Ankles •l-iips ...'. Xecks Kum Jaws Backs Hides KVPS Antlers 20 20 JO 19 18 IS 17 Hi 13 12 12 27 11 2S / •;.• • • • • • 9 30 individual one game: R. Gal--„-.. Gal--„-.. 157; high individual three games; R. Gallagher 370; high team one game: Ears ;>7S; high team three games: Knees 1G21. imiividii.-ti s<'oi'ex~-iin.:nn J- Packett 117-319; c. Hvkes X. Oswald Hoofs Teeth Tails nibs Won 32 28 27 Lout 7 10" 11 12 14 17 17 19 19 19 21) 21 21 22 23 26 ancos against the Buo$, Thornton ,Lee helped hts own cause by singling iu a Glaut vim in the third. > Three walks, \VUlard double and a single, off Klcby in the Ili-st iiuiiug pvoduoeU runs. CJint Hai-tung and Whltey Lookman Lookman each had home runs for the Giants. Pittsburgh OQO 321 13?—12 la 1 New York 301 003 000— 7 9 j Higbe, Singleton (7) and Kluttz; Le e, Hartuu'g (5), Ayers (8), Hal-' lett (9) 'and Westrum. 12-1; 120; . E. Dr i«- r. i. 1 -?;, 1 !' 01 V« Carty - \\ilhams 12,; (J. Gibne ( rV'°n,' e 13:J - H9-'«:52; D. Fisher '138l?,32 : oic? VI l! ser 1- ---34'0; D. Huber 131- f ,V- b: ,, A - Crome r 127. 125-350; T IND1ANS SCALP SOX .Tucson, Ariz., April 2 (#}—Al Gettel and rookie Edgar (Special Delivery) Jones throttled the Chicago Chicago White "Sox with five hits today today as the Cleveland Indians triumphed triumphed 12 to 4, The Indians exploded for seven runs in the fifth inning as they won their 14th 'game ia 19 exhibition starts and their 10th. in the iasl 12 contests. Although they failed to produce a home run, the Indians rapped out 12 hits off Joe Hayries, Howard Judson and Alex Danelishen. Chicago (A) 001 100 200—4 5' 2 .Cleveland 300 071 lOx—12 13 ( Haynes, Judson (5', Danelisheu (6) and Tresh; Gettel, Jones. (6) and Murray, Ruskowski (6).

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