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1947112 Hope Star (Hope, Arkansas) Wednesday, November 12, 1947 pFOUR (14) CLIP - HOPI STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Wednesday, November...
HOPI STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Wednesday, November 12,1947 K Ad.,Mu.t Be In Ottic* Day B«for. Publication EM, 4.00 2.70 4.5C 8.00" 5.00 _. . afe lot CdntiHuOUi insertioni only . it Ad* Cam in Advue* ken OVet th» Pbont WOMErffHELP FtUL THE NEED I*or Practical Nuraes. Instruction. Easy to learn at home, spare time. Good pay. Many earn while learning. No High School required. Information Free. Wayne School of .Practical Nurs ing. Box 88> Hope, Ark. 10-3t Wtrt,. Wanted %Rt. 4. TO HANDLE ABOUT mill. W. ,L. Anderson, - ii-et to Rent i UNFURNISHED' HOUSE city limits. Couple with 1 ». Permanent/' Call- 743-W. {,-. ' <•* - '11-61 lies man Wanted SUAIj OPPORTUNITY l high caliber expert- Salesmen -to sell retail S*Jn'the' State',of Arkansas, Ss'elected' must own automo- tfjpjreference will ^ given to pilicants who know'the retail 'lf!&jr/; trade. Position pays sat> sat> expenses, plus liberal'bonus, ^arrange for personal Jntervigwji pe,'* Arkansas, please a"d."airmail a"d."airmail reply stating qiiali ons ; and' ,phone ^riumber 't rold M. Ward, 2701 Lips,.,, Lips,.,, B*t. Worth, Texas. 6-tf Help Wanted WOMAN TO LIVE IN tfe and help with housework. Vate ' room. Salary. Phone ll-3t Instruction - Ftmole Notice WE BUY USED FURNITURE. One'piece or carload. City Finn! ture Co, Phone 61. 220, East 3rd. Street. H ORDER YOUR' CHRISTMAS GIFT For Rent „,_,-.— BEDROOM, ADJOINING jfijtfath,' with kitchen privileges. ',„;: , _. 217 West 13th Street. gggjPv- ' "-M FURNISHED GARAGE [yjartment at 803 South Pine St. lone 581-J. i ll-3t' , ,, E ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment. Mrs. Elva Pickard, EasJ; 3rd St. ll-3t 'OU DO or I DO ear Paisley School 1RS.C.C. DODSON fe-JA* ' ,"; ' , patronizethe <* elp Yourself Laundry P I ,T 715 W. DIvisfon magazines now. Chas. Reynerson. H&n. ' , ' Special rates Phone 28, City 23-lm For Safe MY HOME FOR SALE. FOR Information, calf Day 0 and a night phone 853-Vf. 7-6 REGISTERED GERMAN SHORT hair pointdr puppies, 3 months old, out of Penny?, daughter, o: 1 Champion Hans iV, Wnldwinke and Heidi, field trial winner from the' .famous Waldwinkel kennels - in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Also • 1 setter; 1. pointer. Non-registered ' <17 ; months;-old.;Hunted one sea , s6n. Gary'JPotmbyt Patmos, Ark J>. X V ..,-'.' -' • 10-3 3 ROOMiHOUSE.TOtBE MOVED 500 gallon-Jviraten'' tank. A. -A Rogers; P^ione 10OT-M. 10^ 125'.BUSHEIi OF PEARS. - per' ^ *tiushel: John W. Ozan, Ark., $1:50 Webb 10-3 BABY BUGGY, SCALES, BED Apply 109 North Washington St Phone 1102-W. 11-3 FIVE ROOM HOUSE AND FUHNI ture, good neighborhood. $1,00' down. $37 per month. Phoni 1147-R. 11-3 JOHNSON GRASS HAY. FIRST and second cutting. Delivered Call or write Horace Alford Hope, Rt. 3. 11-G IDNEY;- SHAPED . .UNPAINTED dressing table and bench. Neve used. Good used pair of green plastic Prjscilla curtains. A used baby buggy and teeter-babe 505 South Walnut. Phone 1163-R 12-3 Lost N WASHINGTON - BLEVINS road through Proving Ground, £ year-old' White -with black tick specks setter dog. Answers t name oi Jim.^Reward. Notify o call 1068-W, Hope, Arkansas. 12-3 Texas School Girl to Ploy Football Fair Enough By Wdtbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate; Two bourbon-soda and for me a icotch mist; And now leave us take a gander at the list. TJ . Wonderful steaks here, Idaho po- ato, corn bocf, pot roast. There's Ed. HI, Eddie boy! how's hings on the coast? Looking fine! Terrific- But tern- ic- How's the wife? Never saw you looking better m your life. Follow my eye, pal, I nadn t bet- ;er point But over yonder's Greasy; he really-owns the joint. ,, And with,, that's the judge o£ the Court of Special Pleas Bat I can't seem to place the other two gees. The judge, his brother, he's in slot machines . . And strong as horseradish, here ,p Noo Orleens;' . • Charged water, pretzels, s wile- sticks and sports Policy and, you know, disorderly disorderly resorts. Narcotics,; handbooks, tablecloths tablecloths arrd jackets The baseball, football and bas, bas, cetbdll rackets. Over there in Jersey guy to see he's the In problems up. to. murder in the "irst degree. . Grand- . juries, trial .juries, anything' anything' you wish General operation; he's a blue plate dish. „ Swooners, crooners and junkeys, natch. Well, here's looking at you; down the hatch. Get a load of that commotion over there The honorable justice is going on the air. Give him a line in a column and he . ' Will give you an exclusive on the court's decree. Runs up from Washington to fire off his lip Eats on the cufferoo, including also tip. Sometimes he will read his opinion opinion out loud And glower at the pauses, to impress impress the crowd. The national committeeman is coming in now :An ambulance-chasing alcoholic lobby go w. For a G-note he can fix it so you can cop a plea ; Or get you in some day for lunch with Harry S. T. That little fellow yonder, who looks like a clerk , Not him the other one, that one's a jerk I mean the quiet-looking scrawny scrawny little guy You wouldn't hardly figure him for F B I REAT little copper what I mean Teriff. Spot you a ton of weight and lay y,bu out stiff, :' Sit around here and they all drifi in— ' . ' ' . ^ \ It's StSII the Army, Mr. Leahy' Its unbeaten streak of three.years, 10 months and 29 days so unexpectedly broken at 32 games,.by Columbia, Army turns to the Notre Dame game, Nov. 8, with greater determination than ever The linemen are, left to right, John Trent, Coble Bryant Jbe Henry Bill Yeoman, Capt. Joe Steffy, Chai-les Gallowaj and Jim Rawers Backs are Winfield Scott, ArnoldiGalifTa, Rip-Rowan and Bobby Jack Stuart Breakfast in Bed Leahy's 'Pep' Talk Was Simple By CARL LUNDQUIT New York, Nov; 12 — (UP); — His approach to. football's annual "Battle of the Century" was simple. simple. '.. .:• .•"':.• He merely read the starting lineup lineup in the dressing room, then said: "Gentlemen, Army is out' there waiting'for us." '; • . : .. No coach ever was more on-the spot. Every one of seveal hundred sports writers assigned to cover the big game had .picked his team to ,win. So, he just went out and won it, 27 to 7. That was aboui all there was to it for the United Press coach of the week, Frank Leahy of unbeaten unbeaten and untied Notre Dame. That is about all except that '"This is the life," thinks Chatterbox, as reclining in his bed under a hand-crocheted coverlet, he sips milk from a doll's nursing bottle. Chatterbox is a baby gray squirrel that was rescued from a-dog's attack and adopted by students, of Lynnbrook School, Betbesda, Md. By Hugh 8. Fuller-ton, Jr. • New York, Nov. 12 — (iP) —Basketball —Basketball schedules, which are cluttering cluttering up the mail whenever the college publicity men can take time off from beating the football drums, show probably the greatest intersectional court jamboree o?i record this winter. . .The Madison Square Garden program, fo instance, instance, shows six teams from the Pacific coast, five from the Rocky Conerly Leads Offensive Players wherever football is dicussed they will be talking for years about the prilliant strategy switch in which "..eahy produced a spectacularly 'ine running attack at a time when Army was primed to stop ,he fancy passing of Quarterback Johnny Lujack. Leahy, who in many ways might be described as the Branch Rickey of football, carries the conversation al ball as neatly as some of his sacks tote the 'pigskin. He said ;here had been no attempt at any :ime for "revenge" or to run up a large score. 'We earned all the pointes we were able to get," Leahy said. "They had a good team. If anything, anything, tney had a slight weakness at end, but I_am not criticising their ends. They coached team." About his own had well squad Leahy found it hard to single out stars. "It was a team victory," he said. "Everybody blocked well, but you have to. give just a little more of the credit to the left side of our line. And as for Terry Brennan's touchdown run back with the opening opening kickoff, it was the sweetest gift I ever received." Bobcats Journey to DeQueen for Game Friday Friday night the Bobcats journey over to DeQueen for a game with the Sevier County Leopards and the following week return to Hope for the final home game against Arkadelphia. Past performances rate the Bobcats Bobcats a little edge over DeQueen who has had a fair season but has not met the stiff competition that Hope ' has week end and week out. The Bobcats will ' be in pretty good shape with the exception of Jimmy Dick Hammbhs, second string end, who is probably out for the rest of the season with a hand injury. Many fans are expected to make the trip to DeQueen as it promises promises to be the best game left on' the Hope schedule with the exception exception of Pine . Bluff, which is also away from home. Accompanying the team will be tyie 65-piece High School band that has made all out of town trips: this season. — • -o Believes Sox May Have Picked Best Bargain Cincinnati, Nov. 11 —(/P)—It's a long shot, but the Cleveland • Indians Indians might have picked up the best bargain at the major league player draft here yesterday when Bill Veeck, president of Ohio's entry: in the American League, put the fiiir „ „,„ , ,. ger oh William Kennedy, a south- T w-•„»,* n. TW g ^?v,^ *' P aw Pitcher owned by Louisville James_ Wright, C.; _Meredith JWat- of the American Association. . . Kennedy, 29 years old, has an in Tigers Prepare for El Dorado Game Here Coaches Bailey and Brooks sent rthe Tigers through a,long workout yesterday afternoon in- preparation for a Homecoming game with El Dorado Thursday night at 8 o'clock. Blocking and tackling was stresed as the Tigers sharpened', up their reliable ground game'. The Tigers are in good shape physically with only one starter ailing and he is expected to be ready tomorrow night. Tigers' probably starting line-up: Thomas Jordan, L.E.; David Perkins, Perkins, L.T.; Titus Washington, L.G.; kins, R.G.; Alfred Campbell, R.T.; Jimmie Cannon, R.E.; Chester Jordan, Jordan, Q.B.; Bennie Dixon, R.H.; Edward Stuart, L.H.; Ralph Palmer Palmer F.B. There will be a Homecoming parade parade through the downtown section at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. .0 Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Milwaukee—Jerome Frazier, 153, 1-4, Milwaukee, outpointed Silvester Silvester Perkins, 156, Chicago, 10. Philadelphia—Eddie Giosa, 138, Pniladelphia, and Jimmy Collins, 135, Philadelphia, Drew, 10. Detroit—Luther Burgess, 126, Detroit, Detroit, T. K. O. Jimmie Morioka, 124, Toronto, 5. By United Press New York (Sunnyside Garden)— Paddy Demarco, 138 3-4, New York, outpointed Johnny Dell, 135, New York, (8). New York (Park Arena) — Trankie Palermo, 141, New York, outpointed Jimmy Pierce, 140, Vancouver, Vancouver, B. C. (8). Chicago 8 Jimmy Wester, 175, Denver, Colo., knocked out J. T. Flagg, 175, Chicago, (D- Detroit — Harold Guss, 175, Chicago, Chicago, outpointed Walter Smith, 168, eye-opening record in organized baseball. Last season with Scranton, Pa., one of the Class A. Eastern League, like Louisville a farm club of the Boston Red Sox, Kennedy won 15 games, lo.st only two. He was voted the Eastern League's most valuable pitcher. Kennedy cost Cleveland $10,000— the draft price for a player owned by a Class AAA league. The tribe also shelled out 10 grand for Leonard Ratio, an infielder, who batted .267 and sparkled defensively defensively for Portland, Ore., of the Pacific Pacific Coast League in 1947. The biggest spender was Leslie O'Connor, general manager of the Chicago White Sox, suspended for several days recently until the club decided to pay a $500 fine imposed imposed by the commissioner. O'Connor O'Connor paid $35,000 for three pitchers and a catcher; hurlers Roman Brunswick from Houston, Tex., Alex Danelishen from Oklahoma City and Wilkes Barre, Pa., Southpaw Southpaw James P. Goodwin of Jersey City and Backstop Raymond Fletcher from Milwaukee. When the hour-long draft session ended, 13 clubs had selected 26 minor leaguers for a total purchase price of $245,000. o

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