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19471111 The News (Frederick, Maryland) Tuesday, November 11, 1947 p7 CLIP - 13 dubs Buy 26 Buskers Cincinnati. O., Nov. 10...
13 dubs Buy 26 Buskers Cincinnati. O., Nov. 10 Tuenty-*vx bush lej*u*r» «ot their ch*n2« at baseball'! bijt time today ; as 13 clubs paid J245.000 lor 'em ia ' \ht annual draft. ! A flock of talent was passed over ( by the pickers as they reached ' deep into the grab baf in hopes j of finding a new star, rigid re- ] strictions preventing "raiding" of , the minor talent. Only one player f on the restricted list may be taken from any club. Detroit ran into that barrier as , it tried to pick up Clifford Dapper. , 27-year-old catcher from Montreal. } Dapper batted 391. drove in 105 runs and worked in 136 games for ; Mobile, Ala., last year, and was the · loop's most valuable player. He ! was one of the choice Plums m the : draft, but be was saved for his ·, Emmitsburg EmmiUburf--Mrs. F. H a r r y Gron la registered at the Francis Scott Key Hotel in Frederick for I'. F. IT". Auxiliary Bttb\ S/ioir Winner* --Tech. Sgt. Jerry E. Haskinb and wife and Private Jack O Gon- nor of Cherry Point. N. C . spent a week end with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Raymond Baunigardner. -- Sir. Roy Bellinger celebrated his birthday anniversary a: his home on Thursday. -- jfr. and Mrs. Raymond Baiun- san jner spent Sunday \\ ttli Mr. and Mrs -Thomas Bosley of Essex. -- Mr. and Mrs. Writer Bower an( j daughter Virginia of New Windsor visited recently with Mr. and Mrs _ Fred Bower and faauly. _ Mr , Molly Bollinger visited with Qer ^ ; nd daugnle r-m-Uw and ^^, Mr ^ Mrs Clarence - Greenmount . Pau · , , ,, . ,, plucked from the Montreal roster bv the St. Louis Browns, first choosers. With Dapper's selection ruled out by Commissioner A. B. (Happy) Chandler. Detroit joined the champion champion New York Yankees and the pennant winning Brooklyn Dodgers Dodgers as the only clubs not making a selection. Leslie M. O'Connor, Chicago White Sox genera! manager reinstated reinstated recently by Chandler follow- in a bitter controversy- over the signing of a hsgh school pitcher and a resultant S500 fine, was the day s bl * .7, uyer - - . M - nnn , . 4 , O Connor paid $3o,000 for batter' talent, three pitchers and a catcher. picking up catcher Raymond Flelcher Flelcher from Milwaukee, and burlen Roman Brunswick from Huston. Tex., Alex Danelishen of Oklahoma City and Wilkes Barre, Pa., and James P. Goodwin of Jersey City. the latter a southpaw. O'Connor's four-play deal gave the American League the edge in drafted talent, the junior circuit getting 14 players to 12 for the N'a- tional. ^ Cleveland picked up William A , family of . Fairfield. Pa -- Elias Lutheran Cnurch Sunday school officers recently elected a» follows: Luther Kugler. superintendent; superintendent; assistant superintendent, Robert Daugherty: secretary. Robert Saver: assistant secretary, Robert GiUelan. Jr.. treasurer, Richard Saver: assistant treasurer, Roger Adams, pianist. Dorothy Dern. assistant oisnis:. Caroline McDonnell. __ At tne ann . ja i congregational hejd Monday evening at Lu;heran church . M. Luther fleeieA elder 3nd M . ward J. Smith and Clarence Hahn from Louisville, and Leonard Ratto, Ratto, a classy infielder from Portland. Ore. Kennedy ivon 15 and lost two batted .267 for the coast club and scintillated on defense. J American Legion Auxiliary met at | the Post Home wuh president. Mrs. I Harry McXair, nresiding The ! roll call found a larse number of ·members present. The treasurer '. reported S351.17 on hand Fifty | pounds of clothing \\ as reported i sent to the Church \Vorld Service I by the Auxiliary. A motion was I made to give the American Legion ' a donation for fuel. Gifts xvere j gix-en to five members who recent| recent| ly returned from the hospital. | Flowers and Mass cards were sent | to two members having had deaths [in their families. The president appointed the remainder of her committees: Membership. Genevieve Genevieve Kualer. assistants. Margaret 'Outlaw* Is. By Thcuter In Philly Philadelphia. Nov. 10 C?* 1 --William --William Goldman, president of William William Goldman Theaters. Inc. said today he was withdrawing the film "The Outlaw" from its show- Clara H»rn«r «« alternates tfl attend attend the State meeting "i Anna- polii on Dc ember 2, 3 and 4 'Hi* following were elected for the year 1948 Master Morris Zentz; overseer Raymond Baumgardner: lecturer. Catherine Fit*, steward. Charles Lina; as!s:»tr. steward. Johu ing at th^ Eilenger Theater r« i Baumjtardner: chaplain. William deference to the position of Dennis j Wtvell: treasurer. Sdward Smith. Ordinal Dougherty of Philac'el- secretary. Clara Haruer: gate pbia } keeper. Norman Six. Ceres. Estella Goldman. In * 3eu«r V. the Zent2: r Pomona Ro.«e WivelJ. r.*oc ·, IC«T. 1), tNi DAVID O. C.RIKKLN NOAH £. CRAM1SR A MM FIRE INSURANCE It the *pectr« of "under insurance*' c»»tinj * »h*dow ov«r your ftof*rty Setter cheX up now on both y*ur hom« and fumishinci theo »** u* for that addttioiul DAVID o. 27 M. Court St. ftMm* ««0 , Archbishop of the Philadelphia i Roman Catholic Diocese, said "I , hope that you \v ill clearly under! under! stand that we still believe that i 1 there is nothing in the picture that ' would offend public morals or de- · ccncy.' I Bet he added j "We are. of course, dealing \\ ith \ j the public and st is not our wish | to exhibit in any of our theaters ' a.»y picture that, notwithstanding oar judgment in the matter, is considered considered by any Isrge group of the j puohc. Mich as \ou represent. Jo, be cffeiiMve " Cardsna 1 Dougherty had dc-; ::;anded that bosh 'The Outlaw ' j ?!id "Forever Amber" be with- -'.jawn from Philadelphia theaters." I;: :he event they were not he threatened a year's boycott of the theaters oy jh-e s:;ore ;han 1.000.- OOO iner-sberN m she Philadelphia ciocee. He nj-serted both pic- | tures were ofier.--.ive. i "Forever Arntes " i; conMnuin^ « ; at the Fox Theater here A Fov j ; spckesmen said prcviouslv She film , j would be ihoun as Ions as :t did ; business at the boxofiice Flo Eve!v» L.nn: lady assistant FINANCE CO. executive meeting on ber 19 fhe Carroll Manor from Adarnrtown. will present the program. HARULJ) U. FRL'SHOUR Do'not hwtute to consult this aide* aide* »n Fire Automobile or on any other Insurance HAROLD U FRUSHOUn If West Palncfc St. Phone 11si rr*d*rirk. Md K e a l l^staiie +\ t: .NOKTH COUR1 STkXECT rHO.NC «·· Ethel M. Keilholtz Shov.-u above are the \vinneis in the recently held baby shov. sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and held- at :he State Armory, as follows. Carol Ann Hockensmilh. daughter of Mr and Mrs. Preston Hockensmith. 500 "West Patrick street. Grand Champion baby; Susan Elizabeth I'feifcr . GRANGE MEETS ; · The regu'ar meeting of the Emt Emt smtsburg Grance wa held 0:1 * Wedneday in the high school - j with 23 members present and ; i three visitor* | Several of the Emmitjburg , j members expect to attend the Na- {. : tional Grange meetins at Columbus. Columbus. Ohio. November 13 10 18. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Zcr.'z were ap- · po:nlcd by the master as delegates, delegates, with Robert Simpson and FOR SALE 165 A d*irr farm, 'i ml. from Community Community Crnirr. hard rd. froBlage Scb. but A milk truck at the door IVell built, productive, ronvealent. An ideal place for a farmer de a nice homr. ronrenlrnce and poriunity. Onned and operated «T the lime family for 43 rears. Reasonably Reasonably priced. Bidet, alone are Insured Insured for half the price »krd ·Vlso 217 1. Mock farm. Both farms are on tend rd.. fertile, well watered watered and located In Fred. Co. M. C. RECK. Owner Ml. Airy. Md. Phonr Ml. Airy X07-F-4 ( YUcr School Moors) FRUIT TREES AND BERRY PLANTS Offered by Virginia's Largest Growers In a wide assortment of varieties, including the following outstanding ones: VOKKI.NG. The Vork Supreme, the reddest or all Vorks. coloring two weeks ahead of Common Vork. VANCE DELICIOUS. The Supreme of the Red Delirious Sport*, coloring coloring eariy a solid, bright red without th« dark stripe* characteristic «f CASH 1XANS For Any Worthy »3« to 30* No d»lay. rrn Up*. ·mbarra»in ln\rti(ttion Our S»rvic* i* Quick. Courtvou* and Contdcatul. CAU -- PHONI-- WR1T« PEOPLES FINANCE CO. Phon* 14*3 tl North Court St. (A home unail loan Company) cm no: Eight lit wwt«r« umn*4iaU ··rwi atm brtck MM! line, straw heat with itofcvr. N-wlhern Mct«« »t eltjr. poueolon. HOME n« On* a-;« of land . brick Mini bungalow, balk a*d c. PotMMioa CO *ay», MODEltN HOME NT. AMY 4'i acres level land inprwad *even room modern residence, with modern ftxturem. »*wl«r and laundry. Caraf* MxM 2 Cottage style. Jtarly po« for further particular* NOAH E CKAJCdt * SON 114 N. Court St. rredcrick. wftfc balk. Md. P. B. ROOF G . H MERCER Jfc SONS 1 room modern brick bungalow hardwood Coon, steam h*»t with stoker cement buenutnL immed POM H1400 C room modern brick feuncatow. hardwood floor*, oil hr*i. cement ba**ment. laundr* tub*. SIO 500 * room «sni!« dwelling partly modern modern (or J5.200. S room modern brick dwelling hardxvood floors, oil heat, cem-ni basement. SI0.30O ·i acre Improved wsth * room dng 2 car g*r»s r - poultrv houte* :9 minute drive from city Quick po»- *e»ion. S* OOti 32 acrei impro\rd *!th S room dwg. lint of! Route 2«O lo.OOO 43 acres. 3 miles fro.r» Frederick for S3 250 CttAYSON H MERCE1I Jfc SONS Pvthian C«xU* Bid*. Phon* »37 KEEPERM. KOOGT.B HOSfE BARGAINS FOR YOU 3 frame homes. 8 rooms each. J3.500 for both Apt home. 4 »pt«.. rent! ST0 00 vear. Only tS SCO. 2 brick Homes. 4 rcwou each. S3.600 for both Sincle brick hJ=ie « rooms, fur- nuee he*t. «»crin-* Ji.VJO. Brick home. 3 rooms. .s»»t MVt. St_ $3 400. Brick home It rooms. Urge lot. rear driveway. 12.K30 List the property you ha« * for sste with us. We hav* ca;h buyers nailing nailing Buy or Sell I treat vou well KEEKER M KOOGLE Your Rftl Estate Broker 211 Dill Avc. Phone 65 j 703-»cr« farm near Keymar in Fr*4- j erick Coanty. has 2 sets building*. Th« t mam farm has a large bank bara vitk ! the whole stable modern for *· extvrc. for W*shinxton Market Now shipping ; to Washinf ton with a 9* score. 3-roora 1 dairy. 6-rootn frame house Electric. ! etc. The other farm ha* a frame hou«*. electric. b»nk barn. etc. Adjoin* th* ' above farm with a hard road right them 150 acres tillable. 35 pasture. t balance timber $20.000 00 | P. B. ROOP. Real Estate Phone 86-J New Windsor. Md. ! RALPHI W. BOYER^ ( j See our list of farms, dwellings . and Iota before you buy. j List your property with u* (or '· quick sale. RALPH W. BOYER Telephone 1222-J Frederick Representative for Murray C. Bonn ^JOHN P. RQOP ~ FOR SALK · R. L. ZENTZ Homestead, food brick h«ut* wti '.7 room*, hath*, electricity, etc. Bank barn and c'titr buildings in food repair, meta] and (late roofs 75 acrea lerti'e »*nd. 1 « » miles west of West. min.'^.. over 3.000 feet frontag* on rapidly developing; thorouchfare. lnv tnediate possession Price (25.000. Pleatapt Valley lot 3 ferul* acr«» on cood road Price $500 Contact ovrnrr. William E. Hooy. Westminster, or JOHN D ROOP Ljnwood. Md Phone Union Bridie 14-F-4

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