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Murphy's Dark Hors is Frank Odonnel - THE Partly: doudy; i ! ; : io-morrow;...
THE Partly: doudy; i ! ; : io-morrow; io-morrow; new york, Tuesday; October 3. 1905. -sixteen -sixteen pages. yJiHEj Kjilirix Jersey citr sua RAIDS AGAIN. Ax In the Parol Club and Oat. Four Prisoners. Captala Eggere sad squad of mad a lively raid onan poolroom and gambling house in Flftf-thlrd Flftf-thlrd Street near Sixth Ave-nu, Ave-nu, afternoon. Capt Galla the West Forty-venth Forty-venth Forty-venth Street , ' . -A -A not aware oi aay unui In bis precinct mttt Egger the loan of a patrol wagon. poolroom has been an eye-sore eye-sore police for some time. Several wers made during the regime of and Inspector Flood to place, but with lit tie. success. The proprietor. It Is said, tried in vain injunction against inspector a , AwmA energy, wiwimitwy wkvkv " clubroom." caused consider to the " members." hours yesterday Capt. Eager, staff watched the place closely points In the vicinity. - Be- Be- snd 4 o'clock Detective Irving given signal, strolled up to a was trading an afternoon paper j disturb yourself." said Jones, large man. " You" re the look-out look-out look-out sit still and we it tai aooui same time Acting Captain Eg-S'-rs Eg-S'-rs the rest of his men slipped side door and Into a back hallway. Detective Bellgman encountered sentinel, who, like the first persuaded to sit down for a few keep quiet. two look-out look-out look-out men aafe Capt. started for the second floor. On they encountered two Ice-box Ice-box Ice-box required the uee of the well-worn well-worn axe. The deteetlvee aay that poolroom waa about the nut the Headquarters men had some time. heed of the stairs another heavy to be dealt with, after which found themselves In a long had the appearance of a club hall. It was learned afterward the place was a ballroom and day a gambling house. When were lifted it was found that waa beautifully polished with were about 2.V) men In the room. number of them Japanese. There " Klondike " table, and the play have been lively just before the of the police. The sound of the however, had apparently given a chance to get the money sight One hundred sets of dice however, besides a telephone. " sounder," a megaphone, and si. pa and racing sheets alleged proprietor of the place Fojr persons were picked big crowd In the room and arrest on a charge of aiding In the keeping of a gambling The other two hundred-odd hundred-odd hundred-odd per Including the Japanese habitues, to file solemnly Into the prisoners were taken to Police and locked i up. They were David Hexter of 142 West Street, Henry Matthews of 128th Street, Oscar Herrman. estate broker, of Long Branch, Hynea, ticket speculator, liv Amsterdam Avenue. The alleged waa known in the vicinity aa Club." But the prisoners were ball. ESCAPES TEXAS MOB. Prepared to Burn HI Orders Out Troop. Special It Tk New York Tim. Texas, Oct. 2." Monk " Gib has been hunted down on sus that he murdered the wife and of A. J. Conditt, escaped from the a Navldad River thicket to-day to-day to-day his' pursuers were so certain had him hemmed in that word to4Cdna to prepare to burn him public square this afternoon. The almost Impenetrable, four miles tfom one to two miles wide, and thus had a chance to take a favorable opportunity to get out ' escape has Increased the public and hundreds of men are again In every direction. Fresh horses sent from Edna. El Toro, Navl Morales, Oanado, and the districts. Hundreds of axes have forwarded also to cut Into the jun . Texas. Oct. 2. Gov. Lan- Lan- to-night ordered two. militia com-panlea com-panlea from Houston to Edna, where clt- clt- threaten to burn at the stake Gibson, the negro! accused of of the Conditt family. The MURPHY'S DARK HORSE JS FRANK 0'DONNEL Now on Slate for President of Board of Aldermen. MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS Present Head of Tax Comrrjlaalon an Irish Catholic and Leader's ! Closest Personal Friend. Is Frank A. O'Donnel. President of , the Tax Commission. Is the man whom Charles F. Murphy expects to nominate for President of tbe Board of Aldermen at the City Convention on Thursday night. Thus. If Tammany's plana carry and Mayor McClellan Is elected Governor of the State next year. O'Donnel will be Mayor of New York for three years. Mr. Murphy and his closet advisers have been carefully considering the selection of a man for this place, but no suggestion suggestion of their selection has been allowed to leak out. Except to tbe Inner circle the word haa been: " The matter still la wide open." Name after name baa come up in connection with the nomination. First there was Thomas M. Mulry, but he de clined. Then came Francis Burton Harrison, Harrison, but he was dropped. Then there wss a boom for ex-Senator ex-Senator ex-Senator Thomas F. Donnelly, but he never waa seriously con sidered by the men who make the slate. Finally Iaaac A. Hopper nursed a boom-let, boom-let, boom-let, only to have It smiled out of the Wigwam. ' At Tammany Hall yesterday the faith ful heard it waa settled that the place would go to an Irish Catholic. Some body asked Mr. Murphy If the Interview that had been printed to that effect waa all right. ' It looks that way." said the Tam many leader. ' But nobody haa been de cided upon as yet," he added. Last night the name of O'Donnel was whispered from a source that la the next thing to official. O'Donnel la one of Murphy's closest personal friends. They come from the Eighteenth Assembly District, District, have been political allies for years. and are very Intimate In their family re- re- j latlons. When Murphy became leader of Tammany, O'Donnel was made Treasurer of the organisation, snd held the place until appointed by Mayor McClellan to be head of the Tax Board at 98.000 a year, one of the fattest places In the City Gov ernment. Prior to that. O'Donnel had been State Senator from the district controlled by Murphy before he became the power In the organisation. O'Donnel Is an Irish man and a Catholic, and therefore meets all the plana and specifications laid down by Murphy for the place. His nomination would leave a Protestant at the head of the ticket in the person of Mayor McClellan; a German in second place In the person bf Herman A. Mets tor Controller, and an Irish Catholic In third place In the person of O'Donnel. Calls were Issued yesterday for meetings of tbe Tammany Executive Committee and of the Democrat! City Committee for to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. The Tammany Executive Comlttee will meet in the Wigwam in the afternoon and the City Committee wtll meet In" the Democratic Club In the evening. evening. These meetings will definitely fix the city slate and also will fix the make-up make-up make-up of the various committees for the con vention. v It was announced yesterday that ex-Dlitrlct ex-Dlitrlct ex-Dlitrlct Attorney Eugene A. Phllbin would make the speech placing Mayor McClellan In nomination, and that Bor ough President Martin W. Littleton was expected to make the seconding speech for Brooklyn. Two years ago, when Mc Clellan was nominated. Littleton acted as spokesman for the old McLaughlin or ganization In Brooklyn, and placed Judge Gay nor In nomination In opposition. At that time he took occason to bitterly denounce denounce Charlea F. Murphy and Tammany Hall. John B. 8tanchfleld. who was the Democratic Democratic candidate for Governor In MM), waa at the Hoffman Hoiise yesterday, and he gave an up-State up-State up-State echo of the talk of McClellan for Governor. " Mayor McClellan wlU be re-elected re-elected re-elected by a handsome plurality," said Mr. Stanch-field. Stanch-field. Stanch-field. " and It will make him the strongest strongest Gubernatorial candidate next year. From what I have observod of the Democratic Democratic conditions up-State up-State up-State he will be the nominee of the next State Convention. The feeling la strong In his favor and la growing atronger each day." WIFE SINGS, PASTOR QUITS. Rev. Mr. Ellsworth Rllsy May Manage -Soloist -Soloist with Victor Herbert ROCKEFELLER PAYS IN CASH. His Gift of 110,000,000 Sent to General Education Board. The Executive Committee of the General General Education Board met at M William Street yesterday afternoon to receive the ten-milllon-dollar ten-milllon-dollar ten-milllon-dollar ten-milllon-dollar ten-milllon-dollar gift of John D. Rockefeller, Rockefeller, announcement of which was mads by Mr. Rockefeller last June. la a letter to the board at that time Mr. Rockefeller said that the gift would be forthcoming on Oct L and would be In cash or securities, securities, at hla option. The members of the board present yesterday yesterday to receive th gift were Robert C. Ogden. George " Foster Pea body. Dr. WTallace Buttrtck. Starr J. Murphy, F. T. Gatea. and Dr. Albert Shaw. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.. was the absent member. The money was delivered by Mr. Gatea, and consisted of eight checks, six for Sl.000,000 each and two for $2,000,000 each. None of them waa signed by Mr. Rockefeller. Rockefeller. They bore the signatures of men with power of attorney to act for him. It waa aald that Mr. Rockefeller elected to make the gift In cash m order to avoid comment that might arise by any possible depredation In securities. Tbe checks do not represent any actual withdrawal of money from the various institutions institutions on which they were drawn, but simply a transfer of the account from Mr. Rockefeller to the board. Incidentally the money will be Invested In securities, and the income used In the aid of such Institutions as come within the scope of the gift. There are two or three hundred col leges eligible to be assisted, under the terms of Mr. Rockefeller's gift, and already already tbe board has received upward of 100 letters requesting aid. The letters come from all parta of the country. M'NARY TALKS OF THE KAISER. Congressman Telia Further of Hla Views on Asiatic Politics, 5 .-f .-f .-f ial to Tk New York Tints. B08TON. Oct. 2. Representative William William 8. McNary, who arrived home from Europe on the Canoptc to-day. to-day. to-day. confirmed a cable dispatch from the correspondent of Thx Nkw Yonic Times In Berlin, quot ing his description of an Interview of American Congressmen with Emperor W liliam. It was an accurate report of what I said." he declared. The Kaiser received the delegation of American Congressmen In the Hall of the Flags in the 8chloss," said Mr. McNary. He talked with the greatest frankness." " Did he Intimate that he waa really the first one to suggest the termination of hostilities and that President Roose velt acted only after he had taken the In itiatlve? " waadked. No, hut he-said he-said he-said that he had assured the Russian Emperor, with whom he was on intimate terms, that he felt he knew perfectly the motives animating President Roosevelt; that they were disinterested and sincere, and that the Csar might rest perfectly confident that anything the President did or proposed in the matter could be acted flpon in good faith." ., Did b say that it was now to the In tercst of the United 8tstes and Europe to unite for self-protection self-protection self-protection against Japan? " That Is just what he raid, and he elab orated on the subject. Japan, he pointed out. was so near to China that the com mercial Interests' of Japan and China would bex practically Identical. The United States being between Japan and Europe would xfeel the competition of Japan much sooner than Europe, and hence it was clearly. In the Kaiser's view, to the Interest of the United States to Join with the nations of Europe in a commercial alliance to protect their markets markets from this competition. " The Kaiser also spoke of the fact that when the contracts of the German Army officers who had been engaged In instructing instructing the Japanese in military matters matters had expired, the contracts had not been renewed, the Japanese now getting I their military Instruction from then- then- own officers " j BONDSMEN GIVE UP PECKHAM.I Broker Indicted for Cotton Leak Conspiracy Conspiracy Goes to Prison. SARATOGA. Oct. 2. -Frederick -Frederick A. Peck-ham Peck-ham Peck-ham of New York, who Is under Indictment Indictment in connection with tbe June cotton report leakage, was to-day to-day to-day brought before before fnlted States Commissioner Charles M. Davison and surrendered by his bondsmen, bondsmen, Edward D. Btarbuck and William !W. Blackmer. They had Qualified In 110.000 each. Peckham waa placed by the court in custody of Deputy United States Marshal Elmer E. Belden, and after Belden hal given him an opportunity to furnish other bonds he was placed In the county Jail at Ballston. MR. ROOSEVELT BEGINS FIGHT FOR A RATE LAW Senators Who Call Find Him Insistent Insistent on the One Subject HE HAS WRITTEN' HIS VIEWS Part of Messags Dealing with Campaign Campaign Contributions Also Completed Still Considering tha Tariff. Spteial lo Tk S'ne Yorb Timts. WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. President Roosevelt had a full house to-day, to-day, to-day, his first working day since his return from Oyster Bay. To all comers ho urged rate legislation. Half a dozen or more- more- Senators were at his offices during the morning. They all went away with the distinct Impres sion tha the President has taken bis position unequivocally, and will ask of Congress next session practical, adequate, and uncompromising rate legislation. From a source that Is above doubt the Intelligence came during the day that Mr. Roosevelt haa written the part of hla message that deals with the railroad ques tion, and that It has been laid away as finished, not to be disturbed or revised. Most of the Bummer wss spent 'upon it. His argument Is believed by thoseevho hsve been taken Into hla confidence to be complete, patriotic, and substantially unanswerable. It puts the whole question squarely up to Congress, and It la believed that the majority in the Senate will have difficulty in evading the responsibility. Among the Senators who talked with the President to-day to-day to-day .were representatives of both sides of the question of rate con trol, and of the middle ground. All went out from his office with the Idea of bis Insistent attitude on such legislation. He gave them no chance to misunderstand him. an 5 brought the matter to the front resolutely and positively. The President has arranged for more conferences on rates this week. Tariff matters were not allowed to come to the fore to-day. to-day. to-day. The President has not yet written what he will have to say to Congress on this subject. Federal control control of lniurance la also laid by for fur ther thought. The aubject of contributions by cor' po rations to campaign committees has been CgTly worked out for the message. and the passage dealing with it haa been laid away aa completed. The President regards It as a moral question which in volves him directly. He did not discuss it with those who called on him to-day to-day to-day Mr. Roosevelt probably will recommend to Congress the establishment of a central purchasing agency for the several exeevfi tlve departments. Commissioner Garfield and Glfford Plnchot, both of whom are members of the Keep commission, which haa been Investigating the business meth ods of the departments, had a talk with the President to-da to-da to-da y. TK I n vesttgation has developed the fact that the several departments do not get the same classes of supplies at uniform prices, and It la believed believed that by the establishment of the purchasing agency money would be edved on goods and freight rates. Among the Senators who alled on him were Foraker of Ohio, McCumber of North Dakota. Burkett of Nebraska. Heirenway of Indiana, and Fulton of Oregon. Oregon. FEARS COMMERCIAL WAR. George H. Anderson Urges Tariff Revision Revision to Avert It Spteial te Tk Ntw York Timet. PITTS BURGOct. 2. Oeorge H. Anderson, Anderson, Director of the Chamber of Com merce, returned home to-day to-day to-day from Liege, Be,mm- Be,mm- W""B Chamber of Commerce at the Internation- Internation- a.1 Congress held there last month- month- "lh' s2x.b52 very freely and ably discussed In all parta of Europe." he said. Unless we recede from our present position, and the Senate supports the stand taken by the Presl' . . dent, we will have tne greatest commer- commer- c'al war on our hands after next March that this country has ever seen. Germany la leading the fight against us, but she is being ahly supported by nearly all the other foreign nations. Up to the present time England has not passed any retaliatory laws against ' presented sn uninviting appearance, be-ue, be-ue, be-ue, but the sentiment is gradually veering ! Ing unusually Haht that way, and I would not be at all sur- sur- prised to see the mother country fall In fin anfnllt US. " When we consider that we annually export 1,000.000,000 articles to the various various forelirn countries, and that we have a profit of goOO.wOO.OOO or S6UO,000,000. it can easily be Been where our wealth Is ROBBED OF NEARLY $1, Chicago Poliea Soak Jsvesls Stolon In Dublin, Inland. 1 ; SHtud 10 Tk Nrw Far Tim. j CHICAGO. lit, Oct, 1 Property valued at nearly 1.000,000, and Including an an cient Irish crown, ts sought for to Chicago pawnshops. Th property was taken In a burglarly committed two weeks ago at the borne of John Mulhall, 1 XarUfort Terrace. Terrace. Dublin. IreUnd. - The burglars. It Is believed, have com to the United States to dispose of the property In Chicago or Now York. Among the property atolen and which the Chicago Chicago police are looking for Is: ' Irish crown, surmounted with hand holding sword on which are Impaled three heads, very valuable. i Gold waist buckle, George III. period. Two gold seals, one with crystal en graved J. M th other with 'sardonyx with crest I Cut crystal box, Louis XT. period, with festoons . and other work in gold around edge. ' j TRAIN ROBBED NEAR SEATTLE Fifty 8hota Exchanged and Two Ex plosions Hoard. SEATTLE. Wash.. Oct. 2. A Great Northern train waa held UP six miles north of Ballard, a suburb of this city, about 11 o'clock to-night to-night to-night Fifty shots were exchanged and two: ex plosions were heard. i BOY FlfjDS $50,000. ; Boxaa Containing Securltlea Lost In a Cincinnati Street. j CINCINNATI. Oct 1-Certlflcates! 1-Certlflcates! 1-Certlflcates! of deposit, notes, and securities apparently belonging to some person In Brandon or Evansville, Minn., and valued at consid erably over S50.000 were picked up to-day to-day to-day on the street in this city by Raymond Senile, aged 13 years. The securities were turned over to; the Western German Bank, and the officials are trying to find the owner. The papers were in two small boxes. SAW THE CINCINNATI ASHORE. Japanese Vessel So Reported, but tha Cruiser Arrived at Mojl. TOKIO. Oct 2. The Japanese steamer Taiwan reports at Mojl that when passing Hlme Island, off the Bung6 coast at I o'clock this morning, she found the American American cruiser Cincinnati aground there. Subsequently the Cincinnati arrived at MojL WASHINGTON. Oct. 2. The Navy Department Department to-day to-day to-day received a cablegram announcing announcing the arrival of the erulsef Cin cinnati, at MjiJaaya ftailnaLJJlMJb jrss eel would sail from . Mojl for Shanghai. No reference was made In the dispatch to any mishap. . . . ! . . MISSED LECTURE; LOSE JOBS. 300 National Cash Register Employee Dismissed Wage Increase Refused. DAYTON. Ohio, Oct 2. Three hundred employes of the National Cash Register Company were dismissed to-day. to-day. to-day. Following Following ths decision to refuse the demands of the Typographical Union for an eight-hour eight-hour eight-hour day in the printing department the company ordered all employee to report In the assembly hall a few hours .before-closing .before-closing .before-closing time last Saturday. Addresses were made by the company officials on the labor situation. The men i discharged to-day to-day to-day are those who failed to attend the meeting. " TEDDY, JR., TRIES FOR TEAM President Roosevelt's Son a Candidate for Harvard Freshman Eleven, Special la Tk Ntw York Tim. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Oct 2. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.. son bf President Roosevelt. I . j . .. m . i. ti j . i i w-mujt w-mujt w-mujt iriunm iur u. iu irwuuui ! eleven, we was tuaa in a weii-paaoea weii-paaoea weii-paaoea ! new yellow suit, with crimson Jersey and stocKinjs. Probably two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds of the number out were no blRger than the President's son, and a few were smaller. The whole squad J When young Kooseveit nanoea in his ; name as a candidate he gave his weight as io pounas. ana siaiea naa piayea four years at Groton. . STOKES AND BRIDE HOME. RAMSEY, ATTACKS I Owe Him Wabash REPROVED For Spending . He i i Joseph Wabash to the security yesterday, den Gould's man guilty of no retain hi against the At a meeting Wabash Railroad tlon waa indefinite ah--series. Mr. -ing and -was In effect board to In his will be to-day, to-day, to-day, Mr. record of his snd with other reports which circulated concerning the debenture Ramaey says "When I proxies, I It a personal ment baa made. If not of his kitchen to get proxies reply to them. " It la now friends and honor me answer, and which are Messrs, adherents, sponsible tor " The stories several varieties. Judging from that of made him railroad world. not in It gratitude to " I might that Is deny that a responsible position of a gratitude ' Gould " But dld I to the had been before I met little standing In 1901 I Wabash, of support and lti No great " The asms aa employe to take the not Ilka Mr. to mm to sense 'an of the President com-pany, and I did not resigned -Mr. Gould's policy and snd If my with In a dltions would " For eight Gould's full showed my and day to , Mr. Gould's j as late as done tbe Wabash.' Ae. " Now. as according Gould. Whue and I thank take care of ,ray life Wabash. I of that In several were a

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