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WEDNESDAY, MAKCH J25, NEW CITIZENS' CLASS RECORD joint j . Naturalization For 79 In lon township; Katherine O"Nesi Uniontown; Rosa Maria Lacerenga' Uniontown; join. Rafail, , Uniontown; Uniontown; Katherine Sagula, Tower Hill; Umbert Perranti, Masontown; Katherine Babusky, Vanderbilt; Thomas Benicky, Jefferson township; township; Anna Villa, Mt. Sterling- Beniamino Marrese, Lamberton WPA Gets Music Program Started; One Day Here. Shattering all previous records, a admitted to U. S. citi- zenship recently after examination L-efore Judges Harry A. Coitom and H. S. Dumbauld. It was the larg- est class ever to have been admit- i tec in one day in the history of '.he naturalization bureau, number of women was in T hp w P the greatest ever to have accepted the oath of allegiance. Total number number of applicants examined was -0 One case was dismissed and 10 applicants applicants failed to qualify. L. G. Tellner and C. W. Starliper of the Pittsburgh bureau, were the examiners. Oath of allegiance was administered by Elmer H. Baker naturalization clerk in Prothonotarv ·John J. Brady's office. On Marcti 16 and 19, a total of 115 -petitions -petitions were filed for final hearing I t i n July 9. ' The list of new citizens is as : da, Allison; Peter Agresti, Phillips;! Peter A. Biath, Uniontown; Lizzie! Hisnanick, Rowes R u n ; Eva Dagos-f tino, Allison; Emilija Kopec, Eden-! X l i e born; John Bendkowski, Pt. -Mar-j vision of M ? ion; Toni Blatnik, Washington ! e d a "musical township; Suzanna Varney, Oliver:teach music No.3: Anton Prah, Lemont; Amedeo 1 opportunity, to Marziali, Uniontown: Michael Meri- 1 concerts. At) i n Ol B ui ing. the super-' ·. has inaugurat-" program to musicians an '· appear ir public ved Georges township; ConceUa The purpose of the program i t« Ilardp, Uniontown: Mike Fifish,:give those who are taiJnTM? ?n" Continental No. l; John Bukszer.ian opportunity to further Buffington; Nick Mandich, Amend; |musical education and -Iso Tony Paia, Fairbank.. |courage all nationality "and Frank Lukasik, Royal; Sophia! groups to foster their own *r*ri Baron. Buffington; Marget MuchJt.ltional types ol music Buffington: Walenty Skrobacz. 1 Mr. Floto's idea is to have thf Trotter; John ' G. Cunninghah..' various music teachers, now on the Smithfield; Josephine Mazurek . w - p - A - program, to organize grouns Lemont; Paulina Losko. Browns-i anci combine them for public pre ville township: Joe Polito, Union-i senta . tion s. This will help plan a , town; Prank Yakovac, Gates; Alex that meets the needs of this - - - - r -» ·.*·.*.*, 4. nivv^ \ civ. , v_J ii L-t., , *\1C.\ j Tolnai, Lamberton; Anna Bytnar.i c o m m u n i t -V Edenborn; Stephen A. Kurillaj A Program of this type will nat- Smock; Kaiser Malinky, East Mills- J urall - v d *cover talented persons ?nd boro; Domenick Chambers. Mar-i" r o u P s ' and in addition, will give ----- ['·-- Mar-i" r o u P s ' and in addition, will {them an opportunity to express FRANCES CRAIG ILL Ml - F ) o t o is anxious to have of Cervencik, Brownsville; Vasily Robert Salvi, Leckrone; Cheselka, Fairbanks; Mary Tokarczyk, Tokarczyk, North Union township; Anton Sorli, Leith; Jozef Brisuda, Smock- Mary Mihalenko, Rowes Run- Mike Tabakovich, Brier Hill; Jacob Bun- that ?' Uni °" tow ' n: Fran ^s Mlinar the ^TM^i ROSaUa St ° ck ' Ro ' al Mason e ^F a C h k °' O1Il ' er: E!izabeth l.L^. Yaku ^ik. Alison: Laurette Pas- qua, Edenborn; John Badich, Fair-. ^*"j *« hope: Andy Rusen, Isabella; Giusep-ion duty Pt D'Addario, Dunbar; Victoria! Batko, Republic; George Hudak ' Allison; Jennie Piaquadio, Con- neilsville; Louis Rengel. Leisenring- George Bozek, Smock; Miklos Yanosko. Yanosko. Continental Na. 2. j Adolf Pnmus, Connellsville; Hedwig Hedwig Drozeck, Rowes Run; ' Andy Miss Frances Craig, daughter of iiaree re P«sentation in this music i Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Crai", of Derrick . program and a11 persons interested ! avenue, this city, and a student : u : scudy of music Vocaj or in- ' nurse in the Central Dispensa'-v a n d . r l U ' n e u l a may hav ' e f h l " °PPor- Emergenc\ hospital Washington i Jln ^ b v v «8 lste "ns at the Gallatin D. a. v;as oper,ter on f tevdTM ago for appendicitis. She rallied satisfactorily following the emergency emergency measures, word received here reveals. Miss Craig will possiblv ^ come to Uniontown to convalesce as ·' Tin. piogram is open to the soon as she is aole and renain here.i i M b e cnly restricUon be t- '. . - - - wl - ll - ' c an evenin *' K P n \ ' '" Chai ' 8C ° f music Hrezo, Footedale; Thompson No. 1; Metro Kovach William Grouse' Footedale: Anthony Lutsie ^dalr Michael Toth, Buffington; Sophie Furman, 7t)wer Hill; Mary Stock Royal; ~ ~ CATCH ING COLD? «HPMB^^^^^^^ Try this unique aid to nose and upper throat -- where most colds start. Its timely use helps prevent many colds. Just a /etc drop* up each noitril VICKS VA-TRO-NOL The remarkable success of Vicks d r o p s has brought scores of imitations. imitations. The trade mark Va-tro-nol is your protection protection in getting this exclusive exclusive Vicks formula. Regular the ... 30t Double quantity 50c

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