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Simmons - IGNORED. Knit JPsy proceedings ut'l^ulu^u...
IGNORED. Knit JPsy proceedings ut'l^ulu^u ignored Smith vs. NEWS, that the NEWS injure tbe and shows it had would not person. I TUPLE Of The Fourth Day of Criminal Court Xow in Session. DR. W. 4. JOITS 1 CASE TRIED. QIBL FIEND. Torn i Beward sev on which yesterday, daugh- was way to to death parents about little llbtilv school aud She road another children Ou with her she she was thicket. be were dinner scattered imprints neck Road Viewi—The Lichtenberger Embsrile- ment Cue—The Libel gait Against the "News" Ignored—Carver Gnilty of Maintaining Maintaining a Nniaanca—The Case Againit Dr. Samuel 8. Ueily Continued —Becogai- zanco Entered. YESTERDAY AFTEIIKOON SSESSIOX. TKfE cheeks, been allow with an Commonwealth vs. Joseph Dissinger- assault and battery. ' Same vs. John Penn; assault and battery. battery. Same vs. Ileury Simmons; rape. Same vs. Morris A. Carver; nuisance. Same vs. W. J. Jontz; larceny as bailee. Same vs. Xaomi C. Weiricb; practicing practicing medicine without registration. CASES SETTLED. Commonwealth vs. David H. Kurtz; forgery iu three cases. dame vs. David H. Kurtz; forgery i two cases. RECOGNIZANCE ENTERED. Commonwealth ve. David H. Kurtz forgery in five cases. Bail in <500 fo good behavior lor one year. TBIALS. _ Commonwealth vs. Morris A. Carver "he defendant was charged in the in lictment for having on the 1st day o September, erect, set up, establish, main- ain, keep up and continue and cause to •e erected, set up, established, maintain d, kept up and continued a certain public public and common nuisance in a certain sence of Howard C. Shirk, esrj., her counsel. TRIALS. The jury in the case of Commonwealth vs. Morris A. Carver, oharged.'with maintaining maintaining a nuisance south of Myerstown, by boiling dead animals, came into court and rendered a verdict of guilty in manner manner and form as he stands indicted. Commonwealth vs. David D. Yerger; the defendant was charged in tbe indictment indictment with having oc July 1st. 1893,committed 1893,committed a larceny of boards and planks of the value of ten dollars, the property of Abraham Donaberger of Myerstown. The Commonwealth proved that the prosecutor had purchased fourteen piles of boards and planks at a sale held by Isaac A. Kalbacb, near Strack's dam ou July 1st and that he found planks aud boards in possession of the defendant with his, prosecutor's, name on them, and prosecutor denied that bo wrote his name above defendants. There was some corroboration of the prosecutor as to lumber being missed in the woods on or about July 8th. Upon the close of the testimony of the Commonwealth Judge MoPherson announced announced that although the defendant want the jury called in the Oyer and i Terminer or Quarter Sessious? j District Attorney Seltzer—The Over and Termmer. EVIDENCE OF COMMONWEALTH. TheCommonwealth called theprosecu- tru who testified to thg manner in which the crime was committed: that she was too much frighrened to give an alarm- that she made every effort to resist him but was unable to do so, and ha aecom- plished his purpose; that she saw her husband twice at the stable but was too far oft to cry out to him, as she had called to him before and he could •"•"• atraid to tell my husband, as Simmons said when he left me "now you be careful careful and say nothing;" I was alraitl to go to the barn to tell my husband. I first told my husband a few days after he accomplished it the second time. The defendant said when he came the second time that my husband had sent him to cut the boys hair.but my husband denied it to me. I bad trouble myself an< my husband saw it and I then in formed him of the rape, because 1 home easy, uncle. inquiry was spread instituted. was a ter em- a verdict to her then for the to the of $500 Every shown copied and big are to be as Another bodice, chiefly Saturday air play Hill. quite of early the of he the the last The of the shanty or building, in which bones, dead animals and orjier putrid matter was kept for tho purpose of boiling said bones, dead animals and other putrid matter in the rendering of grease, fat and tallow and the manufacture of glue therein. The Commonwealth proved the charge by showing that the smell could oe detected detected a quarter of a mile off; was offensive; offensive; erected at the Union Canal and within 300 yards of houses; the nuisance became so bad that Constable Moyer bad to report; so bad that people had to vomit; vomit; so bad that people had to close their houses; so bad that while a funeral was being held it became offensive to those who attended; so bad that its smell affected affected horses who required a whip to pass it; so bad that people turned back coming in contact with it, that its smell is like carrion aud that these dead animals are brought there from a distance of six miles; so bad that workmen refused to continue in the neighborhood and last week it continned all week to smell like a carrion; that some had to stop work in the stone quarry; that as late as a week ago workmen had to stop work In the quarry who becamcBick from the stench; that dead horses and mules were lying dead along tho road on a Sunday; that horses have refused to pass there and had to be turned around and that the nuisance nuisance was unbearable. The defendant testified that the smell was duo to overflooding, and he produced the results of his manufacture. He admitted admitted that by the boiling of tbe meat a strong and greasy smell was the result, but since tbe complaints in Spring he has remedied it, and that tho nuisance was due to tbe overflow of the water. He produced a statement for the manu- 2S£ r^tt^^af.» ^^SP.XSTS; con- leasion of the defendant m the Mayor's | office, when he warned him, but he said how he accomplished it, and demonstrated demonstrated to Constable Sattazahn how it was done, and related what the defendant had said as to the occurrence. Constable Sattazahn testified to the ar„ ar„ - . T . .. . , jest of defendant, and that the distance . com. vs. John Lichtenberger, embar- between the house and barn is 1 500 yds "• mmit - Defendant said if his wife would find it out she would leave him. He stated how it was done. He accomplished it by getting getting hold of her. This was corroborated corroborated by Mayor Garrett, who stated that , .„,,_, _„„„. the defendant admitted to watching the Com. TS. Charles Mengle assault , nd Ia3 ° * he ™ the n ™° a ?d was going up. battery, and Isaac DeeberttoTaycosto. J " hn S "" ° "^ '" > '" —"" Capp, esq., for defendant. TBDK DILLS. Com. TS. Dr. 8. 8. Meily. Malicious mischief; on oath of A. D. Smith. Com. vs. Simon Behney malicious mischief. rassment. NOT TRUB BILLS. Com. vs. Joseph H. Light, Adam B. Schropp and Jacob G. Sohropp. Libel. Not a true bill and J. Victor Smith, prosecutor, to pay cost*. RECOGNIZANCE ENTERED. ried as he was not present; I am a near Commonwealth vs. Henry Firastein; neighbor and know that my sou lives • anl* __ J 1.-1.1. Tl •• • » JAn f . - * I lit- 1 . ..»-__ assault and battery. Bail in $400 for bia appearance at December sessions. ROAD VIEWS. of with a woman whom be calls his wife. •Judge MoPherson—You wont deny the marriage. r. Adams—No, sir. But there is not In the matter of the order of re-Tiew- L ?i"' n f -°i^ r ' J ? ut ,, tnerB « n °t ers of a road in Heidelberg township the e71rde , D =% to « on v,ct the defendant of rape, width of which was fixed at 33 feet. On | to decfde " "" THE DEFENCE. Mr. Adams opened the case for the motion of Chas. M. Zerbe, esq., the ourt confirmed the report absolutely, nd ordered it to be opened by the super- I Mr> Adams opened the case for isors of said township. I defence and contented that In the matter of the laying out of a rape was committed; that it was oad in Milloreek township, at a point on °" linar y case of reciprocity between a public road leading fromNewmanstown to Stricklerstown, near to and nonh of Haak's school house, thence through lands of Joseph E. Kalbach, A. M. Kalbach, Kalbach, John McQuade, Samuel Seibert, Jonathan Strlckler, Ezra Keller M B Moore, Elizabeth Matthew, Albert Read, Elias Leibig, Elias Matthew, Catharine Catharine Reed and Isaac Hartman. A petition petition of 35 citizens was presented to the court remonstrating the confirmation thereof, because if so confirmed by the court it will be very injurious to the petitioners petitioners and burdensome to the inhabitants inhabitants of the township through which the same will pass. Mrs. Brubacherand the defendant; that jury should not be misled in the case when there was a mutual agreement; how the woman endeavors to bide her own shame and that the defendant will state the full truth. COUBT HOUSE NOXE3. E. W. Miller, eaq., commissioner appointed appointed by the court, in the divorce case of Annie Hottenstein vs. Edwin C. Hot- tensteiu, will take the testimony in the case on Tuesday October 3rd, 1893., Grant \Veidman, esq., and Messre. Capp & Schocfc, attorneys for Simon Of sold use by has Tho Court made the - following order- li"*"'! 8 ' administra t<Jrs of J. William "And now to wit, September 21st 1893 8ba r tle > Deceased, have caused to be is!,„/-..—» is!,„/-..—» ,1. r . ... '..""•_ sued out of the Court of Common Pleas against Henry F. Kreiser, an attachment of all moneys due him in the hauds of the Court appoint Joseph uingrioh of South Annville township, Joseph T Lauser and Benjamin Dissinger, of Hei- , ^ -, „ .,.„ J . dleberg township, reviewers on the writ- ^^ K- Mll ' er and Alil!e ten petition as prayed for." . executor of the late Cyrus P. Male*. Com. TS. W. A. Jonts. The defendan - facture of fertilizers to the Secretary Secretary of the Commonwealth show- iug a legitimate business he was engaged in, and that his neighbors asked him to remove his dead horses and received received mouc-y for so dolug. Tbe defendant was corroborated as to smell by workmen in the quarry aud neighbors, aud the smell is not offensive but a sweet smell of cooked meat without without salt; that it was not offensive to those who Worked there or lived one-fourth of a mile away. Jury out. District Attorney Attorney Seltzer for Com.; John Benson-esq for defendant. SENTENCES. Commonwealth VR. Erank P. Miller, Hassler, larceny as bailee. alias F. R. a Iu Tbe defence was sentenced to the Huntingdon Huntingdon Reformatory. Com. vs. John A. Boltz, obstructing legal process, sentenced to pay a fine of *1 and costs of prosecution. Tho jury in the case of Commonwealth vs. Amelia C. Light, came into court at 5:20 p. m., aud rendered a verdict of not guilty and county to pay costs. Adjourued to meet this morning at 9:80 o'clock. TODAY'S SESSION. Tbe fourth days session of the September September criminal court convened at 10 o clock. Judges MoPherson, Reinoehl and Light on the bench. SIIEUIFF DEEDS ACKNOWLBDOED. Sheriff Bowman appeared before the . . was charged with larceny a- bailee o July 26, 1893, by having hired a team from 8. fl. Bomberger, livery and board ing stable keeper, of this city, and no returning it, but fraudulently and felo nionsly did convert the same to hi own use, for 21 days. The Common wealth showed tbe hiring to have been only for three days, but after an absence of 21 days was arrested by County Detective Detective Hunter and prosecutor four miles below New Holland, Lancaster county, aud the horse found at Hew Texas, 01 the same county, and had represented the team to belong to his brother. It was, however, shown that be gave notice through the mail to the prosecutor of his whereabouts and that the team was safe. The defence was that there was no intention intention to convert the team to his own use; that he did not do so, nor that he committed larceny as bailee, but that he was on a protracted spree and neglected to retnrn the team according to promise. Jury out. District Attorney Seltzer and 1 to a open court and acknowlegded the following following deeds: A deed to Susan Carper for real estate of William Carper, South Aunville ownship, consideration 43309. A deed to John A. Behm, trustee of Caroline Behm, and Jacob W. Bowman for real estate of William Carper, South' 097 D 62 toWB8hi P- Consideration 17,A 17,A deed to Jacob R. Mader, for real estate of Sarah Musser, lunatic, East Hanover township. Consideration »995 A deed to the Homestead Building and Saving association, for real estate of r. A. Lokenroth, this city. Consideration, Consideration, $70. T •«. m • esq '> for Commonwealth. J. M. Funck, esq., for defendant. CASES CONTINUED. Commonwealth TS. J. T. Lichtenberger; Lichtenberger; embezzlement on oath of D. J MoCarty; continued in order to give J. M. Funck, esq., counsel for defendant an opportunity to fully investigate the accounts of defendant, who was an agent for an installment house Com. vs. Dr. Samuel S. Meily; malicious malicious mischief; on oath of A. D. Smith. This case was continued by reason of the absence of F. E. Meily, esq., counsel for defendant, at the World's Fair. Adjourned to 1:30 p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. Court re-assembled at 1:30 o'clock, , Judges MoPherson and Reinoehl on the . . The rent has been made returnable to September 20. Fine Blue Point Oysters, Little Neck Clams and Prim Oysters at the Haitmi Cafe. Spent a Day in the County. A ben party composed of about twenty ladies of this city, tin's morning met a' the residence of Mr. Sam. U. Reinoehl North Eighth street, and at this place took one of the Dexter livery buses and preceded to Fontana, where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Eisenhauer. Eisenhauer. Nothing can be more enjoyable these September days than to take visit in the country. The following composed the party: Mrs. Kate Good, Mrs. Mary Rodearmel Mrs. Rose Stoner, Mrs. Harry Weaver, Mrs. Euston, Mrs. Carrnany, Mrs. Mary ialey, Mrs. Leah Rainoehl, Mrs. Kate Jeinoehl, Mrs. Annie Reinoehl, Mrs. Mary A. Reinoebl, Mrs. Tobias Reinoehl, i.s., Mrs. Kate L. Sohropp, Mrs. Boltz, Mrs. Schmidt. Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Stein aud Mrs. J. B. Embicb. Woman's Week. Tins is Woman's Week in St. Paul's Evangelical church. North Eighth street. The Woman's Missionary society, society, of the Evangelical Association, will convene tonight to hold its Ninth Annual meeting. The convention will continue over the Sabbath. The exercises wil consist consist of essays, addresses, discussions, music, <fco. Interesting programs have been arranged for the morning, afternoon afternoon aud evening sessions. Mrs. Eliza beth Krecker, of Fredericksbnrg, will be the presiding officer. Everybody is invited. invited. at F rent. man. • se P POB C . »•„ r j Reply MISS M iss prepared Stamping N Up. are the and COMMON PLEAS. bench. ei "J-' Presented the pe- . U. Garrett, committee of Henry G. Fritz, a lunatic, being joined A deed to the Homestead Building and Saving Association, for real estate ot H. . Smith, this city. Consideration, »70. A deed to Matilda Klink.for real estate i»rank Sattezahn, North Annville. - _ J-» ——-.—» vviu£ JW1UGW I ••••) —..njw i-uu All/It* iFACIIV. \Jl I ill ft therein by George Arnold, asking for <"ty, and Miss Lizzie Uhrich of Grant- specific execution of contract for sale of "* J L ' ' ' ' house and lot of ground, on North Fourth street, for $1,100. The court granted the motion. BAST LEBANON BOHODOH. Judge McPherson brought to the at-1 tention of the grand jury the following facts necessary iu considering the appli-, . ,„ plication for an^ incorporation of the | eTeB1D g left Chicago, bound for home. End of a Law Suit. On Thursday afternoon Sheriff Bow- GOING AND COKING. Perionali of Thoie Who Are leaving For and Kp.tnrning From the World's Fair. Frank E. Meily, esq., and Misses F ;ie, Alice and Nora Meily, of this ville, returned home last evening from the World's Fair, after a stay of almost three weeks. They came via Niagara Falls, where they stopped off several days. Rev. C. J. Kephart, of this city, left isterday for the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. George B. Schock last "»y«-tt F man bouse commodious can very water one of Borough of East Lebanon. First. That a majority of the freeholders freeholders were petitioners. • . | .» — > W4.UUWU UUUI 11* JJUW- Second.—Kegard must be had to the man »rmed with two writs, executed the territory, situation, surroundings, the decree of the Court by removing all the number of inhabitants, the facilities for personal property of John J. Brightbill municipal purposes, comfort of the peo- and Catherine Brightbill, from the prem- ple, extravagant outlay to the taxpayers ises of tbe Farmer's Hotel. After a liti- and reasonable care for the best interests Ration of more than four years the courts of all. No rule can be laid down, but baye decided the property to belong to A deed tnfi~«~n~~' ""' i D -,., I Wlt ° ess f 8 wi " be calle( l by counsel on Mra - Mary Brightbill. Landlord Reidle S»7in^ A the ,. Hom , e8le ad Building and both sides, and the jury must be guided wil1 now have full possession of the large Savuig Association, for real estate of P. | by the facts. S | stables and shedding. g Arrested for Purloining Tools. Elmer McConnell, a slater, of this city was arrested this morning by Constable Altland, on a warrant issued by Alder- , _ -, Loose, for real estate of George Loose, North Lebanon township. township. Consideration, $5. , *»0. Bowman also presented a deed The jury in the case of the Commonwealth Commonwealth vs. W. H. Jonts, charged with Annie Moyer, by her next friend Geo toever vs. David Moyer. In di J - hn 1SUEB With Girls; and Our "*"** Estate of Rev. John Stine, deceasad On motion of P. S. Keiser, esq , the court confirmed the report of J. M. Funck, esq., auditor, and directed the money to be paid out in accordance therewith. therewith. Estate of P.ev. John Stine, deceased. f. b. Reiser, esq , presented a second re- was also to be paid Clerk of Oi therewith. CASES COSTINtJED. Commonwealth TS. Charles Simmons ^^s^WrfflEisteaiSBBiSsfttti---- , counsel for the stead MoConnell went toHarrisburg with -^ la to the court that Bower's tools and failed to r B fnrn rtT™ ~~ led two different The case was «b^aenar2tSS^ F"™* Co^mon a wlal't'h CO t''n B "^. t I MeConne11 "turning the tools. ? I he desires to try this upon i case. District Attorney—We will try the case I on the first count MOTION TO QUASH. Mr. Adams—I now move to quash for the reasons as follows: Weather Indications. Warmer, probably rain tonight. _„.. „ . .. , tbi Colnmbla Ho n« Tln« Evening. The Grand Centra Orchestra will give Comedian, at f IJr The Irish On motion of Dis- case was con- | with intent to commit rape, on August 34th. Fourth Count—This on August 34th. Judge McPherson—Read the eonnt. Mr. Adams did so. Kail Agent Moyer. Mr. Isaac Moyer, of Myerstown, who, for about a quarter of a century, has been in the mail service, and at present mail agent between Harrisburg and Al- lentpwn, has_ just celebrated his flO " of the most acti Direct JPhUjidalphla. clal Scenery. PRICES,

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