58th at Murfreesboro

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58th at Murfreesboro - ,,ows (o Writo. We ore Mill here ....inB....
,,ows (o Writo. We ore Mill here ....inB. r,b,.„ T,.11,1,no. on,I K;»ch army is wniiin« lor the other to attack \\’e ca!, w.hip ail ri'beldom if they wil1 light |,pre \\'t. huve the bed tim<\« no v sinee j IJiere We have been handed the following letler from a brave hoy in llie 58th Indiana regiment, with a request to publish it. It ia evident the writer is n b»*ltcr soldier than 4ttn*,8u>an. To “kill the mules” may convince convince the rebels of their error, but “we cati’i sec it.” RJ uiu iiepse )Ro, Tenn. 1) ar Urother :—I liavo no interesting news to write. We ore Mill here fortify- ini’, the rebels at Tullahoma and Shelbyvillc.; . ... 1 we o me » Ut; we g, t plenty to cm. , ml wear and dot.’i have to minti as we did w hen ihi eii le»l us. Last aumtner we were march« d jlUVo, hull simved, dirty and ragged; but I ¡„j „rt i'fw. feir-j-|»|,j„ !ir)ny more united now tli m it evei L«ft Jumiarv, a'trr the batih*, the nr-1 ^ ^ l ,llillW w„, . . ' ,the traitors at home got so bold it |ooke«ij ** ........ ........... ***” B""j a 'V »«» •»* «ere d..l!u in ..........-I, to t in* people at houie was glad of it Freeing the nrgros hurt h good many i f the iciw.’t r- footid (.res—pitch «a ccuMn’i rule at home1 n„,_u jjut t|iry r re getting over it;| ,iH V say M.(. ,mist v. hip the South if it tahes do i1, rnd free the regro and kill the mules. J'hat is the way. It vw had done yPfir „ ,j u |¡u> w.ir woul<! be over now. Iiut j (>t|t y( u we wi I « hip them-sooner or later n|)(j e f wien i is due it wont b>* to do soi>n again; wlo ii .they do fall they will be the worst degr idei! peoplo on th ’ ear'll, hut they will ¡i. lit i*?• long as they can. I tbit k i' whip tliem we » m i jh* t«» linve Jiff. 1) vi- to rule uq. but 1 sav m ver a mpro t ltlw j |, traitors. I have written plenty ({j,. Wl|i i,clter- r,' , fut1 „ ,t llty „ h,;.,,,,,.,. i (|li, u, (| . , , |() f j;| ,|iM n r ot( cu|) o! t. | a,orill i,ut lt |!4 ,|,e Ham.. f) u' k at it and tl .nl. I I» il io u gmu! cause — ) e t i • « I i ' * j» our liberties and In m»'s that were bought-with the blood of our I « ; r • • t thers. X p* c l to f. I'.ow the tl .g tl»*')- di.! a • long It has i as«* d ihn u^h many a fi. g yet. ami may. enough to make t iilvvtv* remain so. Ii i ______ t,e ,,.,.t.„| 7' tl;ie jri ifl< i0|„e i|, any one's evt s, to s* e meni io a bf.ttli', euioke rnising lil>f a cloud, thè t£rt>il:>•: tri iiibling fr^m III** t»>«r «>f canttoi ot ,wf it ciiftrinr, large in mb.-rs ol tiiem b* torn to pieces l>efure the touiid of tli» ir ee- die» away, but no one stop*1, the worki .goes on. II1 re is where the tl ig look# i roud- niovint' tiiroti^li tlte ti«.iita tft of lite* buttle. . in' mi . I V ur affecliunaie 1 ro her, PiODFET SriiU AUT. T * I A &L M. J Norman.

Clipped from
  1. The Jasper Weekly Courier,
  2. 27 Jun 1863, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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  • 58th at Murfreesboro

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