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 - PIQUA, t «««. cnnn district. I w * mcst...
PIQUA, t «««. cnnn district. I w * mcst Prominent town in Soati- 1 «ra Kansas. , , ~v«w Vleilwi. O A Cyclone Sweeps Down Up<m Welliiigtom, K»ns»s. Probably Forty Killed and Over a Hundred Injured. Death and Destruction Mark Its Pathway. HUNDREDS OF DWELLINGS DESTROYED DESTROYED OR DAMAGED. Th« Oreateit Lou of Life Prob.blj In tht Phillip. Hou«« Wktre a Ball W»» IB frogrei,— Schuol HO»M<, th.rtan, Bu.lntu Hlocfc. and KeHd. oc «.. Ue . »tfll>ked— Many Undoubtedly Killed lu the SvrroumlJac ConBti-y— TlMl'toM Not Eitlmated Y«t. WEIXISGTOX, Kan., May 28.— A few minute* after 8 o'clock Friday night a tornado struck the city, coming fromtba southwest. There were no premonitory signs. Everybody was indoors, and tlw cloud passed with its destructive rush and awful roar unseen. Washington avenue, the principal bnal- neeo street, is lined on both aides 'for. Hocks with niins. Two members of tlie Salvation Army are expected to die of injuries received. At Squire Smith's residence seven persons persons are more or less injured. The streets are littered with tin roof- Ing, eloth awn bags and broken timbers. The destruction j s simply awful, and every minute adds to the horror of the situation. The opera house and dozens of the best business buildings are useless. Fin e school buildings and churches are ruined, and the loss will foot np many thousands thousands of dollars. Tbe cyclone did not do much damage until it reached the center of the town. On Jefferson avenue it destroyed the Lutheran church, bnt only unroofed the residences. The most furious work waa done within the compass of the four squares bounded by Jefferson arenne, ATenne C, aud Seventh and Ninth streeto. Every building in these two •qtwres was demolished aud wrecked. The Wellington foundry was demolished, demolished, aud Mrs. William Asher and her ewi. Those known to be dead are- Monoid Adamson. Mrs. William AsUer. D. Campbell, laborer. Jam** E. Hastie. room at tl18 Is MeAdauis. Kittie Strain. are: Guy Colby. EdwaraForeythe. Mattie Hodges. Carrie Mitchell. Mrs, Murphy. Chartee Sterner. James Lawrence, cancn toniey general, arm broken James Forathen. Among the missing are- Professor Mayer Bert Upson. At Harper. The town ate for at- . er sistor, Kittie Strahan, who happened to be passing there at thotime, were buried in its rains and-ldlled. Their bodies liavebeeu recovered. The destruction in the nortlieest ••"**' . rtio .^f... t.-_ — ~ uocu-grew, bnt definite details can not be had. Great confusion prevailed. The destruction south of Harvey ave- lives are kraw^to htvojeen tart there! Another Town Reiiorle,! Untrojed. KANSAS CITY, May 28.-Disi»atchoe received received at the Santa Fe headquarters at Topelca from trainmen on tho road say that the town of Argonia, of 150 inhsbi- tents was nlso totally destroyed by the u)mium «rlm»l* i u i. T n havoc at gonia bears a~n— •-• —~» 7 Jull set of women of- jeials. H is impossible to get newa from Argonia, aa all ft • the STARTLING DEVELOPMENTS NEW YORK, May' 28.-A Chicago special special to The World says: 8tartlin~ de«£ opmentaare soon coming in the Cronin case. Cooney, "the Fox," has been located located and detectives are now on hit track. Coocey engaged the rooms in the Carlson cottage and assisted in the butchery. Scanlon said Saturday: certainly be new develop— develop— When they come it will be all at onoeand will create as great a sensation almost as dul the infamous murder I hare always been confident that the en- fare conspiracy will come oat. It has oeen reported that .Jhe_CtpjBiii r rvt5<rn!ft Tilf ffierun'ds needed if they are needed. ey are neee. We act as developments are made. We have made preparation to decorate Dr. ' nne was comparatively insignificant, and pose, no lives have been lost iu that section BO ' far iia known. At the Phillip* Hoaie. Pr»bably the greatest loss of life will on o ecorae r. Cronin's grave on Memorial Ttey, and some members of tho committee will go some memers o o commttee will go out to Calvary »»** Sunday for tliis par- nose." CONGRESS. Ku»e. — was reported aud placed on ... a ball was in progress the calendar. It appropriates .$21,683, when the cyclone burst. The dancers 7S3, being |1,070,388 less than the eeti- --- ••- motes, and a reduction of $458,122 from building began swaying in the force of the terrific gale, the people in tho crowded ball room made a frantic; rush for the doors. With a crash of tho were given little opportunity to escape "jotes, and a reduction of $458,122 from from the toppling structure. As t£ ^Sg'SM^r™^^ buildintr hpiran urnviTiir in *>,« !•„,-«> „» Th e ijj]i provides for the abolition of :he Utah commission which consisted of fivejuembers at a^salaryof t.'i.OOO each walls about and over them there arose a great wail of despair from the an prisoned and doomed multitude. Aa tt» timbers crushed down upon the struggling merrymakers tlicir hoarse cries were throttled in their throats by the weight of the mass of timbers above them. Up to noon Saturday seven bodies had been recovered. A meeting of tlio Salvation Army was in progress in a hall near the Robinson Robinson Hock. The fulling walls of this building crushed the liffll, and laany of . *, .uv.iiwi.., c»b c* oalalj \JL ^l,wu eUUQ. The speaker submitted a communication communication from ihc postmaster general esti mating an appropriation of $16:1,047 for the postal service incident to the world's Columbian exposition for tlie fiscal years 1893 and 1894. Senate. As nolwdy was ready to epenk on the Stewart free coinage bill, tlio matter was laid over nntil next Tuesday. During During tlie discussion SenatorTeHeri-hiirged Senator Sherman with "pettifogging," but subsequently retracted the statement. statement. tVliftt Aualrla (live* In Return. VIENNA, May 28.—Tlio reciprocii, treaty between Austria and the United caped alive is a marvel. The physicians in town are at work in the temporary hospital, and doctors from neighboring towns arrived Saturday Saturday morning to assist in tlie work of relieving the injured. Of course, many of the wounds are trifling, consisting of contusions and bruises, but there are 'many ca»ea which willterminate fatally. It was found Saturday morning that tho northeast portion of the city, which was thought to have escaped, had suffered severely. Tlie houses there aro almost entirely residences, anil the low will be heavy anil will fall upon tho small owners. Tlie loss of life will nol bo so great, though it is reported that a number of children met death in tho wrecking of the homes. Among the buildings completely wrecked are the fine First ward school hoose, tho Presbyterian and Lutheran churches, tho Smith and Kpicknell brick block, the Coll and RoWnson brick block, Tho Standard building, the Unstie Burgess and Stone ntahlcs ant more than one hundred frame IHISUI buildings and residences. Over twenty people lost their lives in tho city, while tho country arotlml is thickly settled, probably ag many more met the same fate. Tlio number of in jured will reach over one hundred, an< the financial loss will reach far in tho thousands of dollars. The nre which broVo out direct!} after the toniado was snlxlued b; shutting off the gne, ami fortnnatel" i saved the city from a fearful disaster. | What Uthe tall extent of tho storm'| storm'| damage can only be told when ft full in I vestigatiou is made. Hundreds o bouse* tumbled to pieces, and whil i travel through 1fae streets WRII danger : oo» and in aonw places almost finpomi I ble, a large force of workmen nre now clearing awny tbo debris, 1 The fosses to property will aggregate fiOO.OOO. WuUiugtou U the county «e*t'rjf Suiu- Americun products. Ill- \Vn* Taking tlir Kerlry Cure. FMUIO, N. D., May 28.—II. McKenzi w»B found ilead in hi.s room at n holi here Friday nigVtt. He had Iwn tnkin B tlie Keeley nire for the drink habit. Ho was ono. of the earliest settlers in tlv Red River valley and was sixty-h'v jimt i ;K. Mny 2».—The nnlhoritie, have ileciilcil that all the stiteinents, let tern to the vrvss nml "thi-r ilrn'iiinenl. wrilU-n by , who wn.i '»» 1* .lr*lmyc<1. . Die noloriinis wif< ere recent Ciiitrt Mnn^r, J»ll :inil ICfAl<lrrirr Ilnrnr- LoL'isvii.i.F. May 28.-AI Himnn.. Ky.. Hie Kwiit ronnty court hiflifi.-, jai ye and be""" VT Ph that J _o the has the to ~ien ? lon vaS servant ;heir the ?i Cisco cod leaning his of L t is for » A the dead W. She as llvin In return Austria gives tho United States favored nation treatment. Sir I.jun NotJeeil It. . LONDON-, May 38.—Sir Lyon Playfair, in a revision of his recent Leeds speech, which is printed as a Cobden club leaf a 2uT,t 'vSubHion 0 oTin^ bj She *n*\ to not --j - - -j - —.» .,,•.,._., ^nn , and a residence were liunied Kriilay by inceinlinries. Tlie object was Iniiatroy w the rrcorilH. lint thftw were savc^l, JJOSH f $7,000. partly Insurol. -I. ;." 7 7"u Sandy, Nmi<i..r iiarimiii . Mum ,.,, r . I HICIIHOXII, May 2H.—The govenmr t,t | thi« F.tatc h;w jtiat upiioiiited H<»n. Kr.ra Hunter Uiiilcd St.ites Mumlnr to uncci-cd ' Johu S. IJarlxiur, dcconw^l. KUjali. in <l,.n.-r«l iiiirkiniiil I>r.,l. Toi.r.iX), May 28. — (innnral Ilolpli lirr Bnckland died nt Kremont Sjitnnlay. lio' wa« Ixirn in 181^ and was ron»iiiun'jiis in Irn, tile late civil war, i h ~ ' " j, Muy '28.-'H,c Seyenoonl colonial ,>.torffl liavo Ixjcn dcxtmyed by thi- tirr. Tlw daffi»go is e<iuiviiluil to uUait t (W0,000, cnlturu,

Clipped from The Piqua Daily Call, 30 May 1892, Mon,  Page

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The Piqua Daily Call
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