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Courier-Journal, 26 Oct 1900, page 1 - I, (CIRCULATION V.. THE LARGEST Of AST HOHXI r-...
I, (CIRCULATION V.. THE LARGEST Of AST HOHXI r- r- IRCULATION' ; I MOM THAI QUADRUPLE THAT OP AJTTl OTHER X0S5IIQ PAPE8 tJ XOTTCXT Y xoRxne -v - $ - fltnsrArtK 15 the sot-th sot-th sot-th ; . ; - It l Jt I ill f I I IVV M 4 ! r f " i i . i -. -- -- PJi I.: 7 lir; VOL. XCV. NEW . Th Weather, , ' ,P -V -V Indications for to-day. to-day. to-day. October a, are: - Kentucky nl Tcnn(M-t't!r Tcnn(M-t't!r Tcnn(M-t't!r : Friday and Saturday, southerly winds. V i : .; InlluFilr : rrMv lad Saturday; treah southerly winds. ' '; ,- ,- .- .- THE LATEST.: .r Mr. Bryan yesterday did his principal campaigning in New Jersey, the home f the trust. aadthet formed Ms principal theme. He awakened great enthusiasm everywhere, especially at Trenton and Waruingtoa Pwk. and also at Philadelphia, where he yielded to popular pressure"sRd made a speech to treat crowd. Mr. Bryan also spoke to Princeton students, and at night -sonde -sonde six speeches In Jersey City. In all. Mr. Bryan mad; sixteen speeches. : Got.. Beckham. OIK M James and jXIinn Gooch addressed. crowd at Carroll ton yesterday that far exceeded - the Ooebel demonstration at that place on year sgo. The enthusiasm was unlimited. unlimited. andtse Democratic leaders predict predict a majority of at least 1.000 in Carroll Carroll county. Nearly all the Brown Democrats Democrats will support Gov. Bexkham. w- w- ' eluding Mr. Ssndets Orr. who was Chairman of the Brown committee fa Carroll county last year. r The strike of the coal miners In the anthracite region of Pennsylvania was yesterday declared oft against all companies companies which have acceded to the demands demands of the strikers. The strike win b continued against those companies which have not granted the Scranton convention's demands. The strikers will ; return to work Monday at the mines Where the strike has been declared off. 'A resoluUon offered by the Bishop of Oklahoma In the Episcopal missionary council yesterday a king for a return-of return-of return-of the 20 per cent, withdrawn from the missionary dioceses by the Board of Managers caused a warm discussion. In which the board came In for tome severe criticism. The resolution was lost and the council closed It three days deliberation. A Democratic barbecue at Rogers' Gap. In Scott county, yesterday. attended by 8.000 ptopls. Speeches were made by John W, Keller. South Trimble. John R. Allen. W. B. Moody. J. Campbell Campbell Cantrill and V. F. Bradley. At Vine Grove, -Hardin -Hardin county, the Democrats Democrats turned out yesterday In a parade that was more than a mile In length. : 'C D. Snapp. confidential agent of a cotton brokerage firm at Memphis, was arrested at Chicago yesterday, charged wltsWWssgnnjr av wave or absence last montn, ana tne shortage was discovered after his departure departure for Chicago "" ""S :''r 0 ; Attorney T. C Campbell has written Attorney R. W. Nelson .a tart letter denying the sensational charges made against him In Mr. Nelson's speech to the Yootaey Jury, and making some squally sensational charges against Mr. Kelson. " Tbe managns of the Democratic campaign campaign in tbe State are arranging for an aggressive finish next week. Numerous rallies nave teen arranged, with barbecue barbecue accompaniment, and the speakers will be out in force in all parts of the State. ,' ' I German marines killed 200 Boxers In a battle near KaumL In the Sam-bochnok-Kwang Sam-bochnok-Kwang Sam-bochnok-Kwang Sam-bochnok-Kwang Sam-bochnok-Kwang district 2.000 villagers have been killed by tbe rebels, who also burned two villages containing S.-00 S.-00 S.-00 houses. The rebels lost 400 kil ed. In deciding a case appealed from La a ret county tbe Court of Appeals yesterday yesterday beld as unconstitutional that provision provision of the Criminal Code of Practice allowing Town Trustees to Issue war rants of arrest. x The Stats has retted Its rase In the trial of Murderer Rosslyn II. Ferret at MarysvUle. O.. sad the defense is Introducing Introducing witnesses to prove insanity In th defendant's family. CbL Bennett H. Young and ex-Oov. ex-Oov. ex-Oov. Bradley have made up their differences, ana do in agree to wiinaraw the unpleasant unpleasant remarks they have made con cerning each other. . " Funeral services In honor of the late John Sherman were held in Mansfield; yesterday. President McKlnley was tn attendance. The b:dy was placed In the family vault. . - ? - ' ..i Tbe Republicans of Greater" New York Win endeavor "to-night "to-night "to-night . to give- give- Gov. Boosevelt a reception that will exceed the recent demonstration In honor of : Mr. Bryan.' - : . ' .'. '- '- Mr. Yerkes spoke at Blchmopd. yester day to a crowd estimated -t -t 2.000...- 2.000...- A feature of the meeting was a parade -of -of ,751 men on horseback. 481 of whom were aegroes. - - ' la purging the registration books, the Democrats bare found numerous ne groes registered as living tn bouses which bave been fount) to be vacant. , In a conflict between strikers snd militia militia at Valleyficld. Que., eight soldiers and fifteen strikers wet injured, some of them perhaps fatally. ' - 'Amos J.'Cumrolnga and John W. Keller, Keller, of New York, will speak In Louisville Louisville tbis evening In behalf of the Dera-. Dera-. Dera-. ocratle ticket. . Tbe allies under command of Gen. Oasele bar arrived at Pao-Ting Pao-Ting Pao-Ting Fn, I SERIES-NO. SERIES-NO. SERIES-NO. 11,622. ECLIPSED All Former Political Meet ings At DEMONSTRATION YESTERDAY Far Exceeded Goe bel Meet-In? Meet-In? Meet-In? of One Tear Ago. VOTERS CAME BY THOUSANDS. HUNDREDS TBOX UfDIANA AHT MANY JTROM NEARBY COTJMTIXS. A BROWN LEADER IN LINE. Carrollton. Ky.. Oct. 25. SptclsXl -One -One year ago. almost to the day. Senator Senator Goebel spoke in this thriving little Ohio river town. In which had assembled assembled st least 5,000 voters from this sod several adjoining counties. It was conceded conceded to be the banner demonstration In Carroll county, and two weeks later when the ballots were cast and counted counted the Democratic candidate for Governor Governor was found to have realised tbe claims of his friends by securing a majority majority of nearly S00 votes. - What has transpired during the past year Is a part of the State's history and is familiar to every citiseO. and it 1 chiefly through those startling happenings happenings that these same friends of the late Gov. Goebel account for a demonstration demonstration here to-day to-day to-day for Gov. Beckham that surpassed In every respect that of a year ago. Tbe enthusiastic Democrats of this section who were here to-day to-day to-day would find fault with an estimate that placed this crowd at double that which greeted Senator GoebeL They- They- insist in their enthusiasm that 15.00 people were on . the streets, and proclaim It a gross Inaccuracy to say there were only U-awlW U-awlW U-awlW verdict of the oldest, inhabitants"- inhabitants"- had it. that Carroll county never saw such day all her history. Equally cer tain is it that the Goebel demonstration of a yesr ago war eclipsed to-day. to-day. to-day. To such people as do not attach any Importance to the presence of great crowds at political meetings, the Demo crats of Carroll county are ready with another evidence of wbat they declare to be a great Improvement in the politi cal situation. It can be related best in the language of Mr. 8anders Orr. who last yesr was chairman of the Brown Democratic Committee, and whose affiliation affiliation In this campaign was not known until to-day. to-day. to-day. when he made the follow ing statement to the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal correspondent: "Since the signing of the new election law yesterday by Gov. Beckham I have decided upon my affiliation in this eiec tlon. I have been waiting to see the new law approved. Wben Gov. Beckham Beckham affixed his signature to the act on yesterday I oecame his ardent supporter, supporter, and shall vote tbe full Demo cratic ticket with pleasure. Further- Further- mon, I speak conservatively when I say that two-thirds two-thirds two-thirds of the Brown Demo. crats in this county will vote for Gov. Beckham. There were 179 who voted for Brown last year. Carroll county, which gave Goebel nearly 800 majority. will give Beckham fully 1.000. Th County Polled. The Democrats have polled the county, county, and they say that 1.000 majority. or a gain of 200. is certain. In o- o- preclnct they polled a gain of SO. la several precincts the poll showed a loss, but the net gain was 200, according to the polk Gov. Beckham was accompanied here by Mr. OUI M. James, ex-Congressman ex-Congressman ex-Congressman A. 8. Berry and Mr. D. Unn. Gooch. th Democratic nomine for. Congress In th Sixth district. Messrs. James and Gooch spoke with Gov. Beckham In th afternoon. CoL Berry spok at night in behalf of the full Democratic ticket. The party was met at Worth-vtlle Worth-vtlle Worth-vtlle by Mr. M. U Downs and a committee, committee, heading a parade 'of carriages and several hundred horsenxfci. who rode th nine miles to CarroUtoh. Mr. and Mrs.' Downs entertained the Gov em or and the other 'speakers during their stay. They also entertained Sen ator Goe be! last year. . Th house all along th route were decorated, and. tbe town was bright with .decoration.. The v. streets- streets- were lined with cheering thousand. Hun d reds, were here from the Indiana side. while a large crowd cam from Trim Die county, th head of the big dele- dele- gatton'belng Senator W. O. Coleman and Representative Claude Terrell Sen-ator Sen-ator Sen-ator Coleman, by th way. to-day to-day to-day an nounced his candidacy for Stats Prison Commissioner. The next ' Legislature elects two members to. succeed Messrs. Richardson and Fennel, both of whom are candidates to succeed themselves. . , Hw Bridge Opened. , Carroll county la divided by tha Kentucky Kentucky river. : Many more people live on the Carrollton side than on the other. To-day To-day To-day the on new bridge across Kentucky Kentucky river, was thrown open to the public for th first time. In order to get an Idea of the crowd that would be In town th DemocraUo managers stationed two men at th bridge is count th people who cam toCarroll-J toCarroll-J toCarroll-J wu- wu- uiw murainK irotn law mocr of the county. They reported that J .500 had crossed by noon. There Is no doubt that many more people came from this side ohe river than from the other' side. ";-w ";-w ";-w . :. . v Gov. Beckham was Introduced by Mr. M. I Downs, who addressed tbe audience audience as "Feltow-citlsens.' "Feltow-citlsens.' "Feltow-citlsens.' in marked contrast with the Introduction given ?r Yerkes hers, when the sudience was addressed addressed by the man presenting him ss "Fallow-assassins. "Fallow-assassins. "Fallow-assassins. The pesr's stand ss erected at the front of the court -boure. -boure. which is surrounded by sn Immense Immense yard. The on fid of the yard on which the stand was erected could hold 10,000 people, snd It wss three-fourths three-fourths three-fourths run and packed ss closely as men can stand together. It was nearly 3 o'clock when tbe Governor Governor and his party arrived at tbe stand. Though 1 o'clock was the announced hour, tbe crowd was not out of patience and their enthusiasm was not dampened by-the by-the by-the long wait. - . Here' they come," was th signal from the outskirts of th throng tbst brought forth a storm of applause. So densely was tbe crowd packed about tha stand that K took Ave minutes for the Escort Committee to get through. Th Speaking. Mr. Downs at once presented Gov. Beckham In a neat speech. ' Wben the Governor arose there was ' an outburst outburst of enthusiasm that quickly showed the temper of the regular Democracy of Carroll county. When be was permitted permitted to begin, tbe Governor said be understood that be was addressing the clUaens of two States, several hundred being from Indiana. There was a kin dred interest, as tbe voters of Indiana were Involved in a fight similar In many respects to that m Kentucky. For after this election." continued the Governor, "when Gov. Kern is Installed In bis office ss Governor. I xpect ti have some business with him." This provoked a shout that could bave been heard almost on the opposite Indiana store of tbe Ohio. Gov. Beckham said ne was not so concerted, aunouga ne was so youthful as to require a nurse. according to tbe assassination organs, as to imagine that this great demonstra tion was a personal compliment to him. It was an evidence that tbe people were aroused ss never before In Kentucky. there being in progress both a State and national campaign of tbe most vital importance. importance. , During the speaking the people crowd ed so closely to tbe stand that ther was danger of a break-down. break-down. break-down. Each man seemed .to be bending his best efforts to climb over bis nearest neighbor's shoul ders, snd the crush became sucb as to necessitate tbe stopping of the spesking while Mr. Downs snd others persuadea the enthusiastic Democrats to bottle up some of It for awhile. Gov. Becfchsun soon resumed tbe eHs- eHs- cusskm of State Issues, which be presented presented In such a manner as to keep thw crowd almost constantly , applauding. "It is tbe duty of an. good citisens, Said the Governor, "to help wipe oat the stain that has been placed upon tbe State by the criminal acts of tn Repuo- Repuo- JicaiwJast wtntsr.-Ms wtntsr.-Ms wtntsr.-Ms jald, IX a-SStta. a-SStta. a-SStta. 8enstor could be shot down on the Cap- Cap- fiot Square - then -no -no mas rn tbe State was safe. Created a Laugh. There was loud laughter and applause when tbe Governor said: 'Mr. Yerkes has said that I asked him questions at long range. I want to say that In the past I and other Democrats hajre found It safer to deal st long range with Republicans He classed Mr. Yerkes with Taylor, the one being a fu gitive from Justice and the other a fugi tive from argument. Wben he said no man doubted that the election of Mr. Yerkes would mesn the liberation of all tbe assassins of Gov. Goebel there was renewed applause. Referring to the National and State contests. Gov. Beckham said that if some Democrats thought they had cause to oppose their party In 189 and 1899. they did not have It now. snd it wss their duty, if they wer-sincere wer-sincere wer-sincere in their position Isst year and In the few preceding elections, to come back into the ranks.. He believed from the demonstration demonstration to-day to-day to-day that Carroll county could be depended upon for an increased increased majority. In speaking or the composition or his audiences In the Stste. Gov. Beckham made a popular stroke by citing the fact that so many women came out to listen, showing, ss he said, that the Demo cratic fight was a righteous one. Olli James Speaks. The Governor spoke a little over a half hour, when- when- Mr. Olli James, who never was known to fall to "whoop up th boys, took his place at th speakers' speakers' railing.- railing.- He spoke first on national Issues. "But great aa are these Issues of national importance." said Mr. James, "still greater are those In this Stats. Th issue with us is law and order versus murder and assassination. Her th speaker recited th well-known well-known well-known facta leading up to th assassination assassination of Gov. GoebeL He pointed out that th contest made by Senator Goebel Goebel wss under a provision of the Constitution Constitution and not under th Goebel law, which be said some people Imagined bad even brought on the Galveston disaster. disaster. Th Republicans had said that th crowd of mountain men were orderly- orderly- orderly- petitioners. Did they go to Carroll and other law-abiding law-abiding law-abiding counties for their Republican petitioners ? "No," said Mr. James, "they did not get Republicans from the neighboring counties, but went far up Jnto th mountains where they could find their murderers and assassins. assassins. And wben Goebel was shot did tbe Republican officials In the State buildings express any horrott No. according according to Republican proof they said: 'He quivered like a stuck- stuck- hog. .-.' .-.' .-.' Borne Republican In the audience hers tried to interrupt Mr. James, but th fellow, who was drinking, could not make himself heard, and Mr. James told him that he would have to get another another drink before he would be able to talk loud enough. There were no more tnterruotlona Mr. James concluded with an appeal for D. Linn Gooch for Con gress In the sixin aistnct. Mr. Goocfi Talks. Mr. Gooch was next Introduced. He said be was not a publlo speaker, but be was a good enough Democrat to make up for his deficiency in that rV-specU rV-specU rV-specU However, be made a good speech snd was warmly received in this home of former Berry follower. : Gov. Beckham went to Lexington tonight tonight In order to take th early train to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning for . Owingsvllle, wners ne wui spot m in anernoon. GRAHAM VRfiJSLAXD. LOUISVILLE. FRIDAY MORNING, v OCTOBER 26. -1 STRIKE Is. Declared Off Djr PrcsU dent Hitcbcll. A- A- BIG - VICTORY ACHIEVED AND XIUTES WILL NOT QUIBBLE OVER EHA1X MATTERS. WORK TO RESUME MONDAY In All Mines Where Notice of th Tea Per Cant. Advance Has Been Posted. OTHERS MUST COXX TO TTMX. - Haxleton. Pa., Oct. 25. Th following-statement following-statement following-statement wss given out for publication publication to-night to-night to-night by President Mltchetk of tbe United Mine Workers: "Temporary Headquarters United sflne Workers of America. Haxleton.-Pa.. Haxleton.-Pa.. Haxleton.-Pa.. Oct. 25. To the Miners snd Mine Workers of the Anthracite Region Gentlemen: After carefully canvassing the entire strike situation, your officers, district and national, have concluded that your victory Is so nearly complete that no good end can be served by continuing continuing the strike longer. The contest has been. In progress for thirty-nine-days, thirty-nine-days, thirty-nine-days, thirty-nine-days, thirty-nine-days, snd the companies employing you have, with few ' exceptions, signified their willingness to pay the scale of wages formulated by tbe Scranton convention convention of October 12 and 13. ' Bom Dissatisfaction, W are aware that some disappointment disappointment and dissatisfaction has been, caused by the failure of th operators In districts 1 snd 7 to sepsrst tbe reduction reduction In the prVc of powder from th advance in wages, but after careful inquiry ws are satisfied that each mine employe will actually receive an advance advance of 10 per cent, on the wages formerly formerly paid.- paid.- In th Schuylkill and L-high L-high L-high regions the largest companies have agreed that the sliding seals- seals- should be suspended: and that wages should remain remain stationary st 19 per cent, until April 1, 101. thus removing one of th iniquities of which you have complained complained for many years. Miners' Grievances. . . i "Th companies sgree. In tho notices, notices, to take up with their mine implore implore sn grlevwnees complained of. We would therefor advise that when work, is resumed committees b selected by th mine qtsloyes, asuj-tbat asuj-tbat asuj-tbat they, waft upon tne BrtnTejetta of the companies companies and present their- their- grievances in an orderly, business like manner, snd ask that they be corrected. 'Tour attention is respectisiiy eauea to the fact that the laws of tbe State of Pennsylvania, provide that- that- miners should be paid semi-monthly semi-monthly semi-monthly upon de mand. We should therefore advise that each mine employ serve notice on the companies, that he expects to be paid bis wages twice each month, as pro vided by law. Companies Sot Complying. "As there sr some few companies who have neither posted, notified nor signified, in any manner, their willing ness to pay the 1 per cent, advance In wages and suspend the sliding scale, we would advise that unless tbe men employed employed by such companies receive notice notice before Monday that the' advance will be paid they remain away from th mines and continue on strik until the companies employing them agree to the conditions offered by the other companies: and the employes of the companies who bave offered the advance advance of 1 per cent, and abolishing the sliding seal are hereby authorised to resume work Monday morning, October 29, and to be prepared. If called on. to contribute a reasonable amount of your earnings for tbe maintenance of those who may be compelled to continue on strike." The statement is signed by President Mitchell and all the officers of the Mine Workers' Union. Operators Conference. Philadelphia. Ps-. Ps-. Ps-. Oct. 25. A confer ence between the officials of the big coal-carrying coal-carrying coal-carrying companies and several individual individual coal operators wss beld to-day to-day to-day st the office of President Harris, of the Philadelphia snd Resding Railway Company. Th conferrees were In session session about on hour, and. although all information as to what took place wss refused. It wss stated that tbe question of sn early adjustment of th coal strik difficulties- difficulties- wss considered. HOW CLEVELAND WILL' VOTE. Surprised That. Bis Opinion Should Be Deemed Important and Explains It Clearly. . j Princeton, N. J.. Oct. 25. In con versa tlon with a representative of the Associated Associated Press to-dhy, to-dhy, to-dhy, ex-Prerident ex-Prerident ex-Prerident Cleveland said: ."I sm surprised, that my opinions and Intentions as related to the pending canvass should st this stsge so suddenly suddenly be deemed. Important I in dally snd nightly sought out by newspaper representatives sad plied with all sorts of questions, some of which seem quite senseless. If Is good naturs I say few harmless words, they sre so padded before publication, as to be unrecog nixable. or are i made the pretext for utterly unauthorised presumptions, " "It seems to me that my situation ought to be sufficiently understood aad appreciated . by thoughtful friends, to Justify in their minds my detemlnation to remain silent during this exceptional and distressing campaign." Vest Wants Another Term. St. Joseph. MOh Oct. 25. Senator Vest, of Missouri, writing to a friend In this city, ssys be will be a candidate for reelection reelection to tbe United States Senste. bis health ' having shown such improvement improvement ss to Justify him la ths belief f permanent recovery. ... FOR "TEDDY" t . - Gotham Republicans Pre--paro Pre--paro Pre--paro Pre--paro a Bfj; Blow-Out. Blow-Out. Blow-Out. GOOD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS. EXPORTS COBTTjnnS EtSTOITBAG-' EtSTOITBAG-' EtSTOITBAG-' XHa TS0X COTJBTTtJl. STATES. MARYLAND NOW SEEMS SAFE. V-r' V-r' V-r' i v V-"-' V-"-' V-"-' V-"-' .'.' . , ' . .o V -- -- - - . ; tn' ' y SBfaSBSSSSBwS V.NeW, York. Oct. 2S. tSpeclaLj The Rerbllcans her bave been hard at wortt all day preparing for th recep-tlonjta recep-tlonjta recep-tlonjta Teddy to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow evening. As they are Spendlns nlenty of money, they - wia a doubt put ti d s fine affair, snd ss" several million people reaids In snd autnnd Greater New York, th crowd Hi, b large. Th sober-minded sober-minded sober-minded Repub lican have JltUe use for "Teddy." and h W aot as popular with them since hs fiold himself " to' Piatt. Th boys. though, who "run wld de machine" like "Teddy because he is a fighter, and a good mouth shooter. w Cheerful Ohio. IT Th news at Democratic headquarters to-day- to-day- to-day- to-day- Is more cheering thsn it has been for several days. - Th Hon. Thos. X Johnson writes Chairman Richard son that Bryan will carry Cleveland. Hs Is positive of this, If this Information is verified st the polls, Bryan's gain In that county (Cuyahoga) will be 8,500. Th news from Toledo is also good. Ths Jones following ther is getting Into th Bryaa camp as fast as It can. Jones 1 still confident that tbe President will Jose his own State. i ' Improved Maryland Prospects, r r - ' Th rest success of th Bryan meet ings )ln- )ln- Baltimore and throughout Mary land' Is rexarded hers as s sure tndlca- tndlca- tkijbat Bryaa will carry th Stats. At xb Bryaa meeting in Baltimore rep-reaestathres rep-reaestathres rep-reaestathres of twenty banking houses of that city bad seats on the- the- stsge. snd at ;Trederick. Md.. one of th most Interesting Interesting Incidents of th day was th fact that the bankers of Frederick were prominent in th Bryan demonstration. Charles W. Ross, a member of th Committee on Reception. Is th Presi dent of the CUixeas National Bank. and fy other member were bank. 4K RCtfS Judge xjncnv woo sver th meeting. Is a director in a national national bank, Tbe Bryan Guard of Honor Honor was composed of 100 ex-Union ex-Union ex-Union sad ex-Confederate ex-Confederate ex-Confederate soldiers under command of Capt. S. F. Thomas, who wss one of Mosby's men. All th South Tor Bryan. Aa amusing incident was ths attempt st a dinner party given by Senator Gorman Gorman to Mr. Bryan to make ths latter sing "Maryland, my Maryland. Mr. Bryaa blushed and said that he could not sing, but would Join In a chorus of the song. Then it was sung and also "My Old Kentucky Home. Ws are coins to have thos two States If we don't get any others In th salon." shouted CoL Baughmsn. and Victor is about right, for th chances sre that tbe South will go solid for Bryan. Other Bright Prospects, Jo Miller, who was Commissioner of Internal Revenue under Cleveland, and sn old Democratic war horse of West Virginia, sends me word that the Legislature Legislature Is sure for the Democrats and that In his Judgment Bryan will carry the State. Hold the fort In Indiana, for Bryan Is gaining steadily east of the ADe- ADe- ghenlea Our brilliant and Indomitable leader took New Jersey by storm to-day. to-day. to-day. Ths crowd at Trenton was enormous and th enthusiasm Immense. And next Saturday night tn New York! Well, just wait and keep your ear to th ground snd listen. O. O- O- BTEALET. THE STRIFE IS OYER. CoL Young and Ex-Got. Ex-Got. Ex-Got. Bradley . Agree To Withdraw Unplsssant Things Said About Each Other. CoL Tom J. Landrum, representing x-Gov. x-Gov. x-Gov. Bradley, and Mr. Stuart R. Young,, representing CoL Bennett H. Young, bsve handed the Courier-Jour Courier-Jour Courier-Jour nal th following for publication: Louisville. Ky.. Oct. & BOO. At the In stance of our friends, and on their advice. In order to settl tbe personal strife between between as, each of us has withdrawn everything everything of a personal character that h has said concerning the other. BENNETT H. TOUNO. W. U BRADLEY. The agreement was the result of conference held by friends of Messrs. Young and Bradley at Seclbach's Hotel hxst night. It brings to a peaceful termination termination a series of heated speeches tn which the two had been employing harsh language toward each other. Ex-Oov. Ex-Oov. Ex-Oov. Bradley first took offense at ths utterances of CoL Young in a political speech mad by ths tatter at ML 8tr ling a few weeks ago. He mads a rejoinder rejoinder in s speech delivered at the Auditorium In this city for tbs Republican Republican ticket., Tbst stirred up CoL Young once more, snd b lost no time answering tbe ex-Governor, ex-Governor, ex-Governor, whom he arraigned severely in an address at Harrodsburg.. Thus things grew steadily steadily warmer and warmer until th pres-at pres-at pres-at mediation of frlcnda. 1900. THE TRUSTS Given-Body Given-Body Given-Body Blows At Their Place of Birth. MR. BRYAN IN NEW JERSEY. TELLS 07 TEX XVTXS A2TD POINTS OUT A BJCMXDl. ' ' A GREAT MEETING AT TRENTON d&rssssd Prlncston Students and ' Mads Six Bousing; Sight Speech In Jersey City. BIG CROWDS ZVXRYWHZRE. Jersey City, N. X. Oct. 25. Special Ths first day of Mr. Bryan's tour of New Jersey, which dosed here with six meetings to-night, to-night, to-night, may be described as a mad rush. - From the tint hs entered Washington Park, opposit Philadel phia, until, b closed bis last meeting here, he had mad fifteen speeches. Th aversg of their duration was greater than usual He spok In succession st Wsshlngtoa Park. Riverside. Burlington. Burlington. Trenton (twice). Princeton Junction, Junction, New Brunswick. Elisabeth. Marloa and Jersey City (six times). His Jour ney through th Stat was a surprise to thos accompanying Mr. Bryan, if not to him. for m few States, If any. baa be bad larger or mors demonstra tive audiences. His meeting at Wash ington Park, . was almost a record- record- breaker ba both of these respects, and bis meetings In Trenton and his reception reception in this city were only second to th Washington Park masting In numbers, and in feeling displayed. Probably no candidate for th presi dency was ever so much Jostled about and pushed around m on day's time as Mr. Bryan was to-day. to-day. to-day. At most stopping stopping places th police found R Impossi ble to protect him from the hundreds. not to ssy thousands of persons, who aronged bis pathway and followed him. wherever b went. "I bave addressed a great many meet togs of college boys, but I never bad I nicer meeting than this In my life.' This was what Mr. Bryan said to a number of the Princeton College boys who bad followed him to his train from his meetlhg place at Princeton Junction this afternoon.? H axitied mL tbs Jus tion at tM. and spok from a slightly raised stand on th graen tn. rh rear of the railrosd station. Included tn the audience wer from L0 to 1.500 of the students of Princeton College, which lnsdtutloa Is located three miles distant from the Junction. The meeting w on of tbe most orderly that Mr. Bryan has had In his whole campaign tour. Ther was not an interrupt ion from beginning beginning to end. When Mr. Bryan arrived arrived b wss greeted wits rh college yeU. and ther wss similar demonstra tion mad upon his departure. His s dress ther was entirely to tbe students. ... Els Talk To Prlncston Students. Mr. Bryan wss Introduced as the next President of the United States. Reply ing to It. be said: You ar not compelled to believe all that av nrasidlns officer saya. Tou are not com pelled to aocepc sa as th nest Presi dent or as ever s rrestaeot, out i want tou to believe me to be interested tn all thos things that make for tbe good of oar coon try. snd If I am mistaken In my Judgment. 1 know you will giv ma tbe credit that I snail civ you inougtt know smny of you differ from me the credit of trying to find wbat is right and of doing what I bellev to be right, re gardless of the temporary consequence. that may follow. A senator one said. -Who' -Who' urn his country saves himself. and all thins asvved do Mesa him; who lets 'his country die lets all things die. dies himself ignobly, and all things dying curs him." This I our country and w ar inter ested in it becauoe it is our country, and while w may differ in opinion as to the beat course to pursue on particular questions, questions, we ought to agree on on principle, snd that is w should be more interested In wbat I good than tn what w may think to b good. If w ar to error w ought to prefer ths triumph of tbst whtcb Is right rather than the triumph of that whleb w mur think to be rirht If we ar In error. It is because we bellev in th uitimate triumph of that which we c liev to b tro tbst w labor aad wait. I sm not going to suots from what hav said. I am aot going to present to these Republican students my Idea is my own words. I want, rather, t leave with them ideas presented by others In whom they do have oonfidsnc, and whom thev hav learned tn th past to respect. I wsat to quote what Daniel Webster has said la regard to tn enact tn unequal distribution of wealth, sucb as we find ia this country to-day. to-day. to-day. such ss we And la-creasing la-creasing la-creasing from yesr to year, and wben you boy go out to mak your Impression opon th politic of th country. I want you to remember what Webster said, and so see wnetner you ss una i sob for differing from him. "Th fresst fovrnmnt can not lone radar wher th tendency of th law is to crat a rapid accumula tion of property in th hands of a few, and to render th messes of th psopl poor and dependent. I want you to consider, that ht this nation nation Is 'monopoly, snd tbst it is rapidly approaching as in duet rial despotism. I .want you to consider whether it Is well for a free government to have Its industries industries collected under th management of s few men, so that tbe rest of th people will receive their daily bread at tbs ban da of these tew. Many ef you ar preper yourselves for the legal profession, but you will find under th system of monopoly monopoly that tb law business of ths country will gravitate toward th offices of the great corporation attorneys, while th rest of th lawyer will be law clerks tn th office of thos attorneys Tou will find that as - monopoly increases tb chance of ths young man becomes less,' and whes you tak away th bop that has inspired him la the past you render him a lees effective man. ee Why th Sation Is Great. This sation Is th greatest nation in the world because her there Is more hop for th young men. . Here life Is before before the young me; there Is so clsss distinction; distinction; there Is ao caste. Is this country country tb son of tbe humblest citisen may aspire to th his;ht rewards in the Industrial Industrial snd political world, bat uaoar aa industrial despotism you tak away PRICE th prospect of independence, sad snder this svstem Tnn will n. nnllHe&l . despotism will follow, for when one era- era- vvjvr can coerce thounixU or employes and threaten them with idleness snd star vation unless thev vote the ticket th employer employer favors you will find that govern-tnent govern-tnent govern-tnent of tbe people, by the people sad for the people will be a thing of th past. I want to can your attention also to tb rnern wnicn Is now being proposed by the Republicans, knows as th colonial system, unt or our great Institutions of learnins has jetahllaht -in -in ths mM. a. department for instruction for dealing wits our oependencie and coin nana, young hav never bad colonic before, and history teaches that republics can aot have colonies, snd when we bsve racnea in pout where we west colonies ww nmwm mcsra tn pomt wnere we ao not have s republic. - TOU can net hav one idee. bee. anrf in. other Idea m the Orient. . Governments r" not come up from ths people and In th Philippine Islands cams out of th mouth of th cannon. Mr. . Bryan then ridiculed tb destiny argument, saying that that idea would make- make- a chicken thief oat of a maa provided provided be is near enouarh to the hen moo to grab tbe chickens. He said tbst this country as a republic has achieved more glory thsn all tbe emnlrea of tbe world iwwidm curing the lsst ten decades. aou mat wiinout a large army and large navy. , ' - - e e Th Hlfht Itssting. Ths Brunswick meeting wss tb first of a long series beld after nightfall. The meeting wss held in s. public square tn ths center of ths city snd wss very largely attended.: Ther wss no great degree or enthusiasm manifested whil Mr. Bryan was talking, but a majority of th saeernbiege rushed after bis carriage carriage to th train and gave him a most demonstrative escort. In front of Mr. Bryaa and only a few feet distant was a monument erected to some of tbe victims of th Mains disaster. disaster. In bis speech Mr. Bryaa referred to tbe monument snd to tbe Cuban war. but before doing so be made a general talk of about fifteen minutes. He referred referred to tb fact tbst New Jersey' bad formerly been a Democratic State, snd said that on this account be felt be could appeal to the residents of this State with som degree of sssursnos for a return to the support of Democratic principles. Referring; to the Maine monument, b said: Tou hsvs her s monument erected to th memory of those who went down with th Id sine. We entered the Spaalah war on a high plane, but did not maintain that plane to th end. For myself. I protest protest against s toboggan slid from a war of humanity down to s war ef conquest. If th good Samaritan bad found a man beaten and bruised, had taken and healed him. and bad then said, after looking him over: "This Is s likely fellow, snd I think I will tak him aad own bsra. the Bible would sever hav mentioned tb act. Yet tbst I oar attitude In our rsJarloua with ths Filipino. At Elisabeth ther was a stop of thirty thirty minutes. Mr. Bryan spoke for about twenty minutes, but be did not advance sny new srssments. He talked about tbe trusts.- trusts.- imperial torn snd tbe standing army, and said that tb reason why the Republicans insisted that th oM fumes of 189 should be- be- discussed wss found is tb fact that they were afraldto dis- dis- . . . Greek Sir Helped His Throat. Mr. Bryan' Una of travel from tb railroad station to tb public park. In which tb Eaissbetb meeting wss beld. wss brilliantly lighted by Greek fire. In deed frreawerssxajtbiclt. tbatrbUe.tbey lighted tb presidential candidate's pah- pah- way they oiled the . atmosphere so densely with diss art a able fumes that some of bis 'admirers became alarmed for tbe effect upon bis throat. This alarm was. however, baseless, as was proved by tbe fact that be never spoke in clearer tones tnsn he did to th immense immense sudience which surrounded bis platform st this meeting. e e e Toured Jersey City In a Barouche. Mr. Bryan's train arrived at Marion, a suburb of Jersey City, at S:15 o'clock, and he was driven after a brief meeting meeting at that place to St. John's Hall, his first stopping place tn Jersey City. At Marion. Mr. Bryan was received by committees from tbe various Jersey City ward clubs, snd by a throng of people, who filled all tb available space in the vicinity of the depot. In his Marion Marion speech he gave his principal attention attention to urging tbe voters not to allow themselves to be either coerced or persuaded persuaded Into voting contrary to their convictions at the coming election. Mr. Bryaa made bis tour of ths Jersey Jersey metropolis in a barouche drawn by four spirited black horses, and h was escorted by a marching club of severs! hundred young men. Tbe tour covered a wide range of territory, and did not com to an end until near midnight, He made four indoor speeches, the first at St. Joseph's Hall, the second at the Tabernacle, tbe third st St. Peter's Hall and, the fourth at St. Michael's Hall. In the district known ss "The Horseshoe." Wben be concluded be went to 'Hobo-ken, 'Hobo-ken, 'Hobo-ken, wher be spent the night. In order order that he might be there for the first meeting to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow morning, which Is to take place there. Tbe halls st which speeches wer made to-day to-day to-day were crowded crowded to their utmost capacity. Mr. Bryan's speeches were all necessarily necessarily brief. He undertook In each of them to show tbst ths trusts ar oppressing oppressing tbe psopl; tbst ther Is great danger under Republican rule of an army larger than this country aeeds for legitimate purposes, and that there- there- Is great danger of drifting into imperialism imperialism if tb country adopts a ooio ratal policy AA Oration In PhfladslphJav Mr. Bryan spent ths sight st W1K mington. DeL. snd reached FUladelpbla st 9:28 o'clock this morning. He wss met st Broad-street Broad-street Broad-street station by a great Jam of people. It was Mr. Bryan's pur pose to take s brief rest at a hotel, be fore entering upon bis New Jersey tour. However, the crowd wss so great that be held sn Impromptu reception, and later wss escorted to ths Times building, building, where be spoke, from the balcony. being Introduced by Col. A K. McClur. its veteran editor. Thousands of people blocked Eighth snd Chestnut streets and heard him. "Mr. Bryan discussed the verious issues of the campaign. Afterward be was driven to tbs river, where be boarded a boat for Washington Washington Park. N. J., receiving sn ovation all slpng th route Mr. Bryaa remained In bis carriage while in tb boat, and wben it had crossed th Delaware be was driven to th speakers' stand In Washington Park, where be addressed a vast concourse. concourse. He discussed ths inconsistency of' tbe Republicso party, devoting. at tentlon to tb trusts, tn which he said: I read tbe other day of the formation of a milk trust. Think of It. A milk trust to meet tbe Infant whes he come tat th world; snd whes the Infant grows into manhood th coal .trust looks after him ta tbe winter time and tb lc trust in tb summer time, sad th coffin trust wslts for him st th bottom of tbe hill wben tfe's fitful dream is over." Referring to bis remedy, requiring a State licenss for trusts, Mr. Bryan said be would shut up a corporation in the Stat of its origin until it eaa show that it ia going into other States on a peace (Concluded On Tlfta lag J THHRB t K.1T8. C os tuaus rival exam. WARM Discussion OTer Restoring "i Aid to Mission Dioceses REFLECTION ON MANAGERS "WAS THOUGHT TO HATS "SEES -ttABT -ttABT bt -ursoLTmoar. -ursoLTmoar. BISHOP MAXES DISCLAIMER. 'Bishop of Shanghai Writs T WJ-coxa WJ-coxa WJ-coxa th Day of Soropsaa. Suit In CMna. . CAIXS MTTTISTXa WTJ-A WTJ-A WTJ-A IXilL After two days sessions, la which th most pleasant and frabtrnal feeling prevailed, the Episcopal "Missionary Council came very near dosing with unpleasant unpleasant feeling existing between th members. Warm words wer spoken by both tactions aad tb good faith f th Board of Managers for Missions wss seriously seriously questioned. Tb contention between between tbe two factions wss only quieted by ths most eloquent appeals of ths LesJmer minds among tbs bishops pres ent. Tb question raised was that which has been agitating tbe entire Episcopal Church for the pest six months. During BISHOP SKTMOrR, f Springfield. -. -. lsst Msy. th Board of Msnsgers for . Missions Issued a rule that all th appropriations appropriations for all missionary dioceses should be cut down 2 per cent, each year for five years. This wss don because because retrenchment was necessary and because it was fett that som missionary missionary dioceses were receiving aid which. If throws upon their own resource, . might becom self-supporting self-supporting self-supporting In a short time At tbe time, this action caused ; a storm of disapproval to sweep over th missionary dioceses. - Tb dlsriissloit wss kept off tbe subject until yesterday, wben airnost all tbe speakers were th representative of missionary dioceses. Again snd again the subject was touched upon in the addresses. Finally. In tbe rfternoon. ' Bishop Brook, of Oklahoma, presented a resolution petitioning petitioning the Board of Managers to return ' this 20 per cent, of which they bad been deprived, In sn Instant a dosen men wer on tbe floor seeking recognition.' Deep feeling was shown on both sides. It looked ominous, but Bishop Scarborough, Scarborough, who was presiding, interrupted tbe discussion and ruled tbst It was not In the regular order of business aad must be postponed untn after tbe regular regular addreesea At JO o'clock, tbe subject wss again taken up snd tbe argument was more spirited than before. Finally, Finally, as the result of an earnest earnest appeal from Bishop Doaa. which was seconded by Bishops TutU BISHOP PARTRIDGE, of Japan. and others, a compromise was effected. , by which tb usual vot of confidence c ta tb Board of Managers for Missions was omitted snd th resolution ef tbs I bishop of Oklahoma was defeated. 14 to 22. This la a nominal victory tor th -Board -Board of Managers, as tb resolutiOB would bar questioned both their soo-ttves soo-ttves soo-ttves and their disinterestedness, al- al- 4 though Its author denied that Its lntsn-tlon lntsn-tlon lntsn-tlon wss this. . --v...-- --v...-- --v...-- --v...-- ' During th day the resolution ssking tb Board of Managers to strike out tb -, -, words - "foreign and domestic In th -nam -nam of th two branches of missionary ' work was unsnlmouely adopted, as was also a resolution petitioning for th con- con- - ' i"

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