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Babi/Baha'i history - j'EKsIAX llERETIli A.VD EXECUTIONERS. Tlle 1 1...
j'EKsIAX llERETIli A.VD EXECUTIONERS. Tlle 1 1 attempt to assassinate the Shah of Persia wu ma le bv tao perron, who belonged to the religion, sect of tbe Babi. This wu tbe only oonfstsion they made in spite of the inex pressible torment, of the rack, and, though their mutcits writhed under redhot pincers, though their bone, were crutbed by .crews, suu their lip. remained closed, and a., ther .aid was, " We are Babia." The Babis are echi.mau m, and they pray to the prophet, but they prefer their prayei s in a aauer wmca is somewcafc aiuereufc irom vce aevo. tional exercisps of orthodox Moslcmim. This sect ws. foundol Sjbnut 15 yean ago by a man of the name of Bth, whom the King ordered to be shot. and who wu shot c - oordintly. The most devoted among his followen rle.1 to aengain, where tbey were attacked by the rung a tnj?j It .ia 1 - Hv.1 tKat all cf tt.n man wnmM t,i1.1r.. had been put to tbe sword, and that not a single Babi coull be leund to disturb the equanimity of tbe true believen but intolerance hu alwav. the same effect, and Babi Ao: trine, took root and spread apace, and at thi. moment there is .not a town in the kingdom without it. contreration t.f secret Babi The Government adheres to tbe sy.tetn of penecuxiou wmcu come, so natural to a reraiin, and the heretics have consequently many opportunities to assert tho purity of their laith by martyrdom. The prophet Bab him - slf told his disciple, that the road to Paradise lay through tbe chamborof torture. If this be true, ther is no deny icg it that the present Shah ia very kind to the Babia, for he docs hi. best to .end them to he. Ten. 1 lu lut decree treati of the utter extermination of the heretics. Sow. connidir isg the peculiar character of Oriental ethics, nobody could end lault witb tho remain if the poor sectarian, were simply - and quicklr put to death, but the manner in which the capital sentence i. executed, executed, the circum.tsnce. which precede tbe last blow, the torments whirh consume the body until life end. in a lut korriblo couvuhion tlicua are so revolting that the very thought lushes oce's blood run cold. Counties, blow. fall. ing bard and fut on tire backs and tbe feet of tbe unfortunates, unfortunates, and the' singeing of the limb, with redhot irun. are mere ouuiuiuopiao toriueata. aod he to whom ther lire applio.1 may thanlc tn.l for being treated so knienily. i.ui looc a. vnose wretcnea. who. with their eves nut o it. aie compelliid to eat their' own ean, which have been cut on, ami u eat tbem raw. lxmkat others, boe teeth nave been broxen out by the band, of tbe executioner, offering their bare bead to the hammer which is to breik their skulls. Or look at th. woful aoectacle of the bazaar. lighted up by heretics, whose breuts aad .boulder, are drilled through and made to contain burning candle. I have - seen them marching through the bazaar with a band of music preceding them. Some of the candles were burnt down, and the wick and grease burnt right - in the quivering Cash. Nor are these the only torment which the inventive cruelty of the Oriental, bss derived. They take the Babi., skin tbe sole of their feet, .ho. them i tbey would shoe a hone, and after this they compel tbe victims to run a raee. 1 shall never forget the acone. Sot a groan had escaped him ; he bad borne th wont torment in gloomy silence, but now they ordered him to risoand run ; he mako. an attempt, hut tbe fiesh is weaker than the mind he .taggen and fall. ! For mercy, uke, give him the cos) iJt ?rrr, and make an end of it. So ; the executioner executioner Nourishes the knout, it comes down upon tbe quivering quivering feet, be leaps up, he ruabes forward, and run.. That i. the beginning of tbe end. The end itself ia that tho rcarred. mutilated body is hung to a tree by one foot and one hand, with the head downwards, and then every person may hare a shot at it. I uw bodies literally torn to pieces by not leu than 150 bullets. Fortunate sre these who are strangW.t, stoned, or auffocated ; fortunate, fortunate, ton, are those who ue tied to a cannon, or who fall under the .word, the dagger, the hammor, or the club. Sot only the executioners, but also the populace, take part in thi. butchery. The judge now aad then present some Crown officer or dignitary with a few Babia, and tbe Per - aian feela delighted and honoured' by shedding the blood of a gagged and defenceless man. The infantry, cavalry, artillery, artillery, the King', guards, th guilds of the butchers, baken, kc all took part in tb bloody acone. A certain Babi wu sent u a present to the officer, of the garrison ; tbe commanding general had th fint cut at him, and th other officers followed, each with hi a word, according to rank aad seniority. Tb Persian troop are butchers, but Dot warrior. On. Babi wa sent to th. Imaum Grume, who killed him offhand. The Islam hu no notion of charity. After their death, tb bodies of th. Babi are cut Into halves, and cither nailed to th. gate or thrown oat to th dog and .b.ksl., Kfluer Ztxtung.

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 23 Oct 1852, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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