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Tk$ EPIDEMIC tf SMALLPOX tit PARIS. TO TBS BDTTOK OF THE TIKES. Sr. The epldcxeW c eeuBpe 'sew ragisg ! Paris sntaraHy aUracta great atteaaioo. Frsca tnquirica snade la FarisI am iaformed that 1,460 persons aiare died from stcsIlpM, sad that dttrisg that period the weekly saortality has risea from S3 to &3 dealhi, vkkh eccurred last weak. The average saortaiity of Paris is stated at only 33 ptr ansnas, bat this latter figure seems to be almoat too Sow. It has been pointed eat try high medical authorities thst the rate of mortality among thoao who have sol been tsc - daated amounts to about oae la three of those attacked by ssBsilpoz, but amoag the vaccinated the deaths hartlr ex - eeedecUshowiBghewlavalaababooto mankind Jenaers disoovtry has beet. I hare exasaiaed ths personal histories ef a very large number ef persucs of the middle and upper classes ef France, sad have eoaaUatly fouad that Tsccinstion has been practised. For erample, nine eases case before me this morning ; of these one had been vaccinated several times, eras three tiaes, ene twice, sod the remaining six hsd been vaccinated. I never remember to have seen a French case for assurance retarned as anrseanated, sad therefore I must coselnds that tbe French m c whole are well protected. Ia former times it has been computed thst CCl&) per - sons died annually of smallpox in Europe, sod the deftrucv tioa of the American Indiana by this disease has beco re - As Paris snd London are In such fall coraaunloattos, the present epidetnio la Paris is sa affair ef great Importance to jondoe. . I would urgently counsel that no person who has net been vaccinated er haa net hsd smallpox should go to Paris at the presen t time, snd evea those who have been so protected should use dsn precaution - . Each epideaue of smallpox has some peculiar feature ef its ewa, aad therefore it wtwld bo desirable for tbe French Government to supply tha public with the fullest details. Une person la every eight attacked by the pretest epidemie dies. . Aa eminent physieiaa has written to me to any that re vaeeiaatien, when thoroughly done, has proved in every ease a perfect proteetioa against the epidemic. Every person who, ia the present crisis, eoallsues to re main njTsccinaUd subjects himself to aaaesessary peril, sad commits a crime sgsiast society by tending to imperil the lives or lead to the disguremest'of his fellow - creatures by favouring the spread of the rlissassvi I have the honour to be. Sir, your obedient servant, T, rinabury - circas, Jans i AUEED SAIZK. - - - - - - - - - Thb Small - puz is Pa sua. Tine details which reach ae from Paris eooeeraisg th prevailing epidemic of emall - pox ar aot witaonl isterest. The last report of tho Coramissioaea Prevaleut Distaste mad to th Hedicsl Society of tbe Hospitals tadiestes a steady rise la the mortality and prevalence of the disease. Small - pox is always moT or lees prevalent there, for TneeiaatMto n luoaery and Imperfectly conducted. Th deaths recorded ia the moath of January amounted to LS3, la tb moath of Ftbraary they resehed AC, la Hares there wer as maay as 411. Tb weekly records sine that dat bavei shown a constantly progressive rnortalirv the week .before last IDS deaths, aod this week Z15. The disease is desertbed by th pbysiciamt in attendance aa beiae: f aa rxtremelr eerere type. Tbaa tae mortality among tne anvaeetnateu persons tresteti at the HApital St. Aadr by 3L Henri Giatrae amounted to 63 Der cent, ef th whole number treated. U. Bucouov. of th Hopttal Coehia, la reportiag the. leceptiod of six panes ta into His wards, states last .tbey were all aceeted with tha hsrmxwrhagio variety, 'which is the most intense form, aad alt died. Th sveraew mortality of small - pox among novaTin a ted persons during tb centuries when it raged with th most destructive vtruleac does aot sppear ta bare exceeded 35 per cent. 11. Buequoy is therefore juatiaed La ealaac attention to th - terrible seventy oc the typs of small - oox la ta rsirnisr epidemic and the consequent Importance of racci nation ta attennatin; Us fatal consequeaaeea." Th lallaenee of evsa imperfect vse - ei nation la readeriag lees intense th character of the disease, sad th large immunity - enjoyed by th perfectly eacciaataxi. aaa pa iauy earsnnsiien aanag axus epidemie. All th ebservers report thai where tho who beat vaccination marks are attacked they ar for tb most part very Uzauy aoected, aad that ta tuvaeetsaled, r thee la whoea th marks ef vneoieation ar so ina perfect as to show that th operation hsd failed, suffer from th oufiueat aad malignant forms. In the wards of if. Giatrae. when th mortality among th wa - Taccinated amounted, as w hav said, to 60 per cent,, that of the vaccinated who war attacked did aot reach 13 per cent. Again, the army, amoag whom vaccination I carefully earned eat, hav beea remarkably preserved, although liable to all th conditions which favour Infection and tb diffssioa of th disease ; and th experience of th Smallpox Hospital of London has beea ones - mora repeated In this remarkable respect. Th disease has been completely powerless against the well - vaccinated medical staff tnclud - dinieal clerks, bone surgeons, rtUgimaet, wardswotnen. sad wardsmea. employed ta to eerviee of tne amau - pox patients. J saner himself pointed ent that It could not be expected that th proteetioa from small - pox afforded by vaoonatloa should be mora complete than tn protection a lorded by a previous attack of amau - px. Every on knows that this is aot absolute or eomplate ; but it would teem, both from tbe recent experience her recorded sad frees th whole history of the case treated st th S nail - pox Hospital, .that th protective in 11 nance of careful sad sffectiv vaccination ranks not tar below th mark Indicated. The present sad state of affairs ia Paris Is attributable to th fashionable cry. for animal vaccination which arose out of recent ilisciusiocs. Th advantage of th freedom front all possible source ot alien Isfeetioa, on which - stress hss been laid, ass In this laxtaac been eouater balanced by th larg pre portioa 'of failures whieh could not and did not fail to attend It, A good vaccinator wita humanized iympfi that lay vacclntttng from arm so arm does aot fail to afford proteetioa more than one la 157'timee. Th failures la vaccinating direct from tha heifer, even seder favourable etreanaetaaoea. eeera to vary - from zz per cent, to CO per cent. Tnts larg percent? ef failure is bviously roll of danger to a population which finds itself la' th preseac of an epidemic Tha evil has been intensified by tb fact that ''animal Tnccinatiou " in Paris feQ largely into th hands of persons wbe treated it ae a commercial spesulatioo, aad tb I allures seem to save owea waonsaie. ins results aavw been very unsatisfactory. It has long beea evident that a great amount of carelessness is prevalent among Continental physicians a ta matter of vaccination. Th terrible) stories of constitcttoaal infection which reach a are wholly ot Continental origin. During th eight Tears ia which there baa beea systematio inspection ot - public vaccination la England some millions ot vaccinations hav beea per. formed, "but th iospectors 'hav no kaowledge of any such accident having occurred in any one in stance." Fifty - cix thousand lites at th least are now saved annually from small - pox ia England, and from th results attained Mr. Simon infers that "either ft ia tb case that, evea with reprebensihU carelessness aa to ths source cf lymph, vaccination (so long sa ia say sense of ther word It is vaeei - natioo) cannot be the means of communicating any second infection, or else it ie the case that la th world of vaccina tors car is almost auversaliy taksa to exclude tea poesi - bilitv of danger." Ia Scotland smaH - pox has daring th last three rears beea almost wholly extiazuisbed : la - Ire land it has been practically stamped out. Then were only three deaths reported last quarter, and these were imported ease. Nineteen deaths were reported last week In London, the highest number sines 1863, and, as usual, chiefly among unTaccinated children. This is not ereditabis to th local authorities ; aod in presence of tb dangerous sad discreditable epidemie io Paris, the first token of a rising death rato from small - pox among our population should engage attention. Pali - Mall Ouettu Th Smallpox vx Paxis. Tha lessons taasht by the very serious sad proloeged epidemio of smallpox ia Paris are of no small importance. The remarksble severity of. type manifested shows that this devastating and loathsome disease has lost none of its horrors or of Its fstalrtj. Io some case tb mortality has averaged 6S per tent.; anal tha hjamorrhaeie variety of. the disesa which is its tnosr, iatenae form, has beea frequently met with. At the IlJprtai Cochin six patients were admitted la th course of the firs, three months of .this year ; tbey all suffered from this form of the disease sad all died. The eScaey cat vaccination to protect has beea very fully marked. Thus, Or. Eesnief reporta that aot on of the large raodirsJ. aaraisf. and pupillary stan engaged ia tn trnaupoz warns nas neen attacked! Careful vaccination has for years effected the same mult for the staff ot the Leaden Smallpox Hospital, wl i are constantly exposed to - eoatagien. Th report of tb Commission on Epidemic Diseases also states that the ta bliebed fact has agaia beea illustrated, that where tha protection afforded by vaerinstioa hss not beea has to considerably auodified th disets that th toortaiily has been comparatively small, aad tM ettaagurement and con. stitotional results proportionately leas severe. Very zoo ' results are reported by some phyjdeiana from th local aad icteraal use of carbolic acid. Ws need aot say that such conclusions most be accepted with great caution : tbey bav bee so often arrived at, and ia th end so rarely verified. The Indian remedy." eaxrseania purpurea. Is aeaia - vauoted. We may refer ear 'reach twartVe to Hi. Martian's priated experience for the proofs of Its utter useless - nttt. jtritun jueateai .rearae. Sbocxcto Bsuth. On Wednesday erreninz Mr.

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