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 - P. A. KORAB. WH-UAM ___. IO . (IT ' VICC...
P. A. KORAB. WH-UAM ___. IO . (IT ' VICC PRESIDENT MANAOEM VICE m««U»«NT. O, 3. KROOTH. Caa*i« W. J. WKESER. Iowa City State TRUSTEES: Euclid Sanders, Wm. Museer, S. W. , Mercer. E. F. Clap* W. D. Cannon. Jr., W. L Pratt, J. ; W. Rich, W. E. Schneider. P. A. Korab THE ·* VD ^ l . B tJ5.Kv.e-* KARSTCN, Aeea. O»»* vn't ofMissoori ly mil i wimas rut or raj*. U I* i% the tbtrtff *f ItaUe. ctn.:-t ··*e««ee,**«*«e«e«*«»eeeeee SYNOPSIS Four per cent interest allowed oa cale ndar months In oar «aTl«s d A tereeat iatere.tpaadoatime4.poel- s. Open Saturday eve from 7.3ft to · ·aUCTOR8:-Hocm W. fttaltk. O*..!.. I*w*. * * .^STA * Bartaeea, Wat. a steyato**, ft. t. Uofrttam. Wm. F. U^**e^.JF5S^ Hetty » * *'*. I PROFESSIONAL CARDS ATTORNEYS a»T«e»- Inn. fen* Tom Strickland, Uarjr Todkuunr. of the AIM! the *e*r- HT uf Bate CMMM.V Lak Jurt 4eM«ered of **«· Br*«itt to tbv jell te# e*re In \ uetee. **e. ce*TC- ·Itu aad hffrcrU Iwjruud the wetiic «tl ttel vMek Ittd · »OT«| Iwr to trvltitbi* aogvUh. Tlie n«xt motuMit th* door b*d V|»u tlM» two. kliutttuy tWiu out from \Ui«rvb'« vlsiou la' hka*. MI MM «Ub · May It ylee"t ta ? «.turt." lrd*a, "the jpt* 1 *** "' a "·** pl»** la evidence tote »\wru couftHndoii uf J«eee brtvm and j»k that the jCaiuacTbiHitas IV Str.ikiMud. vkttb the nutrdec of Stamford Tucker, be lb*r* watte stir through the .ro»d*d court l»«»fiTniJ Tucker Mpe, He_%pd T*ei are rtvaJe. et«aBtte»lelfaiT- " ' ' " A political rally at Ma to Inumvud by tbe Yaooy BMO. Me ·y Sun. Mta father, Cph Tuefcor. I* main wivporter la Nls*v«b id Mam ejtarrel about L*ttt*- . to whom atam M atteathre. COUMl Todhuater and Enb Tucker ot UM KiMv«h Btad*. GEO. D. KOSER, Lawyer Real Estate Loans a Specialty Notary Public. Office Jolmsoe County Bank Building. W. R.HART ATTORNCYAT-LAW AM notmry Publto OBM--CNMeot Block, CUy. 8AM D. WHITING ATTORNEY-AT-LAW And Notary publla Aftlo«--HotcblnjKw. Block, INSURANCE THOS. BRENNAH Insurance Office--CxcKort Stock LOANS Insurance Real Estate T. E. SWITZER Room 611 Tohnson Co. Bank Building DR. W. H. DONOVAN PHYSICIAN AND 8ORQKON DUe*»a« of Women and OhlWrwi 0»«-- 117'A Sovth IHihuaa* Bi TTW ^Hklnaoa's Grocery. BaaMtonee -- Corner Cofice* ai»d Baa vntt. 1M; RB»td*»M 'An feita oni of Tucker's "low "down""trick*. Old Mlrandy. on* ot Colon*! Todbuntar's aetTO d*p«ndentaj Urn*** war UM Doc- tell* the coleaai eC atata'a TMU te ·May. a wranal* T«MB aaocka Warn dora. ._ Tedbunter IB to lodon* Btrtck- aeta tor M«a* te «MM «e.iaelKa «- Kpb Tucker aecepta the ante, la 8t Loula tb« newspaper men "write up" CoJo- ·»» Todhunter, wbo !· caayalmlnc *Wl nwea of. at* if aaii *m* »li«onaMty. cotoneTi *p«ec t»tt«. tt* coy per- by stqnn. Tom propose* te liary S- K. STEVENSON ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Office--OlStt S- CllntoP Street MONEY TO LOAN AT LOW A.THH Iowa cityi Iowa. , .. . . . . -- ~ ~ r ~ DRS BYWATER BAK£EB - _ _ _ Mm A l l f\f mm* ^ 4I 1 n n U V A-*«l.VeiiJ« *^ «*· »»·"·*··*· «··-*» ^~- * W. H. BAILEY W. f. MURPHY PHYSICI ANS ANIX SURGEONS Special isst In Eye, Ear, Throat, Noee Office--S North Clinton Street. Residence--428 S. Governor St. Telephones--Office 437L: Residenc' BAILEY * MURPHY A rrORNEY»-AT.LA-.* Office-- 118% U College 8*. Money to loaa oa City And Property at a, low rate of Interact. BALL BALL ««· SALARY AND CHATT1.B Colonel Todbonter takee the ·tump hi rural MU»ourt In nupport of Oolend Btttek- laijd for the nomination. Ix»tti*-3iar at a public leeeptloa eccua** Tom of putUna* Bham* on her. and Mary'i mother repulse* Tom. The latter aaatort* to. colonel Tedhunter tbat. ttam.le th* a^Uty man, bttt he cannot "prove iu · 6t»m it murdered on a reed, and Tom la arrested, ccua«d of tbe crlma.. Colonel Todhunter vlatt* him in JaJl. Tbe colonel appeals to I-ottle-JUy to t«Jl the truth and clear Tom, but b« «U1 not talk. The Strickland men wlU conUau* tbelr Sgtit In apite of Torn'* trouble. Mary believes Ia Tom. and aak* tbe colonel to tell irn so. He hear* startling news from Itlrandy and pursues LotUe- ItVf and a man with, whom «e bea run ·Sray. The man Is captured. Tom Stctckland Is placed on trial Things look very dark for him. "There wasn't but one thins to be done, suh, if Chiekasaw Jease was to be caught and Tom Strickland sered from beia' foood guilty of mardettn* D CHAPTER XV. T*dhyntor Cvnfro URING a lull in UM «Xctve4 )«r lulanoa that follow mi Twui StrKklaud's a^uittMl. «ud ba tug 0r*t coujfratultited Tom ^iutaelf, iltv Todhuuter luriMtd tu Colouct Rtt-kkl.iixJ. «bo *tood wMh »*r i u\\ny. Culouri hunter h*\lu L thfai Uu« group, "1 f««l aur* you kuo» how WANTS DAILY PRESS "LITTLE BARGAIN" COLUMN.! 1 Cent · Word.. 3 TtnM for 2 cent* · Word. f Tint* tbf 3 Cent* · Word WANTED WANTED--Harry Shuliuan «aata te pay hlfheei price* for htdee. fur*, aad ««»L WiM aend leant tor r*«m toon, rubber aiid leather*. Phone 1S»SB. ItU 8. Uubuaue St., Iowa Otty. tt FOR SALK FOR SALE-- Guaranteed and a few good brood C**ey * Son*. Mtd com "What are they «-goin to do to my girl?" room. It was followed by a triumphant cheer from a group of Tom Strickland's friends uear the door. And twenty minutes later Thomas W. Strickland stood a free man. cleared ot the dreudJnl crime that had been laid to his doing But Colonel Todhunter was not among those who first crowded around Tom Strickland with their congratulations. He went tostead to where he bad seen old Rnfe Doggett almost furtively taut Toui b«s becu a«.quin^" sbt sahL her frauk eyes testif.\lux to tUe truth. "I have always UneU bin) as if he \\as my owu »oii But 1 had to do what 1 did after that dreadful iilgtit of tbe party at tbe hotel Tbe actumttou made against him by that girl. I.uttle- May Dottsett, left me uo a!teru»tiv« but to forbid bioi seeing Mur\ uulesji be could clear bliUMilf wf tbe "in with »hKh the girl herelf cbarged him " **l kuow just how \ou felt. Mrs. Tod hunter." replied Colonel Strlc-klaud "It was :i terrible situatiuu Naturally, It hurt us all that Torn waa tuade to sp- !*nr guilt}. but there was tuecvkl fact that Lottie-Uuv Dvgiiett publicly ^e- cmred him guilty, and it seemed in credible that sbe would do this if be *a» Innocent. Aiid I know now tbut you are sincerely glad because tbe truth has come out. Vou don't have to tell toe anything about it. nia'iuo." At this momeut Mary herself, a great bappUtess shining iu her face, although her eyes were wet with tears. Joined the group. Colonel Strickland turned to her -Kith a smile. "I delivered that message of yours to Tom. Miaa Mary," he said "The Dies sage you ga,ve me when he \raa In the _ jail I Just wish you c-oald have seeu i how proud and happy It made Wm! He I seeded it mighty bad that day " Mary blushed rose red. "Please don^t remind Tom of my message. Colonel Strickland!" she cried in a pretty confusion. "I'll be ashamed to look him in he face again If you do'" "i don't see why yon should be." laughed Colonel Strickland "U Just simply proved to Tom at a mighty welcome time that the young lady he loved so dearly loved him in return, so you ought to be proud of it instead of ashamed." And at this Juncture Colonel Todhunter Intervened. "Don't you let that Mary Todhonter fool you. Bill Strickland," WANTED--A competent nurse, must be competent, though not i.eeessanh professional I'hon* 1527 7, East lo*a Clo ^ ,51 WANTED-^* good girl, or niludl*- aged wotnanfor general n«u*C'*ork. Addrewi A, «*re of thla paper. U. FOR SALE--Surrev or single buggy. KJ White i'hone 34? R £2g East Market gfeet tf. FOR SALE--Old paper* tc per tu» die. Pine for putting «ad*r carpet. U FOR SALE--y room bouse, close in. Vacant Sept J Phone I2il--!l u ix. WANTED-- A pantry girl Good ges Steady employ IUUUL Hospital it. WANTED-- illrl for general housework. No washing. 617 S. Van Juren street. U WANTED -- ^Sour Dairy, Phone. lege St cream. Autocrat 5. 1026- East Col- WANTED-- A competent pher. Puritan Mfg. Co. tf. FOR SALE -- A good One or t w o seats son. trap cheap. C W. Thomp- B-2SX MISCELLANEOUS CUT RATE SHIPPING on household goods to t«e Pacific coast and other points. Superior aarv* Ice at reduced rates. The Boyd Transfer Co, Minneapolis, Minn. FOR RENT FOR RFNT--Barn^room on *owai Avenue. Enquire 802 Washington Street tf FOR RENT -- Houes den. Enquire t29 and large gar- E Jefferson, tf FOR RENT--7 Room apartment ready to use Juuo. 1st Phone 1357 n Call 417 Reynolds st tf NOTICE When in need of a Hue family horse w i t h surrey or single bugg), with or without driver, call Ed. White, Phone 347R. tf Lucldo, imported Spanish jack (228) -if73. will be at Jea* Alderman's Monday, Tuesday and Wea- nesday. Rest of the week at our farm. Ed. Casey Sons. dtf CASEY'S HOWES. W»'.l he at home ulonday. and Wende»day. Rest of the week at Fair ground*. Phone *t both place*. Call at our erpenae. tf FOUND FOUND--Pair ladies' gray Mocha gloves size 7%, Kayser make Found uear Court street bridge Finder may have same by pajinf? for this notice. tf. Mo«t Prompt and Effectu Cur* for Bad Coiaa. When you nave a bad cold yoa want a remedy that will not only give rel'ef, but effect a prompt and permanent cure, a remedy thai is pleasant to take, a remedy that contains nothing Injurious. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy meets all these requirements. It acts on nature's

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  1. Iowa City Press-Citizen,
  2. 28 May 1913, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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