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 - Former President of Nicaragua Forsakes Native...
Former President of Nicaragua Forsakes Native Country for Foreign Shores. SETS* SAIL FROM CORINTO United States Gunboats Offer No Resistance to Departure of Resigned Executive. MANAGUA, Dec. 25.---Jose Santos Zelaya, Zelaya, the fowner president of Nicaragua, ' has taken himself out o f x the country and, ia now aboard the Mexican gunboat I General Guerrero, bound for Salina Cruz, j Under the cover of darkness Thursday morning, Zelaya, accompanied by a heavily armed guard, 'proceedld i to Co- ilnto, in which port the Mexican warship had b.een lying for several days, closo to . the United States protected Cruiser Albany. Albany. Other American warships' swung j at anchor in' the harbor, with marines " aboard, lazily awaiting instructions. Zelaya's coming was unhei aided, but a guard from the Guerrero received him and soon he was safe under the protection of the Mexican flag. At 6 o'clock lr» the afternoon the warship weighed anchor and pointed out to sea. A salute of thirteen thirteen guns was ,flre,d. from the shore an* hundreds of soldiers and citizens waved the former dictator a farewell from the beach. Zelaya stood alone and waved back In answer. He uncovered when abreast of the Albany, but the American cruiser made no response. Then he turned again toward the shore, gazing until out of eight. ·, Allows Zelaya, to Depart. Shortly before ,tbe" arrival of Zelaya at Corlnto the United States gunboat Princeton Princeton got up steam and proceeded for San Juan Del Sur.' The rumor spread that 'the Princeton intended to watch the movement of the Mexican gunboat, but it proceeded directly down the coast and Its Vrival at its destination was later re.- ported, greatly relieving the anxiety of tWe Zelayan adherents. Zelaya was entertained at lupcheon at . Uorlnto by the late commandant of the port, whose guests included the Mexican minister vand the officers'of the General Guerrero. There were no toasts, but an informal discussion of the battle of Rama, Zalaya expressed fears that President Madrid would not be able to cope with the situation, as he was not a military man. He said that the army of the government government had been reduced to skeletons by .privations due to the failure of the new administration to forward rations, and'he was glad that the army had surrendered, as a great loss of life was thus avoided. At 2:80 in the afternoon the farmer President was taken on a launch and put aboard the Mexican warship without the slightest opposition from the , American ships and no pretest of any kind. Until the General Guerrero steamed away there was great apprehension on the part of Zelaya that the United States would oppose his departure, j There was only a feeble demonstration, and the leave-taking of Zelaya was unimpressive. No speeches were made, but a military band played few airS in a hall near by. Americans Take Snapshots. The American officers ashore spent most ot the time taking snapshots of what appeared to be a peaceful scene. Managuans in general were greatly relieved relieved when they learned that Zelaya had gone, and President Madrie already has Begun his promised work of reform. All reports that Madrlz intends to resign the presidency ar« without a shred of truth. He announces that he accepted the office ·only after mature consideration of the ""opportunity the position gave him to bring about harmony and peace In Nicaragua, Nicaragua, and also of the dangers which attended attended his acceptance. He Is willing to face the dangers, be says, to save the country. News of the overwhelming victory won by Gen. Estrada at Rama has reached the ears of ail in Managua, as well as the report report that the revolutionists will be marched into this city soon. But Estrada, is as yet a long distance off and the hope is held that before his men reach the capital a settlement satisfactory to all might be arranged. Francisco Bara of Leon, the home town of President Madrlz, has been appointed minister general in place of Dr. Julian Idas, who resigned. Was, who at one time was spoken of for the presidency, ha« deemed it advisable to withdraw himself himself from public notice, as he became unpopular unpopular when the demonstrations against Zelaya were at their height. A dispatch today from Rlvas says that a man who shouted "Vive Marirlz" was, stabbed to death by three soldiers. Numerous caricatures of Zelaya, one of them representing him as being flogged, io funds In the treasury. There Is a ·eneral unwillingness to accept as legal ender the last issue of paper money Zelaya for fear of tfie possibility that lew administration will declare it worth- ess. A new war tax is Inevitable. An army 1 of 3,000 men is being pre- ared for the purpose of advancing toi Acoyapa, which is on the railroad from lama to Lake Managua, and about jequl- istant from Managua and Rama. · Gen, Toledo, who has been appointed acting war minister by'Madrlz, protests that he s eager to matte terms with the revolutionists, revolutionists, but is not willing to surrender He says that the rev- sed to lay down their arras immediately , they keep this promise they will ose the sympathy not only of Nicaragua, iut of the entire world. · s The people 1 of Leon are actively supporting supporting President Madrlz, but Granada md Managua are* unsettled, aa It Is alleged that they are to be taxed wlth- fr representation: · , , MEXICAN OFFICIALS ADVISED. Authorities Do Not Expect Protest From United States. CITY OF MEXICO,--Dec. 25.--Jose San- os Zelaya, as a private citizen, asked was granted an asylum aboard the 6tm gunboat General' Guerrero, 'accord- ng to the officials of'the Department of foreign Relation here tonight, knowledge if his ultimate destination or of his 'or the immediate future was denied. Both Minister Ignaclo Mariscal and secretary Federico {Jamboa declared that hey anticipated no conflict with the 3epartmont at Washington as a result of having permitted Zelaya to go aboard ie Mexican warshjp. No official opposl- ;lon to such a proceeding, they asserted, lad been made to this government, and .he absence of any objection the act such as any nation would have performed under like circumstances. ' "Zelaya took advantage of the presence of the Guerrero in Nicaraguan waters, asking this government through our ster at Managua, Bartolome Carbaja, asylum aboard the Guerrero, and we granted It," said Senor Mariscal. "Zelaya fs a private citizen now since he has resigned the presidency of Nicaragua, and aa such had a perfect right to make request. At what port he expects to or where h« Intends to go, we have Seen Informed. "According to our advices, the United States vessels which were there and have opposed his embarkation, made no effort to do so. The United States government, government, which is a prudent government, can not object to our course, and we not expect that It will." Mr. Mariscal reiterated .his previous disclaimer of Intention «to tak« Zelaya aboard when the Guerrero went to Cor- lnto and said that It was "ortly within a day or two that he had asked to allowed to board the vessel." As to Zelaya's destination, both officials claimed ignorance. , _ "He may wish to land at SaUna and simply pass across the isthmus to take a steamer for some foreign port, said Mr. Gamboa, "or we may choose land at Acapulco or Manzillo or some circulated in this city President Madrlz admits that he found. On Ankle--It Was Very Bad and Onfy Got Worse Under Treatments Treatments -- Cuticura Soon Healed It--Baby's Head Freed from Stubborn Stubborn Scurf by Cuticura Soap, TWO ECONOMICAL CURES BY CUTICURA READIES . --,...,«,.,, . i * j " My case was * very bad ulcer eora on my ankle and I woe 'laid up three months with it. I was reading an advertisement advertisement in the newspaper one day about tno Cuticura Remedies so I purchased a cake of Cuticura Soap and one box of Cuticura Ointment Ointment and a large bottle bottle of Cuticura Resolv- ent. After using one cake of Cuticura Boap^ and one box of Cuticura Ointment ray ulcer was healed, by washing twice a day with the Soap and using the other ; ' ' ' GIVING CHILDREN A RIDE. Santa Glaus hae bought a new -f Indianapolis children for a ride. The wseatd and other Pacific coast port steamer for Japan, He and catch may come to this city, which ne hae the same right do as any other cltigen of any .nation RELIEF FELT IN WASHINGTON. State Department, However, Would Have Preferred Zelaya's Arrest. WASHINGTON, Dec. 25.--News of the flight of President Zelaya front- Corlnto was received In official circles here with varying emotions. While the State Department Department undoubtedly would have appreciated appreciated the capture of Zelaya and his arraignment on the charge of murdering the two Americans, Groce and Cannoh, there ia In other quarters a distinct of relief in the passing of the Nicaraguan dictator. Had the government been determined to stand by the note sent by Secretary Knox to Senor Rodriguez, charge d'af- faires of the Nicaraguan Legation here, it is acknowledged that the escape of Zelaya would have beeh prevented, That no efforts were made to block night of the former President is accepted as an indication that the position originally originally taken by the secretary of state not altogether tenable. The right of asylum, asylum, under .international laws, Is one of the moat rigorously regarded stipulations of such law, and'President Zelaya In demanding 8,uqh a ,right from the commander commander of the Mexican gunboat Guerrero registered a request that could not well be refused. In the, failure of the American American authorities to file any protest the acceptance o( Zetaya's person the Mexican commander had no alternative but to aid him In leavlrfg Nicaragua. A precedent was established in the case of ,Nord Alexis, former President of Hayti, when he sought asylum on a French cruiser lying In the He was wanted by the succeeding government on a number of counts, but French minister escorted- the deposed ruler to'the-wharf, where he was met by a launch fronvthe waiship and aboard, i No protest ever 'Was made the incident, and tt was regarded as coming w.elj within the scope of the law nations. '^_____^

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  2. 26 Dec 1909, Sun,
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