Earth Day 1970

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Earth Day 1970 - 1970 Tomorrow · Gusty 50c A WEEK, HOME...
1970 Tomorrow · Gusty 50c A WEEK, HOME DELIVERY '-- lOc A Americans Rallying To Cry To Improve Our Environment The bird aw's a Viet 'Save The Earth' Drive Widespread By United Press International Americans joined forces today in an effort to clean the earth and the air around it. There were 'demonstrations bizarre and pragmatic, teach-ins, teach-ouls, parades, lectures, speeches, music, litter pickups and even official action. The idea of it all is that pollution of the air, land and water must cease if humanity is to survive. Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley officially declared today "Earth Day in Qu'cago." Now Jersey Gov. William T. Caliill was to sign a bill creating an envtronmonta} protection department, hi tlie stale depart- men-Now York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller officially e s t a- blished a New York Environment Department. Proposes Institute Illinois LI. Gov. Paul Simon proposed that the state set up an environmental institute at a major public university. High school children in Cape Girardeau, Mo., were on highways picking up liller tossed from passing cars. Others were busy wilh similar tasks. across the'land- Students in Los Angeles hung black balloons from archways, marking sites of environment Seminars and teach-ins. Groups in other areas planned lo confront suspected polluters wilh dead fisli and other tokens of a disturbed ecology. "Funeral marches" for the living and the yet unborn were on the agenda. . ·Hie White llouso said Tuesday President Nixon welcomed the day's events and "feels the activities show the concern ol people of ail walks of life over to our govern- planes were to miles tons 300 the dangers ment." Skywriting . inscribe Ihe word'"air" In Ihe atmosphere over Los Angeles Ohio Stale University students planned a guided walk along the Olontangy River. Ashlabula Ohio, residents were set for a "premature funeral for tlv children of tomorrow," t dramatize the unborn children who will die from pollution. Southeast Missouri S t a 11 sludents planned a moc' funeral to "symbolically burj the earth under a pile trash." Miami citizens sehe dulcd a "dead orange parade with a prize for the "mo; polluted float." The Michigan House ap proved by a. 93-3 vote a hi which would give prival citizens the unprecedented rigl to take legal action agains polluters. Transportation Sccrelarj John A. Volpe ;aid "freeway that adversely affect ou environment cannot be built." Iflckcl Testifies Interior Secretary Waller Ilickel, testifying before (h Senate subcommittee on a and water pollution, said on] the Grcal Salt Lake wou remain uncovered by Presiden Nixon's anlipoHulion plans. Chicago's Commonweall Edison Co., a target of loc, pollution fighters, announce Tuesday it has formed a environmental advisory counc: composed of doctors, cducato: and scienlists. Forester Hopes Concern Remains By KAT1UE JIERED1TH Today is "Earth Day." Robert Windsor, a state forester, hopes that after tile fire of tlie speeches, discussions, and demonstrations lias died down, the concern about environment won't die with it. 'You know, these aro tilings foresters hav« been talking about for years--conservation, environment, pollution--but foresters were alway* ' considered to bo a special interest group " Windsor. ' "And I guess we are -- but our interest is he environment. And the environment affects all people."Concern Is Manifest Today people are beginning o dig into the study of tha earth. They are concerned about air pollution, water pollution/ earth pollution, noise pollution. Environment is tlie "in" topic Df discussion. Wisconsin's Sen. iaylord Nelson suggested a na- tonal day of environmental ac- ion. Today Is t h a t day Goal Designed To Cut Pollution y United Press International Governor . Rockefeller will onor Earth Day by signing \to law' the new environmental onservation department. Tlie new department will-co- rdinale all Ihe slate's anti-pol- ution efforts. It was originated y Rockefeller and approved by 10 recently adjourned stale ogislalure. Noise control, disposal of junk cars, air and water cleanup wit c some of the duties of the cw department, which lakes ver regulating functions from ic Conservation and Health Departments and Pure Waters minority. ' . · ' · · · , Earth day events today In upstate Now York include: An environmental leach - in at State Senate chambers; pa throughout Ontario County and Ihe rest of the UiS. concern is being expressed about the condition of the air, water and earth. ' , . . - - . It is a far csy. from tlie alarmed voices of a few conservation- isfs several year's ago. ' Provocative Book What. brought a b o u t idwnge? . "Books like 'Silent Spring' helped call.attention to some of the problems," said Windsor whose territory for Hie New York State Conservation Department. extends .into - th» counties of 'Ontario; Wayne, : Seneca and Monroe. Another ''influence lias"' tlie existence of ocean oil been ' radcs in Albany and Schene'c ady wilh participants pickin up refuse along the route; Skid more College students cleanin Up a Saratoga Springs play- jroun'd and Clarkson Tech stu- lenls in Polsdam displaying ex- tibtts and dispensing Informa- ion on environmental pollu- ion. Tuesday evening. Sen. Thomas F. Eagletown, D j Mo.,.sald the Mxon administration's spending priorities fly in the face of our ecological requirements." Speaking at. Rcnsselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Missouri junior senator noted tliat President Nixon would spend $275 million for a super-sonic transport jet against $106 million for air pollution control. "Some experts," Bagleton said, "estimate thai a grcal deal of pollution could be elim- Inaled by the year 2000 if we began now to spend S275 billion. That's a period of 3( years. The defense dcparlmenl spends that much every four years." Industry also has a responsibility lo divert its "vast technological am! scientific exrer lise that produces |uanlify and start producing quality,' Kaglclon said. Tf not, he said, the nation in 13 years faces being buried in a $1.228 trillion pross national product of bottles, automobiles, paper and chemicals. Already, the Democrat said, the nation's drive for "the better things of life have brought us lo the edge ot the ecological pit." C«'jf»H «» having what "wwld -wide Windsor signifl c a n temu l c Ihe · pesticides (rails of from the ___ These oil slicks 'have traveled,. killing ocean and land life and ·aising Ihe ire' of · people. : - ":. Windsor feels tliat "Earth ay" could serve as a springboard for action -- setting up a '.'climate for action." But is it too late for action? Are the people of the earth loomed by their own technological environment? There Still Is Time The forester, a Canandalgua resident working out of the conservation office on Gorhaih Street, says no. It's not loo lale. "I don't want to be pessimistis about this. I have a feeling the people can lick the problem if they want to do it," he maintained. Despite his optimism, Windsor, in his travels throughout the four-county area, finds plenty to be alarmed about. He's concerned about fha "tendency to b u i l d cities on what should be left aa land. . . it's what we call urban sprawl." FTe sees roadsides loaded beer cans, paper and other trash. 'Noise Sponges' Gone He sees superhighways devnid of trees -- trees which could act as sponges to soak up and Ihcreby attack the noise pollution problem. He sees woods cut down in a haphazard fashion -- a ful approach." lie conter^yi "Our woods and forests are renewal resource. " Conservation, according lo Windsor, is "the wise use o? natural resources -- and wo stress that 'wise' use. There's no (larger that we'll run out of frees. Every year more arp grown than are cut down." But the forester stressed tha need for people to take cara in cutting down their trees, 'o uso o selr^tive method which would encourage growth of other trees. Erosion Problem Anoiher concern of Windsor Is soil erosion. He has seen It In Ontario County when con(Continued od Page 3, Col. (Daily lle.-.ionBer Photo) STATE FORESTER Robert Windsor hopes that the concern expressed today during, "Earth Day" observances will continue on a high level. Windsor, o( Canandalgua, operates out ot th« state conservation cilice on ^orham Street. I Today's Quote I BOGOTA -- Colombian President Carlos Lleras Res- trcpo, who announced (he government's state of slega during the violence which followed presidential elections: "J believe an attempt U Ing made to provoke subversion but the government ready and prepared to pul down."

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