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M - Later from Vera Crux. TmnaHatd IidelUimce...
Later from Vera Crux. TmnaHatd IidelUimce Adeamre of (he A can At my Sana Amna't Preparations for Defence Battle Strppoted lo hare been Fomgkt on the 154k inst, SfC. . . The V. S. steamship Massachusetts arrived here last evening from Tern Cruz, which place she left on the evening of tbe 14th. Oar correspondence correspondence is down to the latest bourT - The news is of the most stirring interest. The best advices lead to tbe impression that a battle was fought at Cerro Gordo, nearly midway between the Puente Nacional and Jalaps, on Thursday or Friday last. We have heretofore announced the advance of Gen. Twiggs's division into the interior. When last heard from he was beyond the Puente Nacional and in close proximity to the Mexican army. Gen. Scott was expected to arrive at Gen. Twiggs's headquarters on tbe night of the 14th inst. Gen. Worth left Vera Crux with the last division of the army on the 13th, and bivouacked that night at San Juan about twelve miles in the interior. I le probably joined the advance on the 13th. Santa Anna was said to be at Cerro Gordo, where La Vega and Canalize were posted with a considerable command. The Mexican force at mai poiuw :: 1 1. ..,, Anna, was estimateti at - .r ihnn. nileen lliousana s.roaw- s.roaw- --o --o --o - . sand regular infantry, three tnousanu " and the remainder irregulars. The pasof Cerro Gordo is forty-four forty-four forty-four miles frornVsru Crux ;. naturally a very strong one. ome on- on- ficulty is anticipated in forcing it. Rumors stale that Saota Anna can obtain any amount of irrerular force be may desire. Keconnoiter inr parties from the American army had been ami fteverf.1 wounded awonfrst whom was Capt. (nojr Lieut. Col.) Johnson, of the Topographical Ifngineers, who was shot in tlie arm and hip whist examining the Mexican works at Cerro ftrdo. Intelligent officers, who arrived in tun Massachusetts, entertain verv little doubt that a reueral engagement has taken place. t - A number of sekliers have been shot in pass ing the road to and fro. Ail accounts repre sent the Americans ss confident of victory, and the Mexicans is burning for vengeance. Our next ndvices from Vera Cruz will, we doubt not, -bring -bring us the details of an important en gagement. We subjoin tlie news from the Vera Cruz papers and ourcorrespondence. Tho letter from Mr. Kendall of the 14th, written at camp San Juan, is the very latest from the army. Thc soldiers were suffering at Vera Cruz from sick ness, but the votnito had not appeared. coitosial coasesrosDEscr. or thb picayvncJ VESA CSIZ, April 13, 1817. So many vessels are leaving almoat every day that it is bard keeping tbe run of tbe in. I send a line by every one I bear of. A Gei man gentleman baa just told me it Is now 10 o'clock, A. M.--that M.--that M.--that M.--that Santa Anna waa at bis oldLhacl ends of Enceiro day before yesterday. This place is close by Jala pa. Canalixo and La Vega are at Cerro Gordo, where no leas than three heigbta have been fortified. Gen. Scott went oil last night: Gen. Worth, with his division, marched this morning, and will bfrouack to-night to-night to-night at Saa Juan, on the other side of Santa Fe. Gen. Twigga ia at Plan del Rio, close by tlie Mexicana, and there are those who tbiuk it mure than probable that he has already had a brush with tbem. It is thought the position at Cerro Oordj can be turned, and in case La Vega and Canallzo make good their retreat that they will make another atand at Loa Dioa. Time will show. The hospitals are full, and the sickness is said to be the increase. I still cannot learn that there has been any well authenticated case of vomito, although many bave died of fever. I am off to-day to-day to-day for the headquarters of the army. Your., Ac c. w. a. VESA Cai-E, Cai-E, Cai-E, April 14, 1847. The Massachusetts sails in half an bour.and I hasten to send yoa the latest intelligence received from the advance of our army on its march lowarda Jalaps. Despatebea wete received here yesterday evening from Gen. Twiggs, stating that tbe enemy had been discovered, and that in a reconnoiaaance some eighteen milea beyond tbe National Bridge, at a point called the Blark KurrestPass, Capt. J. E. Johnson, of tbe Topo graphical Engineers now Lieut. CoL of volligeui waa severely woundci with a shot through tbe arm and another la the thigh. It ia mora than probable that ere this Gens. Twiggs and Pillow have had something of a" brush" with theenimy. Santa Anna Is known to have arrived at thla pass with a force said to be 15,000 atrong, consisting of 2W0 regnlara and the b dance of irregular troops of whom 3000 are cav alry. Tbe point above named ia a vtry atrong one, and naturally affords great advantages to tbe eoemy ; but, my word for it, they will not bold ft long after ear troops assail it. 8 but op as I am in my room I cannot know moeh of what ia going on. Mr. Kendall started last evening oa the way to tbe advaaoa of tbe army bo will pro bably be la (be camp sometime to-day. to-day. to-day. Re wrote yoa B letter before starting, which goes with ihla, It Is becoming quite sickly here, bat as yet I bear nothing of the taua amongst tbe soldiers. It Is very healthy In tbe interior, and oar array, excepting those who at iy to garrison this city, will soon be beyond the In Sue oca of tbe Impure and sickly air of the coast. - I am still slowly recovering from my accident, and hope to be with yoa ere many days. It 1. entirely out of the question lo think of following tbe army in my condition, and I wouldn't slay la Vera Crux a month fur L I learn that tbe s tranship ftew Orleans, now here, la to make one more trip to Tampico for mulea. which are much wanted here, and after thai she goes to your city. Yours, Ac, r. a. u P. 8 Whoa CapT Johnson was wounded ia his recoanolaaance, he waa with aa escort of tbe 2d Dra goons, under CapL Hardie. r. a. L. Camp at Sa.i Jcaw, April 14, 1817. I arrived in this camp at 11 o'clock last night, the road, from Vera Cruz running for the most part through heavy sand. Tlie division of Gep. Worth, from the excessive heal and wearisome road, suffered incredibly. i re news in camp is stirring. An express has come down from Gen. Twiggs to the eflcct that Santa Anna was before him, at Cerro Gordo, 'with 15,000 men, as near as could be judged from reconnoissances made by Capt. Hardie and other officers of dragoons. Lieut. CoL J. E. Johnson has been severely but not mortally wounded while examining Santa Anna's works, which appear to be a succession of breastworks on the eminences in the vicinity vicinity of Cerro Gordo. Everything would now go to show that Santa Anna is determined to make a bold stand. A dragoon, who had been sent down express by Gen. Twiggs, was yesterday found shot by tbe roadside just beyond this. Hi papers had not been touched. The Blexicans are playing a bloody and at the same time bolder game than is usual for them, as it is thought they have killed no less than fifty of our men widiin the last three days on the road. Gen. Scott stopped last night nine miles from this to-night to-night to-night be will reach Gen. Twiggs's position. If Santa Anna is as strong as he ia represented, he probably will not bo attacked for two or three days. I write in great haste. . . c. vr. k. On the 11th inst. Gen. Scott issues the following following proclamation, which no one will dtjubt was written by him : liKAOaLAXTESS or tuc Akmv. Veba Cbcs, I April 11, 1847. J MaJ. Gen. Scott, Gemeral-U-Ckief Gemeral-U-Ckief Gemeral-U-Ckief Gemeral-U-Ckief Gemeral-U-Ckief of the Armies of the United State of America: TO TBX GOOD PEOPLK OP MCI ICO. PR QCLAMA TIOSi . , Mexicans ! At the bead of a powerfularmy, soon to be doubled a part of which is now advancing on your capital and with another army nnder Maj. Gen. Taylor in march from Salullo towards San Luis Potosi I think myself myself called upon to address you. Mexicans! Americans are not your enemies; enemies; but tbe CMtniea for a time, of tbe men, 7ar .Misgoverned yon and brought about Ihia unnatural war between two great Hapublica. -W. -W. re I be friends of the peaceful wsbHante of the country we occupy, and the djofjrour holy relur&n, iu hierarchy and Ol pans of ear own country, crowded with de vout Catholics, and respected by our Government, Government, laws and people. For the church of Mexico, the unorTe tiding inhabitants of tbe country and their property, r r- r- e . .1 ....fkinr in no V a u.o iivm ibs in in uwr otciw"- otciw"- o i c power to place them under the safeguard ot martial law against tbe few bad men - My orders, to that efJeeCw.. to all. are aiiKiKiiu iare nci j l ;mm-iarkn ;mm-iarkn ;mm-iarkn for the benefit frfMextcanss bes impo-ment; impo-ment; impo-ment; and one, for a rape, has been hung by tbe neck. Is this' not a proof of good faith and r&, strug-"... . wtr.ahail be riven as otten discipline T Other prools snau "s"-.' "s"-.' "s"-.' oarties. trains of wsgons and teams, or of pack mu ong irar. articular onenuci " : " ,i , -i. -i. .iwriaa. the nunislinient shall fall upon ntire cities, towns or neighborhoods. Let, then, all food Mexicans romum i """"i st their peaceful occupations ; but they are vited to bring in, for sale, horses, muies, oeci. ttle, corn, barley, wneat, nour ior unau, aim avtaMea. Cash will be paid for every tiling is armv may take or purchase, and protection I avill be given to all sellers. The Americans Ware strong enough to ofler these assurances, akli akniilil MmIpihi wiwlv CCPDl. tllia ,.,.. I- I- h.nnilv end 1. to tl honor nJ adTan,a of j,' ,eiiigerents. Then thc A imericans. bavins converted enemies into Iriends, will be nappy to take leave ol Mexico, and return to their own country. WIN FIELD SCOTT. LOUISIANA LEG I SLA TURE. Sejiate April 22. This body met this morninr at the usual hour. Lieut. Governor Landry presiding. Several petitions were presented, and after being read were referred to their appropriate committee saa-ws. saa-ws. saa-ws. Tbe bill to establish a fund for the support of the public schools throughout the State was read three times and passed. The bill relative to Barataria and Ijifourclie Canal Company was read three times and passed. On motion, tlie Finance Committee were ap pointed a committee of conference, to cooler with a similar committee on thc part of tlie House, relative to the Revenue bill. Tho Senate then on motion took up the bill providing a location for a State seminary of learning in accordance with an act of the late couvention, which gives the interest of the sales of the State lands which are appropriated to that purpose to this institution. Some members members favored the parish of Rapides while others preferred .the parish of St. James. Without coming to any final conclusion the Senate after a long discussion adjourned. House or Representatives. At the meet ing of the House this morning fifty -five -five members answered to their names. Mr. Shields, from the Committee on Elec tions, to whom was referred the School bill. with the amendments of tlie Senate, reported that the House concurred in some of the amend ments ; but recommended the rejection of others. Mr. MoTse, on behalf of the Judiciary Committee, Committee, reported a number of bills, all of which were read once. The same member, on behalf of the same committee, to whom was referred the commu nication of Mr. Van Benthuysen, reported fa vorable to his claim. Mr. introduced a bill for the relief of Messrs. II. C. Thibodeaux, Justin Aubert and II. T. Williams. Read once. Mr. Derlx'-s Derlx'-s Derlx'-s called up the bill relative to the mode of payment and costs of justices of the peace. This bill passed through its second reading. It was ordered that it be engrossed fur its third reading. Mr. Sandidge presented a resolution for the appointment of a Committee of Conference to confer with tlie Senate, relative to the Revenue bill. Passed. The bill from tlie Senate, to incorporate the town of Opelousas, was read once. , The bill from the Senate to establish a branch of tbe land office at Winesborougb, ia the parish of Franklin, was read once. The amendments of tlie Senate to the bill providing for tlie organization of certain corpo rations in this State, were concurred in. Tbe amendments of the Senate to the bill for the improvement of Bayou Derbonne, were con curred in. Mr. Duncan called up the report of tlie Finance Finance Committee on the Senate'a substitute to the bill of tbe House relative to the cotnpensa lion of public officers throughout the State The report recommended the rejection of the Senate'a substitute. After a protracted debate, the wliole matter was laid on the table, subject to call. The House next resumed the discussion on the bill to protect tlie State against loss on ac count of its liabilities for bonds issued for tbe use of tbe property banks. Mr. Smith offered a substitute for the whole bill. After a protracted debate the substitute wss laid upon tlie table, subject to call. Tlie House then took up the School bill as amended by tbe Senate, and after a long dis cussion, without any definite action, the House adjourned for want of a quorum. Mutineer Arrested. We read in tlie Charles ton Evening News that on the 16th inst. the U. S. Marshal arrested at that port James Osgood, Charles Drown, Chnrles Thompson, Lorenzo Parrot, John Thomas, Thomas Brown, and John Perez, who are charged with committing mutiny on tlie high seas on board tbe bark Bel- Bel- vide re, on her voyage from Antwerp to Charles ton. Tbe mutiny commenced on Thursday, the 30th of March, when tbe above named men were confined in tbe forecastle, which was well secured to prevent their escape. They were there kept as prisoners until the 16lh, when, as before stated, they were arrested by the Mar shal. Tlie above mentioned seamen comprised the entire crew, with tbe exception of two, with whose assistance Capt. Cook was enabled to work his vessel into port. tST The Chesnut Street theatre of Phila delphia has been sold st auction for $72J200. Mr. Hart, of the firm of Carey 6c. Hart, is said to be the purchaser ttT" The furniture of tbe Hon. Mr. Paken- Paken- haui, the British Minister at Washington, is advertised for sale. EPA new play, entitled " Wismuth Sc. Com pany," was tried at the Park, theatre on the 13th insL, but was a decided failure. A Fight. We cut the following pararraph from the Mississippi Free Trader of the 17th instant : Tlie Kelleys, the murderers of John Catlin. in Jefferson County, were arrested a day or two since, at their residence in Louisiana, by a young man eighteen years of age, after a dee Derate fight, in wnicn ne snot tnem ootn, one supposed to be roortailr and the other severely wounded. Ther were brought to this city yesterday morn- morn- inr and committed to jail by J uatiee Van Hoe- Hoe- sen, where they remain awaiting the action of the authorities of J e Hereon county, we learn that since ther fled from this State for the mur der of CaUin, they Have urea as outlaws in Louisiana, and that when taken by the young man alluded to. ther were not only loaded with arms about their persons, but bad a number of pistols on a table loaded, reaav tor use in case of an attempt to arrest them. The heroic young anaii, however, whose name ia Cornelius Fris-bie, Fris-bie, Fris-bie, arrested tbem despite their deadly weapons. or to the laws of ... nlhavnarann OT unJiajar w Alii f punished with ngor-or ngor-or ngor-or if the alivana(I UO tV AteX- AteX-

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  2. 23 Apr 1847, Fri,
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