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 - Friday, January 24, 1975 AAt. Vernon...
Friday, January 24, 1975 AAt. Vernon Register-News 7 BOYD Mr. and Mrs. Mort Beal and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tinsley have been vacationing in Florida. Mrs. Pat Moore, who underwent surgery recently, is home doing fine. We wish her a speedy recovery. Mrs. Lola Mcormick, who has been ill, is better and able to be out again. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mays, who were married recently, are making their home in Florida. B. F. Breazeale, who is a patient at Good Samaritan Hospital, remains about the 9-A same, at this time. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Laneave on the arrival of a baby girl, Jana Kay. 'Mr./"and Mrs. Larry Smothers of Kincaid, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Altba McCormick. Mr. and Mrs. Harlod Miller, visited his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Macel Miller and sons, Friday evening.. Dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Macel Miller, Sunday, were Mrs. Leona Cameron, Don Cmeron and children, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cameron and children, all of Bluford and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Siedel and family of Fairfield. All attended to help celebrate the birthday of Gerald Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Echols visited with Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Tinsley, Tuesday evening. Mrs. Tinsley is home doing fine, after a recent operation. Charlene Tinsley, Cor. y —Pii m -3, BLUFORD Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Galbriath of Johnsonville visited Saturday evening with her sister, Mrs. T. L. Clark. Postmaster Byron Vance was a business visitor in Carbondale last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wood, Mrs. Opal Wood, Mrs. Phyllis Pepple and Mrs. Marie Gillespie attended a church meeting in Vandalia, Tuesday Evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colwell visited relatives in „ West Union, Friday of last week. Miss Pat Carter, art teacher at the High School, and Mrs. Zelma Kovach, accompanied a group of students to the art instittute at Carbondale, Friday of this week. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Clark attended a civic concert in Centralia, one evening last week. Zelma Kovach, Cor. | with | Charlene | By CHARLENE GLOVER All letters submitted and published become the property •$ of the columnist. A Nationwide Exchange By Charlene Glover Roll up your sleeve to save a life.:. \BE A BLOGD DONQR Hello from Minnesota, I have a collection of U.S. stamps and a few foreign. I would like to sell or trade stamps with some other collector. collector. Herman M. Schlechter 1046 Hadley Ave. Apt. 30 St. Paul, Minnesota 55119 Hello from Florida, As for me, I have two collections. One is cookie cutters. I didn't start out to save them, bit it just happened. happened. It au started with the ones that my husband made for his mother when he was small. I tried to find European European cookie cutters when we visited Europe but I wasn't able to find any. Perhaps I didn't go to the right places. My other collection is view cards. I belong to a post card robin and I always look forward to getting it in the mail. It is very interesting interesting to receive cards from several different states. I like all view cards but I especially want cards of playhouses. I have an actor ALL OF US AT ACKSON JEWELRY COMPANY (Times Square Location) want to thank everyone who helped make our Grand Opening such a happy time and outstanding event in our lives. We deeply appreciate the 5,500 people who registered during this time. The following is a list of people who won our Grand Opening Prizes. Comeo Pendant—$12.95 Cynthia Ruckman 109 Wilson, Fairfield, III. T-Ball Jotter Desk Set-$12.50 Reba White 47 Crownview, Mt. Vernon Prince Gardner Set—$10.00 Rosemary Huston . 103 N. 29th, Mt. Vernon Princess Gardner Set— $14 .00 Helen Merriman 609 S. Maple, Centralia Buxton Set-$14.00 Margaret Day Rt. 2, Fairfield, III. Lady Schick Shaver-$12.95 Norman Edson Rt. 7, Mt. Vernon Silver Book Mark -$10.00 Dorothy Gaunt 828 Apricot, Mt. Vernon Sheffield Alarm Clock-$15.00 Laura Whitlock Rt. 4, Mt. Vernon Sheffield Alarm Clock-$15.00 Tillie Holbrooks Paul Ave., Bluford, III. Sony AM-FM Radio-$15.95 John Hicks 11 Evergreen, Mt. Vernon Bron-Shoel Pair-$13.90 Naomi Kirk 2104 Lamar, Mt. Vernon Rytex Stationery—$10.00 Melanie Gardner 1505 Triangle, Mt. Vernon Cross Pendant—$16.00 Jo Ann Appel'. Webster Hills, Mt. Vernon Corning Electric Coffee Pot-$15.99 - v Leon Threlkeld 715 Main, Mt. Vernon Corning Petite Pan Set—$11.95 Deb Qurtmeyer 618 W. Kell, Centralia China Flower Pot—$13.50 -„ ; MikeCrjvokapich 820 S. 18th, Mt. Vernon Gold Bracelet-$15.00 Jerry Skidmore Rt.1,Mt. Vernon., Coffee Pot Timer-$10.00 • Dean Fortmeyer Irvington Coffee Pot Timer-$10.00 June Ward Ino, III. Sterling Pearl Ear &Pend.-$15.95 John Wills 2713 Jamison; JW, Vernon Heart Pearl Pendant-$18.95 \ DekwrJpyce- ,f ~ Gold Pin & Earrings-$18.95 Patricia Walton 601 S. Emma, W.Frankfort, III. i Pearl Pin-$17.50 Margaret Beehn Wayne City, III. Pearl Pendant-$20.00 Gale Monroe Rt. 2, Mt. Vernon Butane Candles-$20.00 David Scrivner Rt. Rt. 1, Opdyke, III. intensor Lamp—$17.50 Leon Wilson • 705 N. St. Louis, Sparta, III. Man's Travel Kit-$20.00 Tom Duncan, Jr. 4 Park Lane, Fairfield, III. Camera—$25.00 Sharon Malt 2310 Adams Lane, Henderson, Ky. Fannie May Candy—$3.35 Jo Sutherland 107 S. Castle, Salem, III. Fannie May Candy—$3.35 Lisa Freytag 1815 Isabella, Mt. Vernon Gold Pin and Earrings—$12.95 Helen Flota Rt. 3, Mt. Vernon Red Coin Glass Dish—$23.00 Brenda Likens Rt. 2, Woodlawn, III. Sheaffer Desk Set-$27.00 Ruth Odom 29 S. W. Crescent, Mt. Vernon Towle Silver Gravy Boat-$24.95 T Mrs. Clarence DeVfrrt Richview Rd., Mt. Vernon ., Gerber Carving Set—$26.50 i. (Merino.Thompson Rt. 4, McLeansboro, III. Wallace Hors Djoevre-$35.00 / Jednnette Joy -» 213 OpdykefMt. Vernon Man's Speidel WqUh Band-$12.95 C A. French 504 E. Delaware, Fairfield, III. Ladies Speidel Watch Band-$10.95 Rosalie Anslinger 26 Northbrook, Mt. Vernon •r Speidel Ladies I.D. Brae.-$9.95 v Harry Undersood , Box 152, Dahlgren, III. Speidel Ladies I.D. Brae.-$9.95 Mary Shaw 1228 Salem Rd.,Mt. Vernon . , Cameo Pin-$40.00 Wi F. Holt Paper Weight Joyce Owens Rt. 6, Mt. Vernon Pearl Pin-$60.00 Robert Kolkmeier 1014 S. 24th, Mt. Vernon Pearl Earring & Pendant—$30.00 Delores Drew Rt. l,Waltonville, III. Ladies Bulova Watch—$85.00 Mary Phillips 228 Castleton, Mt. Vernon Gents Bulova Watch—$80.00 Lloyd Gregory Box 75, Irvington Tistot Wdtch-$100.00 Ellen Walker 14 Sunset, Mt. Vernon Silver Wine Cooler- $69.00 Laura Stewart Rt. l,Mt. Vernon 45 Pc. Set Noritake China-$129.95 Norella Welch 2206 Olive, Mt. Vernon Ladies Gold Ring W/Dias-$175.00 Orville Roney 6 Crownview, Mt. Vernon Pink Unde Star Ring-$125.00 Maxine Gaston 17 Sunset Dr., Mt. Vernon Diamond Pendant—$100.00 Johnny Jones 2808 College, Mt. Vernon Man's Initial Ring-$89.95 Mrs. John Sanders 21 Westwood, Mt. Vernon Gold Wedding Band-$85.00 Jack Goldman 23 Wildwood, Mt. Vernon Opal Ring-$89.95 Marilyn Collier 310 N. Broadway, Salem, III. Diamond Earrings—$325.00 Ruby Woolever Fairfield, III. Diamond Dinner Ring—$350.00 Faral Martin ke, III. mm Box 133, Mt. Vernon Ruby & Dia. Dinner Ring-$200.00 Zelma Warren 1019 Pace, Mt. Vernon 'ACt. Cluster Dia. Pendant-$332.50 ' Roger Gowen 320 S. 4th, Mt. Vernon 1 Ct. Ouster Dia. Ring-$675.00 Mwtha Rubenacker 401 Spruce, Mt. Vernon MMMMWM 9 'A hnim'r— i—— L —im< and a musician in my family so that is the reason for the playhouse view cards. \ am trying to get a card of the Pasadena Playhouse from California. Some day I will find it. I am also looking for a book called "The History of Fuller's Ohio Brigade". I had relatives in that Civil War Brigade. I have seen the book several times in the Rare Book room of the Cincinnati; Cincinnati; Ohio, Public Library. Now I am looking for my own book. Mrs. June Hoedl 13720 S.W. 14st Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33314 to trade or sell. Send S.A.S.E. t My husband is a portrait artist, he does portraits of horses, and sometimes people, from photos or pictures. pictures. Juanita Miller Rt. 2 Box 18 Arnett, Oklahoma 73832 This column is made possible by your letters. Would you like to buy, sell, or exchange your collec- tables? This is a free service for hobby collectors. Write to Charlene Glover, Enfield, Dl. 62835 or phone 618-9632095. 618-9632095. Reproduction or reprinting reprinting of this column without the express written consent of the author is prohibited. Hello from Farmer City, I have quite a number of postmarks (no particular size), I would like to trade for used U.S. regular issue, commemorative and air mail stamps — pre 1970. I have all the ones issued since then. . Also haVe 3 cent through 50 cent regular issue and, many commemoratives (used) to trade for ones that 1 need for my albums. I have 2 Statesman binders. One has pages for countries A to N and the other N to Z. If interested, write me and let me know what you are looking for and what stamps you have to exchange. exchange. I have a few mint stamps from 3 cent to the 8 cent including 2 sets of 8 cent (10 stamps each) also and a few used foreign stamps. All stamps are in good condition with light cancellation. Each pay for our own postage. A "stamper". Mrs. Mable Hamblen RR2, Box 3 Farmer City, Illinois 61842 Hello from Nebraska, \ s I am closing out most of " my hobbies, so have a lot of; looms, rug. hbo'ks, dQlf| clothes pa£terjjis, Barbie^ patterns, and other, things^ Maybe I have just what you are looking for. Send S.A.S.E. for list. ' ' Velma Siemering 3463 Taylor Street Omaha, Nebraska 68111 /This column is made possible by your letters: Would you like to buy, sell, or exchange your coUec- tables? This is afree service for hobby collectors. Write to Charlene Glover, Enfield, Dl. 62835 or phone 618-9632095. 618-9632095. Reproduction or reprinting of this column without the express written; consent of the author is prohibited! One of the worst mixers to use with vodka is business. Hello from Oklahoma, I am a collector of catalogs, catalogs, "discount catalogs". Examples of some of the catalogs are Medco in Springfield, Missouri, The Sibley Co. in St. Paul, Minn., Unity Buying Service in Hicksville, N.Y., Warner Consumer Buying Service, Chicago, and Cook Bros. Inc. Chicago. Some of these charge a yearly membership membership fee. If you know of a company please send their address. I have postcards, fold a cards and stationery MANY BANKS IN JEFFERSON COUNTY COMPOUND DAILY INTEREST SAVINGS ACCOUNTS We Do Too - But We Also Offer You The Added Confidence Of Banking With Jefferson County's Only National Bank Phone 735-2631 Or 242-7225 And L,et Us Tell You How We Can Serve You. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WOODLAWN roil BRAND NEW 1975 COLOR TV THIS IS ONE OF ADMIRALS NEWEST 1975 MODEL SETS, NOT LAST YEARS OR OBSOLETE MODEL. MODEL 25L63 is x- he eir ve i's ski ;al Ith .he ry. on ed nd ny •ry ith ivn lis is. r8 fill snt -81 165 23, kl,; i 6, -7B, i-46 ior- •en- r 2, 19, i 4, COLOR MASTER CONTROL FOR ONE TOUCH PERFECTION IN COLOR, TINT, BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST. —The color TV business is experiencing the same problems as the automobile in-- dustry, with fewer sales and over production. —We received a call and were offered a chance to buy this 1975 model TV at a price thaj; was far below wholesale. GAUNT'S HAVE FACTORY TRAINED TELEVISION TECHNICIANS AND CAN ASSURE YOU PROMPT, EFFICIENT SERVICE ON YOUR COLOR TELEVISION: GAUNT'S 32nd & Broadway Mt-, mi "7 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS LEADING APPLIANCE DEALER Dial 244-0860

Clipped from
  1. Mt. Vernon Register-News,
  2. 24 Jan 1975, Fri,
  3. Page 9

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  • — newspapers .com .this is about the neatest thing i have ran across in a long time. love you guys ..injoy.julie ps look for mom on the M.E JACKSON clip dont do face book but gus does ..please send to judy.and every one else love ya

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