San Francisco Chronicle John Bryson's Death 12 October 1907

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San Francisco Chronicle
John Bryson's Death
12 October 1907 - OCTOBER 12 1907 BIG Is to BRYSON DIES AT HOME...
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day only by - the energetic action of his sons Mrs Gladys Lambecton the nurse who had for the last few years of his life asserted asserted complete control over his affairs affairs had planned to take the body quietly to Rosedale Cemetery and lay It away not long after It was cold Her domination had ended with his death Above her protest the corpse was taken by his family from a local undertakers morgue and services will be held at the widow residence after which the remains wilt be placed In the family vault For a time lega complications Were threatened For many days before hi death his ions and daughters declared Mrs Lamberton refused to admit them to see htm though he asked for them time and attain In his dying moments Two days before the end he pleaded but In vain to see his aged wife Mrs Evallns Bryson finally Frank Bryson Bryson public administrator forced his way to the deathbed but too late to find his father conscious Re died at the home of Mrs Lamberton Bryson leaves an estate of S5O00 During the few years he waa bound to Mr Lamberton he squandered on her III 40 0 of his property according to the figure given by John Bryson Jr secretary and treaaurer of the estate which Is In the holding ot the John Bryson Company organised by the wife and children to save It from the mistress mistress as they alleged in court The property by the terms of the corpora tlon was to be equally divided between Bryson and his wife and at their death equally among the children and then the grandchildren The main asset Is the Bryson block worth 600000 Mrs I Lamberton has remained In seclusion seclusion in her hem end all efforts to see her have failed Apparently she has no statement to make Bryson affection for her had lt beginning seventeen seventeen years ago1 when he was interested interested In the State Loan and Trust Company Company and she went there to borrow money - She secured from him tlZOO to raise a mortgage on her home In Ventura Ventura When his name became further Involved with her he was ousted from the company AT trjUVEJlJITT DEEP INTEREST IN TREASON TRIAL Socialists Making Capital Out of the Case of Young Liebkhecht Sperlal Ptirpalrli te the Chronicle BERLIN October 11 The political significance of Karl Liebknechta trial and the Importance of Its possible effects effects upon the political affairs of the nation are freely recognised by the leading German parties In the minds of the Socialists wh are already preparing preparing to make valuable capital out of the young leaders prosecution his trial for treason Is designed to rank with the historic cases of the land Ilftlns Llebknecht Into prominence similar to that which his father acquired acquired after undergoing a sentence en similar grounds It Is generally recognised that the reeult ot the entire ease wilt force the Istue of militarism Into greater promi nence and give the Socialists further ammunition regardless of the nature of the verdict i acquittal will fend to Increase the license wherewith So cialist writers criticise the nations military policy white conviction will make Llebknecht a martyr In the eyes of his admirers Sympathy Is expressed expressed here for Ltebknechts mother who Is now bearing the same sorrows and Anxieties she experienced more than a quarter et a centuty - tgo In the case of his father who helped tofound the Socialist party v TO GET DIVORCE FROM HACKETT NEW TORK October it Suit has been brought hers by Blanche Elllce an English actress against James K Beckett of whose company she was

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  • San Francisco Chronicle John Bryson's Death 12 October 1907

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