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Babi/Baha'i history - WOMEN'S HIOHTS IN ORIENT. af the Reeults of...
WOMEN'S HIOHTS IN ORIENT. af the Reeults of Introducing Western Ideas. The attempt of a Persian Deputy to Introduce -the question of woman's suffrage Into a Parliamentary debate is perhaps the most remarkable phase of the later development of tbe feminist feminist movement. It Is not surprising .in view ot the position assigned to women In Moslem countries, writes a correspondent of the London Standard?"that his declaration declaration that woman has a soul and civic rights was received with horrified •llonce by the Chamber, all orthodox Mohammedans, or that they ordered the excision of the "unfortunate Incident" Incident" from the records of the House. . The Deputy was probably a member of the Babist movement, founded by Mlrsa All Mohoinet in 1845, who declared declared himself to be the "Bab" or gate through^ which the faithful might communicate witb the "bidden Imam" a prophet who, according to Snlab beliefs, beliefs, will some day appear to role the world. "Habtsni," a mixture of Mohammedanism, Mohammedanism, with ethics borrowed from Christianity aad the philosophical philosophical precepts of the older religions, unlike Mahometaulsm, gives to women women a prominent place in Ita council*. council*. -for some time It enjoyed a vogue In England and the United States, and. It Is said to bave a very large secret following In Persia, including some of the higher official* and prominent: members of Parliament. That the' new movement among women, which! even Persia has already begun, should i Snd support lo this quarter is not at, all astonishing, and as Htt* sect Is expected expected to play a leading part In tbe > future development of the country an extension of the woman's movement may be expected, • development which Is also foreshadowed In othsr eastern countries. In the East, as in the West, the women are asking. for the openings of the doors to Intellectual advancement: advancement: are claiming a larger share In the world's work and: aa ampler choice of spbara. in Persia and It ale, Terkey and Egypt,. where the women are aader the awsjr of the Oriental tradition of passive obsdl- eecg gad virtual slMery, the movement movement Is almost tf aa* eattreiy. Manned Manned to the wealthier elaaaaa. and Ita mainspring Is education, During the last decade or two BAgUsh, freuch aad tierutga Ooveraaaass have eeoa the constant companions of the ladles of the ha rem*, amoag waoai Wsstera lueaa have found a ptec*. I Turkish ladles have »at oa the garb of Westera thought, with their Paris- laa dresses. Kduoate4 aa .are few of tbelr sex In leas favorad circum- ataaeaf la aaalaad aid America, in Vraace and Oermanr. liter have i grown discontents* with tbelr se-ji clusloa Roek knowledge has gl»«» taeai a fcaeg daelre to aaa tha outside warli. la laaMa, la Bgypt and hi Persu tha tAalsaioa of Ruroaean SKtveneaaai aM a»tasHaaarles, the rsaAlag of Wast- ara Mate gas Jswraajs asajr also ha aaa* to •,*»" thA'saala faatata-kj thf aaaduelloa af what la aarasna tha sj »PF^^^»»W!"we»v ir~ • sjujsssaaji Sr^W^a^>rw .. vaspsr MUgi mAmmmj /kMk t teVn^sMa a Js\s%ttt Aaf SSB^IBBW i "S ^Saja^sai ^a ^Bj^B ^s ^ssa |^ssKaej ^as^^sges ^^e^Bpise^BXBf ^ae ^sa ^xer Sw^SS/. . •J T SaS wr ^B*wfar ^E ^SBaxe" e^^sxe^exf^sxexe^ . ,-^FSJBJPEI SO per cent of all catarrh Is produced by growth* In.tbe nsaal posKugts. I remove remove them growths With electricity and van thus absolutely suarnnlet- you a curs of every curable case at Catarrh. Our ? riant osonhtor Isw cut) is highly curative n lung and blood dlwinwa. Chronic and *>rlvate Diseases a specialty. »M consultation. OR. 0. P. SLUSHER. CoHseura Building. I 'hone 2061].. brought to her notice. "The Persian women, as a matter of fact, have been doing a lot ot political work for some time now. They hare been taking tbe national point of view very strongly. strongly. They showed an active interest for Instance, in the Persian loan last year, sad are really Intelligently interested interested In the condition of the country, country, and- are apposing everything which they consider would further enslave Persia by the use of a very definite and direct Influence." As In Persia, so In Turkey, political life has not been without feminine direction. The better olsss of Turkish women took a large pan la the revolution revolution which ousted Abdul Ham>d from bis throne. They dropped the yashmak in many esses, and in some instances even addressed public meet lags. Indian women ara copying Western Western customs i aid absorbing Western Ideals: -There are aow native doctors aad oae lady lawyer. The age of marriage is being raised in enlightened quarters to something approaching . the European standard. The lot of' the child widow Is being msde happier, and efforts are aow being made to secure sanction fqr remarriage. In Bgypt there is evidence evidence of a desire for more education and 'greater freedom to develop and Use ihe Intellectual faculties to the fullest ex teat. Tbe Chinese women are allowing their feet to grow to normal alss, aad, upfortanatelir, though It is symptomatic symptomatic of the change, are adopting Baroness Baroness drees; .The Japaaese are .ask tag far teachers sad are sending thslr girls to bis* schools, aad they too ara dlsoeraing the picturesque costume of their mothers. Everywhere, In fact, East and West, the same unrest aad longing for change,'for a wider oatloak and a larger Ufa. are abundantly tuaalfest. Persia Is only, for the moment, the most Interesting because Persia is. the last to iota the movement. j The First fJH,^^ ^^PJjs^B^^^jBPr^j^^

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  1. The Hutchinson News,
  2. 05 Oct 1911, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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