Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (3)

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Defences of Canada, 21 Feb 1865 (3) - msbxi?mmmc,di. as. of to - and - of - the...
msbxi?mmmc,di. as. of to - and - of - the eiartioas k) siususssi : which . toltatU - ltbU I trill tty Hut, whatever may b the UtesperanM fntoa. the raotbar eoutry is kraasd to glva it every aaaist - 1 itm by eartaia ccatora U theBeoabs ad0bjpM;4 .kMey h ,, f "7 waoton auiassiuB by a foreign Paw?. America, wkatrrar may W the riaUaoe - Uk: npot tad I may U made; t - v Ja. Cayt dLtt i - At (Htf.W) , extreso. ricdenc - shTin. by tbo pre, Amwica, I tb. bar, Whl, Itoad gg ; A'wrf was (pot very wauiUbly, wa mma us tufeiiiuieusas um usuw sua iasvw jwaw m tavatsa, iatovoW'csf tbr swTVT ia any meaauni which th Oorrra - been .wanting ia moderstiou ia their eommanleations rark Jaaa S Road BUI j.&r XL - qT rr ,V ru no tinM to be lost, and that what with ua. Aad when tha Americaa Minister says to me, managers of - LeotaiorUr XtSooj gTV rfJ'X proved lb daagar to b immasliato. ht docs, - Birpposy ou wan a wax. wit toy itiaat relating to adovoteata ; by Mr H 7T. IRTTTIV if r If n European Power, and veael were to oomsr ccnataatly tlkt Uf Socsety UrerpocJ, U uUv of vl aMr IBUKY. - 7 - My lord. If the Oovtrn - out of .N'sw. York to attack your com raere. ai destroy yoir eooeentratioo of th erjuruif Uwu,.W Lord LYTTELTON: Wba rks varv iiiadrblr. wa I cannot think th Government of tha Uadtad 8taaea bar I of tha panah Cfeelaeav. ia faro.. understood to aay that la any measure whieh tb Oorrm - I been .wasting Umodrntiosi ia their eommanleations I rarkdaaa Road nnt t - by Hz. soeas raignt uis user Wa no tint to tie lost, soil max wnat I w"o a1 abq wnen um amentia Aiowsnr t h nas, 1 aotn is - iotumut . - vauoou nau already takea pLtce Tha Eari ml If ALM ESBTTRY. . . ; . . 7 1 out ot . - w. iorx to allact your com mere aa - i oeairoy yoir 1 rceiiiriioa as u eoarU ml law - k BMntrtaOy are in sarneat with respect to ther? defroors it I merchant shin on tha kLrb aeaa. do roa belicv that tha I stowf. frata Newcsaitla - oa.TrM f - '.vl appean to nvs that the sum which 1 to be devoted to the I Earfbh people would hare borne it ss qaietly as our Go - I milaags Utiaaby 1st. Scii Tta - Bcxrm f!!" uVfanaeof Ooehaa 1. rTI, - - a uia 'a.sMtU rerament has dooeT I ova I thiak it Boeaewhat difficult I prcwietore ia Alreiford. for i - TJ? thwUr of . r., . 1 . T...l .v.. - TYVrYYV I to MwtT that question. .1 think, whila U point of Uw jaHeK ivtif '. ad by itr. Boraa are required from a for pjadng these fortifications on a u tttUag - Ya poUtflprsa it U rery imUUng I w oouiiKsL r - - 1 M ua wu w imwi uki fnni8e uusf v cousxieT toaa a .nwur rower, js nun ne necessary very Boon. What, therefore. Is tha I neutral, nas nan snip nttej out ana crews proriaea is tnev I use" of dividing thU amount Into four part! I un - P"rts by "h - ch American eommeroe ha suffered. I think, f - toat of A.J .v.. .K. i'H J5!LilI. i JT. Amerie. aod EngUad are to take tMr awi , rttw of ".''f'T ertiorj before eceaSST,. Vow, If any fore, can aet.fficiently in CanaU conduct, and thi? wV?bc5d n '.,..' . ., .. . ' . I 1. i - .u. ra a ta - i . 1 t .v:.i. 1. I a profntas which b rare tha nth : ""uaocssnJa. 'ZZ neTKtto arcTd'a'wa Boircd that pnvatc Bill conW.h, f:" : """ """"jj, " .y.w nxtarr . - ' , n , .v;. - .. - . - 1 - iour memners. lae practice which he rm - i7.i?, , - - " ;." "is imt. .y..s'M .orla ha besm tLrhtrae - for en v .v t. ... . a 1 nence ooiecteii to ifwa twnnna.i . . ?u"h those fcTtincatkme. I cannot help thinking that there Ibolitioti of slamt T thi.l, W.k wilt rir. thm I hreht it forwaid ia the aam. srerit sera many who brliered that the" " m"? l - ,B.';f nali "Ut ??nVDl Jmost to W - Wny personvat all event, foresaw that Canada would be I thrsateood, a we are now towanl the ewlujrion of the I Asoenean war. - There I war in America I every I What is 'conation, tinned nonunion on tne otner. mat is tne I Mj - whether orer wnien tner nars been nrhUBe tor tne 1 .i. - .t .t. a arraignment I last foor nirs,llnnn. tK,l.l,.. .V. I o"ier ssry lorsa a BS rstrrra - it is a thing to ba thai kful for I KSL?1 .T!0". - tof,lm a Unit Sute by a majority of ' - S"" with, rwl?!? . v ru'j. - k.V k. . I the time of member of that Hons.: a.ll - .7"" w.. rnn.ll . . u. .1 ru.. 1 ion most, I think, hare'diaappeared from the mind of I - eountrr stl.uii tv . one after what has occurred Within the last thres wneka l - .l. C - .t. a ;t:.i . a, 1 b,v.' 1 . ... . - 7 I ius aac 01 sue aoouuou ox aiavery, wmoa l the onlr point of context, aeeordin - . to the best in. I ai. - i. . .. . . . fj , . he Cbu theVbeeb lira no credit or praisa for it. two - thirdi hare agreed that frrm henceforth it thaH be a I J??? llUnJ'tJllit us, it , part ot th!oistitation of the L nited States, that no alarerv. I r . " " .k.tit.:..!j :. T J ! I ba owl. : but not ask your Wship to gire them aay praise or ere. tit for I Z,"' U - ',ba Uohpted this fryfmU iotoreat - for mtrr3T tb the oiajractic. without detrito - ,, beliere coa - I PTtT T , .PpCT,rwI bfre eomniittees of that HourT uT rejoice that I - i" "? nmag so siaauing onler. uin of 0Z 'ZLJr'ZZ?) fo. bt there win then be no danger to ourselves in f. P . , "nrvtiv - tv. " VT. . CMada.t.adlo.tonwhieh, ifiteverexistel.oug;itbythis m - rriot ut.nBi. - i nare no rignt again to passed the Camm of the United State, I Mr. HODGSOS hoped that th House would rT . ma again a united people or I tht motion. H could not help - thinkinr thai 0 tioa . taVKorth Ansericaa fedsraxioo. altering the staiding orHers without mucVdeliiaa! repawns, on widen taa I ana mis more cnancc of Uoing harm than aT,v the rs - inciDie now reenmmM,.lt k. ii . 1 . - geatletnao prevailed in the court of las add ia TUmltit? I 09 disregarded. (Hear, bear.) The ISarlof ELLENBOROUOIL It would be weU if Her MitJ,Oorernment would toke into their cousideratin I : - , . ,. ai. - , - ,n what position the Confederate would now ba had the! 1 !tJon the principle in whieh the Government are about I towards the end of Xovember. and within six month of I to Turieaa,! in nmnl Snn.n.s. "Tk. r" .e - l - t . I that time no iloiTh th. Imninni mi.kt rJae. smnwinr ! . , . .... ... .. . ..l.i. (I..1.V - . - S . k .:.. k. . i. I cast UC course be imfu. for u. to d re - els l' - J onlr. nV. by .1: M'bl1'' lmDfton' lnJ otiuT P1 - The whole country ,,, ,h - tk..laiea. when tha Ukes an.1 Canals were - il1 Pnvlegialation of that ifouae couU be imnlr . ooc8 eoTereJ the wor" neeessary to assist Jbe Y froien. It wa quite out of the question that we should 1" 'tronlr ininende.lth House to.make th ereri - ineu nave tscen immeaiaie s - epsoi tnst suntx, out i nave I ... . ... . . ui cnainaea or :.:.. si a k. i .v - I corami.iacs, were criosea lor th.i e t - .. L.a - . a - of Lord, he ha - t never lmowe. ara - !. .L" "? I " "peueu. i sincerely nope that the Amencans I .'' r iruui, sou Grruiuiv a aiu do. asous so iummm u j - ;ttjK. . ,a . n a. .u "arraVr Lhen tliey emerM from thU eonU it wi k rk nnoo it onestion whether ths - a SoTitlT i. f .t.rrr IismiIi whieh I ? fmlttM .tbat Hoosa bring eqaaTly divaied thsiZ. ' witl - .n feelings of horror which it excite in M ai it I mav follow from this civil war - if ail shaU be sincerelr clad I formed bv Tblo - J. - W.L! - :!0.1! - i - hutlwUhtocaathaatteutionof thaGorernoWnt ..Vitt: - U Prrat:.l'r;' - . from what has lately taken place, that ? P?' PiB.t "l9" ." - "r,UoB.PtJ aWllreX to revert to lb. ntw fliw,r:Ua r'" ' aomiuiou does prevail among the - Americans. I ar( - - . a w , - w - 1 i. ., ,i t t - i . "sraaert l - hether it be directed to tha north or the sooth, the rm" taken, are taking, or inten - l to take any p H1,'0" wU be better U abila. ahan.nte naral snnerioritr of Ameri ia on ths lakes ? flfaar I PV4" counsel the temptation to be ot liana!!, - 4.k. - . hear.l M ' oom?u" ' a fixthatUA voices tiiaS. The Duke ot SOMERSET. The notie. intimating the .k . k:.k .. it - I r111 anmoent . promise of rapport 4n!d drrMa ... I operation! of the army. If they had gone on the supposi I tion that there wa plenty of time, if they had eudearourol termination of tha arrangement which had for so many year happilr prevailed between the two countries was rem red Hons agaiaat it.' rjrornise of tupputl 4n!d drtid. tia' fer t la which waa "uviaesl thelaUciL tniprtivel. Hoeaa . . . ' a "VVla "r??" ' rYa eontinuaUy brought before the Cabinet, and 1 1 oaiot w trenjthea rather than to weaken t'leir hands. u - ner, tne iniieraie wouid long before now ,hsll be nrenare.! to state, when tha nrooer tima eomes.what - Mr. .V. MIUvsaid thai . - U ,af. - .' . .. bre bn "erwhelmed, and erery on. of the place they I course Her Majesty's Government have taken. I practice of the Houso of Lords theyouht not tooreHouki I wuc so prreerrs wouia nare oeen lost, we ajjs, as ua been. I The Karl or LOXOFOKD thought It of great importance I circumstance tnat in uealing witn the private Doaineaai - ..ll n.l . . ... . I .a... a - - - : ; i.a'.a d IW IIai.u ..11.... I.' T - a . ""USineaai " P0"" - ."'"i 3 tea country, ucfence. me people 01 yaoaos are really tie - I reierrncs aunni.i i ia connexion "lunar ue - 1 r - - , i i t "T ' ". ,c" " ne exevRsed by rappearto be, of continued eon nexiba with "nn taua - ia, to tne prosecution 01 wie great msiarouuM u - ,T - ""r - 't'H:' 'a - "'O K hIiatu tba. and of n.ti .hJZl . i i ' .k 00 Briti,n rritory between the AtUntis and Pacific That chairman of the committee upon a Bill tha ageat Jar thi and of patting themselves forward for their I .... .i.. ajL, ,. ,a. , .:.i.(: , I promotes ooiutrll nnt - v . we are bound In. honour to gire them such I one Government, aod.great advantages both civil aod milt - I - Jmit VO d - rnacs which he said weresag - , - r.fed bv the LeniT assistance aa we can. (Hear, hear.) I deeply lament the tary, would no doubt attend, the opening of that - line of M upoo nw inquiring wnetner he.meantthe Lords Cnrn - position in which w. are placed. I deorseats a war with communication. It should si, be mentioned that of the JMttee or Lord Re.levlale; he repUe - I that in rverv lastaaes," America Wfatal to tha best interests nf rtjTeonnt,! - ..i British emigration H7.0IX) had rine to th - SuVk and onlr h meant Lr,rdRedelaie. When thev were askad to t.nt. J? I11 lntt l both countriea, and 13.OM to British prorinea. Xot onlr fortm - ea. but garri - t!ir practice tliat it might conform tJ that of t Ho5 ' roa. of producing, under any circumstances, the .., . ,ni.! for th. d.f.n - . nf r.nK a.l i. Lords, it was important that ther shouU h.,. i i.i.aT' 'S" - v "l so any one. uut we may Da compeUad by became our duty, by every means ia our power, to encourage lu wramiueei rua a practical aathont to eiwrje and, honour to engage In the, hostilities, and Canada must the stream of emigration to our own provioees in preference work to do. Hiving acted as chairman of eemHtee. ha! do more than merely express a desire tomm.m oth'r - prorinees on the Pastas a weH m on foaI'., 'magtne the - possibiUTy of a eommittre KriiH? p!atj nauA i - TT? )XZL"fTl mj j? iLfTv the Atlantie.andther Mheunitedforcommoudefenee. ;eircumstaaee. of great erabarraasmeirt b, thal.Waa, nD"t alnguora : tha mutt da more than .".. . ... ... - ; beinr ,lenri.l f is. .,,tit. .1.1, ,7 - Tlfr" merel7 V AcU which may ultimately lead to the . Vtl ' "JiS! . UK.. .7...: T"I 'rrTTl'il'Z ?"B.e I0T IM CWMOC ot Wna - U. 1 "j 14 r' w uivina .no sou waica onzm to De i.l 'u.t.ltu. k - a Lf.a .a 9 . I . .a.T."2 7 XnV..Za. - lm7 P0 - uiemieii m tneir lamiiies, unless, 1 sar, ther I am nnraia . fk. . Tl.k L. - 1 J oblige n to endeavour to assist them, any really; useful, efficient assistance it will be impossible for us to afford, Canl mutt be defended br Canadians. (Hear ' hear - ) I " uo noi, we snau saennea many of the inllint Mr. BEUGHT tafclhatj?r re were tw.v oi'mSm v . Lord WHARNCLIfTK thought "?t would ba abaurd to I!Ii, - h315,l:,.t, "hica were - construct exoensive fortiScaUout at Quebec unless they TVil .k. - - m. i . CT.1'1 "?wrai - je thj tnaaeac. erected luffieicnt earthworks at a proper distance from the .tl? ..Th - T accustomed to beficr. St. Uwrence. He wi,he! to know what Oorernment in - !i.: "."S"8 f J7c wm "n; .WieviB that th. tende - ltodowith respect to earthwork!, which were ad - JrZl JZZl Ty - !" - ' - - f !aar mittad to be more efficient than fortification!. 7 k h ci th' VJa arui a to d. EarlDE GREY and RIPOV sai.l that as to the obserra - I would continue to be so even if thev weritoiiee taT hatha Ed I number of members to three instead f.mrr If hi an tho. r wa naotralLte - 1 be waa afraid; the - chairman wouli. ere going no .j . , .'"yCr. 7a. i. . a . i . ."r moner for de "J vV .,', V(T" '! Mtamn Job,. i - VTTT, io" f . t, Vwt. I. x. K a ' . "f - "". 'ucu ,? cu?e - .w". water limnTZZZJ IT... ZZTx tt v".k "Z" sJ i 1 . " ""la" J - kij - Tlt - i - TTt : - Z!l ne.:00?nr ""ea VrT ?. - ! prepsring at tii. important position - namely. Quebec He woull not how. WmMmarttS7 k

Clipped from The Times21 Feb 1865, TuePage 22

The Times (London, Greater London, England)21 Feb 1865, TuePage 22
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