William Hoell Commits Suicide 1915

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William Hoell Commits Suicide 1915 - many-Americans MENTALLY UNBALANCED HE COMMITS...
many-Americans MENTALLY UNBALANCED HE COMMITS SUICIDE MYSTERY SHROUDS FINDING OF BODY Corpses of Two Well Dressed Men Found Near West Point West Poiat, Qa., July 1, Deep mystery shrouds the finding of the bodies of two young white men, both well dress d and apparently intelli gent and prosperous, ia the Chatta hoochee River today. In each in stance there were eonvincgiag evi dences of foul play, but no clew aa to the identity of the victim or from whence tbe body had come. The first body was found hooked to a trot line, wk n M. M. Hunt a merchant at Rtverview, Ala., about ten miles South of West Point, wei.t out n a skiff to clear his hooks of the night's fish catch. The dead man wa dressed in a palm beach suit. Appar ently his skull had been crushed by a blow. Mr. Hunt notified the Coro ner of Harris County, Georgia, who is making an investigation. Later in the morning as C. A. Hawkins, a ferryman, was crossing the river about five miles below RJv erview he caught a man's body float ing downstream. This body, dressed in a blue serge suit, had a rope tied around the neck and a gag in the mouth. Lee county iAla.) officials were notified of this find and are investigating. Officers in West Point have no clew to the two mysteries, there being no record of any recent unsolved trage dies, such as these bodies indicate, in this immediate vicinity. It is pro bable the bodies floated down from points above West Point, passing here during the night. THREE BIG STILLS WEREDESTROYED Revenue Officers "Cut Up" Over in Duplin County Wilmington, N. C, July 1. Deputy United States Marshal J. R. Kennedy returned to the city yesterday morning from Duplin county where, with the assistance of local officers, he succeeded in destroying three large whiskey distilleries, about 30 miles northeast of Warsaw, and capturing nine of the operators and others alleged to have been interested in the distilleries, all of whom were landed in jail at Clinton, Sampson county, to await trial at the next term of Federal Court in this city. The arrest of the main operator of the largest distillery, 120 gallons can-pacity, was not until after he had engaged Deputy Kennedy in a running fight in which tbe distiller used a repeating Winchester and the officer used a trusty Smith & Wesson of. large calibre. After exchanging a dozen or more shots through an old field growth of pines, whioh afforded excellent defensive tactios, the distiller, who gave the name of plain "John Smith," was at length cor rale d after a hand-to-hand engagement in whioh the minion of the law was successful. The other distilleries captured, all in the same vicinity and 30 miles from a railroad, were of 75 and 40 gallon stills the raiding party destroyed 1,900 gallons of beer, some of the finished product, low wines, a quantity of malt , meal, etc. The raid was in Olisson township and the forests were quite wooden, making the progress of the officers very difficult. Deputy Kennedy's field uniform, consisting largely of overalls,, a slouch hat and other Terrible Tragedy En acted Yesterday At Vanceboro Wben William Hoell Slew Himself Witb a Sbot Gnn. Oae of the most horrible trage dies to occur in Craven county in many a day, took place shortly after 8 o'clock yesterday morning at Ysaon boro when William HoeH, a well known and highly respected citizen of that place, put the end of a shot gun barrell under his chin and blew his whole head afl with a load of buck shot. The suicide was committed in the kitchen and that room resembled a slaughter house when the wife of the victim and others rushed in after hearing the report of the weapon. The man's bead had been blown entirely off by the shot and powder and was scattered about the room in small bits. Of Unsound Mind Mr. Hoell, who was about fifty years of age, has been of unsound mind for some time and while he was not in a dangerous condition, relatives thought it best to place him in an asylum where he could receive the proper treatment and application to one of the institutions which care for the mentally afflicted, had already been made. Whether Mr. Hoell knew of this or not is not known. However, relatives stated yesterday that he had been despondent for several days and it was evidently while in one of these deep fits of melancholy that he decided' to end his life. Wife Prepared Breakfast Mrs. Hoell was the first to arise yesterday morning and after preparing and partaking of her own 1 rcak-fast, she made ready the morning meal for her husband and placid this on the table in the kitchen and then went out to work in the cotton patch located near her home. About 8 o'clock Mr. Hoell arose and partially dressed. He then secured his shot gun and prepared for tbe sad tragedy. Securing a piece of string he made a loop which he passed over the trigger and then after cocking the hammer of the weapon, he placed another loop of the string around his foot and lay down on the floor. The Fatal Shot After fixing himself in the position which he desired, Mr. Hoell placed the end of the barrel of the weapon undr his chin right near the top part of his throat and pulled the trigger of the gun with hi s foot and the entire load of shot poured forth into the head of the man. Mrs. Hoell was the first one to reach the room after the sound of the shot and the sight that she saw was enough to curdle the blood of even the most hard hearted person. There on the floor lay her husband with only the top part of his neck and a mere fraction of his chin remaining and blood gushing from the body in great streams. Her cries alarmed the neighborhood and soon a number of persons were on the scene and rendered whatever assistance was possible. It was seen at first however, that there was no hope of cart lily aid for Mr. Hoell and the body was as soon as possible prepared top burial and the funeral will take place at Vanceboro this afternoon and the interment will also be made at that place. In addition to his wife, the victim is survived by two children and other relatives all of whom have the sympathy of the entire community at Vanceboro.

Clipped from
  1. New Berne Weekly Journal,
  2. 06 Jul 1915, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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  • William Hoell Commits Suicide 1915

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