SHS Worst season EVER 2-17

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SHS Worst season EVER 2-17 - ShetSield Cage Five Won Only TwoGames;...
ShetSield Cage Five Won Only TwoGames; Campasino Was Star a a ^ of in at A1 bp .Sheffield Mar> h 12 On the ba.'^is of available ref urds of Shef- fielfl High Sfhool varsity basketball basketball the Wolverines’ 1940-41 sea.«ion sea.«ion recently eonehided. was the Worst from the '\in-lo.^s .«tanrlpoint that the (irangp and Black has ever experipncpil The tean won but 2 of 17 game:- playe«! The two \'ictor;ps were recc.rded at tlip ver\ outset of thp season against MariPinille an-1 .lames City, (’la.-j.' R oppoppnts Another Class "B" opponent Luillow. handcil thp team its fii.-ît setback after which followed 14 more con .«ecutive defeats. Thp Dnimmonrmipn scored a total total of 402 points in the 17 games, but. ga\ e up .'»^4 to the op{K)sition,. a difference of 182. Açainst North League conippt ition, the Wolver mes scored 33.'i points 196 less than the 531 points registered against them by \Varr**n, Kane, St. Marys. Ridg^ay. Emponum .lohnsonburg anfl rhatnpion I’rad- forri With a wtPian :e<tni or hand at fhp opening ’>f the canipjiign it sepniPd Idfply that Coach Tom Drunmiond club would have a fairly succp.s.«ful «season, but the high hopp.ti of fhp team's coach and ‘ts followers uerc suddenly- crushed with the [(laying c.f fhV Ludlow, or thirrl game of thp ( am- pai^n when occurred thp "Ludlow in< ident" which forcpd a complete revisioi' cif the Wolverine team. Tliat incidcni < onsi.->1ed of six of th«' Wolverine f>layers thc*ught- Ici.sly hreakinK ^ tiaiiiing lule. an af t wbii h force,! Coa. h Drummond, Drummond, in the interest r.f disejphne and team harmony, to suspend thp gr-oup for thp remainder of the .sea.son Campasino with 103 fu>mts to his crpdit led hi.^ mates in sertring and was the only player to top 100 in point getting. .Steffan was seconrl high with 92 points in 16 games anrl Yu.'iko was third with 74 m 14 ■ onte.'^.;’« .lohn Sorvelli with 54 f) lint.- was fourth. Of the 18 varsity player.«: only 7 will hp loi^t tl‘rough graduation or the ,sen>e.«»ter ruling. They are: pptp ()*tc Poehaiko, Anderson. Olson. Jcihr Sorveili. Reggjp Aurillo Aurillo and Fjigenc Champon. All the other.ii. incJuflinp tvi' of the boy?? .su.'pended thi.« season, arp slated to return to npxt fail. The Wolverin.' .layvp'' tearn compilp'i a .^(»riewhat better ses,' sons record than did the varsity, winning 6 and lo.«ing 10. One game schpduied. the return en- gagempnt \»ith st .Marvs was not played. The .Seconds scored 230 poin's and snrrendprerl 327 to then c.pponent V ()n< of the locals’ defeat' wa.- a 21-0 shutout hv Bradford Pla.\'er‘^ -.ot li.-tp.i with the varsity varsity whi service with the Jayvee.s in< In le Ber\'i Burlingame Carl Hecei i.loyd Albaugh Gerald Gerald M' r>'.-.A'i'ii Sidnpy Brong .John Simkfi and Dick Okerbprg. Okerberg. Okerberg. Siinkn McDowell and Albaugh Albaugh are ^pnic.!.«? Follo^^ing ;irp th* seaj»on « stA- tistics. \ar»it\ !*<cf»nng IMa> er G rp f'T TT CampH-,infi 174,'. 1327 103 .^tefTan . ... 16 36 2039 92 Yuskf 1 i 3.' i 1774 J. i^oivelii ..17 22 10 40 54 Olson .17 e 9 24 2,5 P. ‘-'tto . .. 7 i 10 21 Schmidlen . .1 ! 24 8 Ander.son 3 1 17 Po-hatk- .* •» 2 2 26 ‘ 'hampion i 1 '2 6 4 Jy Sorveih . . 5 o 1 2 Henry . . 1 0 1 2 N. Otto ... . 3 1 0 1 2 Aurillo , . . • .Ì n 1 2 1 ‘ îustaf.'ion .. a 1 3 1 Lvle ............. . «> 0 0 0 f> BlaJic .. 4n 0 n A F"itz:gprald .. 7n0 2n Training Camp Notes •r - - *1^ a. tn* A»»oci«ted Pren Monterey, Mexico The St. Louis Browns anfl Ro.ston Bees brought an all-major league exhibition series series to .Mexico for the fir.-t time in history tofiay and both teams plannefl to start their lineups to cr>mmemorate the occasion. Manager Manager Casey Stengel of the B^es was worried abf»ut Chet Ross, whf» may be out 10 weeks with an ankle injury. injury. There also was talk that Fiuddy Has.sctt may be dealt to the Washington Senators, .St. I'etei.sburg, Fla. .iohnny .Mize, the holflout slugger who is 16.'. 72 180 402 living at a (ottage only a dozen miles from the St. Louis Cardinals’ camp, was expected t<t confer with club officials today. alth<>ugh Branch Rickey said no definite appointment had bePB made. Orlando, Fla. Ernie Lombardi's signature didn’t enfl the Cincinnati Red.s’ back.stopping problems. The big catcher still is limping from the ankle he injured Intr sea.son and has been ordered to give it a rest, and Dick W'est, the rookie touted a.s a po.asible succe.ssor to the regular job. has shown an alarming on high. twi,st- ing fouls. He dropped four of them in five exhibition games and failed to reach threp others that he was ' Turn tfi Page Ten t

Clipped from Warren Times Mirror15 Mar 1941, SatPage 7

Warren Times Mirror (Warren, Pennsylvania)15 Mar 1941, SatPage 7
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  • SHS Worst season EVER 2-17

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